Could we have a check for commas in LNAB?

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Problems with LNAB are hard to change because only the PM can do it.  Could the system look for this on profile creation to prevent some of these?   Commas, wrong words like aka.  Often it's two names with a comma, such as the PM couldn't decide which one.   IDK if it is common to have commas in other places where a check would be an annoyance. Or maybe it doesn't happen often enough to do a pre-check, but it can be a time consuming process with quite a few steps to take care of it if the PM doesn't do it.

The example is one of the more unusual situations with additional problems.
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I'm surprised this isn't already checked for.

It's a good idea, and I've added it to the to-do list.
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Thank you!  Maybe the suggestions list is holdovers from before?
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I would also add to check for 'Or' .  Frequently these happen on people who are Unresponsive, so we have to follow the procedure before these profiles can be orphaned to get the name changed.  I worked through several Suggestions recently and found a whole 'family' of several generations of people that had the same problem.  They are frequently spelling variations.
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Yep, or is another good word.  And that's exactly what happened to a whole family that now needs to be corrected.

IF the PM doesn't do it, it takes aminimum of three weeks, and multiple requests.  For me usually longer because I don't always come back to each one a week later.  Some of these someone else contacted them a year and a half ago.  I don't know if I'm starting over or if the previous contact counts!
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However, commas *are* required if there is more than one name in the Other Names field.
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Yes, I was only asking about LNAB at the time of the profile creation.

I realise that.  I was replying to your comment "IDK if it is common to have commas in other places where a check would be an annoyance."

Gotcha.  I meant other geographies that might use commas somehow that I'm not aware of.
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Commas possibly but I'd be wary of AKA or Or. It might not always indicate uncertainty

Locally there are a lot of families that used alias names.  (and it's not unusual in many parts of England. Quite often the registers say __ alias ___.  as in this register. (just search alias)

Sometimes however,  the clerk just wrote one of the names (seemingly at random). One of my ancesters  was married with the full alias name, his children were baptised with one or the other but then were married or buried with the alternate name.  (one baby was born,  baptised and buried  on the same day with alternative surnames)

These dual alias names could be  passed down for centuries.

by Helen Ford G2G6 Pilot (487k points)
So how do you choose which should go into LNAB?

I really don't know. Hence my  Fitzhugh alias Capornes don't have profiles.

I've done it like this for a profile but in this case it is too early for parish registers so no complication of dual or alternative names in the records

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