Something's awry with the process of re-using a "reason for change"

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This keeps happening to me. I thought at first it was truncating at punctuation, but no.

For example, last night I copy-and-pasted a better transcription of a death record into the sources sections for the children it mentioned. (Yes, the father's death record listed all of his then-living children and their husbands. I could wish they all did that!) I dutifully wrote out "better transcription of father's death record" for one, and that's what the change log says for that profile. For two others, I *thought* I chose that same reason from the drop-down list of recently used text, but what the change log says for them is "better".

I'm certain that I would have noticed if the "explain your changes" box had just said "better" when I clicked "save changes", so obviously, that's not what showed on my screen. So why did the reason get truncated like this? What did I do wrong, and how? Is this a result of a bad alchemical reaction between my browser (Firefox) and WikiTree?

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Did you use the upper, or lower, box for the reason?
I just tested it again. It was the bottom box, I believe. I typed out the repeated text almost all the way to the end this time (so that it would still make sense if it happened again), then chose the full reason from the drop-down. I verified that the box had the full text in it, and then saved -- and sure enough, the last word of the explanation is missing from the change log.
I found that the first couple of times I used that bottom box, so stopped using it.  Now I always scroll back up and use the top box.

Maybe add the tag bugs (or whatever the acceptable tag is) to your question?
Yup, it's the same bug, Paul. I just tested it using the top explanation box instead, and there everything worked as expected.
I get this on other forms, e.g RF.  It seems to be a lack of sync between asynchronous goings-on inside the browser.  After picking off the menu, I have to pause slightly before I hit the button.  Otherwise, what is sent to the server is only what I typed, even though the selection appeared in the slot.

 "Explain your changes" is perilous because you only get one chance.
Yes, I've noticed the same: Auto-completion doesn't work in the lower "Explain your changes" input field, at least not in Firefox. The program will only register what you actually enter into the field; everything from the auto-completion will just disappear.

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Autocomplete in the second change field should now sync properly.
by Jamie Nelson G2G6 Pilot (475k points)

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