Club 1000 badge bug [closed]

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Is this a misprint, that the August earned Club 1000 badge will be granted OCTOBER? 

"With 2877 contributions this month, Susan Smith has already earned the August Club 1,000 badge, to be awarded on the first day of October."

closed with the note: Eventually the blip will be corrected, and Sep will be subbed for Oct -- at least I think so
in WikiTree Tech by Susan Smith G2G6 Pilot (677k points)
closed by Susan Smith
I'm sure it's just some kind of typo. Don't panic! ;)

2 Answers

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My guess is that this has to do with today (August 31), as such that some parts of the world are already in September and the text generator is using a different time zone than the script that generates the badge.

But a WikiTree techie can probably confirm or reject this hypothesis. I am sure you will receive the correct badge though laugh

by Michel Vorenhout G2G6 Pilot (327k points)
It’s Monday arvo here in Aus, not September til tomorrow. My profile has the same type of comment.

I got the same text on the message.

Off topic: flash back from a movie aired this weekend on TV: Interstellar

Eh, Michel, not convinced that personal certainty is the same as an objective guarantee ... in fact I know they do not walk hand in hand ... and it's 10 hours an the message is the same -- perhaps the bug has THE lowest priority because something ELSE is worse? 

So, experience in hand, I do not count on the August Club 1000 badge being handed out by Sept 5th (badges do not always arrive on the 1st of the month) --  

Had to edit the spelling of Michel from Michael 

It's just a display bug, but it's a low priority to fix. It doesn't affect the awarding of badges.

Starting with the January badges, they do get awarded automatically on the 1st (GMT -- so expect to see yours in a couple of hours).
I figured automatic distribution of badges.  Been there and done that on data entry on spread sheets and dbase back in the very early 1980's.  

I thought that to mention a non-major blip events and glitches -- small bugs to be sure, and low priority, obviously (14 hrs and counting) would not be wrong.

And in my experience "on the 1st" is not guaranteed, but they do show up by the 5th (so far)

Congrats on your Aug-1000 badge!

And congrats to you Michel, for your certainty (in expectation) was not disappointed.   

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I reserve the right, as a Delicate Flower of (Almost) Southern California, to panic at the sight of a bug. 

(Stanislaus Co is the bottom most county in NorCal and sits on top of the topmost county of SoCal)

by Susan Smith G2G6 Pilot (677k points)

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