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Team Flying Dutchmen - Vliegende Hollanders Source-a-Thon 2020!

  • It will be going for 72 hours straight, from Friday October 2 at 8 AM (ET) until Monday October 5 at 8 AM (ET) (Eastern Daylight Time) is GMT -4.) to kick off Family History Month. Here is the official schedule. Genealogists from all over the world will be participating at the same time. Eastern Daylight Time, GMT -4. 

    Register for the Source-a-Thon first!! Click here to register now (click answer there, not comment!). (registration opens 31 August and the registration cut-off is Wednesday, September 30, at 11:59 pm, ET.) To register just tell them you are on Team Flying Dutchmen-Vliegende Hollanders. Then you will be assigned a “race number.” This number is very important. If you do not get one, let us know. Teams fill up fast so please don't wait to register, and after about every 80 registrations there will be a new registration G2G a link to the new thread will be added to the old G2G post.
  • Het zal 72 uur duren, van vrijdag 2 oktober 2020 14:00 uur tot maandag 5 oktober 2020 14:00 uur (Eastern Daylight Time), als aftrap van de maand van de familiegeschiedenis. Hier is het officiële schema.

    Registreer je eerst voor de Source-a-Thon!! Ga daarvoor naar deze aanmeld/register G2G en zeg (click answer daar, niet comment!) dat je meedoet met Team Vliegende Hollanders-Flying Dutchmen. Registratie is mogelijk vanaf 31 augustus en deze sluit op woensdag 30 september 11:59 PM (ET). Je krijgt dan een “race nummer.” Dit nummer is heel belangrijk. Als je er geen krijgt, laat het ons even weten. Teams zijn snel vol dus wacht niet te lang met registreren, na elke +/- 80 aanmeldingen wordt er weer een nieuwe aanmeldings G2G gestart dit staat dan wel vermeld met een link in de oude G2G.

Here's the DBE link to the list with all Unsourced Dutch Profiles we are going to use this weekend and which will show the results a bit as well of course . 

Participating means removing profiles from the Unsourced Profiles or needs (maintenance) categories. They cannot be profiles that you created.

Select an Open (white) profile from anywhere in the Unsourced Netherlands category or one of its subcategories and search for sources to back up the facts of the person's life. If you find a valid source:

  1. Edit the profile to add the source, according to our Sources guide. 
  2. Remove the {{Unsourced}} or [[Category:Unsourced Profiles]] categorization or categorizations, if there is not one already add {{Dutch Roots|needs=Birth}} or {{Dutch Roots|needs=More Records}} project box (above ==Biography + project account) or sticker {{Dutch Roots Sticker|needs=Birth|needs1=More Records}} (below ==Biography==) and save the profile.
  3. Count edits or Tracking How does it work explained in short - Hoe werkt het in het kort uitgelegd 

Hier is de DBE link naar de lijst met alle Unsourced Nederlandse Profielen die we dit weekend zullen gebruiken  en waar we onze resultaten dus ook al een beetje zullen kunnen zien

Deelnemen betekent het verwijderen van profielen uit de Unsourced profielen of de needs (onderhouds) categorien. Het mogen geen profielen zijn die je net zelf hebt gecreëerd.

Selecteer een Open (wit) profiel in de Unsourced Nederland categorie of een van de subcategorieën en zoek bronnen die bewijzen dat de feiten van het leven van de persoon kloppen . Als je een geldige bron vindt:

  1. Bewerk het profiel om de bron toe te voegen, volgens onze Bronnen standaard.
  2. Verwijder de categorie template of categorieën {{Unsourced}} of [[Categorie: Unsourced Profiles]] als er nog geen is plaats dan de {{Dutch Roots|needs=Birth}} of {{Dutch Roots|needs=More Records}} project box (above ==Biography== + project account) of sticker {{Dutch Roots Sticker|needs=Birth|needs1=More Records}} (below ==Biography==) en sla het profiel op.
  3. Punten tellen of tracking: How does it work explained in short- Hoe werkt het in het kort uitgelegd

* Source-a-Thon Score (tracker):  Nr of Profiles by - Aantal Profielen per User & Team Source-a-Thon 2020

* Here's the G2G where you can choose and claim your Prize 

closed with the note: Thanks everyone for joining us, your enthusiasm and all the great work, we hope to see you all again in January!
in The Tree House by Bea Wijma G2G6 Pilot (284k points)
closed by Bea Wijma

Hoi Bea,

Zin in, ben er waarschijnlijk bij (die Corona toch...)

