help I have messed up about 5 profiles here is the first. I will do one at a time [closed]

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Only the one with the marriage date is correct, the rest need to go. I don't know how to do that. So far I am only making it all worse. It started off with me adding a brother instead of a son trying to fix that up has only resulted in a big mess. The son Walter Gerald Palmer needs to be a son of Harriet Wheeler, he is a grandson, not son.

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thanks for all your help now the next bit is this profile where I have Walter as a brother and a son, he should not be a brother. This problem started because there are four Cadwallader Edwards in a row got one of them mixed up and the result was a mess.

I see you have unlinked the mother now. Good.

So now, I suggest you draw little chart on a piece of paper (or online if you prefer ;) ) with the numbers of the profiles/profile IDs. Then check every connection. First unlink all incorrect ones. Only after you have unlinked all bad ones, start reconnecting. Take the profile IDs into account then.

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First, go ahead and adopt the extra two duplicate husbands (you are already the PM for one of them.) Once adopted, merge each one into the lowest ID number.

Once the merges are done, just remove the son who should not be there. Go to the son's profile page and in edit on the right side, remove father and then remove mother. Be sure you write down the wrong son's ID and then you can just attach him to the correct parents.
by Virginia Fields G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
The three husbands actually have different dob/death dates, so a merge is not appropriate. (sorry I missed your post first)
Thanks Michel. I missed the different dates on the spouses!! Glad you were able to help.
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Hey Will,

You are certainly not the first, nor you will be the last. wink Don't worry. I have adopted the profile momentarily, so I can have a look and help.

The three copies of the spouse need merging.  removal That is easy.

The son is ?

That will be a son of Palmer-20324?

I will first propose the merges. If you can confirm the correct parent, we can go through that as well.

by Michel Vorenhout G2G6 Pilot (321k points)
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So I have removed the spouses.

For that, I went into the edit mode. Then on the right you see the three spouses. Underneath it is an add/remove link. Click that.

Then scroll all the way down, select the one to remove, and save. Removing here means: unlink. The profile is still there, as no profile is removed (deleted).

Next step I think is this profile

There we have two identically named brothers, as the mother is shared. The mother is too old ( ). If you agree, you can go into the edit for this profile. On the right you see mother, with [replace/remove] under her name. Go there. Scroll all the way down, click remove and save.

Please let me know if you want me to click the button, but the honour is all yours wink

Walter is the brother to the Cadwallder Edwards that was born in 1880 the second one. The other one is Walters father
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Thanks for the help, I think it is just about right now.
by anonymous G2G6 Mach 9 (98.5k points)

You're welcome. If the answer was enough, you may hit the close button laugh

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