Joining the Mayflower Project? Look Here. [closed]

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Are you interested in improving the profiles of Mayflower passengers and their families?

The Mayflower Project currently covers the passengers of the Mayflower, their spouses, and their descendants for two generations or born before 1700, whichever is more inclusive. Please note that all Mayflower passengers and most of their family members already have profiles on WikiTree and should not be duplicated. If you cannot find yours, please ask. 

Anyone who has signed the Honor Code and has the Pre-1700 badge is invited to join the project. 

To Join - Follow these Directions: 

  1. Read the Project page
  2. Ask yourself: Do I actively want to participate in the project and contribute to the  Mayflower Project goals? See Project FAQ 
  3. Add and maintain Mayflower in your Followed Tags on your profile. This is a requirement of membership.
  4. Post an answer (not a comment) below, introducing yourself, and sharing why you are interested in the Mayflower Project and who your ancestor is (if you have one). Comments to this post will be removed to avoid confusion.
  5. Add yourself to the participants list. 

If you simply want to acknowledge that you are the descendant of a Mayflower passenger and honor that passenger, Mayflower has a Sticker you can add to your profile. 

NOTE: Please click the  Answer this post  button to join. Comments will be removed after a response is made. Please keep this thread to its intended subject: joining the Project. For other subjects, please start a new post, using the Mayflower tag. 

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Just a reminder to our newer members that all of the Mayflower passengers and most of their first 3-5 generations of descendants already exist of WikiTree and should not be duplicated. Please be sure to check carefully for your Mayflower-lineage ancestors before creating new profiles. When in doubt, please post questions to G2G with a Mayflower tag. Creation of duplicates just makes more work for your fellow WikiTree members.

This post is now closed, but a new post for 2022 can be found here on G2G.

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I have been actively researching our family and others genealogy since 1980. I currently am working my way back to Alfred the Great and checking for more Mayflower ancestors and I am working on Stephen Hopkins. I currently have a direct line to James Chilton, George Soule and Francis Eaton.
by Diane Kepus G2G1 (1.1k points)

Hi Diane,

If you'd like to join the project and help with development of Mayflower profiles, please reply here again once you've earned your pre-1700 badge. Then work hard on sourcing your direct line back to the Mayflower passengers, being careful to check each generation for existing profiles as many, many of the Mayflower descendants in the first 5-10 generations alread exist on WikiTree. If you need help, please be sure to ask via a G2G post tagged with Mayflower.

I have connection form Chilton's too and that what stated focus change to the mayflower pilgrimage.

Hello cousin Kris.
Hello my far away cousin. I have 5 ancestors from the mayflower Manning me a direct descendent. I also have many who fought in the revolutionary war. My 5th ggf and 3rd ggf. Once I get documents I am going to join the daughter of the revolution and the Mayflower Society.  Have a beautiful day.
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Hi, I'm Loretta Buckner, and my sister Kathleen got me back into family history during the pandemic, and now I'm thoroughly obsessed once again.  We have ancestors going back to the Mayflower on both sides of the family, even though our parents' families were many states apart before they met.  I'm interested in genealogy for may reasons--genetic information as well as just way more fun way to study history.
by Loretta Buckner G2G6 (8.9k points)
Welcome to the Mayflower Project, Loretta. I hope you enjoy making your connections to your pilgrim ancestors on WikiTree. Be sure to carefully source your lineage back to them.
Who are your Mayflower ancestors?
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I am descended from multiple Mayflower families.  Cushman, Allertton and others.  I think Bradford as well.  I trace Cushman to Bishop to Black via Maine to Oregon before 1900.  I tied back to several and a lot of other early settlers within the first 100 years of settlement.
by Kevin Black G2G1 (1.2k points)
Hi Kevin,

If you'd like to join the project, you'll need to be pre-1700 certified. See the links above. Once certified, reply here again and we'll add you.
Kevin... always curious when I see another Black, wondering if we connect through the William Morley Black line?
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I descend from both William Brewster and Steven Hopkins and wold like to tag those generations in my family accordingly.