Heb je ook de cutoff date al?: registration cut-off is Wednesday, October ?, at 11:59 pm, ET.)

Cut-off zal waarschijnlijk Wednesday, September 30, at 11:59 pm, ET. moeten zijn.

Ik heb een vermoeden dat deze post nog even non-public moet zijn. Links moeten ook nog bijgewerkt worden ...

Bea kan vast niet wachten wink

Ja Michel. De linken moeten nog bijgewerkt. De inschrijving gaat mogelijk komende week open.

Zodra die er is werken we bij hoor.

Ik heb er ook weer zin in!

Hahaha jaaa ik was heel enthousiast alvast begonnen met de voorbereiding vannacht (31 augustus en kwam tot de ontdekking dat ik ws ietsje te vroeg was, maar als het goed is wordt vandaag de inschrijvings G2G gestart dus dan kunnen we ook de links updaten. laugh Blij dat iedereen er zin in heeft weer !

Nog even een beginnelingen vraag: als ik de {{Dutch Roots|needs=Birth}}  moet plaatsen na het toevoegen van een primaire bron en verwijderen van {{Unsourced|Netherlands}}, wat betekent die needs dan?

needs=Birth voegt het profiel toe aan de categorie Dutch Roots Project Needs Birth

Is uiteraard alleen zinvol als nog geen geboorte/doop gegevens gevonden zijn, bijvoorbeeld als alleen (nog) een primaire bron voor huwelijk gevonden is.

Voor alle info over de project needs of onderhouds categorieen en hoe je profielen daar aan toe kunt voegen zodat ze gemakkelijker te vinden zijn, zie: 

For all info about the project needs or maintenance categories and how profiles can be added to them so they are easier to find, see:  

Dutch Roots/Netherlands Project Maintenance Categories

Alle projecten hebben hun eigen needs of onderhoudscategorieen en die kun je allemaal hier vinden: 

All Projects have their own Project maintenance categories and you can find them all here:

Project Maintenance Categories  

(click on the project and you will see all maintenance categories (needs) they are using (theh can be added as just the category, or with the various stickers or projectboxes)

Klik op het project en je ziet alle onderhoudscategorien (needs) die dat project gebruikt. (toe te voegen als gewoon de categorie, of als needs in de verschillende stickers of project boxen)

De link naar de categorie pagina werkt niet (meer).
Michel, zeker weten? Bij mij openen die categorie pagina's probleemloos...

Aah, should be

No idea why there should be a comma in the name...

But that's apparently OK, there is also

Sailors, have a great Sourcing weekend and happy saling from your absent boatswain( bootsman)Herman. This one is for you all

Sail on

And woohoo time to start so  let's rock this boat with thousands of people from all over the world, have fun everyone !

If you need a break, just click image and dance !

And here's the team tracker for those of you who love to watch the score !

Bedankt Michel en Jan heb de links nu in de G2G ook maar even aangepast om verwarring te voorkomen. :)

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I like to thank you all, also on behalf of Bea and Margreet of your great work. We are all winners.

During this Thon 57.577 sources are added.

We added 3317 sources but with links to original documents as that is how it works at the DRP and we added DRP templates too. So we re simply the best! laugh

We would like to know the secret tactics of our top 3 for the next X-a-Thon. But yeh, than they will not be secrets anymore eh?

Congrats again to:

Dr.Ted VandeVis

Ludwig Kraayenbrink

and the consolation prize goes to Michel Vorenhout.

We hope to see you soon at our next DRP challenges or at the next X-a-Thon.

But we can use a little rest now I guess.

A very big thank you of

Margreeth, Bea and Astrid

by Astrid Spaargaren G2G6 Pilot (257k points)
selected by Bea Wijma

And here's our top ten ! And the medals of course are for all Flying Dutchmen and women !

Thanks everyone for all the fun we had and amazing work you did, we all know that sometimes finding just one source can be extremely difficult, so if it was 'just' one or more, you all did truly amazing and thanks to you all 3317 profiles now are sourced and improved so a huge thank you for everyone and yes sure hope to see you all next time. 

ps: In January 2021 we probably will have our annual Scan-a-thon perhaps you have boxes with old photo's you still need to add to profiles (these profiles must be open otherwise it doesn't count), if not, maybe you have a load of scans you can or would like to add to profiles to make them look even greater ?

