Problems with unit designations and categories on the new 1776 sticker

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I'm having problems with the unit designations on the new 1776 stickers for seven profiles I manage.

Barnabas Conant served with the Sea Coast Defense force in Massachusetts during the Revolution.  I can't find a category for these companies or, if applicable, for their overall unit.  I assume he would have been part of the Massachusetts Militia, but can't even say that for certain.  What should I have for his unit designation?  He did serve for about 4 months in a "Guard" regiment, but I have no idea whether that would be militia or Continental Army.  

I assume that the two unit designations I have for Gideon Batchelder (Col. Israel Hutchinson's 19th Regiment and the 27th Regiment) were Massachusetts militia units, but I can't find a category for either one, so I hesitate to try doing the sticker.

Another profile profiles with a similar problem: Jesse Story, Sr.  I'm waiting to add a sticker to this profile until I have some clarification for Barnabas Conant, since both served in Massachusetts sea coast defense units - I'm assuming that "Colonel Foster's regiment" where Jesse Story, Sr. served was a Massachusetts Militia unit.  

I tried changing the stickers for Jesse Story, Jr. and Parker Story, since their units already had (I thought) viable categories, but still have a "needs review" category showing on each.  

I have a unit designation for David Leaming, which I thought I'd found among the categories: 8th Connecticut Provincial Regiment (1775).  Yet, I have a "needs review" category show up.  The same thing is happening with the sticker for Judah Leaming.  

What am I doing wrong here?  I would really like to be able, just once, to apply one of these military stickers and not have to ask for help!

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I'll have a look when I get back to my computer.
I agree about putting the correct category on stickers.

I finally decided to leave the section for the category blank, and post the rest of the information as I know it. That seems to have worked, and my military ancestors are now recognized for what they did.


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In the sticker, you have unit= Captain John Grannis, Massachusetts Sea Coast Defense Company.  This category does not exist and the entry needs to be reviewed by a member of the 1776 project. The "needs review" occurs automatically when the unit= parameter is not filled in with an existing Am Rev unit category.

For David Leaming, the unit= should be unit=8th Connecticut Provincial Regiment (1775), Continental Army, American Revolution. You have to type in the complete name.
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Thank you, Natalie.  I assume I simply have to wait until the project reviews Barnabas Conant's sticker.  What about the other 6 profiles?  Some of them had viable categories, using the old sticker.

Note the unit= has the entire category name.

Thank you, Natalie. That, at least, takes care of 4 of the profiles - much relief!

I still have the problem of being unable to locate categories for the other 3.  Do you think I should add stickers to the 2 profiles without them, just so they turn up in that "needs review" category?  Or, would it be better to post a separate categorization question for each of them?
Susan, there are not necessarily categories that have already been created for the other three. I went to the "needs review" category today and found one profile that took me 15 minutes of research to locate the name of the unit in a source. Many times the PMs adding these stickers have done excellent research and have the information available and a category can be determined rather quickly. This is not always the case, though.

I am not sure which method the 1776 project would prefer, as far as adding an incomplete sticker vs. asking in g2g? Perhaps you could send an email to one of the leaders or coordinators?

I am not sure which method the 1776 project would prefer, as far as adding an incomplete sticker vs. asking in g2g? Perhaps you could send an email to one of the leaders or coordinators?

I'm on it.

Thanks SJ! The new sticker is great and I appreciate the work and thought that went into it. I'm also trying to work on some of the profiles/categories currently in the "sticker needs review" category to figure out the correct category name.
Thank you, SJ.  I do like the new, simplified stickers .... now, if I could only figure out the categories ....

I'll look forward to seeing whatever you might determine regarding the units I can't match to categories.

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