Project for Upper Ohio Valley?

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Hi there. I don't know quite how to categorize this question but it's been driving me crazy recently. So I have a lot of ancestors from the upper Ohio Valley area (Greene, Washington, Counties, Pennsylvania, and Marshal, Brooke, Counties West Virginia, Belmont Ohio, etc.) and was wondering if there was already a project/community researching this area on WikiTree. I could have sworn that I saw a project for the upper Ohio Valley (or at least a similar area - perhaps the West Virginia Pan Handle) not too long ago, but, after searching it just now, I can't seem to find it. If such a project/community exists, could somebody please link me to it?

If I did, in fact, totally imagine that project, what would be the guidelines for determining if such a project would be worthy of creating?
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I work on/create a lot of profiles for Washington County.   Not really a part of a project though.  If you need any help with any profiles from Washington County, let me know.
I wonder if this would fall under "Westward Ho!"

Not Westward Ho -- that project is focused on places farther west. This is within the broad scope of the United States Project.

It seems like you are looking to connect with other people working in the same region. Cindy Lesure, Coordinator for Pennsylvania and West Virginia, has an interest in this region and could help you get started. You may also find members with similar geographic interests on the Pennsylvania Project page, the category for people offering West Virginia research assistance, or the list of Ohio Project Members.

And if you create a page for your project, please categorize it in the categories for the three state projects. smiley

True. Mainly wanted to check and see if there was anybody actively working on profiles from this area. As mentioned before, I could have sworn I saw a project on this before, but, as it turns out, my memory was just playing tricks on me cheeky. I've noticed a few trends in my family tree (that I might make another G2G post about sometime in the future) that have started making me wonder what the bigger picture story of the area was. I definitely appreciate all the links! I'll try getting in contact with the people you suggested.

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Looks like there's an overall United States project, an Ohio project, but nothing specific to the Ohio Valley. You could start a One Place Study? Not sure if that's too large of a "specific area" or not, and you might want to clearly define it, especially if just focusing on the "Upper" portion. I live in Ohio, and yet I struggle sometimes when people refer to the "Ohio Valley" as to what geographical boundaries they are using. 


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Gotcha. Could have sworn I saw a project or a One Place Study about this general geographic area here on WikiTree, but I guess I totally imagined that. 

To be sure, if I started something, I'd definitely take some time and define it well. Off the top of my head, I'm thinking about the area's referred to by two books "History of the Pan Handle" and "History of the Upper Ohio Valley". They're mostly concerned with counties in the West Virginia panhandle and adjacent counties in Pennsylvania and Ohio (Marshal, Ohio, Brooke, Greene, Washington, Belmont, etc.) so that's what I'd be interested in.

Sounds like a fun project!

Please don't use the term one-place study for a project on the early history of the Ohio Valley.

A one-place study is supposed to be a thorough genealogical study of all of the people of the subject place, and the Ohio Valley is way too big for that. cheeky

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I found,_West_Virginia but it doesn't look like it's been active since it was created. (Found via [this page].)

From there, I found [Ohio County Census records category], which has links to two subcategories but no one  in any of them & no links to actual records. However, Census records might be found at (login required, but it's free).

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