For the Scan-a-Thon you  can get prepared very easy, for example by taking screenshots/images of the records (perhaps of the sources you added during this Source-a-Thon) save them all a while on a/your device (laptop, computer,memorycard or whatever you can use for it), and upload them all to the profiles during the Scan-a-thon. wink

(click image and dance, after so many hours sourcing we all can us it. Joan your little sourcerer might like a dance too eeh :P)

Bea and Astrid: What a wonderful positive influence the two of you are on Wikitree. Thanks for your leadership and hard work. tv
Thank you so much Dr.Ted!

Thank you so much Ted, It's always such a pleasure to get to know and work together with so many wonderful people from all around the world on our WikiTree and especially during the thons, it's so much fun and gives everyone a positive boost  eeh ! heart

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Registering is open now. Bea will soon add the right links at the message above. But if you can't wait: ANSWER the message at the top of the register page here. Answer that you like to sign up at Team Flying Dutchmen!

You can add yourself to the participant list here or we will do for you.

by Astrid Spaargaren G2G6 Pilot (257k points)

Aye aye captain heart, and here I (finally) am (again), first too early and now a little late, but..the links are updated and the team in just two days really is looking great already eeh ! 

Thank you Bea!!

Yes. We are lucky to have so many enthousiastic members!
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I signed up so... Count me in as always. Maybe not as dedicated as normally as I’ve got a 1 week old sailor to drag along this year.

aka... just gave birth to a baby boy
by Joan Hollander G2G6 Mach 2 (23.5k points)

Yes Joan! I added you at our Team page to the participants lists and welcomed you at the register page. If you like to add something to your name at our Team page just click the edit tab and scroll down to find your name.

I am confused!!!!!!!!!! You gave birth a week ago to a DRP Sailor? Did I understand that right? If so - Joan that is just wonderful. Congratulations!!!

Mother and son healthy? All looking good?

Wishing you and your son all luck and health Girl!

Aah that's so wonderful to hear Joan, congratulations and enjoy your little miracle !  So on behalf of I'm sure the whole team... (click image for our wishes for the little boy)


Indeed... I’m the one that gave birth. So now I’m officially a mother and expanding my own family tree  

Mummy and baby are all good. Just figuring out how the feed while sourcing hahahaha (just kidding).
Thank you for the wonderful wishes Bea, it brought tears to my eyes. What a lovely song, bookmarked it. Will listen to it more often and let my son hear it too.

See you all soon during sourcing!
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Hoi ik heb me aangemeld, ik heb weer zin in altijd leuk die Source a Thonsmiley

by Enoch Stuivenberg G2G6 Mach 6 (60.6k points)
edited by Enoch Stuivenberg

Super Enoch blij dat je ook weer van de partij bent, Source-a-Thon is voor veel mensen toch wel de favoriete thon he, waarschijnlijk ook omdat het de allereerste thon was die we hadden heart 

Zonder jou geen echte challenge Enoch!
Het is inderdaad mij favoriete thon, Ik vind het leuk om profielen van de juiste bronnen te voorzien.

Leef je vooral heeeel erg uit Enoch. laugh

Ja ik vind deze Thon ook heel leuk. 

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I LOVE it! A month to go and already 17 sailors (read: team mates).

Thank you all.

Please help to make the team even bigger by inviting neighbours, friends or other WT members. laugh

by Astrid Spaargaren G2G6 Pilot (257k points)
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Note that we have any shortage of unsourced profiles, but I have found that a lot of profiles that haven;;t been edited in years also need sources and lack an unsourced template.  Below are a few links that might be of interest (the links are for the 19th century profiles because they tend to be faster to do). It may make sense to add unsourced to those that need it in preparation for the thon.

I am going to start adding unsourced to the orphans that are are unsourced. Edited to add: Oh dear -- more than 500 orphans untouched since 2011! Maybe I won't take the time to add unsourced to them.

by W Robertson G2G6 Mach 9 (94.2k points)
edited by W Robertson
I am plugging away at adding unsourced to these too. Thank you everyone!  And I didn't give the links for 2013 and 2014 last edits (or for anything outside of the 19th century, which needs to be done, but I think generally take more time) -- so we will still have a lot we can do next year.  I have been slowly working on sourcing these since this search was added to wikitree+ and I am really happy these old profiles will now be in our mix of unsourced! This team is the best!

heart Already asleep W.

That is another good search, Jan! I will be interested in seeing how many more unsourced profiles we have on Tuesday (after the reports are updated)

I am now going to work on a bunch of profiles that weren't technically unsourced, but which need better sourcing that I found while adding the unsourced template.

@Jan: Zag vanavond jouw link pas. Beginnetje gemaakt. Iowa is ten slotte W.'s en mijn passie.

