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I have found via FamilySearch some ancestors (and ancestresses) whose birth dates were pre-1500. I need to obtain the Pre-1500 Certification, but am unsure of if I have ever participated in a project or have communicated with a project leader. If it turns out I cannot ever qualify for Pre-1500 Certification, I can message someone who is with my information. How do I find out if I have participated in a project? I have all of the preliminary requirements with possible exception to participating in a project, and am unsure if I have met the "have made contributions to pre-1700 or project-protected profiles that demonstrate a practical understanding of the principles behind our Honor Code and Pre-1700 Self-Certification, especially regarding sources and collaboration in high-conflict areas" qualifications. The source for some of this information is One reason for my aforementioned uncertainty about ever qualifying is that I am nervous about participating in anyone else's project to the fullest extent possible. I do not always have time to do any extensive research, and believe my schedule would disqualify me. My limited time to participate may be the final nail in the coffin, so to speak. I am sure creating my own project, to which I can contribute at my own convenience, is not an option for this. I could be wrong. 

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I don't see a badge for project participation.  Find a project you're interested in under "Request for Projects Volunteers", ask to join, and then participate in it. I've participated in plenty of projects, sometimes on a short-term basis, sometimes for a long, long time.  You can always quit a project if it becomes overwhelming.
Good luck.  I left these as comments so that someone more knowledgeable can respond.
Thank you. I am new to genealogy work. Though I joined WikiTree in December of last year, I have much to learn still.
Good advice :-)
I am also trying to obtain the Pre-1500 Certificate and need help

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A quick review of your Galbraith surname connection confirms that they originated in Scotland.  You can find more information about how to join the Scotland Project here

by Amy Gilpin G2G6 Pilot (220k points)
Thank you. I will keep this in mind. I am currently a senior in college, and have no idea if there is a set timeline for completing the steps of training in the Scotland Project. I work in spurts when I have time. I am definitely interested in joining the Scotland Project and will do so when I have more time.
Welcome to wikitree.  It is always great to see 'young' people that are interested in genealogy.  Working with the Scotland Project will help you 'learn the ropes' of wikitree and you will probably learn a little bit about your ancestors.
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Take a look at

This may be a great approach for you due to your limited time available.

by Robin Lee G2G6 Pilot (887k points)
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With barely 2,500 contributions I'd be more inclined to work extensively on post-1700 profiles for a while longer, expanding out the family as wide as your known family circle currently allows.

Going back further there are barriers you haven't yet forseen. The first is the sudden lack of government records at 1838 or so (England), then church records peter out and eventually vanish at around 1650. You then need to learn where the data lies, and how to ferret it out and evaluate it.

What most genealogy sites allow is for people to add any old person, with no justification or records. FamilySearch is better than most: at least they aim for a single tree, unlike the commercial sites. But unlike Wikitree they don't insist on proof, or even an IQ higher than room temperature. So, those lines beyond 1500 are almost certainly rubbish.

Take your time, learn your chops, and savour the experience. And remember the mantra: "Genealogy without citations is fantasy."
by Robert Judd G2G6 Pilot (138k points)
Hello. I have looked at the accounts on FamilySearch regarding the ancestors and ancestresses I am hoping to someday add to Wikitree if they are already not on the site. The major source for these people is Burke's Peerage. Burke's Peerage is likewise used for the ancestors and ancestresses I have on WikiTree who were born after 1500.

Hi Jonathan. If you are working on English, or  Scottish  profiles there are  guidelines on reliable sources for pre 1700 profiles.

(and Wales pre 1500)

Many of Burke's pedigrees particularly in older editions are flawed and sometimes 'mythical' . You can read some criticisms of the works in this wikipedia article

There are indeed existing  profiles based on Burke's pedigrees but most of these were created some time ago. It will take a lot of time  to improve and correct  these profiles. 

If you want to work on older British profiles both the England and Scottish projects both have 'trails' that aim to help you find and cite  sources  and  to format a profile. 


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