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WikiTree profile: Pip Sheppard
closed with the note: Weekend Chat closed for September 11th-13th, 2020
in The Tree House by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (2.4m points)
closed by David Selman
Hey Pip, thanks for hosting once again! Afraid I have to agree with your wife about the bourbon (Buffalo Trace is hubby's and my current favorite)...though I do like a nice Glenmorangie single malt once in a while. Have you visited the Glenmorangie distillery? I went on a tour with my hosts, teachers from Tain, and a bunch of high school kids visiting with their teacher from Colorado, in 1997 (a few of them were actually old enough to have samples). :)

With Carol I say yah, sure, c'mon up to Packerland! We have a lot of Packers fans in da UP of Michigan too...we should really be part of Wisconsin anyway, both geographically and culturally.  Takes us 5-1/2 hours to drive to the Mackinac Bridge. I don't know what branch of the service you identify with, but a green and gold Army kilt should do the trick!

Guess I have some Scots Irish in my tree on mom's side - some of those rabble rousers kicked out by Cromwell.

Have a great weekend!

Buffalo Trace is also a favorite in my fam, D. And, if I ever make it back to Wisconsin/Michigan, it'll have to be in the summer! Arctic weather doesn't for this Southern boy! cheeky

Brats, bourbon, beer. Pick me up on the way there.
Brats, beer, but bourbon not so much in Packerland. It would have to be brandy old fashioned, if anything!
Brandy goes down just like bourbon for me. I can assimilate to local drinking habits. I just don't drink very often anymore.
I have entered and edited many profiles on Wikitree, and I think I am getting close to entering all of the family that I am aware of.  I wonder if its frowned upon to go on to the home page go to Add/ then New Person and add profiles of persons you are not related to??  .  I have been so interested in the island of St Kilda in the Hebrides and have been adding the Gillies family who were residents on the Isle prior to 1930.   I researched my info from various sources online I belong to many genealogy sites so that helps as well.  There was not a mention of them on Wikitree so I thought it well worth adding their profiles as the history is so interesting.    What are your thoughts on adding profiles of persons not related to me, Wikitreers?? Cheers, Susan

Susan, lot of people add people they aren't related to. many of us have side projects to add people from specific areas or related to events. I'm slowly working on World War I soldiers from New Brunswick who died during the war. Since you are interested in St. Kilda, have you considered joining the Scotland Project. There are geographic area sub-projects included. You can find info on the Project(s) at Scotland Project

Afraid I haven't been able to do much genealogical-wise this week, what with attending 2 meetings back to back yesterday, helping with installation of the third of four large windows on the sun porch, finishing a small quilt that was hanging around since 1996, and succumbing to the guilty pleasure of rereading a Gothic horror trilogy (ok as long as they're not overly gory).

You'd think Ezekiel Daniel would not be too common a name. .but Wikitree has 11, 2 or 3 of which *might* be  duplicates. Hoping to find some sources this week and try to help sort them out, as one of them is my 3x great- uncle by marriage. But not the guy in Oklahoma. (He's Native American, which I -  alas - am not.)
Hi Susan, you don't have to be related to people for whom you add profiles. I have created profiles for neighbors of my Georgia family when no one else did, also distant connections in more outlandish places, just because they fascinated me.

St. Kilda! Now there's a place I'd love to visit; though don't you need a special research permit?
I agree with D.  Adding new persons has the ability to start whole new family lines when there is no existing connection to anyone you know is already there.

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Today is.....



National Hot Cross Bun Day on September 11th encourages us to rise and shine to this tasty treat! 

Currants or raisins baked into the bun add a sweet flavor. As noted in the name of this baked good, it’s marked with a cross. To make the cross, bakers use a doughy paste baked into the bread. Sometimes, an icing is used to make the cross instead.

Hot cross buns are traditionally eaten during Lent in many historically Christian countries. Lent begins the evening before Ash Wednesday through Good Friday, and the cross is a symbol of the Crucifixion. Beyond its significance as a traditional treat, this spiced sweet bun offers some folklore and history, too.

Hot Cross Bun Superstitions

  • Unspoiled – Buns baked and served on Good Friday will not spoil or mold during the subsequent year. (English folklore)
  • Medicinal uses –  A piece of it given to someone ill will help them recover. (English folklore)
  • Friendship – Sharing a hot cross bun with another ensures friendship throughout the coming year. This is supposed to be especially true if “Half for you and half for me, Between us two, shall goodwill be” is said at the time.
  • A kiss – Some people believe because there is a cross on the bun, they should kiss the buns before eating them.
  • A sailor’s hope – When taking a sea voyage, a hot cross bun will protect you during a sea voyage. 
  • Home protection – One tradition says a hot cross bun hung in the kitchen protects against fires. It also ensures all bread turns out perfectly. (Replace the hanging bun each year.)

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalHotCrossBunsDay

Enjoy these recipes: Chef John’s Hot Cross Buns (Traditional) or Hot Cross Buns (with frosting).

by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2.6m points)
Those look so yummy! Thanks for sharing, Dorothy. :)
Oooo! Those Chef John's look delicious!
This brings many fond memories from 50 years ago.  We always hosted Easter dinner with my mother because we had so much more to buy groceries with.  She had so much more time, not running a full time farm, two small kids and a small fence post selling job at spring time, which I usually did because I was at the house.  She always made hot cross buns and contributed them.  My kids and husband were delighted because I never did that kind of baking.
Thanks for the memories!!!
Hi Dorothy! I love hot cross buns but without raisins or currants. My grandmother would make them like this special for my. I still don't like the taste or feed of raisins and currants. And I miss my grandmother special way of making them.

