How long before suggestions clear from my suggestion list? [closed]

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I have only 25 suggestions, but some of them have been 'fixed' for over a month - and they are still on my suggestion list.

Date conflicts with FindAGrave have not been resolved.
WikiTree profile: Deborah Drinkwater
closed with the note: Asked and answered with great help from WikiTree peeps!  Special thanks to Linda for straightening the Deborah Drinkwater conflations.
in The Tree House by Jo Gill G2G6 Pilot (123k points)
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They will keep coming back week after week until you deal with the suggestion and mark the suggestion's status as "corrected" or "false suggestion." I think those are the only two which will clear the suggestion. The others will keep it reappearing each week.
by Nelda Spires G2G6 Pilot (458k points)
Nelda, most of my suggestions have been corrected, marked as corrected with a reason for the correction.  I corrected Drinkwater-1404 (typo in date) in April 2020, and it is still on my suggestion list.  There are 15 such instances on my list. Where am I going wrong?
Okay, specifically on Drinkwater-1404, the suggestion is no longer for the typo, it is for the discrepancy between your death date and that on FindAGrave. Since you marked it as "comment" rather than "corrected" or "false suggestion" it will continue to reappear week after week. (I have four like that, but the dates can't be reconciled--in one situation the FindAGrave contributor refused to change and I think I'm right so I'm not changing mine--the others there's just not a source yet for me to say I'm right, they're wrong or vice versa.) If you have a source for the death of your person and you're sure, you could mark it "false suggestion" which will get rid of it. If you do that, you might want to send an edit suggestion to the FindAGrave contributor and include your source so they can correct it there. If they're right and you are wrong, change your date and mark it "corrected" and that will eliminate the suggestion. If you mark any other status ("comment," "not corrected") it will continue to come back each week. I've never marked "proposed merge" but that, according to what is written by it, will hide the suggestion for 30 days. Of course, that status is not applicable in this situation.
Marking it Corrected will only hide the suggestion for the week, if it isn't fixed. It will come back the following week.

By the way, Proposed Merge will hide a suggestion for 30 days since that is the default time period for merges to be approved.

Linda, I guess I assumed that if it was marked "corrected" then it had been corrected. laugh

Unfortunately, I have seen plenty of people that 'thought' a suggestion was corrected, but it wasn't.  I have also seen other people come in later and cause the same problem.  There are people that think if it is marked as 'Corrected' that it will cause it to disappear forever.
Linda, I've done that myself--thought I corrected it and marked it "corrected" when it wasn't corrected correctly. I've had to ask for help in a couple of cases. I suppose this situation with Jo is like that--she thought she had made corrections, but the corrections she made really didn't correct the issue. Hopefully, with several of us helping her look at her suggestions, she can clear up some of those which keep reappearing.

I marked 'False Suggestion' on the date conflict with FindAGrave as two of them are over a year old and the FindAGrave PM has not replied and admin is soooo slow.

I'll go through my old suggestion again and make sure I really did correct the error.  Some days its not worth chewing through the straps. frown

Like adding United States to Virginia.  So I always use Colony of Virginia or Virginia Colony.
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The birth date for Drinkwater-644 daughter of Deborah Drinkwater was only changed today It should be gone from the suggestion list within a week.
by Samantha Thomson G2G6 Pilot (169k points)
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You have a Suggestion about Mother being too young or not born.  You changed the birthdate of the child from 1808 to 1818, so that Suggestion could now be updated stating it is 'corrected' and Birthdate adjusted for child.  Since the dates will be ok, the suggestion will be gone next week, unless one of those dates are changed again.  

If the Suggestion is marked as Corrected but the dates are still invalid, the Suggestion would keep coming back unless it was marked as False Suggestion, which would not be correct.   The Suggestions attached to profiles will continue to be shown for this week until it is Marked as Corrected or False Suggestion.  If it is marked as Corrected it will be 'hidden' until suggestions are checked again.
by Linda Peterson G2G6 Pilot (624k points)

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