Wat ik dan niet snap is dat DIT profiel door jou persoonlijk gesourced er dan weer tussen staat!???? In 2020 mogelijk gesourced dan denk ik.....

Wordt verder aan gewerkt dus!

I saw the link, but I hadn't noticed it was specific to Iowa!

Nor did I!

I clicked about 10 profiles. Most do have at least one source. BWJ and Jan worked on them, sometimes very long ago, sometimes just short ago. 

Adding at least Category [[Category: Iowa, Immigrants from the Netherlands]] and of course if not sourced Unsourced|Netherlands.

So we can find them back and add them to our Free page "Dutch Immigrants that followed Hendrik Scholte in 1847 or later" if they fit.

As one of our fellow WT-ers (fellow Greeter) have in her e-mail: There is so much to do and so little time...............

If you know where there are from in the Netherlands, you can use more specific migration category (migrants from Gelderland to Iowa, etc). A lot of places are mostly migrants from more specific regions. I have been adding people to my list of the Dutch people in Iowa on the1850 census when I run into them (and also the Dutch men who fought in the US Civil War, from Iowa). I also have already been sourcing them..... plenty still to do for the thon!


Searching "neveredited" also returns profiles that were created and edited on the same day, so that explains "Dit profiel".

@W & Astrid,

Probably nothing new to you, but Dutch professional genealogist Yvette Hoitink has a website that could be useful in your research:

This website contains a population reconstruction of Achterhoek families. The Achterhoek is the eastern part of the province of Gelderland in the Netherlands. Most of the people in this tree come from Aalten, Bredevoort, Dinxperlo, and Winterswijk. This includes over 5,000 people who emigrated from the region to the United States in the 1800s.

Thank you Jan. For both replies.

I didn't know about this page. I took a peek but I need more time to figure it out. But I am sure there must be people that are included in our research. Again Thank you Jan.
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In the source-a-thon:  

Do only sources count which are added to profiles with the "unsourced" template?

Or is the template just meant to make them easier to find and is any source added to an unsourced profile a way to score.

And is the score per sourced profile or per added source.

(Not that scoring is the main reason to participate but just to be clear.)
by Eef van Hout G2G6 Pilot (159k points)
Your second question: as I understood it, the score is per profile that gets marked as 'sourced'. The marking is done by following the link to the tracker (there is always one for the monthly contest).

But... this will be my first one as well, and the first question is rather relevant...
@ Michel: It's not my first but it differs per -thon and it is not always clear beforehand. But it is always a lot of fun.

Ha Eef,

The WikiTree Help-page Source-a-Thon says:The goal of the event Source-a-Thon is to clear out the Unsourced Profiles category on WikiTree.

Or: Yes please choose from the category Unsourced (any country you like) or Unsourced|Netherlands. Or those on provinces. See our Teampage.

Only one source counts per profile.

I hope that answered your question?


so it is important to give unsourced profiles the "unsourced" template so it is available for the -thon.
Yes we need as many {{Unsourced|Netherlands}} as possible as we work on them also outsite of the Thon.

I will call in help tonight Eef & Wendy.

Here is a more specific answer Eef: Main goal is to attack the unsourced list but read this threat too.

Other profiles without sources counts too but as I see it there might be a chance they are counted or not. That is how I read it.

Read it yourself please.

That thread is three years old unfortunately. In other Thons this year Ales has the counting script work automagically.

As Mr Whitten writes there: general aim is to add sources, but for this weekend I feel sporty and want to earn some points wink

The tree years old threat is still at the S-a-Th page. Saying the main goal is to add one source to the profiles that are on the Unsourced list. But they will not be extreme tight as Ales'DataDoctor seems to be able to see if a profile without template "unsourced" is sourced or not.

Meaning for humble me: Run the save road. Source profiles with a template "Unsourced" no matter what country you source, every source you add to an unsourced profile counts, or if you are Dutch and you re talents are lying in The Netherlands, source "Unsourced|Netherlands".

Profiles after 1811 are more easy to source so start there.

Of  course we hope that many Unsourced Dutch profiles will be wearing at least one source after the S-a-Th. But our DRP goal is to finnish every unsourced profile with at least sourced BMD (Birth-Marriage-Death) docs. and a small biography. But we do that later together of course.

Our goal is to end in the top ten. George, our source machine will not be with us this S-a-Th. That makes the challenge bigger! laugh Sweet George. Grateful for what he did for us last Thon's.