I like hot cross buns but this seens a bit odd. Good Friday at the end of lent  is surely their day!  https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hot_cross_bun

They were so special as a child because they were  something that came just once a year.  

Lol, Helen, it made me wonder for a minute too. Did I sleep through Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas...is it Easter season already? With this virus, I hardly know what day it is anymore!
This is the FIRST TIME I've ever seen a hot cross bun! So thank you!!
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September 11th-
For us in the United States, today We Remember....

For many, September 11, 2001, began like any other weekday. We made our way to work. Children attended school. We shopped, had coffee, waited in line at a drive-thru. Those of us who weren’t in New York City heard the first reports on the radio or television. A friend or neighbor alerted us to a plane flying into one of the Twin Towers. We felt disbelief. An accident, perhaps, a miscalculation. Then, a second plane flew into the second tower. Our disbelief turned into uncertainty and concern.

Those on the ground faced terror and obstacles they had never known. As a set of coordinated suicide attacks organized by the militant group Al Qaeda targeted the World Trade Center, the rest of the nation witnessed the unbelievable. And then a third plane crashed into The Pentagon. And yet another crashed into a field in Shanksville, PA.


Every year since that fateful day, the United States comes together to remember the fallen. We remember the first responders and those who made difficult decisions. Since that day, memorials have risen from the ashes.

Observe moments of silence:

  • 8:46 AM EDT – American Airlines Flight #11 collides into the World Trade Center
  • 9:03 AM EDT – United Airlines Flight #175 collides into the World Trade Center South Tower
  • 9:37 AM EDT – American Airlines Flight #77 crashes into the Pentagon
  • 9:59 AM EDT – World Trade Center South Tower Collapses
  • 10:03 AM EDT – United Airlines Flight #93 crashes in Shanksville, PA
  • 10:28 AM EDT – World Trade Center North Tower Collapses

by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2.6m points)
We will always remember. We will never forget September 11, 2001.
I'll never forget this day. I could not get in touch with my brother, an airline pilot. We did not get word until later in the day that he was grounded at LAX.
When I turned on the television I thought they had changed the schedule to a disaster movie. Then I realised that these were live pictures and worse than anything seen at the movies.

We must always remember the victims of these events.
Hey Dorothy of the Ruby Red Combat Boots!

Thank you for this memorial reminder! I was a co-investigator for a large scale, national sleep study at our local medical college when 9/11 happened. I shared an office with an epidemiologist (from Italy) and bio-statistician, who went on to do genetics. The statistician was from New York and had her little telly on in the office when the news struck. The entire research unit became transfixed! We could not believe our eyes! It was a struggle to focus on work when this tragedy was unfolding before our eyes.

Three years ago, my kid sister and I went to New York primarily to see Les Miz with my favorite Jean Valjean and Phantom, John Owen Jones. We made it a point to go the the memorial and could only imagine what it was like in those buildings and that area that day. We happened to meet a lovely woman when we took the subway to the memorial. We got to chatting with her and she shared that she was working across from the buildings that day. We got a first hand account from her experiences and all ended up in tears and hugging. My kid sister will likely be posting some of our photos of our trek to the memorial on FB today along with that wonderful lady we met. We must never forget 9/11. We must never forget the Holocaust. We must never forget all of the beautiful lives lost here in our country and across the globe to the Covid19 pandemic.
We remember them, may they rest in peace.
A large number of Australians perished that day - and Australia's Prime Minister was the first to contact the President of the day.
Thanks for the details of this life changing day.  

I was at the American Public Works Associations' annual conference in Philadelphia on 9-11.   About 150 of us from the Kansas City area were attending this international conference  and most the presentations were cancelled...... partly because of the shock,  but many speakers were flying in for their presentations.    I was stranded there because our flights home were cancelled.   Since it was a time when everyone felt very vulnerable,  there was a keen interest in getting the Public Works Directors, City Managers, City/County Engineers, City/County Attorneys and other essential public employees home...... But there were no rental cars available.  Four commercial buses from Kansas City were sent to Philadelphia to pick us up.

The sadness was highlighted,  when our  "handicap design specialist"  was left waving us good bye.... because the buses couldn't accommodate her needs.  (Two others stayed behind with her,  it took them another 5 days to get home.)

Just another example of how the entire country was heart broken and will never forget.
Thank you for the reminder. Everyone in our office was in shock, still, and waiting to hear about our coworkers and customers who were onsite at the Pentagon. Their office was damaged, but no one was injured.
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It's been busy here, especially with the recent interesting weather. Monday was a record high for us in September (99F/37C) plunging to just below freezing and snow overnight. Today we are supposed to be back to normal. The early freeze had us out covering the garden since this was about a month before we would start having frosts. Harvested a lot as well. The low didn't go as low as originally forecast so everything survived but the kitchen and sun room are full of things to be processed. It at least cleared the smoke out for a couple days.

Genealogically I didn't accomplish much. This coming week should be better. I did get connected with another distant cousin who is working on some of our shared ancestors. That is always a plus.

I ended up not taking any classes. During registration, it was found that another student had registered with my Social Security number. I had to prove that it was mine. By the time that was done, the classes were full. I'll start next semester.  

