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WikiTree profile: Pip Sheppard
closed with the note: Thanks for your participation. See you next weekend!
in The Tree House by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (2.5m points)
closed by Pip Sheppard

It’s Friday, so it must be time for another Weekend Chat! Welcome, my fellow WikiChatterers, and greetings from a sunny Cathey’s Creek. Sunshine means outdoor chores, but at my age it’s more difficult to spend the hours working like I used to just five years ago. Still, progress is being made in areas where the monsoon season prevented us from accomplishing anything. It’s HOT (for us, but not Arizona hot). Still we are enjoying not being cooped up.

I missed you folks last weekend!! I tried to start commenting on your posts but the weekend was just too busy (see below). I kept wanting to take a peek, but there was so much going on. I’m really looking forward to catching with y’all.

On the Home Front: What a great time we had with our kids last weekend. We stayed four nights, eating out twice. The two restaurantss we visited in Charleston were Magnolias and Burwells. Oh, my gosh! The food was fabulous, and since they were on my daughter’s hit list of restaurants to go to, it was even better. Our youngest gave us some choices each night, depending on what we wanted, and I got the kudos for picking such good places. Of course, the company couldn’t be beat either. We hadn’t seen our kids since last January 4th, so this was a real treat.

Last Monday, our daughter drove us into downtown, and we hit the art galleries. We found some beautiful paintings, and our daughter came home with some lovely artwork to put on the bare places on her walls. Most were beach or marsh scenes, and since she is such a Lowcountry gal, my daughter loved them.

We came home with several pieces of Mexican pottery that we can’t find up here. We have several succulents that really need larger pots, and these were right on time. My wife will be transferring them over to the new pots to enhance our front porch. The birdbath was perfect in our front flower and shrub island with river rocks all around. Such vibrant colors!

On the Genealogy Front: During our visit, I had my son-in-law call his mom (while I was sitting there) to ask her some genealogy-related questions. GOLD MINE! I had been stuck on this family (my son-in-law’s maternal line), and boy oh boy did his mom come through. I’ve been busy since we got home on Tuesday working on this family and racked some 400+ contributions on just them.

Most of this family is located in Horry County, South Carolina (Myrtle Beach anyone?), and they lived in places with names like Aynor,  Dog Bluff, and neighboring Galavants’ Ferry where US 501 crosses the Little Pee Dee River. I Google Mapped Dog Bluff, and there is nothing there! Well, there is a graveyard there, Rehobeth Cemetery, that is full of my son-in-law’s family, so I’m populating that cemetery category on WikiTree. I’ve created a few cemetery categories also, but I have to admit that I’ve been getting help from Natalie and Isabelle with the parent categories. Thanks, ladies!

I hope all of you are doing what you must to stay safe.

Enjoy the Chat!

Don't forget the WikiTree Live Cast with Sarah and others. It's tomorrow! Here's the YouTube link. Aside from the usual Profile of the Week and and 52 Week Photos, the discussion will include the Italy Project which is off and running.

Hmm....I wonder who they got to talk about the Italy project. Probably some jabroni from New England. ;)

There was also a livecast a couple nights ago with Sarah, Julie and myself. Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxM-YgLt2oo

See ya tomorrow morning! Be sure to get a spot around nonna's kitchen table. Eat some of the pasta. And be entertained!
I figured! And I'm actually excited about it. I know you've put in a lot of work into the Project, Chris. I just hope I can remember when time comes around. Otherwise, You know I'll watch is later if I miss it.
I have your discord, Pip. I intend to message you when I wake up with the link. =)

You are one lucky genealogist. You got to go to THE MARKET in Chowston. :) Hubby and I turn wood on a lathe and know of a person who does that in the market. She does a lot of bead turning and making necklaces. It took her three years of trying to get in there. I miss the South sooooooo much.

At the rate you're creating family lines,  you'll have everyone from North and South Carolina in WikiTree.    One thing for sure,   researching someone's family line for them is a gift that's always appreciated.  (They don't even suspect  we're addicted to this stuff.)
Betty, I bet you DO miss the South! Loved your pronunciation of Charleston: Chowston. That's hitting the nail on the head. What a lovely city.

Oh, Peggy, my WikiTree addiction is so severe I've thought about checking into rehab!! laugh 

The more I add families and such, the more I realize that it's only the tip of the iceberg, even in my area of focus.

I'm envious, Pip! We have family in the Charleston area and I love visiting there but we haven't been there in over a year and we didn't go into Charleston (my SC-born husband and his folks pronounce it Chahlstun) then because we were there for a funeral. I hope you had some she-crab soup at one of those fine dining establishments. Glad you had a such a good trip and are now home safe and satiated. Thanks for hosting the Weekend Chat!
Actually, Nelda, the two restaurants we went to didn't have she-crab soup o the menu. Can you believe it?!? I love she-crab soup!
Thanks for hosting, Pip. Happy to hear that your family visit was so much fun AND genealogically productive.
Pip, I am so happy for you and your family to be able to visit and have such a wonderful time.  I have two children I haven't seen for a long time, I know how it feels.  On Mexican pottery, wait til you come to Tucson to see your brother (and your WikiTree friends).  Lots of pottery here.
I can’t wait to visit out there! And, oh yes, I’ve got to see my WikiTree friends! Absolutely!!

It was a great weekend, but now I’ve come home to another huge WikiTree project: getting all of his new kin entered! surprise

How’s the gardening coming along. Getting near the end of the season, huh?

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Looking forward to the Source-A-Thon, always nice to get rid of non-sourced profiles. Glad nobody expressed their hurt feelings when I marked some of their profiles this week wink, in preparation the todo list for the best team around.

Have over 3M names in the database now. Small projects get big... very fast. Gonna take a slow weekend. Had enough Celery for now, maybe a bit too much...

by Michel Vorenhout G2G6 Pilot (261k points)
Hi, Michel! I've been tagging a few profiles myself as I come across them.

Agreement: Small project DO get big, sometimes bigger than I anticipate.
I go thru the profiles I manage often and this week the only one with the unsourced category actually had a source so I removed that category, I do wish that people would remove the category when they add sources but I will get the point for that "edit". I always try to find sources for those on my watchlist when this event rolls around but I never actually participate.
Ahhhhhhh yes,   the Source-A-Thon........ thanks for reminding me it's time for prepping!    I'm not sure which I like the most,  Connect-A-Thon or Source-A-Thon.

Look here https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:Unsourced_Profile_Hints  for a few thousand profiles that might be unsourced but aren't marked.

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Today is....




National Macadamia Nut Day on September 4th recognizes a delicious nut found in many baked goods and desserts.

