Re-greeters Project may release burden on WikiTree-active Profile Managers (PMs)? [closed]

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As far as I know, the burden on active members of WikiTree to 'discover' if non-active members are alive and are participating on WikiTree requires four steps:  Trusted list request, profile comment contact please, private contact please, then an unresponsive contact form.  Yes, please do correct me if I am wrong about this four step process.

Now if a project sticker, such as {{please contact}}, could be put on profiles managed by people who have been gone-gone from WikiTree for a 'long-time,' or something equally as simple, I'd be willing to do that.

The purpose of this question: "Re-greeters Project may release burden on WikiTree-active Profile Managers (PMs)?" is to properly frame the question.  How would you 'pose' the intent of the question (to release the burden)?  How would you then answer your question?

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From here (, page 3, it looks like the whole process can be done automatically.  Some email autoresponder programs are free.  Starting with profile managers that have been away from their WikiTree-Desk since 2008 and moving forward year by year, the WikiTree Team could simply 'poll' who responds and who does not (as in maybe deceased).
That was a poll of people in Data Doctors Project only.  Inactive members or non responders in that survey are only for people in that project, many of which may not want to respond to lengthy surveys, as some had previously said.  That isnt a poll of all of wikitree for inactive members.

There are many people who are active on wikitree for a while, then other things come up so they are gone, but many come back when they have time or interest.

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The unresponsive profile manager issue is not something to be handled by Greeters. We, as greeters, work mostly with Guests, New Members, Honor Code, Pre-1700 certification and answering questions about DNA process and the GedCom process. Like Ros said, the 4th action can only be done by the Team and should stay that way.

Actions 1, 2, and 3 can all be done at the same time or within a day or two of each other, then after a week of no response the  UPM form can be filed for the Team to take action.
by Virginia Fields G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
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Thank you, Virginia, for answering.
Thank you for the Best Answer star. I appreciate it and hope my answer clarified the Greeter duties and why this issue cannot be handled by them.
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Surely, the sending of the UPM form (and I think only the Team can action it) suggests that the person doing the sending wants to take over management of the profile.  Therefore, it needs to be an individual rather than a Project.

So 1, 2, and 3 need to be done by an individual, followed by 4, which can only be done by the Team (maybe even for legal reasons).

So I vote 'no' to the creation of this Project.
by Ros Haywood G2G Astronaut (2.1m points)
Thank you, Ros, for answering.
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If the email has not been answered in maybe 3 months, then allow someone else to manage it?
by Ellen Gustafson G2G6 Mach 2 (28.4k points)
The Unresponsive Profile Manager process involves a Team member sending an email directly to the registered email address for the member.  (This requires Team involvement, since our registered email addresses are confidential.) In my experience, sometimes this results in a rapid response from a member who has not responded to other attempts at contact.

I do think that WikiTree should request a second method of contact (email address, phone number, etc.) from all members as a backup to the single email address the Team now has available. Sometimes members lose their connections due to email problems (for example, maybe they had to change their address due to a hacking event, and forgot to revise the address on file at WikiTree).
Thank you, Ellen and Ellen, for answering.
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By using 3 different messages, the PM may respond to one but not see the others.  I have had messages from wikitree go into spam, but not others.  I normally send all 3 types of messages at the same time, add them to a spreadsheet that I keep for Unresponsive PM with a date, and I check it occasionally.  The team determines what to do when there is an Unresponsive Form submitted.  Sometimes all profiles of a PM are orphaned, sometimes it is only the one or two that were requested.  It depends on how that form was filled out, but I don't think anyone other than the Admin Team should be sending out those 'final' notices to people or orphaning profiles.   It is definitely not for 'Greeters' to be doing.
by Linda Peterson G2G6 Pilot (813k points)
Thank you, Linda, for answering.

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