Hope all are doing well, especially those in fire country.
by Doug McCallum G2G6 Pilot (447k points)
Doug, I saw that weather report and thought about you (and your garden!).Our lowest temp was only 52F.

Sorry to hear about the class. I remember you said you were going to sign up.
I remember arriving at Yellowstone NP on Sept 12, 2010 driving through snow, there were huge snow piles left by plows on the side of the road, a day later it was all gone.

 And yes I had to look up the date on our travel calendar for that year.
We've had snow this early but not the cold and not going the temp range. Denver posted a hight of 101 on Monday and something like 30 for the low the next morning. Your Yellowstone adventure is what we see most of the time, winter included. Snow one day and gone the next. I do want to see Yellowstone in the winter. It's on our list.
Denver is lovely, the botanical garden is marvelous; I've been twice once in early April all the flowering trees along the river were in bloom, the second time was October 2011, we arrived in a blizzard, then drove south on our way to Mesa Verde, all the road signs said use chains, we drove through a high mountain pass, the sides of the roads has snow piles about 5 ft tall. Would that have been Hwy 160?

It was good that we have lots of experience driving in snow. It was a great trip 3 weeks later we flew home from Phoenix after having been to about 7 NP, including Grand Canyon and Saguaro NP.

There is still so much to see, but unfortunately it now has to wait
You would have gone south likely on I25 and the Hwy 160 west to Durango and Cortez. That would likely have gone across Wolf Creek Pass going that way.

I agree about Denver Botanic Gardens. It is sort of my home away from home. April there is one of the best times although October is nice. Then there is winter when it is all lit up. Until this year, I regularly took art classes there. it is only a 35-40 minute drive from where I live (same amount of time gets us into Rocky Mountain National Park).

Sounds like you had a. great trip. We'll see if we can get to Mesa Verde this Christmas. Haven't been there at that time of year. Volunteers put out luminarias along the roads. I agee about so much to see and I want to see it all.
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Hails and horns, Wikipeeps!

Just got back from the orthodontist. I'm okay. Jaws are having a wee bit of an issue. It's always something with me. Nothing to be TOO concerned about. I can still function. More or less.

On the genealogy front, we got a few things to go over.

First: New blog for 52Ancestors: https://allroadhaverhill.blogspot.com/2020/09/52-ancestors-week-37-back-to-school.html

Went back to school for this one and compared going to school in the '30s, '60s and '90s. What do those decades have in common? Well, aside from dubious dance styles. All were pretty turbulent! Especially the '90s. I can still do the macarena.

I launched Team Italy for the thons. Check it out here: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:Team_Italy-1

I really wanted to call us "Earth's Mightiest Wikitreers". I'm not sure anyone would have gotten it. And I'd have needed a trenchcoat while I went on my recruitment drive. Oh and I've had to break into peoples' houses and stand in the dark. =)

And speaking of Italy, I am swearing off the Italian Genealogy forum. I had a bad experience this week. I asked for help looking up the parents of a couple I am working on and this guy tells me that Familysearch is going to be opening all the records because of covid and to just be patient. He said that the ones that were only available at a center or affiliate would be open.

I don't think he wanted to help me at all and was basically lying to me. I say he was lying because I asked the Italian genealogy facebook group (Different group run by cooler people) and the admin said there were contracts preventing that from happening. I....was mad. I wanted to drop a train on him. But, you don't argue on the Internet. Guy is a jerk and I am better off just staying the hell away from that site.

On the non genealogy front, well, I have that jaw issue. So there's that. Been raining here and overall I am okay despite all that. I hope everyone has a good weekend!
by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (571k points)
Chris, I still think you look just like your grandfather.

Good for you and the project setting up at team. I hope you get a lot of participants. We can always use more teams. I wish y'all much success!
Thanks. I still think my cousin Ryan looks more like my grandfather than I do. But, whatever. =D

I hope I get more members. I'll be posting in g2g sometime this weekend asking for members. Put a team together.
Arguing on the internet is like trying to explain to a baby how to weld. Then expecting the baby to weld. It does suck k when you ask a question, and someone just gives a generic answer that has no research behind it.

Jaws can really make you miserable.   Hope it resolves soon.

Since I don't have one drop of Italian blood  (hmmmmm,  since I haven't had DNA testing done,  that might be a bit naive),   I've never gone to the Italian Genealogy forum.  I think I'll avoid it!   Isn't it great that you're a treasure at WikiTree instead?

I'm glad I don't look like my grandfather.
@ Paul. Uh huh and flat out lies to your face. To quote Vinny from My Cousin Vinny "I have no use for this guy". I like your analogy. I have a less g-rated analogy. If you'd like to hear it, let me know. >=)

@Peggy: Thanks. I hope it resolves soon, too. Been taking relaxants. Hopefully, they work. And yeah it's a good idea to stay away. The Facebook groups are *SO* much better. People are friendlier and this site is good, too.
I have to be creative with my analogies on here. Otherwise I would sound like Andrew Dice Clay and Bill Burr mixed with the Drill Instructor from Full Metal Jacket.

Paul, your "Arguing on the internet is like trying to explain to a baby how to weld." is a gem, so THANKS! KEEP UP THE KEEPING UP OF YOUR WIT!  (I really needed it, and I am, myself, not given to being witty. SIGH!)

The best I can do is send you a hug, and others for people who're born witty!!! 