Delectable macadamia nuts have a creamy, buttery taste. These nuts add a subtle richness to everything they grace. Also versatile, macadamia nuts originated in Australia. They were named for the physician and chemist, John Macadam, who discovered them. Macadam also pursued furthering the cultivation of the tree in Australia making it more abundant.  

Similar to large evergreens, the macadamia tree grows between 30 and 40 feet high. Although they are native to Australia, most of today’s world supply grows in Hawaii. Growers first began cultivating macadamia trees in Hawaii in 1921. Indonesia, South Africa, and California also grow this delicious nut commercially. 

Like many nuts, macadamia may be eaten raw or roasted. Bakers particularly like to use them in baked goods, such as cookies. They pair exceptionally well with chocolate, too.

Since the macadamia is nutrient-rich, they are known for their health benefits. Being in the nut family has its benefits, too! Macadamias are a valuable source of energy, high in dietary fiber, gluten-free, high in mono-unsaturated fat. They also provide an excellent source of minerals and contain many essential B-complex vitamins. 

HOW TO OBSERVE National Macadamia Nut Day

Whether you seek a healthy snack or satisfaction for a sweet tooth, this nut has you covered. Try a new recipe. Grab a handful of macadamia nuts for a snack at your desk or bake them into a batch of cookies. Add some to your salad or mix them in with popcorn while watching a movie. Share your ideas, celebrations and more with us. 

by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2.6m points)
I so enjoy ALL kinds of nuts (I'm a nutty kinda of guy). Like you mentioned above, Dorothy, I do add them to salads to give them a crunch as well as the flavour. I'm going to get some macadamias for salads sine you mentioned it.
Also known as the Queensland Nut (rightly so).  I once had a terrible scare when my then very young son climbed up an immature Q-Nut tree (trunk was less than 6 inches diameter, branches very thin and getting thinner) to pick the nuts he could see "up there".  I got him down safely by calling him inside for cake, rather than following first instinct to yell at him to "get down out of there".

White chocolate and macadamia biscuits/cookies are really good!
Wow Dorothy sound absolutely yummy thank you for sharing this
I like crushing them and using them in breading for fish, as well as chicken.
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Ciao, Wikipeeps!

How is everyone? I'm doing good and prepping for my presentation on the Italy project tomorrow. I doubt there'll be any powerpoint slides. But, I do have a vague idea of what I am going to talk about. Stay tuned for that and thanks go out to Pip for providing a link. He's a good guy that Pip.

On the genealogy front, I posted about hard work and wrote about my 2nd great-uncle Rocco Carrabis: https://allroadhaverhill.blogspot.com/2020/09/52-ancestors-week-36-labor.html

Rocco was my grandma Ollie's uncle and my family knew him quite well. He lived in Melrose, Mass and was a tough guy. But, according to my cousins he mellowed out by the time she came around. Maybe he was hard on the boys? No idea. I did show my cousin the blog and she loved it. It brought back great memories of Rocco and she confirmed many of the things I heard over the years. He made his own wine. He even took walks around Melrose in his 80s! Impressive guy.

I like sharing blogs with fam. I am sure they appreciate it. =D I just wish Facebook didn't say the blog went against guidelines when posting my webcomic is fine. It's hosted by Blogspot, too. That's a separate issue.

On the non genealogy front, my great-aunt on my mom's side is having surgery on her hip today. So, good thoughts would be very much appreciated.  

I hope everyone is doing well! Tomorrow morning I'll be on the Wikitree YouTube channel talking about the Italy project. If you guys have any questions, post them here and I'll be sure to answer them live on the air!

Little bit of interaction couldn't hurt, right? See ya then and have a good weekend!

by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (589k points)
Just so you know, Chris, once in a blue moon I get a new member who expresses interest in Italy, and I post a link to the project page. I hope they are joining. Y'all have got things hopping over there, and I'm loving see the progress that's being made.

You've certainly stayed busy,  as usual.    I hope to catch you live tomorrow!

Hope your great-aunt does well with her hip surgery.   Hopefully,  she has someone to care for her a home and doesn't need to live in a convalescent home for a bit.   

@ Peggy. She does. My cousin Paula is going to take care of her. So, she'll be in good hands.

@ Pip: I hope so. too. We've been getting an influx of people who want to join. Sad thing is I can't give people badges as I'm just a coordinator. So, I just send the links off to someone who can give them all badges. Thanks for working with us! Some people are joining and that's a good thing. We're getting closer to 200 people!

I'll be sure to even talk about the teams and something I've been noticing. We've been getting more people interested in Sicily and southern Italy. That...corelates with Italian migration. Most immigrants came from the south and the islands than the north.
Check out the fun times here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ckNfH2b5xM
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On the homefront, Papa's Taxi is back in full swing so not much else this week.

On the genealogy front, I re arranged my office a bit and started checking out my paper tree to see what I have added to WikiTree and decide where I want to go from there. My hardcopy tree will always have more than the online versions because I will no longer add any living, or possibly living people to any online tree. The new layout of my computers seems to be a more efficient use of the space freeing up more table space for hardcopy records. I am also reducing the clutter in the bins on the bookshelf behind my chair.

I might look into building some shelves for the paperwork above and behind the computer screens, but that is just in the earliest planning stages right now.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.6m points)
How are the plans for a possible move to over the duplex garage coming so you have a bigger space and may not need the shelves?
Beulah, The possible move has been put on hold until at least next summer. The oldest grandson is living with us and he wants to finish school where he is now, he is a senior. The shelves are not "needed" but rather would make my work easier. I have empty space in the book cases now with more to be available in the near future but having the papers right near the computer would make my work more efficient.

You and your giving rides, Dale! Are you charging? Most taxi drivers do. cheeky

Seems like every time I clean out some stuff, even genealogy papers, I end up getting more stuff from someone. I feel like I'm making no progress (in the clean up).

No Pip I am not charging but the one grandson has been filling my tank every so often. It is my hope that at least one of the grandchildren will be getting their license this month, even better would be two of them. The other one will probably get his license in January so the end is in sight there.
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Good Morning Pip and thanks for hosting!

I have been late to the party the past few weeks so looks like I am one of the first to arrive this morning. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend with the kids - so glad you all were able to do that. I will be so happy when we can gather our tribe once again. Wondering what Thanksgiving and Christmas will look like this year.

I am still working on entering my newly found branch of Chaffins, Elliotts and all their twigs. While fun, they still need more research which is not possible right now but I am entering what has been found on the internet and in a couple of books that are downloadable. It is so nice to see those blanks slowly filling in on my tree!!

