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WikiTree profile: Pip Sheppard
closed with the note: Have a safe week. See you next weekend!
in The Tree House by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (2.4m points)
closed by Pip Sheppard

Welcome to another Weekend Chat, my fellow WikiChatterers! And greetings from Cathey’s Creek, at least for the next couple of minutes. We are headed out the door to see our daughters and their husbands for the first time in nearly eight months. It’s been a sore trial, waiting this long. It’s not very often that all of us are together at the same time. This is the reason I’m posting this so early. I have an eye appointment right away and we’ll be leaving town right after that.

On the Home Front: Having both of my brothers up last weekend was a treat. Like our daughters, the three of us are rarely together, usually just one or the other visiting us. Just got lucky this time. Funny, they live about 20 minutes from each other and didn’t tell each other that they were planning up a visit. They could have driven together.

On the Genealogy Front: Along with the visit of my brothers, one of them brought me a box chock full of goodies. When we were packing to move up here, we gave him some stuff to hold for us which we promptly forgot about. We had no idea where that stuff was. My younger brother handed it over to me and I nearly cried. In this box was my grandfather’s own genealogy records, the ones that got me started on this journey. Other files included many old documents Grandpa saved.

Also, in this box was an album of photos that Grandpa put together during his stay in Texas from 1911 to 1916. Many of the people are not identified, but some are, including his first cousins who lived there, children of his aunt, Margaret Underwood McGee. Others with names were just friends. Grandpa was in his early 20s, and it shows a side of him that I never saw, the playful jokester. Other loose photos were of my grandfather’s nieces, both of whom I remember. These were children of his sister, Jane Underwood Jones. The photos are dated in the early 1970s.

And, there was my great-grandfather’s account book from when he ran a grocery store in Charlotte. The entries start in 1917 and as far as I can tell nothing after 1919. I see a cousin mentioned in it.

One last gift of my brother was my father’s scrap book of his football days at Ashley High School in Gastonia in the late 30s and early 40s. Dad was a star player, and as far as I know, maybe the only high school  player selected to play in two consecutive Shrine Bowl games (the best players from North Carolina versus the same from South Carolina).

My brother and I are going to start an application for my dad to be included in the Gaston County Hall of Fame. Dad lived or worked in Gastonia nearly all of his life. His exploits on the gridiron were still talked about for decades. We heard him mentioned on the radio in the 70s during a broadcast of a football game; his old high school was playing.

So, it was a very satisfying week, genealogically speaking. Very satisfying. (My daughters may not think so when they inherit all this stuff!)

What with the pandemic, hurricanes, and wildfires, I hope all of you, wherever you are, are safe and well.

I will check in with y’all over the next few nights.

Enjoy the Chat!

Good morning, Pip! Thanks for getting us going this morning with the weekend chat. How wonderful to have your brother bring you that box of treasures! Have a safe and fun trip seeing your daughters!

And don't forget to see Pip's YouTube debut! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFYR5zHXjKk

See Pip show off his mighty kilt collection!! And see us reach peak Sarah. Bad joke incoming! You have been warned!!

Great stuff this week, my friend!

HI Pip,

Have a wonderful time with your family this weekend! These are really treasured times now. I'm jealous! I've seen none of my family (2K miles away) for 8 months! So...I will enjoy family gatherings vicariously through your home and genealogy-front activities!

1) Thank you again for all your help with the PDF to JPG! My cousin's profile looks good! 2) I saw a part of your WT interview last week, but then it cut off! I was on my android. What I saw was great!
Thanks for hosting Pip. Great that both your brothers showed up at the same time along with an extra bonus Those are alway nice.
What a wonderful treasure box, Pip!  Enjoy the weekend!
Wow, a goody box. Visit from family. I am a bit envious while simultaneously being happy. That sounds like an awesome week.
Pip, I am so happy you are going to see your daughters.  And this after a satisfying visit from your brothers.  Very special indeed.
Hi everyone, and I hope everything is going great with you all. I am a new Ambasador on WikiTree, and if there is anything that I can do for you, just say the word, and I will do my best to make it happen. I hope that I am not the only wikitree genealogists who thinks that multi tasking several files at once is not always a good idea.  I pull out three boxes of hard copies of stories that I want to add to profiles, and give their life stories a interesting factor.  So as I was sorting through paper work, I would just put the info in each surname file I came across. Also at the same time I had my 92 year old Mom over for dinner, as I am  searching the internet for legit sources to add to whatever profile I just happen to come across that needs work, and continue to load up the file of people I want to add info later. The thing I wasn't thinking about was that I have several people with the same first and last name that are not even close to being related, and now I have created files that I have to read every page again and put them in  new correct files. I know this doesn't sound that bad, until I get back from walking my Moms little dog Molly, and my Boxer Lila decided to clear the table of everything I was working on, and put them into scattered piles of paper on the dinning room floor, which were no longer in the files I placed them in. So I realized again today that I am terrible at multi tasking, and ended up putting all the mixed up paper work into a few boxes to sort through again this weekend. I really do love being a wikitree genealogist, and I want to convert as many people that will listen to me tell them to quit spending $44 dollars a month on ancestry.  One last thing I want to say about ancestry.com is that when you come out of fog, and stop shelling out all that money for their sources. They will take them all back away from you once you cancel your membership. One thing I don't know if they realized was when I uploaded my  GEDCOM four years ago, every file attached to each person in my huge tree downloaded to my computer as well. Hundreds of Census records, death records, birth, baptism, and marriage records, and so on were donated to me, I am sure not on purpose by ancestry. Now when you upload your GEDCOM, you only get your tree without the sources.

Have a great weekend
Thanks so much for taking time from your busy schedule to start this chat! It's so awesome your genealogy info from your grandfather is available again. Grats!

42 Answers

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Was an interesting week indeed with a lot of Corona related news and discussions.

Been working on the tool a bit more, enjoying a combination of Celery and Flower. I guess software developers' humour is in its own class; it does not help finding good documentation fast though wink.

Genealogy... hardly have time for it considering the joyful time spent in the Karen's club. It is really nice to see so many new members coming in. Hope they will find the chat here enjoyable as well!

by Michel Vorenhout G2G6 Pilot (253k points)
Michel - it seems quite a few of us are working on a tool. What does yours do?

Humor made me think of a comment I found in my old code to validate user input before adding to a collection "don't let one rotten apple spoil the whole bushel"

I got my self into creating a reference formatting tool for Dutch primary sources at WieWasWie. The formatting wasn't that hard, but using that data to auto-generate biographies turned out to be quite some work (well, I just want to much probably).