Many of the hard core DRP team added thousands of "Unsourced" templates to unsourced profiles last week. We will see where the counter stands tomorrow after the DD (DataDocter) numbers refreshed. I think we all will be surprised.

You re made of gold. So much appreciated!!

Thank you all!

When looking at my tracker, I do see profiles that were not marked as unsourced listed in there.

Who will be looking at all the profiles marked with the sticker? I do have quite a few without all sources or LNAB troubles.

to my knowledge it is not needed to have the unsourced template, it's just easier to find them. But all sourced profiles you create during these days counts. (in fact some oversees neighbours don't source at all, just change something in the bio of the profile and then it's counted also. They love to win, but Wikitree is not getting any better with it)
Yeah, looking at the numbers some process, compared to our work... hard to see how they really do it (well).

The stats page also has two colums: Unsourced Category Unsourced Others. I guess the second one is the one without the template.
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I am ok at finding sources on the Dutch genealogy sites, but I'm really bad at writing up the citation for them. I'm guessing the citation is needed, and not just the link to it? If so, is there a list of the citation formats for the Dutch sites?
by Colleen Jousma G2G6 Mach 1 (10.8k points)
Which sites would be the ones you are looking at?

Archives will always provide a 'citation' text which you can copy-paste. OpenArch has a text like FamilySearch linking to their own website (so not really the source, but still a good link).

In general you would add all information about the document such that others can easily find it.

I'm hoping to launch a citation tool for WieWasWie next week that includes the minimum information and links.
For my Dutch research I almost exclusively use Dutch sites like  WieWasWie and allefriezen. I'll check those sites tomorrow to see if I may have overlooked a citation option.

Makes me wonder if I should partner up with someone if I'm so bad at making citations.
I seriously doubt you are bad :)

As said, I hope to launch a tool for easy referencing WieWasWie next week.

AlleFriezen: There is a blue box next to the certificate with a textual reference. Then the link is highly appreciated. You can add that from the small link icon (right side bottom). It pops up with a permalink that is automatically selected.

AlleFriezen uses the Picturae software like several other archives, so they work the same.
I have memories of grad school when I write citations. So much anxiety. :D

Thanks for that tip. I'll check the Zeeland sites tomorrow. Oh, and thank you for putting something together for WieWasWie.
A wiewaswie template would be very helpful! (Although I tend to search openarch because I am able to do more complex searching there for free.)
To be precise: tt is not a template, but a text formatter.

WieWasWie has only got primary sources, that is why I love it (no need to watch out what you find).
I wish I was more adept at finding people on wiewaswie. I am usually looking for names and dates based on US censuses and I find the fuzziness I can employ with openarch to work well in that case. I also am a poor Dutch genealogist since I don't read the language and rely on transcriptions, so I don't notice the lack of a primary source as I should. However, the other reason I prefer openarch is that I find it easier to cite, so anything that makes wiewaswie easier for me to use would be very helpful.
WieWasWie has also the possibility to set it WhoWasWho. So in English. The more original documents you read the easier they become as normally all the info in a Dutch document of the Burgerlijke Stand (that is after ca. 1811) are alike with the same info.

It is free.

Some of us, I know Jan and I have a paid version of WieWasWie as it makes it possible to search on two persons in the paid version I mean. That makes searching sometimes easier if you do not have right spellings or too less info.

If you like more help it is easier by mail.
+6 votes

Captains order! laugh All hands on deck please. We need to do some preparations before we can sail fast at the 5th S-a-Th.

All help welcome! Thank you.

Thanks to W.Robertson, for finding so many (Thousends!) unsourced Dutch Profiles by using WikiTree+.

All Dutch profiles that are not categorized with a Netherlands Project Template {{Unsourced|Netherlands}} or with a more common template {{Unsourced}}.

If they had the template {{Unsourced|Netherlands}} they would count if we add a source at the upcoming and next S-a-Th's.

Eef and me already added to about 500 profiles the {Unsourced-Netherlands}} template. But there are so many profiles left that we would appreciate your help.

What you have to do.

1. Choose a first letter of a LNAB you like to work on.  Then please

2.comment beneath on what letter you like to  work. Let's say B. You start to work from the top of the last names starting with a B. That is Bakker-85. After you re stop you

3.edit your comment here and post at what last name with the WT ID you finnished. For example: Last one: Bersma-1 or all done with "B".

What you need to do is just add, if the privacy level of the profile is open, at the Edit Page:


Copy and paste that at top of the Biography above anything. And do not forget to click at SAVE CHANGES.

