".bmp" is an unwanted file type List of allowed file types: png, gif, jpg, jpeg, pdf.

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Please comment as to WHY .bmp is an UNWANTED file type.  I received image(s) from a family group record.  How do you change unwanted .bmp file to a wanted?  It's not a bad or sad image. Just a regular photograph.

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It may be that WikiTree does not accept bitmap format images. I don't see anywhere what types of files are supported. My suggestion is that you open the photo in any standard photo editor then "save as" to another format such as .jpg which is accepted.

This Help page mentions the supported formats for image uploads:


Perhaps our Tech Team could tell us why .bmp is not currently supported or if that format could be supported in the future.

Possibly because bmp don't compress and filesizes are huge?

It's easy enough to convert to png or other accepted formats.

Is compression of an image a necessity or a problem for a website when storing uploaded images (just wondering, not an expert)?

Compression is mostly about problems with storage. If everyone tried to upload a half-dozen 15-25meg images, that could be 10Tb of storage. Jpeg compression can typically achieve a 10:1 ratio. That's a lot of storage savings.

Jpeg is a lossy compression algorithm -- meaning a lot of detail (that your eye usually can't see anyway), gets thrown away. Re-saving a compressed image will eventually make it blurry and lose most details. That's why you usually want to keep your originals unedited.

But image type/format is mostly a problem with compatibility -- some browsers might support viewing bmp images, but its generally not recommended for web content. Not all browsers and platforms will support it.

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I believe that you should find the answer to what your looking for within the following WikiTree Question (& answers provided there).


I just believe that my answer would be redundant to what was already provided within the above question.

Good Luck!

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I am not by any means an expert at this but I have had success by opening an image or document in a photo editing program. Make a minor change and then "Save as" and select one of the other extensions. Or, print the image and scan it and save to jpeg or pdf if a document.
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you lose a lot of detail by printing and scanning (or taking a picture of it with your phone). the image can become more blurry.

best to work with image editing software (some free ones available), to keep as much detail as possible
Yes, Dennis, I realize that. I use photo editing software but not everyone has it so I was suggesting an alternative just in case! But, thank you for pointing that out for those who are not familiar with working with various file types.

IrfanView is your friend if you need straight forward changes.

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