It also serves as a self-study Python project, as I am more of a project manager/product owner than a hardcore programmer myself.

Yes, biographies are lots of work. I'm working on a tool to find unsourced profiles that are missing the unsourced category. I'm a retired hardcore programmer.
Yeah, I saw the thread. It is really nice to see all these apps popping up to increase the data quality.
The more apps, the better! Keep us posted on your progress, Michel.
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Hello from north Georgia!

I've had an uneventful personal life this week and that is fine by me. The hurricanes did not impact my Gulf Coast relatives in any way. I am praying for those who did sustain damage.

I worked on WikiTree quite a bit this week. I'm still focused on my Hildreth relatives. I created and completed (to the best of my ability) thirteen new profiles this week and "improved" others. That may not sound like much to some of you, but it was a lot for me.

I hope each of you will have a wonderful Weekend!
by Nelda Spires G2G6 Pilot (458k points)

I'm not fast either, and I wanted to give you support for taking the time you need. In drafting this, I took a peek at a couple of your contributions, and want to add - nice work!  I'd throw you a little bouquet, but we don't have an icon (yet) yes

Nelda, you didn’t get any of the leftover rain from H. Laura? I was worried that we were going to catch an edge of it. Out power company predicted high winds in our area and possible power outages.
Nothing here, Pip, unless that is what has made it overcast for the past couple of days.
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Today is...



National Cherry Turnover Day on August 28th praises a tasty and sweet hand pie. These cherry-filled pastries are best enjoyed hot. However, like any pie, many eat them at room temperature, too. Add a dollop of whipped cream or a scoop of ice cream. No doubt your enjoyment will be doubled. 

Cherry turnovers are a pastry made by placing a cherry filling on a piece of dough. The dough is folded over and sealed. Then, the individual turnovers are baked or deep-fried for a golden and flaky crust. Tart cherries make the best pies. Since they need added sugar to be palatable, their juices meld with the sugar when baking. The results are tasty perfection!

A turnover a single serving. They fit nicely in a hand, making them portable. Another name for turnover is hand pie.  However, we recommend a fork and plate when eating them piping hot.

Cherries on their own offer a bounty of nutrients. For example, the antioxidants in this red fruit protect cells from damage. Because cherries pack an anti-inflammatory punch, they may help reduce the risk of heart disease, too. Find out more about the benefits of cherries, tart or sweet at Nutrition and You.


  • Related to plums, peaches, and nectarines, cherries are drupes or stone fruits.
  • Cherries were brought to North America in the 1600s by the English colonists.
  • There are more than 1,000 varieties of cherries in the United States.
  • There is an average of 44 cherries in one pound.

HOW TO OBSERVE Cherry Turnover Day:

Following are a few cherry turnover recipes for you to enjoy: (links updated)




by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2.6m points)
edited by Dorothy Barry
I LOVE cherry turnovers!
Easy cherry turnovers takes me to a page for lemon sugar and error 404.
Thanks Beulah, updated links above.

Another fave of my wife, though I prefer the apple. Is there a carb-free version of this? cheeky

As usual Dorothy, I'm makin' it. I'm going to use the puff pastry version.
+22 votes

Hails and horns, Wikipeeps!

On the genealogy front this week, my #52Ancestors post reads like a how-to guide for photo editing: https://allroadhaverhill.blogspot.com/2020/08/52-ancestors-week-35-unforgettable.html

I thought I got a little carried away. But, whatever. It's my blog and I'll ramble if I want to! I actually wasn't sure what to write about this week because I'm already one step ahead of making sure stuff isn't forgotten. I've also mentioned this site often enough in the blog. Hey. The Internet is forever and the profile you made for Joe "the Face" Mancucci ain't goin' anywhere.

Totally need to make that profile, by the way. Nah. Though, that would be a decent April fools day joke.

I also scanned and uploaded a new version of this photo: https://www.wikitree.com/photo/jpg/Ferraiolo-6

The old version is right here: https://www.wikitree.com/photo/jpg/Ferraiolo-5

The new version just seems more clear, I think. I converted it to black and white and I might upload it again. We'll see. 

In other family news, I am awaiting news on my 2x great-grandfather's brothers. I get the feeling they missed one as one of them died in 1940 and may not have heard of him. I'm unsure. Still doing research on that front.

OH! And the Italy project is taking off again as we're adding new members and creating teams. Check out the South Italy team page: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:Italy_Southern_Regions_Team

For some reason I really like the images I made. I know they took like five seconds to make. But, whatever. We have a ton of people joining and I've been keeping up as best as I can. I've noticed a ton of people wanting to join the south and islands teams. I think that correlates to Italian immigration tbh. More people came from the south and Sicily than the other areas of Italy. That isn't to say people didn't come from the central region or higher. Just most came from the south.

At least the project is growing and if you want to join a team, let me know!

On the non genealogy front, I've been working on my comic and getting close to #500. It's a huge milestone for me as I've been working on the comic since late 2008. I can't wait to put it online. It should be good. =D

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (570k points)
The new photo looks great. It sounds like the Italy project is going well, and keeping you busy.
Thanks, Kay! It sure is! Pic looks good in black and white, too.
Its a lovely picture, they're faces are very expressive, and I can see the family resemblance in the children!  Those ears though ... they could belong to someone in my family, too.
I know. I got my grandfather's ears as everyone keeps telling me. =) It is a great photo!

Edit: I forgot to mention that today is my parents' 49th wedding anniversary. We had takeout from Tuscan Kitchen. Was so good. I had ricotta gnocchi w/ sausage and tiramisu for dessert. Good stuff. Then again Tuscan is always good!
You had me at ricotta gnocchi. The fact that it's with sausage. Got me even more excited. Much like Dr. Mindbender when Serpentor stood up for the first time.
All part of Cobra’s plan, Paul!!!!
How dastardly
No more dastardly than trying to control a small town using the power of smooth jazz. =)
This has got to be one of the most useful blog posts for me, Chris. I need to work on my photos. Great tips!

I am soooo pleased to see he progress of the Italy Project. Makes our desire for WikiTree to have a more international flavor. Great work, buddy!
Yeah. We got some people from Brazil joining who want to work on the Italians in Diaspora. I was like "YES! JOIN US! Please!!"

We got a ton of new members, too. And some members who have been around a long time, too. The teams have taken shape. We're ready to roll!

And I figured a tutorial would be helpful. I forgot to mention that my scanner is wireless. It beams the pic directly into my computer via wifi. So cool.