If you re unsure if you did it right, just look at the profile page. If you did it right, you see:

Or scroll down to the bottom of the profile page and check if you see this:

If you made a mistake you see the category in red:

Take a closer look. You might have made a spelling mistake or forgot a { or so.

Here are, after you clicked the blue button "get profiles" at the left, the 2749 profiles in alphabetic order that needs the template {{Unsourced|Netherlands}}:

Note: You might need to go to the bottom of the page and click "next" to go to the next page to find the right letter you like to work on!

Be aware some profiles have a high privacy level and can not be adjusted.

Thank you all in advantage. It is just as at the Thon, every single bit of help HELPS!

Bea, Margreet and Astrid

by Astrid Spaargaren G2G6 Pilot (257k points)
edited by Astrid Spaargaren

I agree 100%. Usually we only get one chance to do things right. Revisiting non-unsourced profiles for completion hardly ever happens I think. Even the needs= ones. There is no plan or project or challenge for that updates.

I agree with Margreet and Jan.

But...... only for 90%.

I realize that many participating like the game part of the challenges. And yes that is doubtful, but I think we must be very happy and thankful we have so many enthusiastic participants. Working with - at this moment already 27!! participants - will make WT a better Tree.As long as the source is reliable and added right.

Goal of the challenges is also to get to know each other better and to make it easier/feeling free to ask for more explanations and help. Yeh, some of us have more knowledge about genealogy, but most of us were just lucky to join WT much earlier and had heaps of help of those that joined WT even more early.

Guys, Michel (I am sorry I am talking about you here Michel) is still kind of new and doing such great work at our project and WT as we all see. Also the tools he made are fabulous! This is his first Th. He does not know about teams that are adding 60 sources per minute yet. We know we can not win ever because of that. But as ever, at least we can try!


Winning is not my goal. Ending in the Top 10 is. Not for me personally but to show at WT what we are able to do as the Netherlands Project/Dutch Roots Project with such a "little" but fantastic and very active group. We were always able to get into the top 10 or almost in the top 10 with a much smaller team than the "mighty" other bigger teams and without large preparations other teams obvious do.

Yes we hardly revisit the =needs profiles as there are so many of them.

So much too do and sooo little time.

The moment the template {{Unsourced|Netherlands}} is deleted and not a "needs=...." is added they vanish into the "greenstuff" of our Wikitree. T.G(oodness) we have WikiTree+ nowadays. And we are able to find them pretty easily back.

So as Bea asks in the long list of explanations about the Thon, here is my wishlist to that:

First: I encourage and thank everyone that provide a full/finished profile with reliable BMD (birth marriage and death) sources AND a DRP sticker (or DRP project box if the profile is of interest or very old).

But note: The goal of the S-a-Th is to get profiles from the "Unsourced List" by just adding one reliable source. That is what participants register/subscribe to.

My wish is indeed to add at least one reliable source AND add at anyway a sticker with needs= or replace the "Unsourced" template before saving the profile after adding one or more reliable sources AND the template {{Dutch Roots Sticker| needs=More Records}}

I know we are not even close that way at engaging the goal of the DRP - to fully source unsourced profiles by adding just one reliable source. But we proof at least the person existed. We find duplicates that way.

It means to me we just need to organize more DRP challenges. Working together is such fun!

And I thought of a new sort of challenge last days like sourcing all profiles of just one active/nonactive member of WT. Jan inventoried last weeks all big gedcoms. Good start. But we also know some members added manual thousands of profiles during the time WT started and was happy with genealogieonline etc as source.

Now let's focus on the S-a-Th. Do as you like: Source profiles completely for the pro's or add one source AND add at least a template or sticker.

And the very most important things is:



Done backwards till Ten_Hietbrink-2
Last year I went back through my sourceathon work to add a bio and realized that if I use the app right away I wouldn't need to go back.  Michel's new tool will definitely help speed things up.  I would love it if we could drop the 19th century unsourced in half (OK, even more would be even better). Realistically I don't know if I will be be able to do much more than 100, but every little bit helps.
Thanks for calling me new again; voel ik me weer eens jong ;)

Good to read the discussion on the goal for this weekend. I have been wondering, seeing many profiles with just one or two wiewaswie link(s) and nothing else in it (technically sourced, but boring as h... to view, sorry). As far as this newbie understands: if the sticker with needs is in there, we can still find the profiles later and complete them right?

Love to see so many using the tool and testing it now. Please let me know if you run into anything weird/wrong. And only kick me softly if something goes wrong...
Z till T done
A t/m Kaufman ready
Z - S done.