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TGIF! On the home front I got rid of the bed components taking up space in my Office, https://www.wikitree.com/photo.php/3/38/Photos_and_sources_for_Dale_Byers-30.jpg . The above photo shows 5 computers and 3 ham radios along with just some of the paper files I am sorting. I hit a major problem with my great grandmother. Her birth and marriage records indicate her birth location was Scotland and her LNAB was Doherty. Several other records have different spellings of her LNAB and her death records indicate her fathers LNAB was McDonald. I did not get very far with that pile of papers but I did make progress. We are having our first Exam session for Ham license testing since early March this Sunday afternoon. It will be held outdoors with only less than 10 people allowed inside the shelter at any time but we should be OK. All this means is that I did a lot of work but got very little done on any profiles this last week. Yesterday I started prepping for the first weekend in October when ham radio will hold our Simulated Emergency Test. All of the details will not be made available until the last minute but our local group will be working on setting up a mesh network to provide an alternative if  the internet were to crash as well as working on our Digital Mobile Radio capabilities.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.6m points)
edited by Dale Byers
Doherty or McDonald: how are you going to sort that one out? Do you think someone just heard the name wrong?

Dale, does your ham radio group need to set things up for winter emergencies? I expect that you guys already have things in place. You get such brutal weather up there.
Pip, We have something called "Winter Field Day" Where we set up outside in January and try to make as many contacts as possible. All the events during the year are to test our capabilities under any conditions. for the SET I plan to run battery power, just sitting in my chair inside out of the weather and with any luck learn some new stuff.

OMG, Dale: your note above Pip's made me crazy. It's full of terms that I think you intended for "speakers of English." I guess I'm not one of those. 

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I am trying to make 1000 contributions this month. I have seen people that have made 6 or 7 thousand contributions in a month and I can not for the life of me see how. There is a good chance I will be able to crack 1000 this month but that is only because I have a family tree printout and several emails from relatives that I can just data input other people's work. Even then I am saving every minor change I make so am chalking up five or six 'contributions' for every new profile I am adding and even then I have run out of stuff to put in with 300 more needed so have activated my  2 week free ancestry account and have found some more there. Honestly I do not understand how people can do this month after month.
by Andy Lear G2G6 Mach 1 (11.6k points)

Hi Andy! For me, bring retired (kinda; I live with a  project manager surprise)  means I usually have a lot of down time I can use for working on WikiTree. Part of it is feeling like I'm under the gun to get my families in that I worked on for about 50 years before finding WikiTree. And, one of the issues I face is finding more lines that never made it into my database. It makes for a lot of contributions, but considering how much is still left to enter it's really just a drop in the bucket.

Andy, no pressure to get 1000!  Doing what you enjoy and doing it well is the more important accomplishment.  The easy way to make so many contributions is as a Data Doctor - no end of easy and not-so-easy things to do.  I don't even look at mine anymore because I have Acadian stuff to do all the time and I do it when and as much as I want.  To be fair, I'm retired and my hubs works a lot, so I can do as much as I want to.
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Greetings from Everett, Washington!

I brought my husband home from the hospital last night.  As you know, we have been tracking health problems. Fluid around his heart made it hard to sleep.  He cut out the sodium from his diet and changed his meds slightly.

And THEN--Tuesday night, while praying, he couldn't pronounce words right.  About an hour later, he got numbness in his lips and tongue, and hadn't the strength to click the computer mouse.  He told me to look up signs of stroke and then I called 911.  He kept hoping it was a reaction to his meds. By the time the EMTs got here the symptoms had passed and he was able to perform all their tests. They said he didn't need to go to the ER unless he wanted to.  He wanted to. He was taken to Providence Hospital early Wednesday morning, after midnight.

So he was being tested all day Wednesday and Thursday.  He had a CT scan and an MRI and a test where they inject bubbles into the heart to look for holes.  The MRI confirmed that it was a ministroke.  A piece of cholesterol plaque got loose and blocked blood flow, and then quickly got swept away.  

We were home in time to attend the virtual Zoom meeting of the Mukilteo Historical Society last night.  All day yesterday I worked on the power point for the Mukilteo Minute by myself, with my daughter's help.  It came off well and has been recorded.  

Last night he slept well and even had a nightmare that he was an altar boy and couldn't find matches to light the candles.

For the time being I'm going to be his driver.  Doctors were divided in their opinion whether it's okay for him to drive, and he would prefer not to until he gets confirmation from his regular doctor.

I am taking it all one step at a time and am thankful for the many graces that have come from prayer.  

I make a couple of contributions here and there.  More often these days I communicate with new Wikitreers with advice and support.

It's very smoky in our area due to the wildfires in Oregon and California.  Hot, hot and dry.  I am not going outdoors today.
by Margaret Summitt G2G6 Pilot (214k points)
Oh, my dear Margaret, I want you to know that we at St. Pat's Brevard will continue to pray for you and your husband. Please keep us posted.

I'd love to see your presentation!
Glad your husband was ultimately all right from this event, but, wow...I know your emotions were all over the place. Prayers continue.
So glad he went to the hospital and got the testing right away. With those symptoms it is really important to do it soon. Glad it passed and he is doing well now.

TIAs can be quite scary if you notice them, but sometimes they happen without being noticed.

Keeping you and yours in my prayers.  

I'm so glad he was able to come home.  With a diagnosis on this event.
Margaret, Thinking of you and your husband's recovery.....Jack and Kathy.
Holding you and your husband in the Light, Margaret! And stay safe out there!
So glad they tested to find the source of his symptoms.   It helps to be certain of what you're dealing with.  