And speaking of the Italy project, I'll be talking about it next Saturday morning at 10 AM on the Youtube!


+22 votes
Greetings from Everett, Washington!

As I write this, my husband is, I hope, getting some answers about why pressure on his chest is preventing him from sleeping.  He spent most of Tuesday in the emergency room at Providence Hospital in Everett after he was checked out for the problem.  His present EKG was compared to one from 12 years ago; the doctor freaked upon seeing the inverted  T-waves and he was sent to the ER.  

Meanwhile his van was sitting in the parking lot of the clinic and I got a ride there so I could drive it home.  I NEVER drive his new van.  It has bells and whistles.  It has keyless ignition.  All kinds of electronic controls.  I managed to get the gas cap door open.  I opened the hood.  I set the emergency brake and couldn't figure out how to unset it.  The owner's manual was no help.  In all my fumbling I managed to lock up the steering wheel.  I sat there for over an hour waiting for a friend to come who knows how to drive these things. He brought me home and I continued to wait.

Got a text from husband.  His phone battery was dying and they hadn't fed him (he is diabetic).  The friend who helped me with the van brought me and daughter to Providence to get things moving.

At ER admissions only one person was admitted to see him.  That person was me.  I went in while friend and daughter waited outside.  I tried to text them but texts were not getting through.  Husband was fine.  The doctor recommended an ultrasound, which he is having this morning, to determine whether there is fluid behind his heart.  Also he was given a COVID-19 test, that shoved long swabs way up both nostrils (it hurts).  He is negative.  

But last night he felt the same chest pressure and could not sleep.  After the ultrasound today he will see his regular doctor this week.  All the pieces of evidence will be put in place, I hope.  

Yesterday we walked nearly a mile with a neighbor as part of the exercise we both need.  I will miss him this morning but I will still try to walk that mile. I went to my own doctor yesterday and I have nothing new to report. Health is good.

Pip, I found in a box some yardage.  It was a Hunting MacFarlane tartan that I paid $$ for years ago.  It has only a couple of tiny moth holes. I also found a Black Watch that is probably flannel.  I want to make something out of the MacFarlane yardage that I can wear in my historical interpretation gig, assuming that can resume sometime next year.  I have been looking at historical patterns for women's jackets. Something from the 1880s to early 1900s. Lots of tailoring involved, I know.  Maybe with those Inverness sleeves.

The Mukilteo Historical Society board meeting last night was discussing ways to have a virtual Christmas party.  Our one big event this year will be an outdoor sale at the lighthouse grounds on Labor Day weekend.  I think I will go just to say hello in person to all the folks that I miss.

On the genealogy front I have been working around the edges of the tree. It has been slow because my mind is elsewhere and I am frequently interrupted. I wonder, Pip, if we may have a connection between the Quaker Underwood family that married into my Smiths and your Underwoods.  

I am thankful for all of you and I read through all the recent G2G posts every day.  The highlight of the week, Wikitree speaking, is this weekend chat.
by Margaret Summitt G2G6 Pilot (213k points)
Margaret - Hope that your husband is okay. It sounds as if you had quite an adventure with the van. The women's jacket should be interesting, an advanced sewing project for sure.
He just got home, tried to lie down and once again could not breathe.  This only happens when he is lying down.  He just talked to a person who scheduled an appointment for him on Tuesday.  From what I heard of his side of the conversation, they were scratching their heads and she wondered if there could be a clot involved.  She said to get him to the ER again if he doesn't improve.  I am on alert and ready for anything today.
Hoping there's an answer for your hubby today, and that its easily treatable.  That's not a fun feeling.  

My friend bought a new SUV, and her owner's manual is over 1000 pages long.  I'm proud of your gas cap accomplishment!
This sounds like mixed relief and worry.  I hope they will uncover a cause and that it can be resolved.  On the car,  it reminds me of getting a rental sometimes and NOT getting the gas cap open.
He's been sleeping a little today, but in snatches. He did not come on the walk with me.  I will encourage him to show me how to drive the van and how to engage/disengage the emergency brake.