Not sure if I'm the only one having trouble, but it looks like the tracker and trackerstatus no longer is available / working ? 

I keep getting this: The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

Hope I'm the only one, but probably not, so I have send a message to Ales and just hope he is awake and able to fix it. cool

Nope. As I got the white sheets I had time to just messaging George as he was every Thon complaining about white sheets I never had.

Times are changing. I have the same as you Bea for at least half an hour. Error 503 Service Unavailable. The server is temporarily (seems pretty long now) unable to serve your request.. etc.

Time to tell all WT -ers of other teams to go watch American telly, to undo the servers of heavy use! laugh

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In addition to the great new tool for wiewaswie citation formatting -- -- remember there is another tool to build quick bios -- Using it only adds a little time and makes the profiles much nicer.

Also, these very old profiles that we just added unsourced to sometimes lack the basic elements (Biography / Sources / references) and also many of these profiles have all sorts of previously default information. Removing all this outdated default text also adds a bit of time, but to me makes the profiles look much better.
by W Robertson G2G6 Mach 9 (94.2k points)

heart it! Thank you Michel.

@Michel: You have a tracker on it how much the tool is used? I used it this evening.

WT seems to be down at this moment. Probably overloaded.


I can view the number of use(r)s on (see privacy note) and I can monitor the response time from wiewaswie. Often about 17 CET there is a glitch in response time, maybe because they have some script/import running then.

If wiewaswie goes down, the formatter goes down as well sad (unless the data has been buffered beforehand).

I use both tools and it's working great for me. I could give some minor feedback, but at this moment S-a-T is so much easier by using both tools.
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We at Nor'Easters wish you the best of luck in the 2020 Source-a-thon. Just over 8 hours to go before we kick it into high gear. And remember, HAVE FUN!!!!!

by Steven Tibbetts G2G6 Pilot (340k points)

 Thank you NorÉasters! Wishing you the best too! Lets go! laugh

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And we are ready to gooooo!!!! Drinks and snacks nearby (also enough diapers).

Only 50 minutes left...

by Joan Hollander G2G6 Mach 2 (23.5k points)

Yeah, still coffee time, so limited amount of snacks here wink

making a coffee, then will be set for a few hours till i get too tired :D

Woohoo..ready to go here as well, good luck and have fun everyone ! 

There we go!
Mooi plaatje Bea...
Hahaha onnie dan, kleindochter helemaal vol van superhelden, dus doe natuurlijk mee :)
Wel een mooie voor op de FD pagina? Dan moeten we wel kiezen wie die schouders heeft...

Je lijkt mij een prima kandidaat Michel enne schouders eronder, voordat je het weet ben je ingehaald! wink

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De SourceAthon 2020 is begonnen, iedereen succes toegewenst.

 Let op! de procedure omschreven bovenin deze g2g is niet in overeenstemming met de laatste e-mail van Eowyn omtrent dit onderwerp.

The SourceAthon 2020 has started, I wish everyone good luck.

Pay attention!  the procedure described at the top of this g2g is not in accordance with the latest e-mail from Eowyn on this subject.

1. Choose a profile.

2. Add a good source. For more information on sources, see our Sources help page:

3. Remove the {{Unsourced}} template or [[Category:Unsourced Profiles]]
categorization, if there are any.

4. Click the "Challenge Tracker" button at the very top of the page and choose the "Source-a-Thon" option.  

Move on to the next profile!

Here's a handy video to help you out:

by Joop van Belzen G2G6 Pilot (129k points)

Aah bedankt Joop, snapte d'r al niks van (ik niet op de kaart Astrid al begonnen met update, dus de oude info is ook op de pagina toegevoegd weer..met het plaatje. :)

Source-a-Thon how does it work ? Make sure you use the Challenge Tracker ! After saving an edit, for example adding a source to a profile, you now will see this green field, with the Challenge Tracker on it  it will open a field where you can add your contribution (save when that's done and return to profile 

'Do you know how to participate in the Source-a-Thon? Challenge Tracker makes it easy Challenge tracker

Source-a-Thon 2017 how does it work ? Make sure you use the Challenge Tracker !

1. After saving an edit, for example adding a source to a profile, you now will see this green field, with the Challenge Tracker Button..

2. click on it ..(see next image). 

Source-a-Thon 2017 hoe werkt het? Zorg ervoor dat je de Challenge Tracker gebruikt!

