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Thérèse Baud was born in France and married there.  Her marriage has been found in Provence (or maybe Comtat-Venaissin), it names no parents.  She is currently attached to another couple from France as parents, who come from Paris.

All these people show up in New France, and they have been tracked here through existing records.

From all I can see, Thérèse should be detached from those parents and her name corrected.  The only source cited that names them as her parents is a family tree, no sources cited there.  Her DOB is also unsourced.

Comments invited.
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DIfferent name, different place, different time: of course the Parisian parents should be disconnected!

Bollène is in Comtat Venaissin, so in 1738 it was in the papal states, not France.

No place of origin is given on the marriage record, so Thérèse is probably from around Bollène. The name Baud is present there (e.g. one Jean Michel Baud born 1706).

The LNAB of her husband is actually spelled Viano on his baptism record (here, 4th left), Vianot on the marriage record. Vienneau is a later variant. And his birth date is 13 May 1710, not 1706.

Merci bien Julien, très apprécié.

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If you are in a collaborative mood, post your reasoning and recommendations to the profile.  If, after a reasonable period, you get no response, make the change.  Otherwise, a useful discussion based on sources may help all interested parties work together to find the truth.
by Michael Stills G2G6 Pilot (466k points)
If you unlink parents, add the wikitree IDs and names into Research Notes as to why they are unlinked.  That will help others that are looking at the same thing.
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She married in Provence and was probably born there (would need to check the actual act to see if they give a parish of origin. If they don't give any, chances are she was local). Because of that, it's unlikely that her parents were Parisian. They might be, of course; but there would be a history behind their move. It's also very odd that the daughter of Parisian parents would be a sheperdess; that's a fairly rural occupation.

Her date of birth is unknown, but she married in 1738, and the connected brother, Nicolas, married in 1708 so they would be born at least 30 years apart to the same mother. That's also unlikely.

Altogether it looks like a conflation based on vaguely similar names Baude/Bauve. I would post the customary notice asking for sources supporting the connection and disconnect if no source is provided.

Does the brother's marriage act say if the parents were deceased? He married before his "sister" was born (if the dates are correct).
by Isabelle Martin G2G6 Pilot (474k points)
Nicolas Bauve married in 1708, parents not listed deceased, his parents left here between 1705 and  1708.  There is no trace of any contact between Nicolas and Thérèse and her family, he is never godfather to her children born in Québec city, where he was resident.

Nicolas was born around 1684.  Thérèse was born at the latest in 1726, probably earlier (required age to marry for a girl being 12).  The date of birth is actually unsourced, Fichier puts her around 1718, no idea on what basis.  That would be 34 years between Nicolas and Thérèse, not totally impossible but not very likely.

first page, 3rd on the right, resident of Bollène per the marriage.

no response from profile managers on needed name correction.  sad

Well, I fixed it. Does it need project protection? If so, which project?
well, since she originally came to this side of the equation, would say Québécois project can take her under their umbrella, despite her going east later.  Have added project tag, and yes, should get PPP, since there is erroneous data floating around on her parentage.  Would need the project added as manager, unresponsive managers though.
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Her parents names are found on the New Brunswick Genealogical Society website, except that it gives her place of birth as Quebec, May 3, 1705, daughter of Pierre Baude and Marie Marthe DuBerrey.  I can see a baptism with those names in Drouin. I'm thinking her marriage to Michel Vienneau in France might have been unusual, although the information provided for her father also suggests the family may have returned to Europe.

The NBGS file cites a couple of sources

I don't have access to these records from BC, but it is my understanding that this secondary information has been vetted before being posted.  

I've dug around a little in online New Brunswick resources, but not finding much else.  I'll let you know if I do.


    by Laurie Giffin G2G6 Mach 9 (93.5k points)
    hi Laurie,

    Somebody erred there, the girl born in 1705 is named Thérèse Bauve, not Baude, the father is named Pierre Bauve, not Baude.  All the records name him that.  See Julien's comment above, he finds the name Baud in Bollène.
    And taking another look at Thérèse Baud, her last known child born in this province is born in 1765.  No way is a 60 year old woman going to have a child.
    Looks like there's lots of wishful thinking for this family!
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    Since no evidence has been brought forward that she is indeed daughter to these parents, am detaching her with customary note on the profile.
    by Danielle Liard G2G6 Pilot (462k points)

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