Can all profiles be given a cemetery category tag or is this used only for profiles with unresolved cemetery issues?

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I am trying to understand what is desired for adding cemetery category tag.  I'm getting my feet wet on this one.  Does WikiTree desire a cemetery tag on each known profile or is the particular cemetery tag added to a profile only if there are discrepancy issues?

I see two cemetery category tag names already in existance as options that I can use for a good number of my family but I am not sure if Wiki wants all profiles to have a "complimentary" cemetery tag added when a cemetery is known.
in WikiTree Help by Karen Wendell G2G6 (6.1k points)
I can't really answer the question as to what Wikitree wants.

But I think I can say that cemetery categories are not used to show discrepancy issues.  

I use cemetery categories often.  I'm not sure why - its easy, I like organizing, I sort of like seeing a list of everyone in cemeteries that are part of my family history.
Correct, Kathryn. All of the discrepancies should be noted in the biography. The place where the body rests and/or there is a marker should have the actual category.

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I'm not really sure what  you're asking, Karen. Can you show me a profile?
by Natalie Trott G2G6 Pilot (968k points)
Natalie, you are right in questioning what I meant. I apologize. I believe that I saw some people using a particular cemetery category tag and felt it might be beneficial to do for my profile contributions. In studying early pioneers, I noticed my Darnell ancestors lived and migrated and married within the same families over a span of years and locations. Now I found an enormous amount of clarification coming from cemeteries that held the remains of these same people in the same cemetery. Several had actual burial location and an additional "memorial" location. I am still new to the possibility of adding tags or other "above the bio type of categories" - still not sure how it is done but may consider doing in 2021. I was not clear as to if the cemetery tag was to point out discrepancies needing further investigation or only factual locations - I got my answer (actual burial location only). When a cemetery is known for a profile, I assumed I was already talking about deceased profiles. I did not make that clear in my question. Lindy ... I loved your informative answer.  I, too, am still living. I seldom contribute profiles for living individuals and had my head in the sand (not thinking outside of the my own realm of interest for a single circumstance). I am fortunate that all four of you who responded, allowed me to broaden my horizons on the use of "factual" tags. Peggy ... thank you for giving me a new word in my vocabulary (cenotaph). Great team work.
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Those of us who use categories try to add a cemetery category for each profile.  They aren't limited to those with problems.  

There should be only one category per cemetery.  If there are more the project should be notified.
by Kathy Rabenstein G2G6 Pilot (292k points)
Is there a category for people without burial plots?
Jonathan, no there is not. There is a category for those cremated, though. [[Category:Cremation]] and one for [[Category:Buried at Sea]]. The point of the Global Cemeteries is to show WHERE people are buried. What is the point of grouping a bunch of people where their burial site is unknown? (I can't understand why people create burial unknown memorials on Find a Grave either. Most have no sources and no other purpose. It's a GRAVE site.)
I think adding something when nothing is known is not helpful, sure, but adding something when you *know* someone was not buried would answer a question. Especially if the goal is to have an entry on every profile (as stated in the project page). I think the Cremation and Buried At Sea cover a lot of situations, but what about folks who aren't either of those, but aren't in an official cemetery either? ("Uncle Bob was buried out in the back 40 under the oak tree") Also wonder what would be suggested for those who had no remains to be cremated/buried due to natural disasters, war or accidents?

As for FindAGrave, I think they just want to have a memorial for someone, and it's easy to create there. Not a lot of validation checks going on, obviously.
On Find a Grave, I think some people have done it to group relatives together.
Following on Jonathan's comment re those with no burial place, I was going to mention those whose body was never recovered. I was thinking about a particular cousin who died in WWII. But I did a search first, and the memorial to him and others whose body was not recovered does have a WikiTree category within the over-all Global Cemeteries. I was glad to see that.
There is a specific category for some without burial plots. For example, there is a category for those whose names appear on the Menin Gate Memorial at Ypres. I'm unsure of any other categories of this kind. There are categories for buried at sea and cremation.
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My understanding of cemetery categories is that they are used to group profiles for persons actually buried in the relevant cemeteries. Any connection to a cemetery should, of course, be documented/sourced. Any uncertainty should be described in a Research Note or noted in the biography.

I don't think that cemetery categories are (or meant to be) a type of maintenance category, so I don't think they would have any particular connection to unresolved issues (i.e. uncertainty/research notes).

If you have found 2 cemetery categories that you think represent the same cemetery, you should report the issue in G2G so the Categorization project can review the issue.

Of course, ALL profiles would not have a cemetery category since (1) some profiles represent living people (like me! wink); (2) we may not have found documentation of the deceased person's burial location; (3) the deceased may have had an alternate or unknown "final resting place."

by Lindy Jones G2G6 Pilot (228k points)
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Lindy provided a great summary,  but I might add:   if there is a cenotaph placed in a cemetery,   I also use that cemetery's category for the profile.     For example:

While I didn't post a headstone photo on his profile,  it's shown on his Find A Grave memorial.  This reminds me to take a photo to post!!
by Peggy McReynolds G2G6 Pilot (448k points)

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