Organizing the Native Americans Project Teams

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[The following was also sent to the Native Americans Project Google Group.]

Just wanted to give a head's up everyone in the project that we will be working on the Native Americans Project to better align with the Project-Team structure being implemented throughout WikiTree and to bring a bit more consistency to the underlying structure of the project.   

Our ultimate goal is to bring greater attention to the great work of these sub projects/teams and help people who are researching these areas find you and each other. 

The end result will be an overarching project (Native Americans-- which is itself a sub project of Indigenous Peoples-- that's not changing) with a set of Teams within it. Most of the teams are tribe/nation-specific. And many of these "teams" already exist but in a variety of ways. Some are in the "Project:" space; some are in the "Space:" (freespace) space. 

All teams will end up on freespace pages. We will retain the great content that has been compiled on the various pages, but it might look worse before it looks better. So please have patience with us. 

We will also be reviewing the category structure to make it easier for people using categories to find what they're most interested in.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Jillaine Smith

​co-leader, Native Americans project​

in The Tree House by Jillaine Smith G2G6 Pilot (817k points)

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I didn't see a team for New York State Native nations which are not all related but I'm interested in them since that's where I'm from.  They include all the Haudenosaunee nations, the Lenape, Wappinger and other groups.  I've added a couple of profiles; in the midst of one at the moment.  I'd be interested in such a team.  Also, categories.  I've posted this elsewhere but there's a set of maps of Native nations that appears to be well researched that would probably helpful.  Carapella Tribal Nations Maps.  And, can the project also use Discord from time to time to communicate?  I've never been able to get connected to the Google thing for some reason.  Thanks.

by Lorraine O'Dell G2G6 Mach 2 (23.1k points)

There are categories for hundreds of Indian nations in what are now the United States, both historical and contemporary.

Lorraine, would you like to launch a team focusing on tribes from the geographical area now identified as New York?

We don't have such a team, but I like leaning into the interest areas of volunteers. ;-)

I will see about setting up a discord channel for the project.
There is already a discord channel for the Native Americans project; it's just not very active. Do you know how to find it, Lorraine?
Lorraine, the Native Americans project channel is under "Topical Projects (N-Z)" on the Wikitree discord server.
Sure, could start a team but, hopefully, somebody who knows more than I do would join and help.  Thanks.  What do I do to do that?

There is already a template set up for the Onondaga team, but it's largely empty (just the basic lingo); see:

Request to be on the trusted list and I will add you.

You can see what other tribe/nation teams have done here:

But the overall effort is to start building out a page that helps those researching that area/tribe/nation to find reliable sources and resources that will help them with their research. 

Oh, I'm sorry, yes, I see it.  It was pretty late last night when I posted that.  I'm sorry.
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I stand corrected about the Tribal Nations maps by Aaron Carapella.  I just read a scathing review in Native News so we can forget that.
by Lorraine O'Dell G2G6 Mach 2 (23.1k points)
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Jillaine, I never received the link to the NA Project google group. Could someone send me that?

Thank you,

by Renee Newman G2G6 (9.6k points)


Please send me a private message, as I need to have your email address in order to add you to the Google Group.

Please note that the NA google group serves predominantly as a project feed-- activity posted to profiles managed by the project. We have not used the group for discussion-- although we certainly could.

There is a Discord server for WikiTree which includes a channel for the NA project. See :

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