How do you permanently dismiss hints based on incorrect Wikidata or Find A Grave connections?

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Hi WikiTreers,

As some of you know, we have recently been working on our policies regarding Wikidata and Find A Grave. In particular, we have wanted to settle controversies in our community related to WikiTree+ hints based on bad data on those sites.

Any WikiTree+ suggestion can be dismissed by setting the status as "false suggestion (hide forever)." This is what you should do in most cases when a hint is based on bad information on one of those external sites.

Dismissing a suggestion is permanent. However, it only dismisses the one Wikidata or Find A Grave hint. There may be other hints, now or in the future, based on the same connection between the WikiTree profile and the Wikidata item or Find A Grave memorial.

If the connection itself is bad -- if the WikiTree profile and the Wikidata item or Find A Grave memorial represent different people -- Ales is now implementing a way for you to permanently dismiss and prevent all hints based on that connection. You just need to put sameas=no in a link template.

The link template should go in a Research Notes section on the profile that explains why the person can be confused for the person on Wikidata or Find A Grave, and why we know they are different.

To be clear, sameas=no should not be used when there is some incorrect information on the external site but their page is clearly meant to represent the same person as our profile. It should only be used if it's a completely different person, or if it's conflated person and a majority of the information on Wikidata or Find A Grave is for a different person.

See or for more information.

If you have any questions, problems, or minor suggestions, post them here. If you have big suggestions, consider making a proposal.



in The Tree House by Chris Whitten G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)

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Chris - has an update been made to WikiTree + so that "False Suggestions - Hide Forever" do actually get hidden forever? We know that in the past the hiding seems to have a finite shelf life and the suggestion reappears when one least expects it.
by Jo Fitz-Henry G2G6 Pilot (127k points)
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I don't think the Help page is clear about when sameas=no should be used to dismiss ALL hints and suggestions.  

Your note in this question, I think, is stating the  FindAGrave with sameas=no found in 'Research Notes section' will dismiss 'all future hints', but if used anywhere else, such as Sources section, or in regular part of the biography, it would be just indicating that it is not for the person in the profile, i.e. other family members.  

Help Page mentions sameas=no in only one place, so it is not clear that it will be used differently in Research Notes section to dismiss hints, vs other parts of the profile to indicate a different person in that profile. 

Including WikiTree + on the Help Page may confuse some people because everyone may know they are getting suggestions on profiles, but don't necessarily know that they are coming from WikiTree +

I mentioned a few things in the earlier post, that were not mentioned, but I think they are important.

  • The section 'Linking to Find A Grave from WikiTree' has only the {{FindAGrave}} without the parameter for the Memorial ID, which will cause a Suggestion because of no ID being included. That reference should be {{FindAGrave|nnnnn}}, explaining that the nnnn refers to the Memorial ID. As stated by others in the previous post, too many people are putting only the 'template' in profiles, instead of the full source citation, so including it on the Help page seems to be condoning it. 
  • There is no mention that Find A Grave 'full source citation' is recommended instead of the 'smaller' references from the other sites, which does not have all the information.  Family search citations, at least for a while, were not including the Find a Grave ID.
  • Acronym that I have seen used on many profiles is 'Grave'.

by Linda Peterson G2G6 Pilot (623k points)
There are plenty of profiles that I have seen where the profile is for a parent and there are children Grave pages that mention the parents, who don't have a Grave page.  Those mentions in the parent's profiles are indicated with 'sameas=no', to indicate it is for a different person than in the profile and has nothing to do with being confused with the person.  Maybe that is all that you were mentioning about Research Notes. The children shouldn't have to be listed in a Research Notes.  

The only change that I thought Ales was making was to the WikiData suggestions to now use the sameas=no.  The wording above seems like it is a 'change' with Find a Grave also.
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Unless the policy has now shifted, here is how I understood it. First, use the citation from find-a-grave itself, not familysearch.

second, if the fagr memorial is linked to a "family member" that happens to have an obituary that references the person in the profile, put "sameas=no" and this causes the bot to skip that citation and not compare it.

third, if it is a direct match then you put "sameas=yes" and the bot will ONLY compare that memorial and ignore all others.

fourth if you elect to use the basic template with no "sameas" you must remove the "" in the citation or at least reduce it to only "" to avoid the bot seeing a link to no memorial. The template always went immediately after the citation on the same line.

If you use no template at all then the bot will go to the memorial and try to compare info verifying it is the correct person before it uses it to make suggestions. This seems like an excessive use of the bot to avoid putting "|sameas=yes"

Thus by default I use sameas=yes. If the rules have changed on this please clarify.
by Steven Tibbetts G2G6 Pilot (340k points)
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I would like people to consider that some Find A Grave sites listed are for a parent or sibling and there is a lot of info about the family, the profile subject is specifically mentioned sometimes even with possible burial info or some other helpful hints are mentioned. We should not just permanently dismiss it just because the subject is not the person in the profile.
by Betty Kennedy G2G5 (5.9k points)
And that is exactly why the |sameas=no is used. Unless of course you have a |sameas=yes, then no no's are needed.

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