Help please compter crash tree lost

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Help please. My computer crashed I believed my tree would be ok as I use a back up drive however this also failed. I uploaded my Gedcom file 1 Oct 2019 which only lasts a short time and is now unavailable however the Raw file still exists am I able to obtain anything from this. .Kind regards Rob.
in WikiTree Tech by Rob Davison G2G Rookie (260 points)
There are services that try to recover files from crashed hard drives. The process is not always successful, and my understanding is that it is not cheap. If you have valuable data, it might be work a try.
Thank you very much for your help in particular Ellen. From the raw file or Gedcompare am I able to create a Gedcom to enable me to recover my tree, Thank you again for your help. Kind regards Rob.

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Their are utilities that will do a good job of recovering data, even data you thought were erased. The actual file may still exist (you just cannot see it). You need to supply a bit more info (like what type of OS you have) for someone to be able to help you out. Make sure you back up what you have right now before using or downloading any third party software. There is software called Recoverit by Wondershare which may help.  But I am not endorsing it, or acting in a professional capacity as a technician. This is strictly your decision. People without any computer experience that use utilities sometimes make problems worse. That being said, best of luck.
by Mark Hough G2G6 Mach 1 (18.7k points)
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Rob, "crashed" is a word that covers several different types of failure.  Not having access to examine your drive, I can only give you several possible situations you may now have, but it is not necessarily the case that your file containing what you call "my tree" cannot be recovered without resorting to very expensive services.

For example - if "crashed" means that you cannot boot your computer, it is possible that the data on your hard drive is completely destroyed, but it is more likely that one or more files needed by your operating system have become corrupted and all or most of your data files are fine.  In that case, if you remove the hard drive from the computer and add it as a secondary drive on another computer, when you boot the other computer, you will have access to the data file containing your genealogy data.  From there, you can copy it onto a flash drive and your drama will be instantly ended.

Another question is:  In what way did your backup drive fail?  Were you expecting it to be an exact copy (usually called "mirror") of your original drive but now you find that you cannot boot it … or are the contents of the drive not readable when it is used as a secondary drive in another computer?

Bottom line - all is not necessarily irrevocably lost, but to determine that requires more specific information from you as to the nature of the failure.
by Gaile Connolly G2G6 Pilot (908k points)
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The Gedcom you uploaded here is still here. Really! You can work with it in Gedcompare. To find it, go to the My WikiTree tab and selected GEDCOMS.
by Ellen Smith G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)

... but only if you have touched in the last 60 days. After that period there is auto deletion.

Rob's Gedcom was supposed to be deleted back in December, but it is still here.

?? okay... lucky him then I guess wink

Sorry for intervening.

there is some "grandfather'ing" (or a bug)... anything uploaded prior to the new deletion rule has not been deleted.

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