In the middle of the above project, I have found an O'Neal family that is not my direct line but a collateral connection to my Fears family. This O'Neal group is all messed up with children being conflated and added to the wrong sibling. To top it all off there are duplicates, most managed by a profile manager who has not been active for a long time. So... merges proposed, messages posted and now will have to wait a bit before going further. Meanwhile, I have been sourcing the profiles and cleaning up the GedCom stuff so there is no question about where they belong.

We will be having an early hint of Fall this next week. Our temps have already dropped from the 100+ down to the 80's and low 90's. Such a relief!

Have a great weekend everyone - and a safe holiday (for those who have Labor Day Monday).
by Virginia Fields G2G Astronaut (1.0m points)
Hi there, Cousin Ginny! I've got Elliotts I should be working on, but I cannot find the time what with so many families or add. It's just overwhelming. I'm tempted to do small gedcoms just to get the profiles out of my database and onto WikiTree. My Elliott collateral kin are in Mecklenburg County, NC.

Christmas: I know at least one of my kids will make it in December, if not around Christmas. The other is a paramedic married to a fireman, so they have such difficult schedules. I'm tempted to move closer to them!
How does the new acreage fit into such a plan?
Pip, as you know our youngest is an ICU nurse and her husband home health hospice nurse. They won't even come around us at this time. Other daughter has a high schooler returning to school next week and has already returned to hockey. So, I am thinking we will all prepare our Thanksgiving dinners, sit down at our respective tables and have a Zoom dinner!! They will probably laugh when I suggest it.
Beulah, the new acreage fits poorly into that plan. However, is does put us a little bit closer to the kids. On a good day, we are 4 hours and 10 minutes away (no construction, low traffic). The new property is under that by almost exactly an hour. That's close enough for me, but my wife would like to be closer.
Ginny, they might laugh, but you do what you've got to do to stay safe!
I've got Elliotts too..... in Illinois  (not far from St. Louis)  from 1800 to 1900 .....  this is as far back as I've gotten  https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Elliott-7501

Looks like I need to give him a bit of attention!
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Thanks for the great message Pip!   It's always fun to hear of your adventures.

Weather in Catoosa County, GA:    If I had posted to the weekend chat last weekend,  I could just copy that.     Around  90 degrees in the sunny part of the day  (no not Kelvin but Fahrenheit) , a bit humid, always a chance of pop up storms.    No need to water any more!

Home Projects:   In keeping with our motto   "Never Finish a Project"   we've started building a masonry bbq grill before the new  "bar" in the kitchen is done and before the new basement bathroom is completed and before the upstairs hallway is painted.   But the good news:  looks like Covid will curtail our traveling until all these projects are completed.

Genealogy:  Working on my Burton brick wall... my maternal 4g grandmother,  Mary Burton.   The search centers around Pulaski County, Kentucky in 1811,  where she married at the age of 16.  (This we know from a family bible,  so pretty reliable facts.) I have her marriage record.   My earlier search of families in the area turned up two households in 1810 that were possibilities.  BOTH  named  John Burton.  This time my research found  Family Search Tree and several ancestry.com trees have given her parents names,  a John and Polly Burton.    HOWEVER,   I found a death certificate  for this couples daughter Mary Burton, who never married.... so at least I'm now able to eliminate one of the John Burton households.  

Home Front:     Pictures of the hummingbirds at our feeder are in the making.   Hoping to get better shots soon.   They are territorial and haven't sorted out their problems yet,  so we mainly see aerial dives and chases.

FEMALE,  Ruby Throated Hummingbird.


(below) Male  Ruby Throated,   need a better photo that captures  the red throat and green shiny back.


by Peggy McReynolds G2G6 Pilot (450k points)
edited by Peggy McReynolds
Those are wonderful photos thank you for sharing them
Not nearly as good as your seal photos!    Roger had a good laugh over the seal lounging on his side on the beach.
Glad he enjoy them they are so cute, I only have seen them in water but this isa treat.

I absolutely love your bird photos we don’t have hummingbird in Denmark
Great photos, Peggy!n We just live to sit on our back deck and watch their antics. Very territorial. Funny how the dominant one will perch high so she can make a dive bomb on any intruder.

I've got Burtons in Mercer County, my wife's collateral lines. I wonder if they are related to yours.

My wife just told me this morning that she is a project completer, and this is true. But, the fine weather we are having (and our age) are changing that. I've never been a good project completer. I take after my dad in that way. Frustrates my wife to no end!
Susan, even if you don't have hummingbirds in Denmark, you always seem to find such great photo opportunities with so many other things. Your vacation photos are proof of that. You are a photo queen! You have so many profiles, too, that have photos, more than mine. Just wonderful! All those photos make your profiles come to life.
Hi Peggy,

We are neighbors.  I though Nelda was the closest person on here to me until you posted our weather today. I am just across the county line in Whitfield County and had just looked at the weather.  I sure wish it would cool down, not too far down but at least to very low 80's or 70's even.  These power bills are killing me.
Wow Paula,

I didn't realize a WikiTreer was so close!   We moved to Georgia from the Midwest about 15 months ago. (It's a 12 hour drive to our old home near Kansas City.)     We're ready for  lower temperatures.
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Well had a few things going on this week.

First an anouncement that RootsTech is going virtual next February and it is free to everyone across the world. As I am an ambassador for this event I posted on Facebook at 8am UK time on 1 September and on Twitter. I have not got around to writing any blog posts yet but I will.

Continuing to go through my watchlist and GEDCOM profiles updating with AGC (I have offered to demonstrate on a Live Cast) and updating and adding sources with ORA (https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:ORA_template_examples). Also going through and adding Family Search matches.

Wednesday was the final day for me to work. I am going in at a time I choose to clear out anything else and complete my last timesheet and say cheerio to colleagues.

The group of people I have been working with the last couple of months or so bought me a few goodies for my retirement (https://photos.app.goo.gl/bNNqkRq62Lo5uiGq6).

Tomorrow is going to be busy for me zoom webinar in the morning followed by the Live Cast and then Greeting.

Don't know where the weeks go. Google photos showed me where I was 2 years ago this morning and we were on Holy Island (Lindisfarne).
by Hilary Gadsby G2G6 Pilot (254k points)
Greetings, fellow Ambassador! =) I'll also be going to Rootstech live next year. Should be awesome and I'll be sure to tweet, too!

Good luck and I hope to see you tomorrow for the live cast!
Thanks Chris
Any time! =D
I signed up for the virtual Rootstech event as well. Hopefully that will be possible when it happens but tomorrow is never guaranteed.

Hilary, I was so excited to hear about Rootstech going live. I haven't been able to attend, so this will be a real treat.