Don't forget to take care of yourself too!
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Thanks for the mention about tomorrow. What a week!

I was recognised as a G2G Pilot and tomorrow I have a full schedule.

I mixed up my online meeting that I was trying to watch last week so I am watching this Saturday morning.

Been doing some preparation for tomorrow but if anyone wants to take a look beforehand this is something I have been using to help with sourcing https://www.ora-extension.com/en/index.htm#/ it does require some technical know-how. I am learning how to make it work for me. It is not free, but for me it is worth it, for the time it saves me not having to manipulate text.
by Hilary Gadsby G2G6 Pilot (244k points)
I'm excited about  you appearing tomorrow. I saw your previous presentation, but want to watch this one, too. I know you'll do great!
Looking forward to your presentation you will have to drop the link on here
Hi Hilary,

Thanks for the info on the presentation. I'm looking forward to it. I think it is $24 well spent! Now I just have to learn how to use ORA.
Hi Hilary,

I'm ready and waiting… looking forward to your presentation.

In case you haven't spotted ORA updated to v1.09 overnight — don't panic, some of the fields on the setup options box have moved around: less used items like the date format have moved to the bottom.

Good luck!

I did see that it was due to update and checked that it is the updated version as it automatically updates.
Good session… hope you felt it went well.  As for AGC not behaving on those old profiles: the line is "If something can go wrong, it will." :)
Thanks for the pointer about ORA.    I'll check it out....
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So, here I am at Starbucks ... our internet is down ... so, Starbucks to the rescue.

Last week when I posted it was 90 degrees ... since then we've had temps in the 20's and snow.  Today we're supposed to be in the 70's and then the 80's for the next week.  What a ride!  Good news is that it's helping out the wild fire fighters at least for a bit.

Genealogy ... entered a profile for George Washington Jewett ... there have been several ... but, he had a twin brother whsse name was Andrew Jackson Jewett .  Andrew died at three or so.  But, wait, the next child was named Martin Van Buren Jewett.  Guess it saves time having to think up names!

Okay, I need to get in contact with our internet provider and see what's going on.  Take care all.
by Bob Jewett G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
Bob, I had to laugh at the name choice. I've run across this pattern several times in families I've worked on. I think some of these parents made a dart board of presidential names and wherever the dart landed....

A couple of times, it turned out that the son was named after the president who was in office at the time.
LOL, Bob, when I started on this project I found 3 George Washington Breedloves in my tree! Big George (my great-grandfather), Little George (an uncle) and another guy who died in 1870. I also have a 3x great-uncle whose given names were James Madison.
The Scranton had sons named Martin, Luther, Martin Luther, and Luther Martin.
My husband's family has 3 George Brinton McClellans.

1. Dec 1862-1927

2. Dec 1872-1931

3. August 1908-1982 this George Brinton became Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

There is of course family stories that tell of a family connection to General McClellan.

It could be possible George 1908 is descended from William McClellan 1747, (McClellan-277), he arrived in Boston in 1768 and stayed with family in Worcester county, Mass, before settling in Cherry Valley, New York colony, but of course trying to find records that confirm this has so far been unsuccessful.
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Hey Y'all,

I ordered a new mattress in the midst of this nasty bug (who shall not be named) two months ago. It arrived yesterday.

After one incredible night's sleep I have decided to chat, here, where I am currently. Yes it is 11:15am and I am still in bed. I will remain so indefinitely.

Hope you all sleep well this weekend.

by Mags Gaulden G2G6 Pilot (580k points)
Mags, you win the "First to Make Me Laugh Out Today" award. Relax and enjoy!


I'm envious!  Perhaps food will roust you.

PIP is right as usual... thanks for making us smile. laugh

+19 votes
Buenos Dias from the Old Pueblo. It 8 am and a chilly 67F (19.4C) and overcast in Tucson, Arizona!. The expected high is 95F (35C) today. This is quite the switcheroo from 107F (41.7C) and sunny last week!

I got my flu shot last week which was no big deal. This week, I got a shingles shot (herpes zoster) and TDAP (tetanus, diptheria, pertussis) and I ached for two days. My body is ibuprofen city now and I did a great deal of sleeping. I would rather have this for two days, though, than shingles, lockjaw, scarlet fever of other illnesses at my age. [My family would disagree about the lockjaw, though].

I was very sad to hear of the death of Diana Rigg two days ago. I wanted to be Emma Peel when I was younger. Her work from Bond to Game of Thrones was impeccable.

Not much new on the genealogy front. I paid for ORA about two months ago and got nowhere trying to upload it on my computer. Earlier this week, I reloaded it, downloaded the needed file, rebooted and Voila! It's now on my computer when I do searches. Now I just need to figure out how to use it so will be up with the birds tomorrow to get my lesson from Hilary Gadsby!

I've been re-sourcing and adding to the Green family. I've also been adding to the new and improved Walton to Roosevelt line. FDR is actually a Charlemagne descendant through his Lawrence line that came from St. Alban's in 1635. Thomas Lawrence's daughter married a Walton, then on down to a Walton daughter who married a Roosevelt. There was a mixup in the line than was listed as Wallen rather than Walton. So...with the help of several of our top Wikitreers and the Netherlands group, we've got it straightened out and everything is copesthetic. I am just rewriting, re-souring and adding pictures person by person to stay accurate. What will be time consuming is adding all of the Walton kin!