I have been adding profiles of the victims of the Monongah Mine Disaster of 6 December 1907 in Monongah, West Virginia. The inspiration is that my daughter is playing Fallout 76 and is up way past midnight teaming up with some sweet old ladies from England. The Monongah Mine site is of significance in the game.  I also inspired her to name one of her characters "Judith Kissinger," after an ancestor whose husband strategically hid during the Battle of Point Pleasant in 1777.  My daughter dreams of visiting the Mothman Museum at Point Pleasant.
~~~Healing Vibes~~~ for your husband.

Oh, my, yes, the newer vehicles present a huge learning curve. My husband can't figure out why our "new to us" 2016 Edge doesn't have a "key" to start it. It took a while for me to stop pulling the fob out of my purse every time I was driving it. Now that I'm used to it (we've had it a year) I like it, but there's still things I'm learning.

Oh, Margaret, I do is hope that all this works out for your husband (and YOU). I’m adding you both to St. Pat’s prayer list. Know that our whole church will be praying for y’all.

MacFarlane is a BEAUTIFUL tartan,  oh the modern and the hunting! Let me know how that little project turns out. You know me... anything tartan, right? cheeky

I love the Chat, too. Not just the hosting, but hearing from all who participate is also a highlight of my week, I love to hear how everyone is doing and what they are working on.

Margaret you deserve a hug even if it's only a virtual one! {{{Margaret}}} Hope you have a better week ahead.
+23 votes
Thanks for hosting Pip. I hope that everyone is faring well with hurricanes, fires, and virus. It is hot and humid here.

I have been continuing to work on the tool to find unsourced profiles, which now has some pre-1700 tests. I'm currently working on the design of the user interface to make it into an app. (GAH - adding style issues makes for a very long table...) I have also been using the tool to find pre-1500 profiles for the Medieval Project to investigate. I need to take a break and look into the list of the 1300 profiles that I might address during Source-A-Thon.

A couple of interesting finds were A Virginia Lady (her last name was Lady) and Unknown First Wife (her last name was Wife and she had no husband or children or sources). Interesting, there are quite a few profiles with the last name Wife (and Daughter and Sister and Mother). Sorry for sharing this rabbit hole....

Needless to say, I haven't done much work on my own ancestors.
by Kay Knight G2G6 Pilot (476k points)
I think you're doing great work Kay! I've begun to share your Unsourced Profile Hints page, and want to thank you for the time you're investing in this.
Kay, At  least some of those with the LNAB of Wife are legit. I found someone with the name of Max Wife in the 1940 Us Census living in West Virginia.
Dale - thanks for using common sense...I did lead you down a rabbit hole, didn't I...
Kay, I peeked in but did not go very deep this time. I have enough on my plate right now.
Thank you for sharing those names, Kay.  It brought a smile to my face. Way better than the discussion about identification of animal turds we are having in my neighborhood this week.

Howdy, Kay! I can’t wait to see how the app works when you finish tweaking it. This will be so helpful (and cool). I do so admire people who can develop things like you and Michel do. 

No more rabbit holes, please! I create enough on my own. laugh

Pip you do realize that the app will help you find rabbit holes...
+20 votes
We had heavy rain last night and this morning here in Northeast Ohio. That also caused us to cool off a lot so no AC today. I have been running the grandson to and from school and work all week so not much time for anything else this last week. I did manage to get a little done on WikiTree including open up an unlisted profile as well as create a profile for a Scottish Notable, https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Connolly-2616 , but other than that nothing major. At least there is no bad news this week.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.6m points)
edited by Dale Byers
Sometimes no news is good news!  Glad you're getting a little relief from the heat.
+20 votes
I'm looking forward to a "school reunion" next week.  In the Christmas card exchange I invited a friend to have a strawberry shortcake with me this summer.  She and I are the only ones I know of in the area that attended our small country school from first grade to eighth grade in her case,
and me to sixth grade.  In the six years between her going to a central school and then me going to the same school
our local school was down graded from a 1-8 to a 1-6 grade school.  Three years after I left our local school was closed and centralized with the larger school we were then attending.  Mary is close to 90 and doesn't go anywhere much.  I am glad to get together with her and reminisce
about the past 70 years since we both had "graduated".
We have both stayed in the local area so it won't be hard.
by Beulah Cramer G2G6 Pilot (400k points)
Enjoy your reunion with your classmate.
That sounds like fun Beulah! Schools were certainly smaller then - my father attended a one-room schoolhouse, and had 13 in his graduating class from high school. At age 87, he's still in touch with 3 other classmates, usually by phone, and they sure enjoy chuckling over boyhood adventures.
I recall hearing my mother (b. 1911) and her sister (b. 1900) talking about going to school, barefoot because of poverty, with the ration of food which was one potato wrapped in tin foil, not aluminum, and tucked into the wood burning stove to cook ... that was their childhood ...  they each managed to graduate from HS there and then hot-footed it to California
Beulah, how wonderful you still keep in touch with old friends. My mom loved going to reunions of her high school. I ever knew some of those folks and became good friends with one of them (who also happened to be a cousin of mine (as were many others in her class).
Susan, a lot of old school pictures survive from up here in the mountains. The girls always seemed to have shoes, but the boys were either wearing work boots (and overalls) or no shoes at all. It was rough up here in the early 1900s (when many of these photos were taken).
+20 votes
Buenos Dias from the Old Pueblo! It is 9-ish am and 87F (30.5C). We expect a high of 106F (41.1C) today. It is the end of August and we are still having heat wave warnings. And I am still doing rain dances.

I attended a webinar this week that was extremely good, "When Grief Goes Viral" sponsored by the Association for Death Education and Counseling (ADEC). These webinars are focusing, now, on working with death, grief and loss-related outcomes of the pandemic that are based on evidence. Several of my colleagues are already developing scales and other forms of assessment and publishing results specific to Covid19. I'd like to see a comparison of outcomes grief/loss between countries (e.g., USA and Spain, Italy, etc) that display psychological/emotional recovery. As well, I think our first responders would benefit from such studies with psychological/emotional support as soon as possible. So many are already 'burning out.'

I heard from my brother (a retired sheriff) who is making arrangements for placement for our mum. I mentioned that she has been living with my kid sister and her family for 7 or so years. Mum will be 96 in October. Between August of last year when she was cogent and now, she doesn't recognize anyone and becoming very combative, which occurs with Alzheimer's. My brother and I have worked at a distance to arrange for social worker, cognitive assessment and so forth. Everything has been completed and now it is just waiting until we hear. It is not the best time to do this, but there never is a best time for this sort of thing and my heart goes out to all WikiTreers who have been in this situation.

As to genealogy, I am looking forward to tomorrow as we have out monthly genealogical society DNA SIG zoom meeting. Tomorrow's topic is Y DNA and the teachers are fantastic. This past week, I have been working on and cleaning up Green family biographies with inline sourcing and have managed to get more sources in order to return to and complete the Walton family of New York.