English Tea Shop? That's perked my interest. I bet you are looking forward to the free time to do what you want. Best wishes on your retirement. (Except WikiTree has a no retirement clause, right? laugh)

I signed up for Roots Tech as soon as I heard about the free virtual event! Really looking forward to it!
You seem to be doing so much I'm surprised you had time for a job too!   You'll enjoy retirement.

I need to try to work Roots Tech into my travel schedule!
Congratulations on retirement!
+18 votes

At last remember how to set photos together 

We are on holiday north in Denmark and every time we walk on the beach we meet lots of seals, I never seen them on the beach only in water

Hope you like them as much as me 

Wish you all a wonderful weekend 

by Susan Laursen G2G Astronaut (2.9m points)
edited by Susan Laursen

I can't view the photos here..... perhaps it's just my system that has the problem.   But your seal photos are incredible from what I saw earlier.   

Enjoy the beach!
The files appear to be on WikiTree - I can see the thumbnail of them, but the level of privacy on the photos is set too high for most people to see them. I think that's the problem at the moment.

Here's one:


I can kinda see a bit of beach and sky, so wherever it was, it looks like a nice sunny day.
Thank you Scott don’t know what I do wrong I will try here in. A different way
+19 votes

Thank you for hosting I did start share some seals, could not remember but certainly my brain return.

How wonderful your children has visit you, you must have been so very happy. 
Sound like you have been to some wonderful restaurant eating some great food.
Sound great with the galleria and your daughter bought some, I love to se the,?
And pottery from Mexico wow would love to se that too please?
Specially the birdbath sound amazing 
I am happy you enjoy your time with your family 
Thank you for sharing this 
by Susan Laursen G2G Astronaut (2.9m points)
John That is sweet what kind of poppy is that, the actual look like poppy
Susan,   My wife's black and white Shih Ztu, when returning from the groomers with a "puppy cut" lays on her back to get  a belly scratch......sometimes when I catch sight of her sleeping on her side, on the carpet, with a pug nose, folded paws, white underbelly, black legs and tail, she looks so cute.......just like your top seal photo.
John the dog you mention sound absolutely adorable maybe you could share a photo?

What is the dogs name

We have just left Skagen and the seals returning home sad will miss the seals

Susan,  My daughter arranged the adoption of a puppy, which we had picked from a photo of a litter......when time came to pick her up, we were met by a ball of fluff running towards us across a polished floor, tripping and skidding on her chin, up to our feet.....so I'm not sure who adopted who......I called her, Fluffy, and the name stuck.    PS   We started learning how to send out pictures an hour ago......no idea what kind of adventure we'll be on if one gets awayblushmight have to go and sleep it off.

John thank you for sharing this fluffy is a cute name .she sound adorable how old is she

Susan,  Fluffy is now twelve pounds and ten years......after a belly scratch, on the lawn, I wind her up and she does "circles" all over the place, leaning over to the inside, with her ears flying in the windcheekyhere's my first attempt at sending one of her (photos)photo.     PS    Thanks for the reference to Skagen.....I've always liked geography......just now went there, to the lighthouse and back.

I though fluffy was a poppy

Oh fluffy is adorable a really cutie you most love her

Yes I have taken photo of many lights house in Skagen

Fluffy sound like a real cuddle doShe certainly look adorable

Skagen is the north of Denmark

We love walking on the beaches
Susan,  I couldn't really call her a puppy, so I had to call her a puppy dog......she still acts like a puppy when she thinks it's time for a car ride......jumps up and down, prances back and forth, and walks on two legs when she gets to the car. My wife thought she was getting a puppy that would fit in a teacup and would grow into a small lapdog.....I just think we got more than we bargained for.   PS   I like, so much, to learn about other parts of the world, especially when there's a personal touch added. By the way, my wife's Swenson family came from a nearby part of Sweden.
Hi hi a dog that can fit in a teacup, well you certainly got more that you bargain for, so she like car trip.

Just arrived home from holiday

Yes Swenson is a Swedish name.

Me to I love visiting and read about different places.

I can actually go to Sweden half and hour by the bridge

Susan,  Axel Swenson comes from Landskrona......I just visited there, on google maps. Fluffy rides between the bucket seats with front paws on the console.....if the car door is ever left open you'll find her inside standing in the go position.  It's great to hear you had an enjoyable holiday and hope you had a good trip back.                                       *My wife just supplied a (photo) in a cup.photo Fluffy tripped on a blade of grass on her first car ride.

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Greetings, from Everett, Washington.

My husband's diabetes has worsened.  It wasn't COVID or walking pneumonia that sent him to the ER, it was congestive fluid around his heart that was putting pressure on his lungs and preventing him from breathing when he tries to sleep lying down. After multiple doctor visits this week, it is clear that he has to cut sodium way, way down (1500 mg daily) and eliminate caffeine (he drank multiple Diet Cokes daily).  For once he's been asking me for diet advice.  I taught him to read package labels and he's been watching videos about sodium.

This stage follows the stage in which he lost feeling in his fingertips and toes and lost the ability to rapidly heal small cuts and bruises.  Next, he was warned, the attack on his kidneys will be manifest and dialysis was mentioned.

He has been thinking about death more than usual.  I mean, we always watched plane crash documentaries together and other disaster documentaries.  This morning while unable to sleep, he prepared a document with his vital information.  Priests, bank accounts, passwords, vital stats and all that.  It made me think that he is lovingly preparing me, and the children, for his death.  His father, who is invisibly on his mind, died suddenly in 1998 of a heart attack after ignoring the symptoms of his diabetes, leaving the family no documentation.  

I am thankful for all the neighbors who have offered help, for all the doctors, for the timing of this--while he has no work to worry about, after a major purging of our excess stuff, and the annual Lighthouse Festival, of which he was logistics coordinator, has been cancelled.  It makes our 30th anniversary poignant.  "Love is mingled with grief."

I bowed out of the Ambassadors Project on Wikitree.  I worked on the Monongah Mine Disaster in West Virginia and was shown the right way to fix all my hundreds of Find A Grave citations, so I have plenty to do here.  I work around the fringes of my relations and their collaterals and in-laws.  I continue to source the unsourced and connect the unconnected.

I barely notice the weather, except that some days like yesterday are warm and sunny, and others cloudy.  No rain yet.  I walk or exercise 30 minutes daily. I appreciate taking walks with him, talking with neighbors.

I pay attention to what our Wikitreers say about their own health and their families' health here in the Weekend Chat and I pray for them.  Linda Barnett and her dad, Dale, and all of you.
by Margaret Summitt G2G6 Pilot (224k points)
Margaret, Thank you for thinking of others on here with problems but mine at least is not as serious as your husbands. We will keep him, and you, in our prayers.
Margaret,  My wife and I have, on recent Weekend Chat's, noted your concern about your husband's health......we would like to offer wishes for an improvement in his ongoing health.