Also, while I don't have the time nor the penchant to actively engage on the Mayflower project, I have some information on a key ancestor (pre 1700) that I believe is incomplete in your database. I can possibly help with that.
by Richard Barnes G2G Crew (770 points)
Hi Richard,

Would you like to forward the information to me directly? I'm happy to make additions & corrections when provided with reliable source information. You can click on my name, just below, and go to my profile and send a private message.
You can also contribute by adding the information with sources to the comments field on any profile.

Thanks for any contributions to the health of the Mayflower tree.
WIKI has Alice Cooper (b. 1590) as Rowland Barnes (B. 1590) only wife.

Rowland’s son Thomas was born abt. 1602, eight years before Alice’s marriage to Rowland.

We can infer there was another wife.
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I’m Mark Hadsell, recently i have discovered Several Mayflower Passengers that I am descended from & related to through both my mothers and my fathers branches Including: 

Myles Standish 11thGGF, John Alden 11thGGF, Pricilla Mullins 11th GGM, Peter Browne 11thGGF, & Henry Samson 10thGGF and quite a few cousins several times-removed as well.

Edward Fuller 2nd C 13 times rem

Edward Winslow 3rd C 12 times  rem

Samuel Fuller 3rd C 12 times rem

William Mullins 4th C 9 times rem

Elizabeth Tilley 4th C 11 times rem

William Bradford 4th C 11 times rem

William Brewster 5th C 10 times rem

Richard More 7th C 8 times rem

by MJ Hadsell G2G1 (1.2k points)
That's got to be close to a record, Mark. Welcome to the Mayflower Project. As you add your lineage to WikiTree, be sure to add appropriate sources as you go to save having to go back later to add them.
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I am a decendent of Resolved White b:9 Sep 1615.
by Joseph Spadea G2G1 (1.7k points)
Welcome to the Mayflower Project Joseph!
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I am descended from Isaac Allerton through his daughter Mary Allerton.  I am interested in joining the project to share information with other researchers and improve my own researching skills.


by Lynn Prachar G2G Crew (560 points)
Welcome Lynn! Hope your research goes well.
Thank you!
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I am descended from Samuel Fuller -- my 12 GG.  I am researching other branches as well.  Thanks!

by Jim South G2G Crew (560 points)
Welcome to the Mayflower Project Jim! Best of luck in your research.
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Previously a distant cousin confirmed family link to mayflower.  Different family member used perform for schools as Mayflower relation, Elizabeth Tilley.  We are confirmed links to Tilley, Rider, Warren, Howland, Cooke.  However no longer have document proof as another cousin tossed the paperwork.  So back to square one on that.
by Rebecca Wharton-Liechti G2G2 (2.6k points)

Hi Rebecca,

If you'd like to join the project and help with development of Mayflower profiles, please reply here again once you've earned your pre-1700 badge. Then work hard on sourcing your direct line back to the Mayflower passengers, being careful to check each generation for existing profiles as many, many of the Mayflower descendants in the first 5-10 generations alread exist on WikiTree. If you need help, please be sure to ask via a G2G post tagged with Mayflower

Earned certificate.
Welcome to the Mayflower Project Rebecca!
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I have confirmation from the Mayflower Society for five generations of descendants of Richard Warren.  Working on filling in the gaps down to me.
by Randy Echito G2G Crew (530 points)

Welcome to WikiTree Randy,

If you'd like to join the project and help with development of Mayflower profiles, please reply here again once you've earned your pre-1700 badge and signed the  Honor Code. Then work hard on sourcing your direct line back to the Mayflower passengers, being careful to check each generation for existing profiles as many, many of the Mayflower descendants in the first 5-10 generations alread exist on WikiTree. If you need help, please be sure to ask via a G2G post tagged with Mayflower

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I've been involved on researching may family history for over 10 years. Given that all of them come from the UK and Ireland it was no surprise to find Mayflower passengers. They include


Peter Browne

Richard Gardiner (Seaman)

John Clarke

Joseph Rogers

John Howland

Joseph Peck

I know there are more but I'm still working on the Mayflower connection. This project would not only help my own research but allow me to help others in theirs.