That's it from the Old Pueblo for this weekend. I wish everyone a happy, safe and productive 'fin de la semana'!
by Carol Baldwin G2G6 Pilot (705k points)
I don't think it is overcast in Tucson, come to think of it. I believe we are experiencing some of the smoke and haze drifting our way from the California fires! In addition to 9/11 and the pandemic, please keep our firefighters and first responders in your thoughts and intentions.

Carol, I got a message from my brother yesterday. The house is HIS! And, boy oh boy, is he excited. I am, too, because I now have a new destination.

My wife has been bugging me to get a shingles shot for a couple of years now. I need to do that. She had one and it really hurt for days. Her arm was nearly useless. I figure that if that it what it takes, I'll do it. I'll tell 'em Dr. Carol told me.cheeky

Pip, good news or bad news--there are two shingles shots available.  I don't know if the later one incorporated the first one or not.
Oh, bother! Well, I'll let the pharmacist figure out what I need. We're going tonight right before closing as we heard from them that the wait was an hour at the time we called.
There is an updated shingles shot routine. You get the first one, then 2 to 6 months later, you get the follow up booster. This is the new protocol.

There are people who got the shingles shot several years ago and got shingles a few years later...hence, the 'booster'.

I'd rather have the shot than shingles! My arm ached for a day or so, but ibuprofin helped. I got both the shingles shot AND the TDAP at the same time. Might as well get both over with at the same time.

I got my flu shot last week. Easy peasy!

Is your brother in Marana or Oro Valley? What section of Tucson? He bought it just in time to experience the overcast skies from the smoke drifting our way from the California fires!
Carol, I went at the time the pharmacy told me too, and then was told they couldn't give me the shot. Too many prescriptions to do. I'll try again today.
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On this day:

1297: During the First War of Scottish Independence, the Scots defeated English troops in the Battle of Stirling Bridge

1565: In the Ottoman-Habsburg Wars, the Ottomans tried in the Great Siege of Malta to occupy the island.

1697: The Imperial forces beat the Ottomans (yeah, it's them again) in the Battle of Senta

by Jelena Eckstädt G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)

Because today is a day where nearly the whole world remembers what they did on that day, if you want to read more about the 9/11-attacks, here you go.

I was at a friend when mum called me saying a plane went into the WTC. In that moment I didn't realize how BIG that really was. In the evening, at other friends, the pictures of the planes flying into the Twin Towers went as constant replay on TV, but the sound was muted. This was good. The pictures were shocking enough. 

One and two I knew about (Scotland Forever!), but the Battle of Senta is new. I'm off to get my Professor Eckstädt reading assignment done! See you in a few days! surprise

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I'm making progress on using up the quilt material and adding
to the charity pile.  One going down, one going up, both in the right direction.  All quilt meetings are on hold until January, the church we meet in is not open for meetings.  We usually reconvene in Sept.  The organizations who receive our donations are hurting but no one has collected since March.
I'm still on the fence about going to Florida this winter.  The leg on the home side seems to move further down on each report we get.  Over 4000 diagnoses a day as opposed to
less than 400 a day is pretty significant.  Our area has a very low infection rate outside of the foolish college parties.  Some students have been expelled.
My cane has become so much of habit to me I feel naked if I take off without it.  Now if I could figure out how to shovel snow and hang on to it at the same time I would feel more confident.  I remember reading how Susan Smith was using the weed whacker hanging onto her walker.  Maybe she can give me some pointers.
by Beulah Cramer G2G6 Pilot (400k points)
Beulah, whatever you decide, you know how to stay safe, even in Florida. I'd hate for you to miss your yearly trip, knowing how much you enjoy that.

I'm sure Susan will give you some expert tips. She seems to have a way to work around things.
Hi Beulah, congrats on the quilt projects! Our guild met yesterday, masked and socially distanced; we will be using up scrap on lap quilts for a local nursing home. And I finally got another UFO done...one dating from about 1996 (unearthed the top from the tote it'd been in since then).

Afraid I can't give much advice about shoveling with a cane. Can you lean on a Yooper Scoop (snow go, they call them in Minnesota)? They're pretty sturdy.
I'm trying to lean on a grandson right now.  He and his Dad need to make an arrangement for him to buy his Dad's house. I told him then I would buy a riding lawn mower, to replace the one that spends half of the summer in the repair state but I get free lawn mowings for as long as I live next door. At almost 84, not many.  He says he will work at it and I'm hoping snow removal will work also.  I may have to add a snow blower also but that's cheap compared to another broken hip bill if I fall.
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Hello from north Georgia!

Pip, thanks for hosting!

Weather has been good. Lots of sunshine this week. Still a bit too warm for my liking.


* We have a new great-grandson. Just born yesterday.

* Today one great-granddaughter started an experimental treatment for Ehlers-Danlos which involved injections of HGH and other stuff into her back. We've had a call that all went well. Now, we pray it helps.


I discovered a few days ago I had several unsourced profiles on my watch list. Yikes! How did that happen?! Well, a couple were profiles which got on my watch list when I requested to be on a different profile's Trusted List and these, who are no relation to me, tagged along, I guess. I removed myself from the Trusted List for those. A couple were profiles for distant relations I had adopted which were not sourced when created then were abandoned. After I adopted them, I never got back to them. So I worked on those this week. Alas, one will remain unsourced. He was allegedly born 1875 and died 1878. There's nothing anywhere I've searched online. I reached out to a FindAGrave contributor for his parents' grave markers and she has seen nothing in the cemetery for him. I posted a message to a Facebook group I'm in and got much information about his forebears, but nothing about him. His existence is certainly possible based on 1900 census records which say his mother had borne more children than those who were still alive. Maybe someday someone will find a "source" for little William Knowles.