Finally, I want to thank Pip and another friend/colleague of mine Stuart Quan (a sleep doc/researcher) for helping me convert PDF to JPG files. These JPGs are a transcribed letter from a 3rd cousin, Pvt.Edward Sturges Manley who fought in the Civil War and was at Gettysburg. He wrote a letter to his family in Vermont giving them a description of his experience at Cemetery Hill. Pip and Stuart helped me so that I could add this letter to Edward's profile. A joy shared is doubled, a task shared is halved. Now I wish I knew how to add pictures and the first page of his letter to 'within' his profile! I still learn something new every day.

Have a great weekend!
by Carol Baldwin G2G6 Pilot (702k points)
Enjoy your weekend too Carol!  I wilt when the temperature goes over 25C, so definitely staying put until November, at least.
HI, Carol, neighbor.  Hearing you talk about your and your brother working together makes me glad for you and sad for my family.  My siblings did not work well together and the only thing that saved us is that the director of the home we choose said she wouldn't work with all of us either (5 siblings).  We had to pick one, which was not me as I didn't live there, among other reasons.  When I hear about siblings working together I feel encouraged.
Our hearts go out to you, too, Carol. I know what you and your family are dealing with.

I got your mail about inserting the photos. When I get home, I’ll hop on it!

My brother is excited about his new home (under contract) near Tucson. I can’t wait until he gets in and I can start visiting. We need to do a local WikiTree get-together, right?
We definitely need to do local WT get together! It would be awesome! Whereabouts is the home? Marana? Oro Valley? You will find it very beautiful here, just damn hot during the summer. This summer has been especially brutal. Goes along with the pandemic. Have fun with family!
Hi Neighbor Cindy!

Not all families work and play well together. My brother and I have always been buddies as well as siblings. We have two sisters who do not play well. Our brother is the go-between to keep the peace (a retired sheriff). When times are tough, family dynamics really show up. I learned this when I worked as a hospice nurse. Do be encouraged and stay encouraged. Just know that if you have a sibling who seems to have more smarts and sway with family, give them your ideas and lend them your support. It's not about us. It's about the beloved  family member. Hugs!
Thanks for those encouraging words.  There was only one sister we all would accept and she's my favorite.  I worked with her endlessly on my Mom.  Thankfully it's over now and I have never heard from one of those sisters since Mom died last Christmas.  I'm glad your brother can be a go-between with the others.  I'm looking forward to coffee with you one day, and maybe Pip himself when he comes to visit his brother!
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On this day:

1749: The German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is born (Happy Birthday relative!)

1963: Martin Luther King holds his speech "I have a dream"

1995: The writer of the Neverending Story Michael Ende dies

by Jelena Eckstädt G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
Nice choices, all three!

More reading for Pip. I wonder if I can resist the temptation to click on all those other links and spend two hours reading Wikipedia! smiley

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Its been a few weeks since I participated in the chat! 

My summer brain was remembering past adventures and decided it would be a good idea to go bush-whacking up a rocky ridge.  As a result, I acquired a temporary friend, pictured here on the right. Please save your sympathy, I shouldn't be bush-whacking any more at my age and stage of life. Also, I'm healing fine, and it doesn't look like surgery will be required. At the same time, so many people are experiencing real suffering here and abroad.  

It's given me time to watch the birds, consider philosophical questions, and catch up on some genealogy projects.  I've completed a number of merges for the Nova Scotia Bouteillier family and will soon be able to call that task complete. Plus I've traced my Wolfe cousin's ancestors, and filled in some of the blanks. There's always a silver lining! 

by Laurie Giffin G2G6 Mach 9 (93.8k points)
Laurie, I have a pair of those "friends" around here somewhere. A few years ago I fell on some ice and after they put my left leg in a brace they adjusted them for size. Then they put my left arm in a sling. I then asked what they expected me to do with the crutches. I did not get a good answer to that one so I just did my best with both under my right arm until I got home. They also said I should rest at home but it was the day of a party for my youngest granddaughter so I did not listen to that either. I know I am bad.
Ice, ug.  I'm glad you made it to the party!  There seems to be a growing body of scientific evidence that we heal faster when we use our bodies. Carefully, when there's an injury, but I'm glad you were bad.
I also still have my pair of additional legs, as I call them. When I had my last knee surgery 4 years ago, they were my friends for more than three months. Yes, healing needed quite a time then, but at least that surgery really solved the problem I had there.

In the meanwhile I lent the crutches to my social mum when she needed them.
I'm glad the surgery was successful, Jelena!  I'm advised I have a knee replacement in my future, but putting it off with squats and lunges as long as I can.
Too bad you didn't get one of those little scooters they're sometimes giving folks now rather than crutches. Those are kind of neat. (I've hated my crutches the couple of times I've had to use them.) ~~~Healing Vibes~~~ to you!
Laurie: I hope that you heal quickly. I have family members who married into the Wolfe family in Nova Scotia.
Nothing like being forced to stay inside and getting more WikiTreeing done, right Laurie?

I have a couple of canes that I never got rid of, knowing I’d probably need them again. Twisting the same ankle twice (my clumsiness), and hearing the doc say, “Just one more time....” gave me the impetus to not get rid of them. Hope your healing is quick!
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Hi from southern Ontario;

Or more accurately on vacation just north of Parry Sound, where the first 3 days were sunny, hot and humid weather, now we are on day 3 of much cooler, cloudy, damp and rainy weather. However, I'm not complaining our friends in Regina, Saskatchewan woke up to 6 C this morning. We travel east tomorrow and theoretically the weather should be sunny and warmer, not hot just a little warmer. 

I had not planned to do much if any WikiTreeing while we are away but it's too cold to sit on the deck, and very windy at the provincial park at Killbear. The park is on a peninsula that sticks out into Georgian Bay. 

We did some great hikes on Sunday, the area is solid granite and the rock shorelines are all multi-coloured granite. We saw a deer family, a doe and two fawns, the wildlife is quite tame, they must know that they are safe in the park. We also saw a half grown black bear just wandering through the campsite. This time of year they are eating non-stop trying to fatten up before winter. 

I forgot the connector to download from my camera so I can't post any pics of where we are, and Yes, I am one of those people who do not have a smart phone. 

We will be seeing my daughter and family in Ottawa next week and my brother who I haven't seen since Christmas on the way home. We will also be visiting the Upper Ottawa Valley Genealogical Group Library as my husband has many immigrant ancestors in that area.

On WikiTree I have been editing profiles that I created last fall, checking off the confidence levels for parents and adding profiles to cemetery categories. 

I did donate a prize of garden related advice to the Source a Thon 

That's all for now-M 

by M Ross G2G6 Pilot (393k points)
Enjoy your vacation! That's a beautiful part of the world for camping and hiking. I have wonderful memories of leisurely canoe trips through Algonquin Park and around Gravenhurst. Hopefully there are lots of raspberries and fish to feed the bears.