Sam Bradley
by Sam Bradley G2G3 (3.3k points)
Welcome to the Mayflower Project, Sam. We welcome your involvement and hope you find some help in return.
Have Elizabeth Tilley in mine... still linking names.
Yes, my 10th GGM. Let me know if you need any help with those links.
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My 10th great grandfather was John Billington.  I have researched my ancestors for a number of years now, and was very surprised when I traced our linage to the Mayflower!
by Dennis Horoho G2G Crew (500 points)
I think it comes as a surprise to many to find a Mayflower ancestor in their lineage. If you'd like to join the project, Dennis, please note all the requirements in the opening 'question.'
I am interested in joining the Mayflower project and am willing to help in any way that I can.

Hi Dennis, 

As noted above, before you join the Mayflower Project you'll need to sign the WikiTree Honor Code to become a Wiki Genealogist, and then take the pre-1700 self-certification. I would suggest that then you work on building your tree and learn how to add biographies and sources as you work on those profiles that will connect you to the Mayflower passengers. You'll note that there is a message from one of the Greeters on your profile who you can reach out to for help getting started, and also a beginning "How To" is available. 

Welcome to WikiTree!

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I think I joined over a year ago, but haven't found the Task List.  My main contributions have been in discovering unsourced profiles of 5th generation Mayflower descendants, and adding the citations.  I'm still finding some born as late as 1730.  Among the few of these where someone slapped on a PPP, I've remained on the list of the most recent one.

I spend some time looking at my MF lines as well.  I've been notified that I will receive a Samson Kindred certificate, having documented sources for my line to Henry and Abraham.  Alden, Standish, and T Rogers are ancestors on this line, according to silver books.  

My one line which is missing parent-child source documentation is between Constance HOPKINS decendant William ATWOOD, spouse being Giles and BREWSTER  descendant Bathshua SMITH, and my ancestor Martha ATWOOD (1743-), who has no parents on her Cape Elizabeth birth record.  The lineage of Martha's daughter Martha STARBIRD is found only in an old DAR quotation.  My mother has reasonable gedmatch connection with descendants of Bathshua's mother Abigail FREEMAN. In the last week, I received a line document for 2nd cousins who moved from Eastham to ME at the same time as Martha's family, so it appears several cousin families made that move.  Martha's parents are usually quoted as returned to Cape Cod (no source).
by Tim Prince G2G6 Mach 4 (43.4k points)

Hi Tim, 

I've checked our log and don't find any record of your joining the Mayflower Project, but no matter, that can be fixed. You just need to add Mayflower to your list of followed tags. 

If you have any problems with PPP'd profiles contact me directly and we can take a look at them. While we don't have an official "task list" as you call it, we do all simply work on the lines that interest us.

It sounds as though you have some difficult connections to prove, you may want to post your own G2G question asking for assistance and be sure to tag it with Mayflower and Massachusetts.

Welcome to the Project.

+9 votes
I have finally determined that I am confident in my relationship to Richard Warren on the Mayflower.  I have been researching my ancestry for 10 years and Richard Warren is my 10th Great Grandfather. I am interested in participating in the Mayflower project.   I am pre 1700 certified. My name is already of the list of participants btw. I guess I was not aware of the step to add the followed tag.  But now done correctly

Thank you!
by Teri Taylor G2G6 (9.3k points)
Hi Terri,

You're already part of the Mayflower Project, as shown by your badge. The addition of the followed tag gives you immediate updates to any G2G posts with Mayflower interests. That will help keep you in the loop. Good luck on your Warren research.
+10 votes
Hi, I have been working on my family history for several years, and recently I've been adding it to wikitree. While I don't have a direct ancestor on the Mayflower, Edward Winslow appears to be a cousin.  I'm pre-1700 self-certified and would like to learn more about the Mayflower voyagers and their place in the early history of America. Looking forward to joining!
by Kim McKnight G2G4 (4.8k points)
Welcome to the Mayflower Project, Kim! I hope you find what you're looking for with us. Please feel free to post any queries on G2G using the Mayflower tag.
+10 votes


I'm Marilyn Kenyon. I've been doing genealogy since 2008 - about twelve years now.

The family lore was that we were related to Susan B. Anthony, who was our "great aunt" and we had connections back to English royalty. I have found both to be true. 

I didn't know that we descended from Mayflower passengers. That has been a pleasant surprise for mesmiley

I learned very early in my genealogical pursuits that I had Mayflower ancestors, Samuel and Edward Fuller, from a cousin who had been doing genealogy for 20 years. Samuel Fuller is my 9th great-grandfather.