Margaret -- please don't let the prospect of dialysis be something frightening.  People can live for years on dialysis.  IF it comes to that, the better of the choices is hemodialysis, not peritoneal (because with peritoneal you only get two "tries" and then it's hemo anyway).

There are plenty of flavoured waters available (no sweeteners, artificial or otherwise (I have a preference for the Bubly brand)) that can help.  (So-called diet soda isn't that great, because those often make you even thirstier.)

Mrs Dash is a pretty good sodium-free flavour enhancer for food, and there are also plenty of herbs and spices that can be used instead of salt.

If you, or your husband, have ANY questions about how to manage life on dialysis, feel free to contact me.  I have years of first-hand experience.

At least you have a starting point that you know the problem
you face.  That is half of the battle.  I know you have the superior ability to handle so many balls in the air, and you have a good chance to add this one to the mix.  My thoughts and prayers are sent you and your husband's ways.
Margaret, my heart goes out to you and your husband. I'm hoping all the changes he's making in his diet will really help. I've also had to make some changes, many of them the same as your husband, sodium way down like Melanie mentioned, we are using Mrs. Dash), decaf coffee (took a while to get over the headaches), and no sodas at all, even the decaf ones.

I, too, have thought about making a list of things that will be needed by my wife in case something happens. I have been remiss on this, though I have been thinking about it for some time now, related to my heart condition.

Just so you know, St. Pat's will be praying for y'all this Sunday, for as long as you need. Just keep us posted.
Melanie, your comment is about as kind as it gets, especially your offer of assistance. I appreciate you more and more.

As difficult as it can be at timescrying, to not share what I learnt over years of dealing with a diabetic husband, and with dialysis, would be a "crime".  

The offer is open to anyone needing to discuss ESRD aka ESKD and dialysis.

Thank you, Melanie, and Pip, and all.  We're just beginning to face what consequences this stage of his health will have.  I am glad to hear especially of Melanie's experience in this area.  Pip, always I am glad to receive yours and all your prayers.
Margaret. I just read your mail, and I are so sad to read about your husbands illness.

What a bad time you are going to, also sad he like to talk more about death.

I send lots of prayers

Your message tears at all of us.   I'm not particularly good at comforting words,  but in 2019  there was a barrage of deaths in my family and friends.   Since then a close friend, who lost her husband of 45 years  Feb 2019, started rebuilding her life.  She found a book that helped her a lot called   "#Death" by Timothy Tosta.    It's very short and is filled with short messages of just a line or two.....the messages are intended to help  "reset"  those dealing with death or upcoming death of a loved one.    I'd love to send you a copy.   If you're interested send me your mailing address by private email.

You're so much a part of the WikiTree community,  we all want to help you through this.
Merci, and thank you.  So far the rest of today is pretty normal.  Husband found a way to prop a pillow against a chair back that he thinks will help him sleep if he's sleepy enough to begin with.

Today we visited the cemetery where we will be buried and prayed a rosary.  I am starting to learn to drive his van so that I won't be stuck as I was last week Tuesday.
Margaret, I'm sorry to hear of this diagnosis, yet feel grateful that you have a diagnosis that he can do something about.  My mother had Type II diabetes and after a significant change in her diet, was able to get off all the medications!  There's hope for improvement for your husband.
Margaret: My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband.
Your prayers are being heard.  Last night he got the best sleep he's had in three weeks.  Sleeping on the floor, with the little old Yorkie on top of him.

I can see where his dwelling on death would worry you.  Here lately, almost every night, I have dreamed of those already gone, my first husband, my mother and father, and of my siblings all young again.  I have wondered myself why that is all I dream about lately.

Anyway, I think you all are going in the right direction with the diabetes and as someone else mentioned it is possible to get off the meds and get it under control, I have a brother and sister as proof of that, you still have to control it with diet though and exercise when you are able, walks are good.  My brother has also been in renal failure for many years, for those caught early enough they can have a long, good life.
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Buenos dias y Ciao from the Old Pueblo! It's not quite 9am an 85F (29.4C) in Tucson. We have another heat watch for the weekend with temps  expected to be up to 106F (41.1C) and its September! And we still need rain!

Hola Pip! Gracias por su ayuda con la fin de la semana!

I added Ciao because I joint the Italy team with Chris. My maternal grandfather' family came from Turin, Italy around 1870. The immigrant was Antonio Giorgio, which was Anglicized to Tony George about 1890. Doesn't have the same ring to it, though.

Family News: I spoke with my brother, the retired sheriff earlier this week. He has power of attorney for our mum. Some good news: he got a call that mum has been approved for home care AND when needed placement when her dementia worsens. My kid sister wants to keep mum at home for as long as possible so now she has a case worker and nurse practitioner. This is good because it is the kind of support I had hoped for the family (not just mum)!

Genealogy: Last week, we had a wonderful zoom conference with our local genealogical society DNA SIG. The focus was on Y DNA and then Air table DNA research. I especially love the information on DNA. I've also been catching up on some profiles that needed cleanup on various aisles. I'm connect a corrected family to FDR, found a family that needs connecting, which will also add and correct a Vice President. I've also been cleaning up some Baldwin and Green profiles. I need to get these done this month so I can focus on Cornwall and Dover for the October SAT (Mighty Oaks).

I got my application done and in for the American Academy of Nursing review...keep your fingers crossed. I'm also helping with a collaborative nurse sleep research paper on improving daytime sleep of nurses who work night shift. I also just heard from a colleague in central Mexico. She has a student who wants to do her master's thesis on sleep and Covid19 and I've been asked to co-mentor. Of course I will! So I'm sending my letter of support this weekend.

I hope everyone has a splendid Labor Day weekend. Please take care and stay safe. The pandemic ain't over 'til it's over (aka it ain't over 'til the fat lady sings). Yogi Baldwin
by Carol Baldwin G2G6 Pilot (727k points)

¡Saludos, Carol, y de vuelta! El gusto es mio.

My brother is now just waiting on his closing on the home near Tuscon. He's excited about it, and I am for him, too. I can't wait until I can fly out to see the place. He is already working up a list of things to do and see.

So very glad to hear how things are falling into place for your mom and the rest of the family. I know how much that kind of support will mean. 

That paper you are working on about sleep for night shift nurses might apply to my paramedic daughter. Her lack of it is affecting so many areas of her health. 