I have a first cousin several times removed who emigrated with her husband from a tiny village in Northamptonshire, England to Hagerman Township, Parry Sound. ( though it wasn't a township when they arrived) They moved from a precarious life where they were close to be being paupers to a life where they had land of their own. They cleared land, built a log cabin ( which still survives) and eventually  did very well for themselves; far better than those who stayed in the village who remained in poverty. It's really hard to imagine what they must have felt when they moved to this alien, untamed  environment. I certainly hadn't thought of bears.
Hi Helen

Do you know when they arrived? Large portions of this area had been clearcut by loggers before it was opened for settlement.

There are still what are called colonization roads mostly going through areas that were not farmable, that would have been covered with tree stumps and all the space in between either solid granite or bogs.

The Nipissing colonization road that was the only way into the area still exists and the historical record tells a sad story, about 80% of settlers either died or left within a few years.

A diptheria epidemic killed most children under the age of 10, in one family all but one child died in about 2 years, the remnants of the family moved elsewhere. I have driven along that road and it is barely 2 lanes wide and is not even now able to be farmed.

Today we were discussing how a log cabin could have been built with no trees available as building material.

As for the bears, there are many bears in the area today, provincial parks have rules about food storage and steel food storage lockers for campers. All garbage cans even in towns are bear proof.

There are still many wolves, though they very rarely attacked humans but certainly would have eaten the livestock.

I have often thought about how I would have coped as a settler, and I don't think I would have been good at it.
M, you are as busy as a bee! All of your activities sound so interesting and fun.

Today we were discussing how a log cabin could have been built with no trees available as building material.


Would it necessarily have been a log cabin?  Might not sod/adobe have been the material where there were no trees?  (Like the pre-history wattle and daub huts on the island of Britain.) 

Here's a picture of the 'log' cabin that my cousin's husband built http://s3.cottagecountrynow.ca/special/parrysound/data/pdfs/181/03.pdf  (not the top one, scroll down)Take  the rest of the article with a pinch of salt, Jonathan Crisp  probably never went to London in his life so was not a Cockney. It does demonstrate that oral tradition is often far from accurate.

 He  was born in Clay Coton, a parish with  only 24 cottages in Northamptonshire, his father was a shepherd.  as was his wife Sarah Linnett's  father. Jonathan Crisp  went to Canada in 1871 One source says that, at first,  his nearest neighbour was two miles away. 

This afternoon,  I thought I better do something about their profiles https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Crisp-650 which are still unfinished. Whilst looking for a birth record for one of his children, I spotted another name from my family on the same page .Castell is not that common a name so another rabbit hole ensued.  A quick bit of research and it transpires that  two more of my first cousins (removed) also went to the same township in  Canada about 10 years later.

I'm not really  surprised.  In my grandmother's cookery book there were some Canadian addresses presumably  dating from the 1920s so the families obviously kept contact.(sadly now disappeared, my father got rid of it when my mother died)  My mother and her sister were about to be evacuated to Canada  at the beginning of WW2 but  the sinking of the Benares put a stop to that https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SS_City_of_Benares (if they had gone, I probably wouldn't have been born!) 

Hi Melanie, no sod, almost no soil, just bare rock and trees that grow in the cracks in the rock. What soil there is, is sand. In between the exposed bare rock is swamp as the water can't drain away through solid rock. After the loggers had finished I have no idea how people built homes. 

The entire area was glaciated down to the bed rock in the last ice age, you can still see the scrape marks in the rock.

There are 2 photos on this page. 


The log house is the same as most of them.

There are small areas mostly further inland from Georgian Bay where enough soil accumulated so that some crops could be planted and perhaps cattle could graze.

Just looked up logging history around Parry Sound, before 1880 it was all done with axes and only in the winter when there was enough snow on the ground for horse drawn sleds to move the logs. After the cross cut saw was introduced larger scale logging happened.

It seems like your cousin's husband and family got there while there was still plenty of trees.
Hi Pip

I not at all good at sitting still! And after having my grandkids for 4 months, I needed to be somewhere else, hope you're having a great time with your family
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HOME FRONT - no rain over Modesto so far ... I mean if we HAD HAD some they'd have held a parade and shot off champagne corks, ya know? We did have a bit of "rapidly passing over us dry thunder and lightning storm" but in the subsequent silence I heard no sirens hearkening to the call of fires ... not that I can hear it from ALL parts of the city, no, but the local news the next day mentioned nothing ... 

Well, summer is passing and handing the baton off to autumn and with it we may get some torrential rains and if so we will see numerous mountain and hill sides all burned off do the avalanche thing ... ALMOST an annual series of events ... 

Which reminds me that the Summer Olympics 2020 have been postponed to Summer of 2021, if all goes well -- if it is to be situated in Tokyo as was planned ... given some of the quakes and tsunami that afflict Japan aside from being a target of N. Korea now and then ... and the country, I have read, is majorly crowded anyway ... "if all goes well" may the mantra of this century 

GENEALOGICALLY I have wended my merry way making connections with branches other PM have created ... I try to remember to leave a note about why I'm attaching so and so to their person's profile ... "Hello, it's me, again, so and so married my xyz cousin ... "  and I'm about 2,600 profiles now -- and let me tell you, the way some of these people acted I could easily add another 200+ more profiles of their kids after the last 30 days of labor ... 

One PM went so far as to offer me a more or less blanket permission to access the profiles he manages but so far they've all be Open (white padlock) ... I shall continue to cautious and try to remember to be gracious ...  

AH and the green meanie profiles are very nicely dealt with, I have access, and I've used it ... Oh, happy daze are here again ... 

GEN TALK -- at G2G it is the usual struggles about  "why isn't my gedcom populating WikiTree" and "I loaded it, where is it" which is when some brave soul (other PM) ups and says, "Honey, it isn't automatic, you can load, but then you have to look at each on in Gedcompare, and then .... and really it's a tad bit faster if you just did it manually ..." and "btw, if you don't do all this, the gedcom will disappear in about x number of days " ... and then you can almost hear the long sad wail of a sax in a smokey nightclub ...

Saddest thing in the world to see, holding out a large tasty "join us and load your gedcom" lollipop to the kid and when the kid's about an inch from successfully grasping it ... Gives a whole new meaning to the words "... a howl of frustration rent the air ... "  You do NOT want to be in the same room with someone who just found out there's no Easy Street by using a gedcom, and that if they had created profiles one by one, it would have been a lot easier on them ... 

And all this comes with any number of bewildered questions of "what happened here??" from Newbies and Oldies alike -- I am SOOOOOO tempted to say something "funny" ... but I refrain ...

 I love the ones that ask how to get rid of an spouse ... and it's me doing a kind of Dr. Strangelove sturggle with myself -- "oh, bite your tongue, Woman, go get a drink of water, chase the cat, anything but SAYING WHAT FIRST CAME TO YOUR MIND MIND (which will get you barred from G2G for 12 months!!" ... 

Glad to see everyone is with us once again ... stay alert and careful ... 

by Susan Smith G2G6 Pilot (587k points)
I wonder how many of us learned the hard way re GEDCOMS? At least the people who come to G2G and ask first are forewarned about the process. If they proceed, they can only blame themselves if they are not happy with the process or the results.