Otherwise, my genealogical work has been the usual--maintaining my older profiles and creating new Hildreth profiles. 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

by Nelda Spires G2G6 Pilot (458k points)
I am in North Georgia-ish too.  Ya'know how it goes, wait until December for the heat to disappear.

Sending prayers for your Great Granddaughter!  I know of some Hildreth's around Hilton Head.  Any Ancestor Relations around there?
Sandy, it is possible some of my Hildreth relations made it to Hilton Head at some point, but most of the ones I'm closely related to stayed in and around south Alabama after the initial migration from South Carolina back about 1830ish (and those cannot be "officially" traced back any further to connect to the New England Hildreths, although a connection is suspected.)

We are north of Atlanta about 50ish miles, so we should be getting some cooler weather sooner than December--we usually begin to get frosts up here about mid-October.

Nelda, across the mountains from you, it's starting to cool down, but we've finally started to get some cooler weather.

Congrats on the new great-grandson! And, I hope all goes well with your great-granddaughter. 

Congratulation on the new great grandbaby - always so uplifting to hear of new life.
Congrats on the new great-grandbaby, Nelda! And sending good juju for your great-granddaughter!
Congratulations on the new great-grandson, Nelda! Best wishes to all!
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Hi Pip and everyone

Thanks for hosting Pip. Well Friday afternoon is dark, gloomy and windy here in Cheshire, England. Extra pegs added to the washing so it doesn't blow away.

Plan for this weekend is to add more to the family line as now have access to a cousin's tree on another site. Also need to review all those new DNA connections to see who is who.

Thnking ahead going to have a family tree printed up for the mother (85 yrs) and mother in law (94 years) both ladies have been a great help with the old stories of their families

Well best get on have a great weekend

Remembering those who lost so much on this day may they rest in peace
by Janet Wild G2G6 Pilot (254k points)
I've been looking at this company for a printed family tree


I can't decide it they are expensive or reasonable, they have a lot of options
Janet, our weather can't figure out whether to be sunny or, as in your case, dark and gloomy. I'm predicting dark and gloomy later today.

I had a 2c1x join WikiTree last week, and I'm so glad that it'll be someone else adding to my great-aunts family. I just cannot seem to get caught up. Maybe I oughta start planning like you.
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A brief hello today. It has been an interesting week with not as much accomplished on the genealogy front. I have been having osteo-arthritis pain in my left hand and wrist so finally succumbed to an injection on Wednesday. That hurt more than the arthritis and rendered my hand almost useless the past couple of days. It is feeling better now but still cannot be over stressed. Meanwhile, we awoke yesterday morning to no air conditioning. Thank goodness it happened while we were having a nice cool front pass through Texas. The outside unit for the downstairs had completely died. Today the repairmen are here installing a new unit. This, after us purchasing a replacement oven on Tuesday. Should I say "expensive week"?

Remembrance of 9/11. I will never, ever forget. Our oldest daughter was a flight attendant for American Airlines. I knew that she had taken off from NYC that morning for home base in Dallas. We heard the news and it was a very long two hours before we had a call from her as they landed in Little Rock, Arkansas. She lost two friends on the Boston aircraft. Very sad and scary time.

Take care and have a good weekend!
by Virginia Fields G2G6 Pilot (970k points)
Glad your daughter was so lucky.  We have to feel for the families that are still grieving today for their loved ones who didn't make it then or the later results of their heroism that day.
Ginny, when it rains, it pours. The same thing has happened to us, having to buy several replacement items that went on the blink. Yes, it does get expensive.

Sorry to hear about your hand. I've got to get a shot, too. A shingles shot, which I get tonight. I'm not looking forward to that either, but it's better than another result.
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Hi from southern Ontario;

What's happening here? The sun is out for the first time in 4 days, the weather is much too cold for this time of year, our friends who arrive here on Sunday camped in 3 C temps on the north shore of Lake Superior on Wednesday night. If the nights are as cold as forecast, I may have to cover the tomato patch. 

The new dishwasher is installed and working! 

A next door neighbour who has been difficult for the last 27 years, is now becoming very weird. A friend looked after my garden while we were away, one day he brought his dog, the neighbour accused him of stealing the dog-it is a standard poodle-because a neighbourhood dog is missing-the missing dog is a Bichon Frise-less than half the size of my friends' dog. 

On the genealogy front not much got done, I'm still sorting through my grandmother Marguerite Richards' photo and memorabilia collection which also includes newspaper and trade magazine cuttings. She was a serious family historian, the cuttings are all in great condition. 

One of the cuttings is an ad for the first Daimler car built in England all metal parts except the engine were built by one of the Richard's family companies, Portway Works in Wednesbury, Staffordshire, England founded in 1810. I posted it in the question of the week for travel related industries. 

First British built Daimler Autocar
by M Ross G2G6 Pilot (396k points)
I remember this photo! I saw your earlier post, M, and loved it and the story that went along with it.

