Can this bug in the Comments section be fixed

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I've recently noticed what I think is a bug in the way "Optional Comments" i.e. the contents of the "Explain your Changes" text box are handled by the system.

An example is that if I've been working on an error such as DBE863 (missing <references/>) I would correct the error and leave a change message that says "Added missing <references/> tag". I've only just found out that what the profile manager receives, and what is recorded in in the changes list, is "Added missing tag", which doesn't really help.

This is easily fixed if you're aware of it by just leaving the control codes out of the comment, but from a random sampling I know that I'm not alone in being ignorant of this little foible.

Is it an easy fix?

If not can we make sure that data doctors are informed that it's not a good idea to leave control codes in comment boxes.
in WikiTree Tech by Derrick Watson G2G6 Mach 4 (41.9k points)
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Oh, that is a good one.  I've added the bugs tag.  

I tried it with a <nowiki> but it still deletes the < and >
There is a simple workaround (that I use rather often): Just omit the < and > when referring to a tag in an Explain Your Changes entry.

Yes, I had realised that, but only after having made the error for about a year. You have to have cause to go back to the same profile and check the changes tab before you know that the message doesn't display as intended.

Part of the point of the post is to let other people know that the issue exists so that they too can be aware of it.

Even nicer if some tech wizard can make the issue go away.

You have to have cause to go back to the same profile and check the changes tab before you know that the message doesn't display as intended.

by Derrick Watson


Actually, you don't.  Once having made your edit, just choose the profile view and your edit-plus-comment is there.  That will immediately show you that the <> tags do not save.  There is no need to check the changes tab.

From the thread linked by Robin, above --

The "Explain Your Changes" box strips HTML and other code from user input as a safety measure. It's not a bug, and it's not going to be changed.

Thanks your your comment, but how many people actually do that? The point I'm trying to make is that comparative newbies like me do not know that wiki markup language is stripped from the comments box. If it can't be changed for security reasons that's fine, but then it needs to be stated clearly.


Thanks for directing me to the previous raising of this issue - it demonstrates that I'm not the first to be a little frustrated by it, and probably not the last either. The answer you posted to it is spot on the nail. If it were clearly stated next to the comment box "Don't include mark-up language" then people would be far less likely to leave the confusing comments that I have.

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Hi Derrick,

That isn't a bug - the system is working.   As a Data Doctor you need to leave comments in this format:

Identify yourself as a Data Doctor, the Suggestion ### and name, what you did to correct it. In the case you mention, your comment should be:

Data Doctor - 863 Missing tag - added references tag

No code should be used.

Standard comments you can copy & paste will be added so that will eliminate any confusion for all members - this will be on the Suggestion page for each suggestion.  Look for it in the next few months and the Data Doctors Project will announce when they are ready for each suggestions group.
by Sheryl Moore G2G6 Pilot (143k points)
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Excellent, thank you.
You are very welcome.  You may email me if you have any comments or suggestions about the suggestions.

Stay safe.
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by Nelda Spires G2G6 Pilot (458k points)

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