Glad there are no new fires in your area and hopefully, the ones which are still burning will be totally contained and extinguished soon.

crying Nelda, I have begun to think either no one asks first, or no one pays heed to the warnings ... best I can figure is to offer the Help: pages for GEDcom and GEDCompare and a prior post or two with the clearest discussion of what to expect and what to do ... 

enlightenedWonder if it would help anyone if a body had to be pre-certified to load a gedcom, would have to complete a Q&A with a score of 100% or something ?  Then Cynical Me says, 
"No, it would not."  

devilExperience is the best teacher when it comes to wrestling with the gedcom process ... 

Good job biting your tongue! I struggled a bit to find a diplomatic answer to the member who thought I would be happy to review every profile they had ever added (thousands) and fix them, with sources. In my mind, its not really about gedcom, its about the war between "I wanna" and "I don't wanna" going on inside someone's head, and I don't have the qualifications to help with that sort of thing.  

I'm hoping for rain too. We rarely get thunderstorms on the northwest coast, and that's a good thing because its so dry in the summer - the one storm we've had (so far) ignited 12 fires in this valley alone.  Stay safe.
A distant relative of mine put in about a 5000 profile gedcom, I was included.  For some reason he left wikitree and it was abandoned.  I was affronted to have my family left swinging in the breeze, actually a wind, and spent two and a half years sourcing over 4000 profiles and adding more to some of them.  I rather enjoyed it as a hobby and now keep doing unsourced profiles in New York to keep my brain active.  I have a projected 25,000 profiles to work on every time it is updated.  I don't need to worry about ever running out of things to do.
Wow, Beulah! You are a genealogy-angel to have taken on all those abandoned incomplete profiles and brought them dignity and completeness.
I took an easy route, sourced mostly.  I hate doing biographies for people I don't know.
When I started, I created a few profiles then as a test added a 3 person GEDCOM. I enter profiles by hand.

Snicker, snicker....how to get rid of a spouse...I did see an unsourced profile today (without the unsourced category) who killed her husband.
Beulah: I am impressed by your dedication.
I have always struggled with GedComs, how to download them, how to create them, every time I have looked for software it never works out, so I gave up, I only have so much time available and I can do more and better research without them.

A distant relative of my DH uploaded Gedcoms to WikiTree in 2012 and hasn't been back since, 90% of them have nothing but names, and nothing else.

I'm hoping to adopt the profiles but I have to figure out how many there are and who they are before I submit an unresponsive manager report. I have tried to contact her many times over several years. It's frustrating that the profiles are not on her contributions list, any why is that?
Susan, while working on Mercer Country families related to my wife, I find that all the farm families were raising their own work force. You know how hard it is to NOT start on a related family, seeing that they have 12 kids, too!
Well, Beulah, at least you don’t have to create all those profiles form the gedcom. All you have to do is clean up all the gedcom mess, add sources, write the biographies, add categories, add family you know of, make connections... Yes, you’ll never run out of work to do!!
Pip, I'm a coward.  I just did sources that I could find on familysearch only because of the cite references, removed the family code on profiles, did minor gedcom cleanup because I was a new member and it took several years to comprehend the cleanup process.  I did add spouses and children that didn't require a lot of chasing the rabbits, and short biographies on some.  I refuse to try categories (don't understand), can't do photos, etc.  I was just affronted to leave so
many unsourced with my maiden name on them.  Now most of my sourcing is on the New York State unsourced listing 25,000 available.
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Hi hi,

it got cooler here in Germany since last weekend (actually last Friday was the last really hot day, it seems, for this year) and the Corona-numbers are currently kind of levelling on quite a high level for my taste. Some regions invented some stricter rules now to try to push Corona back again, including my town.

Pubs and restaurants have to be closed between midnight and 8am. Around a table are only allowed up to 5 persons or all persons from 2 households.

Public events are only allowed with up to 100 persons outside and 50 persons in rooms.

Team sport practice is only allowed in groups up to 10 and only with 1,5m distance. Teams cannot compete in their respective leagues (for example the soccer team of our town).

In schools sport is forbidden, schools can decide to force children above elementary school to wear masks also in the classrooms.

When mum arrived in her rehab, she got a new Corona-test done and again she was negative. That's good as she could today start with her therapy there. The "there is absolutely no way to visit her" is a little bit lighter. They have a terrace outside the café, and there people from outside are allowed to meet with "inmates". I did that today because I had to bring her some stuff she forgot to take with her to make the evenings more eventful. :)

The other great family thing today was a phone call from one of my 2c1r from Serbia. I couldn't help myself and ask him how his sister (who is living in San Francisco) doing now with all those fires. At least she doesn't seem to be affected by them, although the pandemic also affects her life in a way she couldn't imagine. But that's a problem all of us have.

Genealogy-wise, I thought at the start of the week I might be able to shut one window down, because I'd be able to close a few tabs and then maybe rearrange my windows. But then I arrived at a family that made me open some more tabs, so here I go again trying to reduce them. Also in this week I was able to expand a bit the ancestry of the Dutch King by adding some relatives to his tree and I got my first official point in the connector's challenge as I remembered to click that when I ran into an unconnected profile.

Stay safe and healthy, and you folks with health problems, take care of yourself!
by Jelena Eckstädt G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
edited by Jelena Eckstädt
Give your mother our best wishes for a great out come from her therapy.
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Just this week I was sent the Master's thesis paper I was interviewed for/quoted in for people affected by non-paternity events due to direct-to-consumer DNA tests. I loved seeing someone actually looking into the topic of how people are affected by at-home DNA tests leading to finding out your parent(s) is/are not your biological parent(s).

As a genealogist, it has led to a total upheaval of my genealogy work the past couple of years! Gives new meaning to the idea that there's always more research to be done!

Thesis paper is here if anyone is interested.

by Jayme Arrington G2G6 Pilot (155k points)
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Good Saturday morning to all from a sunny (if a little dusty) south east Queensland, Australia. So happy for you Pip and family. Enjoy your magic time together.

Work has continued to be hectic this week so Wikitree has provided some much appreciated me time. 

I have finally found evidence to support my grandfather's grandfather's (mum's side) arrival in Australia from Scotland. It was not one of the stories passed down in my family and until a year ago I had no idea where to look. A cousin who was researching one of her family lines we do not share found references to he and his wife's arrival in 1838 on the very ill-fated William Rodger grieving their only child Sarah who died as an under 2 year old on the voyage. I had investigated this information and decided it couldn't be "Our Robert Kelly' because his wife Elizabeth was still alive for almost another 20 years after he remarried 20 years after their arrival in Australia. I had not considered that she had left him and she remarried the new man she had 8 other children to in 1853. 

