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  • Added new magic word construct Creator_ + WikiTreeID to the search engine. It finds all profiles that were created by that user. Here is an exampled for all profiles created by me. You can extend the search to find all profiles created by me and no longer managed by me by searching for Creator_Trtnik-2 NOT Trtnik-2
  • Added new suggestion 421 Hidden marriage on public or open profiles. A marriage can be hidden from displaying on the profiles. This is used for additional privacy. But using it on open and public profiels is not its intent. It is causing problems with suggestions, where you don't see the marriage on the profile and have no idea of what is wrong until you enter the edit mode, where you can see the marriage.

Previous News

  • A new version of WikiTree+ Chrome extension is published. It has a few new things also usable to DD. Changes in version is 0.3.5 are:
    • Finished Profile cleanup. It does everything EditBOT does and a few more things. That includes conversion of old Ancestry links to new ones, I also added automatic conversion of curly quotes to normal ones.
  • Wikidata template got sameas parameter. It will function same as with FindAGrave template.
  • In suggestion 897 Error in template parameters I added checking of parameters that link to WikiTree pages. It is done for Categories, Projects, Space pages and Project Needs categories.
  • I added additional checking of template parameters. That was in suggestion 848. I created 4 new ones 894-897 that will cover all parameter problems.
  • I prepared two new suggestions (591 FindAGrave - Possible father and 592 FindAGrave - Possible mother) that list all missing parent relations between existing profiles. The suggestion is based on FindAGrave relations. In cases where both profiles are linked to findagrave and there is a parent relation on findagrave and there is no parent on wikitree, it suggests the connection. Of course you should first check if both findagrave memorials represent the correct persons on wikitree. Then you should try to find a source for the parent claim and add the relation if everything checks out.
  • Added new magic word SourceJunkUnmergedMatchPendingMerge and templatetext=Andersson to WikiTree+ search engine.
  • I added to Connection finder 2 new types of relation search. Paternal Lines and Maternal Lines. This can help in DNA queries to find a common father/mother.
  • I exposed the actual data on which location suggestions are based. Based on the changes we did last week in the table, there are some new 6x8 spelling suggestions and 612 Location too early ones.
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in The Tree House by Aleš Trtnik G2G6 Pilot (660k points)
closed by Aleš Trtnik
now that can be very useful when hunting down possible sabotage items.  Thanks Ales!

Regarding suggestion 895. There are almost 13.000 records in the Dutch Roots template. How hard is it to eliminate those errors automatically? I suggested this to Bea, but I don't know if it is even possible. I hate to put time in things that can be corrected by a bot.
Project should ask for it with instructions on what to do. I can't decide it for them
Okay, so we can ask this. I only wanted to know if it was possible to change this via a Bot. Thanks I will ask Bea from the Dutch Roots project
For a few templates EditBOT already corrected thousands of profiles. I usually do it for 100+ profiles, if the automated correction is even possible.

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Thank you for the amazing things you do...even though I can't fathom most of them.  I focus on the Unconnected List then go to New Zealand but noticed it is saying it is a new report but the number is identical.  I also connected a profile that is in Unlinked 1700-1799 (Thomas-40602) but it is still on there.  Is that normal?

by Kylie Fowler G2G6 Mach 1 (16.3k points)

All the additional reports are created after the publish. It takes around 1 day to make them. Beneath the table is a timestamp of the report. It is still from september 1st.

Table prepared at 01.09.2020 14:44:03 (Slovenian time)

It will be updated in a few hours.

Thank you!
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Thanks! The new keyword will be very helpful.
by Kay Knight G2G6 Pilot (477k points)
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That was enlightening, I had no idea I had created so many profiles. 1309 created of which I've only orphaned 343
by Anne B G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
The number is not completely exact, since profiles could be merged after creation, but it is a good approximation.
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Thanks for this, Ales!  Wow, I have developed 10615 profiles!!

I was wondering why some of the profiles that come up are listed in red?
by Carolyn Martin G2G6 Pilot (228k points)
I don't understand what you are asking about red profiles. Where?
I should have said the profile Id is in red.
I changed the CSS formatting for hyperlinks. Now visited links are shown in red, so you know which pages did you already visit.
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That new Magic Word can be very helpful for Mentors, especially when it is sorted by Birth date, so we can check for those without sources, as well as duplicates.

Thanks for everything you do.
by Linda Peterson G2G6 Pilot (624k points)

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