Hi here's the finalized plan for the Dutch Regional Category Structure (last call)

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This proposal has been developed through consultation with members of the Dutch Roots/Netherlands Project, categories team, and WikiTree members

To make sure you all know what was said/discussed and why the proposal was made this way, here's the (1st) G2G  and here's the (2nd) G2G

The status of this proposal can be tracked via the Wiki-Categories Trello Board

Many thanks for all help and input with this everyone it sure is appreciated !

Just vote the option of your choice below and leave a comment (to the disagree option) listing your concerns. 

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Probably a silly newbie question, but what is the real added value for adding these categories? I have seen a sticker, a projectbox, and the standard placename boxes...

Maybe you could add that to the proposal, or standards place (no need for a real new discussion, but it is nice to know what to add and why).

I also want to highlight again that in the standard placename boxes (for birth, marriage and death location) we prefer to use the modern (current) location. By using this location the geographical pin is working correct. If you want to use the old, former (for that time period correct geographical area) you can do so in the bio section.
Helemaal mee eens!
Good question and certainly not silly Michel. Many people wonder the same thing, but it is a different discussion.

The usefulness of these categories and categories in general is indeed debatable. Opinions are divided and that is a discussion in itself. The location categories have been around for a long time and a multitude of different formats emerged.  That is why we are now trying to structure it so that we can refer to a recommended method.

I think the stickers and boxes use existing categories, like these categories, and refer to them.  I am not entirely sure, I think Bea or Jan can give a better answer on this subject.

Hi Michel and nope not silly at all, our project box and sticker are indeed an easy way to categorize Dutch or Dutch related/related to the Netherlands profiles and there was already a bit added about it to the proposal , but added a bit more to that content now to hopefully  make it a bit more clear for everyone.

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Yes! I agree with this structure.

by Bea Wijma G2G6 Pilot (284k points)
I agree with this structure.

I like to keep things as simple as possible.

Thank you Bea and all that helped to make this structure.
Mooi, geen verwarrende historische ballast. Alle Nederlandse archieven indexeren ook bijna uitsluitend op actuele plaats- en provincienamen, essentieel bij zoeken daarin.
Ja helemaal eens met dit voorstel.
Ziet er prima uit

I agree with this structure.

Jan - "Alle Nederlandse archieven indexeren ook bijna uitsluitend op actuele plaats- en provincienamen, essentieel bij zoeken daarin." Thank you for saying this! It's very important.

I will agree with this structure.  Would it be correct to say that the major difference will be that we add a town/village/city category to the project box so that we can increase the number of categories and thus be more likely to have less than 5,000 profiles in each?  I hope I worded that in an understandable way.

The proposal does not involve any change to the functionality of the Dutch Roots project box or Dutch Roots Sticker, AFAIK. The provinces wil still be the lowest level.

The proposed structure as I understand it facilitates  the use of geographical categories at place level at the discretion of individual members.

It's like Jan says Bertram, so the parameters plaats and gemeente that once were also part of our Project box /Sticker when we started the project, but never activated (for the same reason) and later removed, are not added back in, so for the project box/sticker nothing changes. 

But because some members did create categories for (only) Dutch places/cities/villages, and perhaps for the reason you mention, so to categorize them all a bit further.

The problem with those 'place only' categories was that some  places/cities/villages etc. also could/can be found in Dutch colonies / other countries as well, and some Dutch places (with the same name) could/can be found in not just one but in multiple provinces. 

For example there's a: 

Middelburg, Zeeland, the Netherlands

but there's also 

Middelburg, Mpumalanga, South Africa

and there's a place named Hengelo in Overijssel, but there's also a Hengelo in Gelderland

So the reason for this proposal only is to make sure all categories that are created for Dutch places are created with the province and country in it as well. So in the Dutch category structure all place categories should look like this:


  • Noord-Holland, Nederland
    • Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Nederland (= correct)

And not like this: 


  • Noord-Holland, Nederland
    • Amsterdam (= wrong)


Thanks Jan and Isabelle, I added it to the proposal as well.
+3 votes

No! I do not agree with this structure (please list your concerns as a comment).

by Bea Wijma G2G6 Pilot (284k points)

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