Carol Berra, maybe? laugh

+22 votes

On this day: 

1907: The composer Edvard Grieg dies

1965: The Noble Laureate Albert Schweitzer dies

1973: The Chilean President Salvador Allende is ousted in a Coup d'Etat. 

by Jelena Eckstädt G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
Ahh, my afternoon reading list has arrived. Thank you, Professor Eckstädt. Much appreciated!!
Lol Pip, you made me laugh :)


You do such an incredible job of reminding us of history!  Thank you for filling this very important role. 

My only concern...... two died and one was ousted.    Usually you're more upbeat!  cheeky

In all seriousness,  I love your history posts.  You bring a great balance to what you post.   

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Good evening from good old Germany,

where the Corona-infections are decreasing slightly, which is a good move of them. :)

Mum is doing her rehab and yesterday the doctor there checked how big the angle is when mum tries to move the arm sidewards. He said it's getting bigger. Last year mum immediately had some other people there with whom she got in great contact, this year this seems to be a bit more difficult. But on the other hand, this year she took a hard disc where a Serbian friend of us taped a TV-series of 27 episodes about Belgrade. There was edited a book complementary to it and mum reads the book and watches the episodes on her laptop. Seems like she really enjoys it and learns a lot about Belgrade.

WikiTree-wise, I registered for the Source-A-Thon and look forward to kick out profiles of the Unsourced list. In August I had a (personal) record breaking number of contributions which I could hardly believe. I actually don't know how I did that.

And the most important thing: The "Project "reduce number of tabs" is also slowly but surely progressing. Just today I could really close some tabs for good, so yeah, there is more space in the three windows and I hope to be able to rearrange the windows soon to close one.

Whereever you are and whatever your challenges are, stay safe and strong.
by Jelena Eckstädt G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)

Glad to hear your mom is making progress, Jelena. How is she handling it? No frustrations, I hope.

I've signed up for the Thon, too. The Mighty Oaks is such a large team, I decided to move back to the Super Sweepers for this one. I usually work on North Carolina unsourced as that is the area I am most familiar with.

Keep working on those open tabs! yes

I usually work on Canadians in the 1800s, with a little focus on folks that died during the "good Census time" as I call it for myself, so after 1851, when all persons in a household were enumerated. When I find someone in such a census often I am able to source the whole family. This is always very rewarding.
I had to close down my laptop earlier because of updates, and discovered to my dismay I had 35 open tabs on opera browser, 17 on internet explorer (yes, I'm a dinosaur and still use IE for some sites), and another 22 on Edge.

Do I need help/an intervention?
Let me assure you, I still have more open tabs than you.

surprise surprise surprise surprise surprise

Please provide more information - at least 5 characters

Melanie, is this how many faces it takes to beat the number of characters required? cheeky

Melanie, currently my three browser windows host 154 tabs. Last week I had 165 tabs open, which is why I said the project is progressing.

Melanie, is this how many faces it takes to beat the number of characters required? cheeky


Nope -- it still wasn't enough.  I added hidden text to get past it.  cheeky 


Melanie, currently my three browser windows host 154 tabs. Last week I had 165 tabs open, which is why I said the project is progressing.




Melanie, you're killing me!!!!

I would add a nice roffle image, but those are on my laptop, and I'm still on the tablet (with far fewer tabs open).  angel


I'm probably old fashioned,  but my tabs are well under control.   Maybe because my memory isn't as good as yours! sad

Glad your mum's therapy is progressing!

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Well, I need to start with the weather ... next four days it will be in the 90's and then, buckle your seat belts, the high temp on Tuesday will be 40!!  No that's not a typo!  The low will be 30 or so ... yikes for the plants!  Then the temp goes up like 10 degrees per day until we're back in the 80's.  Whew!  Our only saving grace is that's the Denver forecast and we're about 400 feet lower in elevation ... maybe the plants will survive ... will cover some of them.  We've already had a bit of mountain snow last week ... up above 11K feet.

Pip, I love Charleston ... what a great historic place and, as you mentioned, great food.  We used to go there every spring break ... our niece lives in Mt. Pleasant ... and we'd stay out on Isle of Palms in a LARGE beach house.  Great fun.

Finally got to see grand daughter play soccer again last weekend.  Couple of games, we saw the second one up in Cheyenne and they won 2-0 ... good times.

Still adding Jewett folks to WikiTree ... the only problem is that I'm near the end of the reference book and most of the folks are not connected ... something else to work on later!

Take care all!
by Bob Jewett G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
edited by Bob Jewett
Bob, my daughter lives not far from your niece, in Hanahan.

How in the dickens does it go from 90s to 40s so quickly?!? I know it's September and all, but really!
So, Pip and all you weather wanna bes ... this is kind of big news here about the drop in temperature.  So, we're getting lots of reports ... normally, the weather moves here from West to East.  We've had a high pressure system over Colorado for a bit and one would expect it to move on East.  But, no, it's going into retrograde motion and will end back up in California the first of next week.  And, with that void, the jet stream is going to sink into Colorado and bring those cold temps ... oh, and Montana, Wyoming N/S Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota on into the Chicago area ... get out your coats!
+17 votes
Happy weekend, everyone!  Back to the grind here... teaching (remotely), meetings, etc.  I think the weather's been ok but I've barely been outside to see for myself.  School starts next week for the rest of the family.  

The cat is doing fine; we're gradually increasing his insulin dose and seem to be finally getting to one that's effective.  He's putting on a bit of weight (a good thing- he was underweight) and bullying the other cats more, so he's definitely feeling better.

Not much happening on the genealogy front this week, but we had a nice Zoom 80th bday party for my husband's mother's cousin.  She's related via my husband's grandmother, whose tree I've been building out lately, and I'm thinking I should see if she's interested in doing DNA testing.  Back to that part of the tree over the weekend, I hope.  I've done one line as far back as possible, and now it's time to work on one of the others.
by Lisa Hazard G2G6 Pilot (229k points)

I know it's fall when you go back to work, Lisa. My summer is now over. laugh


Wanted to give you a Kansas reptile update.   You might remember the video of my  "brother in law"  removing rattle snakes from the Kayak..... well Hank just keeps bringing reptiles home.   Some residents near Lawrence, Kansas, were going to burn their fields,  so Hank went to help remove some turtles that were known to be in the area.   They relocated turtles and Hank came home with 11 snake eggs.   Now they have 11 rat snakes to care for at home, until the snakes can be released in the spring.

@Peggy -- Let's see 11 snake eggs which will hatch and of course said snakes will not escape once and thus add to the excitement around the house ... especially if there's house cats and a dog or two ...  none of this put your hand down to assist you to sit down and ... find a snake or one of the mornings when you put your slipper on ... tried to put it on but it's full of snake ... or open a drawer and get hissed at by a snake or ... have one fall plop on your head at night in the dark in the bedroom ... who says a normal human being cannot fly ... 