Only recently, have I discovered that I also have another, William Brewster and his wife, Mary. William is my 10th great-grandfather. 

I only wish I would have known this when I was in elementary school. I recall my 4th grade teacher telling us that any one of us might have a Mayflower ancestor. At the time, I didn't think that was remotely possible. Who knew?

It has been quite an experience to learn these things now. 

I sure I am not alone in my experience. I would like to join the Mayflower Project. I am willing to help in any way I can.


by Marilyn Kenyon G2G6 Mach 2 (21.2k points)
Welcome to the Mayflower Project, Marilyn. I hope you have great success in proving your lineage.

Thank you for adding me as a member of the Mayflower Project!

+9 votes
I have recently found that I am a Mayflower passenger descendant through James Chilton.  I have been working on completing my direct line back to him and looking for others.  Working with the Mayflower Society to complete the connections.
by Linda Fitzgerald G2G1 (1.1k points)
Welcome to the Mayflower Project, Linda. Best of luck in your research, and do post to G2G when you find any interesting connections along the way.
+9 votes
My Grandmother and I have been researching the family since the 1980's.  There was a family story that we were related to the Mayflower passengers.  

Turned out to be true; we are descendants of John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley.  

My Grandmother passed away at the age of 104 but was pleased to know our story was true, and that we were working on final proof to gain membership in the Mayflower Society.   

And, while researching all that, I accidentally discovered that my Daughter-In-Law is a descendant of Degory Priest.  I am working on her proof as well.
by Barry Fellner G2G2 (2.9k points)
Hi Barry,

Welcome to the Mayflower Project. Best of luck in researching & documenting your lineage on WikiTree!
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I have been actively researching my genealogy for over 20 years and my mother was a genealogist who started 20 years before that. She was actively researching her Bliss, Courtney and Roland lines before she passed in 2004. I picked up her work and found many revolutionary war figures and joined the SAR through one of them, Levi Bliss. Our Bliss family originates in Rehobeth, Massachusetts pre 1650.

I knew nothing of a Mayflower connection until a cousin I met through DNA mentioned it had been rumored. Sure enough, after lots of searching, I discovered a Roland great-grandfather married a Doane who was descended from a Snow who was Constance Hopkins descendant. And then I discovered Stephen Hopkins and have been blown away by all that he did, as well as all of the other Mayflower passengers.

I suspect I also am related to Priscilla Mullins, although I am not sure how. We share a MtDNA haplogroup, H6a1a9, which is not necessarily rare but it is very specific. Currently, I'm pursuing that research.

If I can help other descendants discover their links, that would be great. I think it is easier for those whose ancestors stayed on the Eastern seaboard. But my ancestors went to Wilmington, NC, and then to western North Carolina and through the Cumberland Gap with Daniel Boone to Kentucky. There was record keeping back then, but gathering and preserving those records was spotty. Birth records especially are difficult to find, so putting together a Mayflower Society application for the 1800's in the Midwest is challenging because one must often rely on multiple supplemental documents to prove lineage. That was an issue for me. I didn't have to prove the connection to Stephen Hopkins up to 1801, but documents my ancestors from 1800 - 1875 in particular proved challenging. I think I did it. I hope I did it and I submitted the application 2 weeks ago after 3 years of working with the Mayflower historian. Fingers crossed.

That's me and what I've been up to.
by Terry Neal G2G1 (1.2k points)
Welcome to the Mayflower Project, Terry. Best of luck in continuing your research into your connection to Priscilla Mullins, etc.

You'll now want to work on thoroughly sourcing your lineage that connects you to the Hopkins line.
+9 votes
I am a descendant of William Brewster through Ann Brewster and  Matthew Coye, through Jane Coye to Timothy Ladd, on down Ladd to Whitney. I’ve been working on sourcing documentation for my Mayflower society application, as my particular line hasn’t been added before. I am very active in researching my family genealogy, and have been working on sourcing heraldic devices for my ascendants.
by Sarah Grimaldi G2G6 Mach 1 (18.9k points)
Welcome to the Mayflower Project Sarah. I hope you find all the sources you'll need for your application. Be sure to post to G2G with the Mayflower tag if you need help finding records as we have a lot of helpful members.

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