Is it best etiquette To ask to be Trusted before editing another individual that I have not created?

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Depending on the types of edits you are trying to make:

Be Bold: Act Now

Here are some changes where it's normally not necessary to post a comment on the profile or contact the Profile Manager in advance.

  • Correction of obvious misspellings, or grammatical or typographical errors. In your comment on the change say something like "Small typo fix."
  • Addition of new factual data that is supported by a valid source. Be sure to add the source!
  • Addition of a new source citation that supports existing factual data.
  • Replacement of a small amount of unsourced data (for example, a date or a place name) with different data that is supported by a valid source. It would be best to preserve the incorrect information, e.g. with a footnote that says "This date has been published as X. The source of this date is unknown." In your comment on the change say something like "Adding sourced date. Where did other date come from?"
  • Integration of any redundant content that may have resulted from an earlier merge (assuming no data is lost in your edit, just integrated).
  • Non-destructive editing of GEDCOM-created biographies, including deletion of redundant factual data or data that is not meaningful or useful to a casual reader.
  • Any change to an orphaned profile (where there is no Profile Manager).

Be Polite: Make Contact First

When a profile has an active and responsive Profile Manager, here are some changes that should be discussed with comments on the profile or other communication prior to editing.

  • Any change to family relationships, such as breaking a parent-child or a spousal relationship, or adding a child or a sibling or an additional spouse.
  • Removing a large amount of information.
  • Replacing a large amount of information, even when the new data is fully sourced. (You could try adding the new data to the narrative right away, but contacting the manager before removing the old data.)
  • Removing or replacing any bit of data (such as a date or a place name) for which there is a supporting source, even if the source appears questionable.
  • A series of edits to profiles managed by the same person.
  • Changing the Last Name at the Birth.
  • Any non-trivial change to any name field.
by Steven Harris G2G6 Pilot (765k points)
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If it's an Open profile, you don't have to ask to be on the Trusted List unless you want to be able to 'follow' that profile on your Watchlist.
by Ros Haywood G2G Astronaut (2.0m points)
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Take what Steve said and what Ros said. Both are good advice. Then look at the profile, click on the profile manager link, then click on their contributions. In this case, the profile manager is active, so I would suggest that you coordinate with them before changing the profile.

I have found most profile managers very receptive, especially if you are planning to add sources.
by Kay Knight G2G6 Pilot (615k points)
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I usually go by the rule of thumb:

- If you're adding to the profile and generally staying within the spirit of previous edits, but have more to share about the same - then in general, adding to is fine


- If you're proposing significant changes, removing pieces, tearing down and rebuilding, or hijacking their profile - then ask first, even if you know you're 100% right. Especially if it's connected to some non-open profiles where you can't see all the details, or could be connected to living persons. It's good to be cautious and polite and tread lightly when you might be bringing bad news, especially if someone has tried hard to research a profile and you're the one to let them know that either a mistake was made, or the data they've copied from has been proven incorrect. Either way, try to break it to them nicely.
by Scott Fulkerson G2G Astronaut (1.5m points)
Oh and let me just say, I "LOVE" it when someone comes along and adds to/enhances a profile I've worked on in the past. I do often feel a bit guilty that I hadn't had the time to do it myself, but am ever so grateful that someone took the time to seek out one of the profiles I'm the temporary manager for and make it better.

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