Peggy, that sounds awesome!  Glad he's still rescuing critters.

@Susan, You are certainly wise.    My husband's sister has lived with  Hank  (the reptile/spider guy)  for a decade.   There HAVE been snakes escape from their aquariums in the house,  one wasn't found for weeks.   When I went to visit,  she warned me about the missing snake. surprise  Even though it wasn't poisonous, I kept my visit short.   Or perhaps this is just a tactic to ward off family visitors? 

@Lisa,   Hank will rescue reptiles and even spiders until his last breath!   I prefer to stick to cats and dogs.   Glad your cat has improved!

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Things my father most certainly wouldn't have taught me......but I will repeat here anyway.  As many of you know ....or don't.....small boys carry many useful objects in their pockets......coins for three for a penny jaw breakers, a nickel flattened on a railway track, a small pocket knife, an oversize imitation signet ring, a thick elastic band, a small quartz crystal cluster, a broken leather lace complete with patch of leather of which to make a sling, an Orange Crush bottle cap, assorted marbles and, of course, a king cob.       All these items are useful for passing the time, for example, at a boy cubs ceremony where they all gather around in a tight circle with  hands in pockets and eyes straight ahead addressing a speech from the Governor General. Now imagine, if you will, that one boy with a needle in his pocket, maneuvering appropriately, would exit everything in the neighbors pocket, instantly..........
by John Thompson G2G6 Pilot (258k points)
edited by John Thompson
You so funny, John. Even now, my wife asks me to empty my pockets before putting them in the clothes hamper. All sorts of stuff comes tumbling out.

I made 10 cents looking in the washer this week.

And... I used to carry a small Camillus penknife in my purse, something to remember my father by. It is a Yellow-Jaket 710

Pip,   It just occurred to me, that if we very seldom part with anything, suspenders would be of great use......'which just now gave me flashback to when I was four and wearing overall trousers......the start of pocket collecting.
Kay,   Thank you, for the knowledge I have now gained, about about the knives......some of them look so familiar and I never knew......and the Village of Camillus.....ever been there?

I have always believed the men of my generation were so prepared.  Imagine my surprise when we were at Home Depot and my husband asked me if I had a knife in my purse.  (He wanted to cut the straps on a bundle of lumber.)  I'll bet YOU still have a pocket knife at all times.
You almost got me, Peggy......I carry a small toolbox with an OLFA box cutter knife in my wife's car......and an old leather shoelace cousin Frank gave to me in case the plastic bumper comes loose again from parking too far over the curb.
@John. I grew up in the town of Camillus. All of my paternal gg grandparents moved near there by 1815. My uncle Fritz was 11 when his family came from Solingen, Germany for his father to work in the knife factory.
My husband does his own laundry and never checks his pockets.  I come along and find coins and lots and lots of balled up washed kleenex.  It often decorates MY clothing when I wash after he does.  You'd think after years of this he might actually check first.  Yes I try to remove it first, but never can find it all.


Husbands and laundry can certainly get dicey!    While my husband is EXCELLENT at emptying his pockets before dropping them in the laundry..... his habits deteriorate from there.    Decades ago I asked him not to wash my clothes because he kept turning my whites into pink and light green.   He proudly says,   I separate clothes!    The clean, from the dirty.

hahaha clean from dirty is so cute.  I never let my clothes be washed with his because he doesn't know about or need "Delicate"
Kay,   Solingen, the"City of Blades"........did Fritz's family have any prior knowledge from the knife industry there?
@John - Yes. Uncle Fritz's father appears to have been among the cuttlers who immigrated from Solingen to work in the knife factories in Camillus and Utica.

See https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Schultz-4531
+15 votes

GEN TALK -- this one is about complicated relations, an article clipped and posted, and get out your pen and paper and  ... it is incredible .. Peculiar Genealogical Complication - WikiTree G2G

Learned something today, the Spanish immigrated to what later became Mexico and later became the Texas Republic and later became a State in the Union ... "immigration" is not a word I have ever used in my thinking of the acquisition of the terrain by Spain displacing and / or eliminating the aboriginal natives ... I always thought in terms of invasion and occupation, conquest, .... immigrate is what you do when your intent is to settle down and reside there ... 

What I have not found out yet is what was Mexico called before it was acquired by Spain ... or does anyone even know?  How can I find records of Spanish immigration to Texas prior to 1848? - WikiTree G2G

GENEALOGICALLY -- my top ten surname contributions were 207 actual profiles, and however many others not listed in the top ten ... eh ... I have 2,648 profiles (relatives and their spouses) and have earlier, last month, decided not to view that as a negative .. it's OKAY to have that many profiles and even MORE profiles on your Watch List ... I'm not completely in agreement with myself on this "it' okay" but  ... guess it is worry about can I manage that many and more, and I laugh and say what's to manage, once they are created and sourced, there's nothing to do (manage) ... 

WEATHER we have here yes dry (arid, even) warm to hot moving to ward autumnal night temps some cloud cover some days (marine layer) smell of smoke in the air now and then from the fires haze smaze even some slight breezes .. yep, we got weather

Weather is something you see the effects of -- can't see the wind but can see what responds to it; can't see air temp but can see the effects on humans, animals, plants ... can't see the humidity, but ditto ... sort of like what is said about poltergeists ... can't see them but you can see what they do ...  or gremlins even ... 

Have a nice safe weekend ahead ... New Era of Covid makes me wonder about what xmas shopping will look like this year, and black friday, and labor day blowout sales and ... I have not left the property since end of February ... I have no idea what is still in business and what is not within 1/2 to mile of where I live 

by Susan Smith G2G6 Pilot (589k points)
Susan, I have special glasses that tell me how humid it is outside. In Charleston last weekend, it was VERY humid. My glasses told me every time I walked out the door.

I reduced my watch list by 300+ this week. Now, I'm gaining again. I'm still over 3000.
@PIP And that is something I had not ever heard of, specs that will announce whether it is humid.  ??  Hmm.  

You talking "fogged up"?? How cold is your interior household? Surprised you are not surprised by a mini tornado or mini tropical storm when you step outside ... you know, hot air and cold air, and they do a samba or salsa -- which judging by the YouTube films is "hot stuff" -- they dance up a storm ...
Susan: When I was a child my father used to sing me a song that was popular in the 1940s called "I'm My Own Grandpa". The article you posted reminds me of that song.

laughlaughA.C, that's a song I recall hearing on the radio, woohoo!! For those curious, YouTube has one of the best renditions ... Ray Stevens- I'm my Own Grandpa - YouTube  


Thanks for the Genealogical Complication link!

