52 Photos Week 37: Cousins

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in The Tree House by Eowyn Walker G2G Astronaut (2.0m points)

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This is a 1951 photo of my grandfather Scott Marvin with his three grandchildren. I am on the right with my only two first cousins. Jeff Marvin is the happy baby, and Carolyn Marvin is on the left. Carolyn died three months ago, and she was more than a cousin. She was my dear friend who loved the photos and ancestor questions on WikiTree each week. I certainly miss both of my cousins, and they were a big part of my childhood. 

by Alexis Nelson G2G6 Pilot (656k points)
Alexia thank you for sharing this wonderful photo, I am so sad to read your cousin Carolyn pasta was, and I am sorry you have lost Carolyn that was more than a cousin,

I'm sorry for your loss Alexis broken heart

Alexis, I am so sorry for the loss of your dear cousin, Carolyn.
Susan thank you for your many wonderful comments and encouraging me to put on photos. You helped so much to give Carolyn enjoyment each week.
Isabelle thank you so much for your sweet comment. Carolyn did beautiful crochet work, so I am fortunate to have many lovely things she made.
S D thank you for your dear comment. Carolyn loved genealogy, and we had so much fun finding our ancestors together.

Loosing some great family member like Carolyn you had great fun founding your ancestor are so sad. Special like you two that could look for same family what a treat it was 

I really are sad Carolyn aren’t more with you


Thank you sweet Susan. We solved two family mysteries together, and we were working on finding all five husbands for our great aunt Nora—and we found three. I was lucky to have her, and I am lucky to have you as a friend.heart

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Here are my mother's cousins, Ruth and Janette Hunt. Ruth married Russell French and had 13 children, who are my second cousins. Janette married my father's brother Howard and had 11 children, who are both my first and my second cousins. But Ruth and Janette had some sort of falling out years ago, and refused to speak to each other. My father did not much like Uncle Howard, and would not have much to do with him.  And so we cousins did not get to know one another until a few years ago. We all like each other!

by Joyce Vander Bogart G2G6 Pilot (185k points)
Joyce thank you for sharing the photo and story. It is certainly good to hear that the relationship is good after a falling out.
Joyce I love this wonderful photo, thank You for sharing
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My mom had 3 boys her only sister had 3 girls. A photo from 1966 with all of the " cousins" 

From left to right the boys : me, my brothers Steve and Doug and my cousins, the girls Sue, Ann Marie and Kathy.

by Ron Raymer G2G6 Mach 4 (49.7k points)
Ron thank you for sharing the wonderful photo of you and your brothers and your cousins. You certainly are good looking with a great smile.
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My cousins coming down from Alaska/Seattle every year was a celebrated event I always looked forward to.  My grandmother made a point to take a "Cousin" picture of us every year.  (I'm in pig tails.)  These are 1971, 1978, 1987.  The popsicles is my favorite because the scene of my grandmother's patio conjures so many wonderful family memories.

by Jennifer Gonnuscio G2G6 Mach 3 (30.7k points)
Thank you Jennifer for sharing your cousin photos. You are precious in your pig tails with the popsicle.
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Cousins ...photo...   * After playing in the park....Spring 1981.....3 families of brothers and  sisters ......all cousins, including the parents......confirmed on WikiTree.....

by John Thompson G2G6 Pilot (258k points)
edited by John Thompson

This has been a work in progress.....with much, appreciated, help from WikiTree friends.smiley

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My father (on the left) and his cousins in 1956 in Schorbach, Moselle, Lorraine, France, during a family celebration. My father is 6 in this photo.

by Isabelle Huth G2G6 Mach 1 (12.8k points)
edited by Isabelle Huth
Thank you Isabelle for sharing such a darling photo of your father enjoying being with such a happy group of cousins.
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A gathering of Reeves and Harvey cousins in London England, in 1921 when the Australian branch of the family were visiting their English relatives.

by Christine Frost G2G6 Pilot (132k points)
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At my grandparents farm in Arkansas,   my cousins would frequently be found sitting on the propane tank.



by Peggy McReynolds G2G6 Pilot (450k points)
Peggy,  Is there a story to go with the lower photo?

