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Hi! I read in the Tudor surname feed that someone was 'verified by _____ test to be related to Henry VIII'  but now I can't find it and the person who made the post has not responded to the message I sent when I read it.

Is there a way to finally once and for all determine if my paternal family is related to the royal Tudors?  I am unable to determine by making trees since records are so hard the further back I go. This has been a family mystery my whole life and I would LOVE to settle it!
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Something which may help you is to add complete sources.  "Family charts" is not really a complete source.  You may wish to go back to your profile, scroll down, and have another look at the message left you by your Greeters.  They have left you several links which you might like to explore before jumping into something like this.
I am going to try and fill in as much as possible as I go along. To be honest, I find WikiTree to be the most convoluted of the family ancestry sites and the pathways are hard on my ADD, lol.

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The only time i remember reading anything about Henry VIII was that he was once one of the defaults in the

I tried putting Tutor-199 in one side and Tudor-4 in the other and it says Miracle (great name by the way) and Henry VIII are 6th cousins 12 times removed. I had to click the link that said use 30 generations

Whether or not that is a 'once and for all determination' I will leave to you. It did seem to use your paternal line.

by Andy Lear G2G6 Mach 1 (12.6k points)
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Thank you! So, using Tutor 203 and Tudor 4, there are connections again, but not a direct parent to child line so I am guessing this is how the 6th cousin 12 times removed things happen?

If that is the case then I would (in theory) using the info you gave me and the info from Ros Haywood, I appear to be related in a cousin well removed way on both my dad's paternal and maternal lines, correct?
Yes, that's where the line branches.
Whew. So, I added all the people on your chart to my ancestry tree. It says William Fox, who has the direct line to the Boleyns, is "husband of aunt of wife of 4th great uncle"
which seems like that would mean we are not actually related by blood, and only marriage. Would that be correct?
That could be. I have only tested on ancestry.

Is it worth testing elsewhere? Do the tests at say, 23andme, go deeper?
Yes to the 'husband of aunt of wife of 4th great uncle' question.  As I mentioned earlier, the Relationship Finder shows blood relations while the Connection Finder shows connections by marriage, siblings, inlaws etc.
I don't think it goes any deeper but i do think it is slightly different. There are some good youtube videos that explain the difference.  I know there are plenty of people that have tested with both and more. I have not tested with any but my feeling is that you won't get much more by testing with more than one place. No doubt others will take a different view :)
It's not so much where you test, but what kind of test you take.  A yDNA test? which goes up the male line only (and which you, being a woman, could not take).  An mtDNA test? which goes up the female line.  An autosomal test? (which won't go far enough back for you).

Read up more about it:

and work your way through all the pages on DNA.

I found the post!  This is what I was curious about...

"I am 28 degrees from Henry VIII Tudor and DNA certified under FTDNA's British Nobles, Barons & Gentry"

So, not a test but some kind of official record...guess I should check that out.

Has anyone done this?

Presumably FTDNA is family tree dna.
You need to go to to check out the British Nobles, Barons & Gentry group, their prices, and so on.

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