I've been trying to get my Watch List to under 3000..... almost got there then came the Connect-A-Thon.  

Enjoy your weekend!
A. Creighton,   It must have been well over ten years ago, when I was hot on the trail, into the wee hours of the morning with the head phones on listening to "I'm My Own Grampa" , of what I suspected, that my wife was my cousin.......
+18 votes

Good morning Pip and all from a sunny early morning here in country south east Queensland Australia. I missed you on chat last weekend Pip and it is great to read you had such a great time - and made some family history wins too. Excellent work. smiley

Love that it is macadamia nut day - yum they are my favourite. The tree in my back yard (at my other home in NSW they won't let me over the state border to see unless I hotel quarantine on my return for 2 weeks) last I saw was recovering from being smashed back to almost nothing by a freak storm Christmas New Year 2018-2019. Decades of my children (and grandchildren) cracking the nuts from the tree with a hammer in the depressions they made for that purpose in the cement patio floor made for neat little "nut holes". I plan on eating some maccas today and reminisce. 

Our Welcome swallows that nest almost continuously by the front door are doing their test flights and I had one join me on the picture by my work desk this week for a visit before it aimed back out the open door. And I got out and about to see some of our local wild life this week too. I would love to share the pictures with anyone who likes baby birds and  kangaroos but I don't know how to do that. 

I am happy with my family history wins this week - it is amazing the unexpected places you find snippets of useful information. 

Enjoy your weekend all and stay safe.

by Rosalie Neve G2G6 Pilot (138k points)

Rosalie, it's a shame you couldn't convince that swallow to help you with your work load! laugh

You about ready for spring? (I have to remind myself that not everyone has the same season time as I do.)

My Spring clean is running a little late due to a non- Covid respiratory tract infection (yep had to have a nose poke test on Monday afternoon).

I have big plans for cleaning and general spritzing up today and tomorrow spurred on by my sister announcing yesterday afternoon she will be here on Monday for lunch.
Nothing like a visitor on the way to make one clean the house! (Usually what it takes for us!)
+17 votes
Hi Pip, It's going to be a great weekend. I was a bit taken aback a couple of months ago to find out about the new One Name Study guidelines. I have a few of them that I work on, and I found out about the changes from a person new to Wikitree who was interested in one of my studies. Together we worked on conforming the study to the guidelines, and my hesitation immediately disappeared. She has been able to go off on her own project-related research in an area I haven't gotten to and contribute to the project. Win-win. I started a new One Name Study for "Giem" a couple of weeks ago, and included research worksheets for the beginning tasks. I like the way things a better focused. The improved definition of project goals and research has really helped me advance quickly. One of the worksheets is 2/3 finished.

All this proves that old dogs CAN learn new tricks!
by Vic Watt G2G6 Pilot (336k points)
Shoot, Vic, I need to look over those guidelines for my two name studies! So cool on the assistance you received.
I have some to work on also.

Vic, Nice job on setting up the Giem Name Study.
+14 votes
Hello from north Georgia, where the livin' is easy....

It's been sultry this week. (I like that word for hot and humid, don't you.) My husband was a happy man today--the grass was finally dry enough for him to get out on his riding mower.

We went down to pick up a couple of things at Wal-mart and drive-through for lunch. The traffic was already heavy (for our little town) which is an indication the tourists are heading out of Hot-lanta up to the mountains for the long weekend.

Our apples are ripe and abundant. We invited some people to come pick what they wanted--young men who have done some maintenance work for us who have young families. One neighbor came to pick yesterday morning. When we were younger, hubby used to get out there and pick bushels of apples which we'd prepare and take to the local cannery to put up apple sauce and apple butter, then give that away to friends and family. We don't/can't do that anymore. We're at the point where ladder climbing would not be a good idea at all.

One of our great-granddaughters has Covid-19, but she's only had mild symptoms, thank God, and is recovering. Her parents and sister are all fine, so far, but in quarantine. Her grandmother (our daughter) was with her just before she got sick, so she's in quarantine, too. Everyone's been tested and everyone's tests came back negative.

WikiTree--I ended last month with over 2000 contributions. I'm getting off to a slower start this month, but I'll try to make at least 1000 again in September. My top surname contributions were, of course, for Hildreths. I'm hoping to wrap up one particular Hildreth project by the end of the year if not sooner. I fit my Hildreth work around my routine profile maintenance. Almost every day I review a few of my previously-created profiles. I frequently find a new source, or re-work the citation for a previously-found source, or extract more information from a source to add to the biography. I'm adding military stickers to those who earned them. Usually just tweaks, but sometimes major re-writes. Oh, and I hit 200,000 points in G2G this past week. It took almost two years to reach that milestone.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
by Nelda Spires G2G6 Pilot (464k points)

Nelda, I just came in from mowing and saw your post and had to laugh. I know exactly how your husband feels!

love apple butter. My grandma used to make it, and I couldn't wait for  that season of the year to roll around. Perfect on toast or biscuits.

Congrats on passing 2000 last month. What an accomplishment. I've noticed that the longer the "lockdown," the more WikiTreeing I get done. Plus the fear of not getting everything in before, before.... well, before! smiley


Georgia apples sound wonderful!  

Congrats on all your WikiTree milestones.....

So far,  I don't know anyone that's actually gotten Covid-19......  but we're still being cautious.

Enjoy your weekend.
I'm always surprised when I hear people say they don't know anyone who has had the virus since I know quite a few. That's good, though, Peggy, and I hope it stays that way that neither you nor anyone you know gets it. Thankfully, most of the people I know or know of who have had the virus have had mild cases and have recovered. Our Probate Judge and our Sheriff both had it and recovered (as did their spouses.) I know all of them personally since I worked at the courthouse for so long. I know of some others in their offices who also had it and recovered. This great-granddaughter of ours is the third person in our immediate family to get it. One of our grandsons (and his girlfriend) had it earlier this summer. One of my nieces and her boyfriend have both had it. I know of a few people who have died but no one in my personal acquaintance has. The most recent death I know of is the 57-year-old son of one of our close friends. He was one of the 6% of deaths for which there was no co-morbidity. I found this out on Thursday.
Pip, I used to just eat this apple butter straight out of the jar with a spoon it was so good. So much better than anything from a store! I've tried making it in small batches on the stove or in the crockpot and it's good, but what we made at the cannery was smoother in texture. Our county holds a large "Apple Festival" every fall, but unfortunately, it is cancelled for this year due to the pandemic.

Nelda, I don’t know a single person who has had the virus. Of course, we don’t know many people here anyway. sad

Hendersonville’s Apple Festival was cancelled, too. Not a good thing. We love going.

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