Challenge Tracker-veld, wanneer je een bron of info aan een profiel hebt toegevoegd, zul je na het opslaan het groene veld zien (zie andere afbeelding) met de knop Challenge Tracker:

1. Klik op de knop Challenge Tracker, dit zal dit veld openen, natuurlijk tijdens de Source-a-Thon, zal ook de Source-a-Thon, hier te zien zijn dus...

2. selecteer het vakje voor de Source-a-Thon (zie volgende afbeelding) 

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Is 1 or 2 sources enough, as the ones where i am (Netherlands Unsourced) 1900-1999 (166) some don't have a death record/marriage record etc
by Amanda Baas G2G6 (9.2k points)

In principle, one source per profile is enough.  If you have a marriage certificate, you can post it on the two spouses' profiles. Counts twice wink

oops i didn't click the challenge tracker on the first 3 i added sources on
no problem, you can make minor changes to those profiles, for example insert a line and save it again.  Then use the challenge tracker.
Thank you for your help :)

you're welcome smiley

In this time period it will be hard to find public records due to privacy rules.

Birth < 1920

Marriage <1940 (about)

Death <1955 (roughly) unless you dive into delpher etc.
Thank you Michel, I'm only doing the ones that have a date of birth before 1920, as i know I won't find much after then :)
There are more than 5000 between 1800 and 1899. So plenty of choice ....

Dank Jopie. heart

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WieWasWie is having a hard time.. please be gentle ;)
by Michel Vorenhout G2G6 Pilot (255k points)

smiley I use for Zeeland, Utrecht and Gelderland.  This site can take a lot ...

Familysearch as well :D is ook super, zoeken op alles (dus niet alleen personen maar binnen alles: archieven n collecties  levert hele mooie bronnen op voor ook de Pre-1700/Pre-1500 profielen. (Regesten, charters, notariele aktes etc. etc)

Je vind er ook gemakkelijk  pre1800 bronnen zoals Doopinschrijvingen, in ieder geval voor Zeeland en Gelderland.
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And we have  congrats!
by Michel Vorenhout G2G6 Pilot (255k points)
Bea! :)
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een prijs is ibinnen ons team gevallen: of iets wat er op lijkt. als je het voor de volgende life uitzending claimt verdwijnt het niet terug in de hoge hoed. (om de 4 uur)
by Eef van Hout G2G6 Pilot (159k points)
edited by Eef van Hout
Grr nu 8 uur geleden. Hoop dat Bea het opgepikt heeft.
Gelukkig heeft Eef mij op tijd verwittigd. Nu even verder met mijn eigen 'tak'. Morgen misschien nog een verder met de boom. Fijne avond.
Geweldig A.!! Blij dat je op tijd was. Iets nuttigs gewonnen? Of minstens iets leuks?

En je verdiend een extra vermelding op onze pagina hier hoor als nr.1!!

Dank je wel voor al je bijdragen.
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I love, just love the 2 tools that were provided!!!
So simple to add a small bio this way including the references

Thank you for making it sooooo much easier and quicker this way!

(sorry... can't remember who to give the credits to).
by Joan Hollander G2G6 Mach 2 (23.5k points)
Yes Joan! It is marvelous. Wishing it for other sites too!
What sites are you thinking of Astrid?
I think we should discuss that wonderful tool of you later Michel after the Thon. I think we all might have some feed back and or questions. But it helped us tremendously at this Thon.

I can not thank you enough.

lol obvious my fingers are too tired to type. Calling it a night now.
+6 votes

Amanda Baas, you just won a prize. You've got 4 hours to claim it.


by Joan Hollander G2G6 Mach 2 (23.5k points)
Thank you Joan :)
What did you win Amanda? Hope something useful at Europe!

I picked the "Up All Night to Get This WikiTree Tee" t-shirt as thats what I do with my evenings :)

Gefeliciteerd Amanda.... yes

+4 votes

Woohoo Joop je hebt een prijs gewonnen, hoop dat je nog wakker bent ?

And for everyone, the tracker works again :) And for all prizewinners here you can claim it

by Bea Wijma G2G6 Pilot (284k points)
Het gaat goed met die prijzen!
Gaat echt goed met de prijzen ja. Net als met het sourcen!!!
Hoop dat Ales wakker is en de server een kopje koffie kan geven. Hij moet ook zo de livechat doen... drukke man :)

Prijs gemist, lag al te slapen... holst van de nacht grumble...... Volgende keer beter. Geeft niet krijg nog een T-shirt van twee jaar geleden.. ik hoop dat Amanda hem wel ontvangt. laugh

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