Thank you Peggy for sharing this wonderful photos of your cousins sitting on the  propane tank

Gorgeous photo 

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This is a photo of Vernon and Mary (Clapp) Newman from Syracuse, New York. We believe this photo was taken around 1955. Mary is my 2C1R. (We are related through my paternal grandmother, Madeleine Sinclair Brock.) I never did get to visit them, but another cousin did and shared this photo with me. I love the smirk on Vernon’s face.

Missy heart

by Missy Berryann G2G6 Pilot (180k points)
edited by Missy Berryann
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Sheppard Cousins (grandchildren of Allan Sheppard and Lizzie Goodwin), Easter, abt. 1936.  The Sheppard Cousins - Deloris Hardman (Puggy), Ray Hardman (Moonie), Jimmy Dennis, Eunice Clevenger, Jackie Dennis (Toots), Jeanine Dennis (Bowie) - lived and played together in "the flats" in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Jim Dennis recalls:  At St. Pierre Terrace, the Clevengers lived across the hall from the Dennises.  Ma Sheppard lived off the second entry.  Uncle Ray and Doo Hardman lived in an apartment off that entry as well, next to Ma and Pa.  Aunt Dubbers and Joe Gunderson lived on the end basement apartment below the third entry way.

by Living D G2G6 Mach 1 (19.1k points)
S D,  All smartly dressed for Easter, I see......and, are those all nicknames?....cute I must say.
Thank you, John!
What a fantastic photo SD they are all so adorable
Thank you, Susan!
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Here is a group of my cousins from the early 1970's.  Short shorts & cigarettes.

by Brad Cunningham G2G6 Pilot (140k points)
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Two sets of sisters and brothers, first cousins, staying at Grandmother's house and all four sleeping in the bunk bed room. Circa 1953 in New Castle, Indiana, USA.

by Dana Johnson G2G6 Mach 3 (30.1k points)
Dana, Those smiles are contagious.
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My first cousin three times removed, Hetty Stillwell Lee organized the Stillwell Family Reunions in the New York City and New Jersey area of the USA. My mother, Lucille Ceruti, who attended many of these reunions, explained that she saw cousins there whom she did not see at any other time. These reunions were a great way for the family members to keep in touch with each other. The recent ancestors of some living WikiTreers appear in this photo.

by Marion Ceruti G2G6 Pilot (232k points)
It's nice to know which one is Lucille.
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I didn't have a lot of cousins ... several of the generation above me didn't have kids ... for whatever reason?

But I do have a couple of gals ... both are still living in the Decatur, Macon, Illinois area ... both are widowed ...  Phyllis Ann Hodges-Michels (1938-....) and Carol Mae Hodges-Golembeck-Gooch (1941-....).  Below is their photo as young girls.

by Bill Sims G2G6 Pilot (120k points)
Thank you Bill for sharing this cute photo of your cousins are wonderful
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Biggs Family Reunion - 1981

Biggs family reunion - 1981.  My wife and I are in the tan shirts, front and center.  Everyone younger than me is my cousin.  Sadly, 8 of those in the picture have passed since the photo was taken.  Really glad we got together for this one.

by Chuck Biggs G2G4 (4.9k points)
And the person who is not in the picture is the one who took the picture!
Isn't that usually the case!  And that's usually my father, who appears in this photo.  I remember that for this one he put his camera on a tripod and used the timer on it so he could get in there.
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I think I might have a crack at this 52 photos challenge and this is my first one.

Here is a photo of my Aunt Pearl, Uncle Morris and four cousins, Penny, Frances, John and David. It came from my mothers photo box and there is no information about it but David (bottom left) was born in 1958 and looks about six or seven to me (I am terrible at this so open to guesses) which would make the date of the photo around 1964. 

by Andy Lear G2G6 Mach 1 (11.6k points)
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I believe this photo is Summer 1970...My cousins Billy, Vinnie, Debbie, Stephen, Michael, Pam, Theresa, and me; Marshfield, Massachusetts.

by Marilyn Reynolds G2G Rookie (200 points)

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