Some neighbors you just have to ignore, as best you can. Works for us.... mostly.
They also built 'pony drawn invalid carriages' one of which was sold to the royal household for Queen Victoria's use, they look like half a carriage and there is a picture of it.

The neighbour requires a lot of ignoring, after 27 years we have had a lot of practice.
It was an "OMG" moment on first seeing your photo of the first Daimler, M. Ross. Wordless, it was a very strong comment nonetheless.
An OMG moment because ?
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A question, does anyone know Hungarian history. I asked a question in the Treehouse about a book I found in my mother's possessions and really hoping to find out more about it.

by M Ross G2G6 Pilot (396k points)
I answered in the other thread.

The name Sandor Petöfi (yeah I know it is the ö with the accents, a letter ONLY Hungarian has) rang a bell somehow. I only didn't know from which area in my brain that bell rang. But then I started reading the German wikipedia-article about him and there is written that he is of Serbian and Slovak origin, and suddenly I knew from where the bell rang. One of my Serbian cousins lives in a tiny village close to the Hungarian border and in his village there are mostly Serbians of Hungarian origin. And in that village there is one street (translating to English now) "Sandor Petöfi street". So, Google maps on, jumping to my cousin (aka his village) and looking at the street names... yeah, here it is.
If I don't find a group interested in the book, we have a friend with Hungarian background I'll give it to him.
Jelena, it was very confusing to see a German write that ö only exists in Hungarian. Now I understand: ő
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Genealogical Check List? 

PIP laugh I dunno know how it is that you fall over dozens of -- or maybe dozens of dozens of -- folk who need to be profiled ... You are such a big-hearted man you gather everyone in ... you are not limiting yourself to your bloodline with a slight bow to their in-laws as I do ... so it does make sense you are buried under new profiles ... 

BUT speaking to overlooking the details ... One day, back in 2019 think it was, I picked up the Banner of The Righteous (self-righteous?) and marched into G2G and pointed out this Genealogically Defined thing was THE Thing to promote ... I did learn something -- half the PM who responded thought it was nonsense. The other half drowned it in caveats exemptions exceptions -- and blather -- that was back in the old days before the New Standards of G2G Conduct were imposed ... and so it was a trifle heated at times laugh

BUT it IS the best "directive" I've seen.  That outline is given us in Genealogically Defined and it is simple enough for a Newbie to follow and it is easily expandable and inclusive for an Oldie to wield -- "a person is Genealogically Defined when "we have at least one piece of evidence that will lead to the identification of his or her parents, one piece of evidence for each spouse(s), and one piece of evidence for each child."

I do know I can't click "Certain" for any field including marriage if I do not have that qualifying documentation 

HOMEFRONT -- still have fires, smoke, ash, and air pollution warnings due to fires smoke ash .... steel gray skies ... and an off and on heat wave ... 

SCOREBOARD -- another 208 and I'll nail the Club 1000 ... I am COASTING this month, frankly, and unless the Watch List is malfunctioning, I'm holding the line at 2,648 because I'm doing in-laws unto whatever far reaching era I can and then Orphaning them 

I've also noticed my next line up once I finish of Revisions on 2019 is to find all those profiles with ONLY a FaG and then source them ...blush lazy lazy lazy me  ... putting it off to do tomorrow often ends up that tomorrow doesn't get here and it don't get done ... 

I hope everyone is otherwise masked and distancing themselves from the people around them that they don't live with since Jan 2020 -- 

This distancing thing works well for people who aren't "touchy feely" anyway ... but the others who are very much into hugging and holding on are driven nuts by it ... 

by Susan Smith G2G6 Pilot (587k points)

Susan, I'm surprised that there's any heat out there with all the smoke blocking the sun. Maybe it's just trapping all that heat.

What with all the new stuff I'm having to enter, I'm sitting on 1843 contributions. I did get rid of a few hundred off of my watchlist, but it's a never ending battle. I'm still over 3000 there.

Masking everywhere we go!

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Hello from Germany,

where the days get shorter, but we will have a few of warm days coming up. No, I don't complain, as tomorrow I'm going to visit mum again in her rehab and we will go to an Italian restaurant we already know. Maybe my aunt will also come, she's gonna decide tomorrow morning if she feels well enough. 

WikiTree-wise I decided to take a little break of my project and contributed a bit to the current Data Doctor's Challenge. Again an easy one as I chose to clean up German Locations with a wrong character in Birth place. The other effect was that the places on the profiles I cleaned should be historically correct now. That is not always an easy task with German profiles. 

by Jelena Eckstädt G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
Jelena, I have a hard enough time keeping track of my local locations, much less trying to tackle German ones. If only the borders hadn't been so fluid, right? But if it's only a character error, much less of a problem.

Hope your mom is doing better as she progresses through her therapy. This has bee a long journey for her (and you). Enjoy your outing to the Italian restaurant!
The German territory had hundreds, if not thousands of little territories. And to find always the correct territory in the correct time period is a task where German Wikipedia is my very best friend. Sometimes I click back and forth, and go from links to historic territories to links of modern territories and really need quite a time to find the correct naming. But without that I would be completely lost.
Hi Jelena!

How is your mom doing? I hope both of you are staying safe and well! Hugs, Carol
Carol, she is doing quite well. On Thursday the doctor there wrote a prescription that she gets a machine that moves the arm passively to increase the mobility in it on loan for 6 weeks at home. This is a huge move because then she can use it as often and as long as she wants in that time.
Continued good news is always good for a better recovery.
We all are pulling for her.

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