Should this Profile have the Unsourced Tag?

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I came across this profile which has a single reference to Find a Grave.

Question:  Should it contain the unsourced tag (i.e., {{Unsourced}} ) or is the reference to Find a Grave sufficient so as not to be tagged as unsourced?
WikiTree profile: Unity Dandridge
in WikiTree Help by Tommy Buch G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
While it might benefit from more sources to back up what is claimed in the data fields, it is not unsourced.

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The gravestone has quite a bit of information on it, so I would consider that a source.  It has parents, marriage date, only child statement.  That is much more than normal for sure.

She has no parents connected, so I would check to see if you could connect parents, with a marriage matching that gravestone.
by Linda Peterson G2G6 Pilot (640k points)
I have now proposed a merge for this profile. Her spouse is the same on both profiles.  The other profile has more sourcing and connected parents.

Thanks Linda.  I looked at this profile

because it came up in the connection between me and William Bligh in this week’s connection profiles. I had a hard time figuring out what her maiden name was.

The biography on her profile states she is the sister to the wife of President George Washington, but they aren’t connected and there is no source.

I am getting the impression that there may be some confusion in the profiles surrounding her.

Okay, as I understand it. Martha was not a West.  Mary and Martha are not sisters.  They are first cousins, because their fathers were brothers

My connection to William Bligh is finding some inaccuracies with/on profiles along the way.


I think at least two more sets of profiles need to be merged. There could be even more???

Her daughter and the daughter's husband:

[[Mary West Dandridge-1|Mary (Mary West Dandridge) Campbell]] & Dandridge-5
[[Campbell-10967|John Hodges Campbell]] & John Hodges Campbell-1216


How does merging work?  Who does the final merging?

Who should handle this as this is outside my knowledge of WikiTree?

This is turning into an investigation project just to eliminate the duplicate profiles and maintain the connection of correct profiles between me and William Bliah.

Tommy, you found the others.  I just went through the relationships and I agree that those are the other 2 that need to be sourced.  I added Research Notes to state the relationships for George Washington's wife and Mary's family, which, I agree, is that they are 1st cousins.  

One issue that will happen, I suspect, is that one of those PMs are inactive.  When a merge is proposed, both PMs / Trusted List have 30 days to approve, reject or postpone a merge.  If both profiles approve the merge before then, the last person approving can complete the merge, but they can close the 'merge' page and then anyone can complete it.  If both PMs have not approved by 30 days, then it is given a 'default' approval.  At that time anyone can complete the merge. Before completing any merge, the person doing that 'should' review the profiles, sources, check for other sources, if there are not clear enough sources before they complete the merge. The person completing the merge has to decide on which parents to use, if they don't match (we don't recommend a merge to be done until parents are the same), what dates / locations to use, if they are different, and what should be included in the biography, since the 'text' of both profiles is 'merged' together. Check the Help page on Merging.  Arborists group works with many merges. 

Discrepancies between profiles should be entered into a Research Notes section on a profile, such as Middle Name, birth location, etc., if needed. 

Tommy, you started this question 'is this unsourced?'  Once we found a duplicate, it did go off on a different tangent, but it also shows why sourcing can be so important on profiles, if a duplicate is found. 

Hope this has helped.

Thanks so much Linda.  This certainly went down a rabbit trail I wasn’t expecting.  Even trying to find George Washington’s profile took me down a maze of categories.  Oh  how this site needs a simple comprehensive index so bad. Anyway, once I found President George Washington’s profile and did the connection between him and Bligh, that is when I understood the “first cousin” relationship and not the “sister” relationship, but then it raised the question of how was the path from Bligh to me being accomplished when one of the profiles had no parents on it, but showed up in the connection from Bligh to me. That is when I realized that there had to be more duplicates.

At this point I see two of the three merge proposals on the “all pending merges” list proposed by you waiting to be approved by the PMs, but I don’t understand why the third one is not listed there as well. The one I didn’t see listed there is for John Hodge Campbell (Campbell-10967 and Campbell-1216). I don’t think I over looked it as I looked several times for it, but didn’t see him listed. Do you know why this is the case, or is this a possible programming error?

Lastly, I keep getting confused when I see a pending merge entry at the bottom of a profile and then see [Initiate a merge]  underneath it.  I thought that is what you did.  But now I have come to understand that that means [initiate a NEW merge]. I highly propose that that word be added. I also would propose that a horizontal line be added that separates any listed profiles needing merge action from those three new action links. I think that would lead to less confusion for new members. It would also always keep them inline horizontally.
If you put in Campbell in the box from All Pending Merges, you will see it 1st if you select Most Recently Added Instead of the default Oldest on Top.
Found it (saw it).

AIso, I found him in the main listing. However, he was like six pages farther back.  I thought he would have been listed right there with the other two.

Two of the three profiles had 2020-09-09 22:52:21

John had 2020-09-09 19:04:12

Thanks again Linda

P.S.: I’m glad to know that there is not another exception to the rule on why he might not be in the list.

It is just amazing to me to see another major moving part of WikiTree and to think the people and time needed to clear up all these merges.
It is easier to enter surname in that box but if surnames are different, you might have to try both to find it. Unfortunately, there are too many merges to be done

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