I feel like this is a major find and I am feeling pretty pumped smiley

Hope everyone else is also having more wins with their research.

by Rosalie Neve G2G6 Pilot (132k points)
What an intriguing find!

It has gotten me smiling Kay. And just because my mind wanders a lot - I cannot help but notice your surname (Knight). 

The Robert Kellie/Kelly I am excited about finding the arrival of had 6 children to his second wife Mary Timney, The youngest son was also called Robert and he married a Knight. Like I said - I am easily distracted cheeky

Rosalie: Congratulations on that find. It is a great feeling. Each time I have found an ancestor who immigrated to North America in the eighteenth or nineteenth century, I have felt that way.
@Rosalie, I was a Sands before I married a Knight and made my name an alliteration. I keep finding other things to do than research my husband's ancestor probably named John Knight, son of another John in the mid 1700s in Virginia.

It almost had me breaking into a 'happy dance' laugh

Almost.. just imagined it instead 

Oh I hear you - my husbands Neve ancestor's in Kent, England... 

generations and generations of John and Edward and  William and Robert and Augustus (and apparently every brother and cousin in each of those generations needed to call their children the same assortment of names to add to the mix) frown

Rosalie, You have not lived until you try to sort out my ancestors from Scotland. my Great Great Grandfather was John Smith. He had a son named John Smith, my Great Grandfather, who had two sons named John Smith. To make things even more interesting my Great grandmother in that line was named Rose and one of their sons named John married a Rose. I have to be well rested to work on that line.

Well rested and lots of strong coffee I would think smiley 

Could drive you to taking up a little scotch in the coffee too wink

I am easily distracted cheeky


We call this chasing after rabbits.   Oooooh, look, shiny!  laugh 

Hehe - yep I can totally relate (oh look a family history pun) and we are off again in another direction cheeky

Oh, look --  great grannie's brother-in-law's wife's uncle's cousin married ooooooooooooooh, shiny!  cheeky

Thanks for the start of the work week giggles your comments bring. (It is only so funny because it is SOOOO true) :)

I am happy to provide whatever small amusement I can.  smiley

(Shamelessly adapted from this image.)

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GEN TALK -- disconcerting to discover that having been feted for having nearly 450,000 G2G points someone or something walked away with over 100,000 of my points and reduced my G2G profile scoreboard to 322.xK ... dare I say ... probably not 

You know, this is just outrageous ... also a bummer and also discouraging ... 100,000 points taken away, thrown to the wolves etc ... likely to never see them again, too 

Did I complain, yes I did, I have said something, for all the good it'll do ... 

GENEALOGICALLY -- Am now piecing together the Bort-Bilbrey (or Bilberry) families ... two male Bort sibs (Rufe and Willie) married to female Bilbrey sibs (Bertha Lee and Bessie Lou) -- the Bilbrey girls are MY second cousins once removed [that was an edit for clarification]

I don't know that these two couples had any descendants as married each other, but if I understood what's been said, if a descendant of each couple married and had issue, the resulting issue would ... how do we say this? ... hmm ... anyway there'd be a pedigree collapse? Is that right? 

by Susan Smith G2G6 Pilot (587k points)
I found one set of families where 3 brothers from one family married 3 sisters from another.
Kay, depending on what the descendants do ref to marrying cousins, you could get a pedigree collapse if I understood what I read ... which would do wonders for the DNA studies ... and for the genetics ... oy

I've also found quite a few first or second cousin marriages. My ggg grandfather https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Scranton-206

I've also been looking at the 15 double first cousins of a great grandmother because both my first cousin and I get lots of DNA matches there. https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Reed-9024

laugh have to wonder if that makes it easier to track the lines or not ? And I wonder what causes this inward drawing of the branches ... I mean if you saw an actual tree or shrub drawn in upon itself you'd want to know why ... 

+18 votes

Happy weekend, everyone!  I hope that no one here was affected too badly by all the recent weather, fires, etc.  A cousin in Connecticut had a tornado pass nearly through her backyard yesterday, but everyone's fine and the house escaped damage.  We're supposed to get hurricane leftovers tomorrow but it looks like it won't be all that bad.  Not planning to go anywhere anyways...

Survived my first week of class... 14 to go.  Turns out that teaching over Zoom in real time is at least as tiring as teaching in person.  About 4 hours of lecture on Tuesday, and Wednesday I was so exhausted that all I could do all day was veg and make a bunch of WikiTree profiles.  wink  Still working on my husband's grandmother's side of things, using her family history as a source but now backing it up with primary sources.  And meanwhile, I've got a couple of other small mysteries to chase down, prompted by various recent cousin contacts.  So much still to do, but this weekend I'm going to have to focus on prepping next week's lectures.  

Back to ice skating, too... just managing one class a week so far because it's hard to find open practice sessions (and time!).  Working on regaining skills and strength I lost while everything was shut down.

by Lisa Hazard G2G6 Pilot (221k points)
Are there as many students on the Zoom as there would be in a classroom on a campus? Can you see all of them? How old are they?
There's actually potentially more, because we're not constrained by classroom size.  Normally one of my classes would have 24 max, and the other (a "double section") would have 48.  Online caps are bumped up to 35, so now I have nearly that many in the first class, but still about 48 in the second because it didn't quite fill.  I can see/hear everyone, but some of them have their cameras off, and I ask them to mute themselves during lecture unless they want to ask a question.  No idea how old they are, but they're college seniors/grad students, so probably 21+.
+20 votes
Weather wise ... I need to look at my calendar again ... is it October already?  We (Denver, not us) just had 17 straight days of 90+ temps ... today, we're in the 70's ... woo hoo.  And it's finally raining a bit.  Hopefully that will help the wild fire fighters.

On a kind of sad note, at least for us, grand daughter has a soccer game in Denver on Saturday ... we were all set to go watch ... BUT, no spectators allowed ... dang!  She has another game in Laramie on Sunday and I think we can go see that.  Fun to watch those girls play ... they're good and like 9 or 10 years old.

Just cleaning up some profiles ... other folks make some changes so I look at what they've done and try to add a bit more.  Oh, and every now and then I find that I've listed a birth/death country as Canada well before Canada was established ... well, duh!
by Bob Jewett G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
+20 votes

Today wasn't such a good day. I got my foot caught in a rut in the yard and sprained my ankle. But on the bright side it isn't severe and the doctor said with rest it should start feeling better in a day or two. The rest of the week was ok, but weird. I had customers coming through buying Halloween candy, cards, decorations, etc. I didn't even realise we were already selling them. I had to look at the date on my register because I thought I stepped through a time warp or someting (lol)!

On the genealogy front: I've been working on my Mom's "Steies" family, and I've started a Steies Name Study on WikiTree.

by Chandra Garrow G2G6 Mach 6 (61.6k points)
Hope your ankle heals quickly. ~~~Healing Vibes~~~

I saw the Halloween stuff out at the grocery store yesterday and I had the same feeling as you--did I lose a month somewhere?
Take care of the ankle. The ankle I sprained playing basketball in college is still weak. Full disclosure, I sprained it on the stairs leaving the dorm as I was late for practice.

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