How to place adjacent equal signs in a comment on a profile?

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How do I place adjacent equal signs in a profile comment?  I'm trying to do ==Research Notes== but it drops it down to =Research Notes= upon save.  I tried <nowiki>==Research Notes==</nowiki> but that didn't help. I also tried using &equals; but that was taken literally and not interpreted as HTML.
in WikiTree Tech by William Foster G2G6 Pilot (112k points)
retagged by William Foster
Did you try = = Research Notes = = ?
Yes, that is my current workaround, looking to find a way to not have space between the equal signs.

That's weird.  When I enter ==Research Notes== in a comment, all equal signs are stripped and it's converted to bolded '''Research Notes'''

It appears you need spaces around the equal signs to not have it eaten.
William -- I have the solution!  (Well, a solution.)

Back in a few.

Just use this text (you can adjust the pixel size up or down from 150 if you think it's too small or too large) :

[[Image:ADWP-792.png|150px|How to add Research Notes header.]]

That will add this image --

Creative workaround to use a picture!

Gotta do what ya gotta do -- if the other stuff doesn't work, and the choice is to use spaces and add the explanation to NOT use spaces -----------------------------  cheeky

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Use the Entity Number &#61; instead of the Entity Name.

Characters and their entity numbers can be found here.

by Steven Harris G2G6 Pilot (609k points)
selected by Melanie Paul
I think that is the only thing I did not even think to try.  (I tried some other thing with & . . . ; but it didn't work, so I went with creating the image instead.)

Gonna preempt William and select this as best answer.
This fits the bill for Best Answer!
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try putting a space at the start of the line
by Dennis Wheeler G2G6 Pilot (542k points)
but note that well meaning WikiTreers may come along behind you and remove the space, thinking that you intended a heading, instead of literal equal signs -- because that's what the equal signs are usually used for in wiki markup.

you could then use html comments to warn that you intend using literal equal signs to thwart the later edits of well meaning dogooders.

I personally don't think that literal equal signs, as "heading" dividers, look very good (even though I use them all the time in my own plain text documents), when you could just use actual wiki-markup headings.

Try using 3 (or more) equal signs for a true sub-heading in wiki-markup, rather than having it on equal footing with the 2 equal sign headings of Sources and Biography.

Only the poster of a comment can edit that comment.

Melanie, he's not talking about a comment. He's talking about heading dividers in profiles.

edit: ah, I see now he did mention profile comment.

I wouldn't think wiki-markup would even apply to comments on profiles in the first place.

I could see it being used to explain to someone with a locked profile how to place correct headers.
Exactly Melanie, I was trying to put in a comment on someone's profile explaining what to do in the wikimark up of profiles.
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I missed earlier that you were talking about using the text in a comment section on the profile.

What about quoting the text?
"==Research Notes=="

You could also try using html comments, though that looks a bit messy -- but you could span multiple lines so its a little less messy.
==Research Notes==
But this might hide it from the page altogether -- not the desired outcome.

by Dennis Wheeler G2G6 Pilot (542k points)
I tried a few things, except the <!-- one.

I even tried using mspaces, inverted commas for bold and italics.

In every case one of the = was stripped.

(Apologies to William, because I tried a test run on his profile, before realising I could test on my own, then post to his if something worked.  Nothing has thus far.)

sounds like a bug with the wiki markup processing

posting comments on a profile page is a fairly new addition (they used to be along the side, with no formatting)

Pretty much, unless someone else comes up with a solution, William will have to use the = = Research Notes = = with the spaces he was trying to avoid.
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I haven't had a problem using == Research ==.  It wouldn't work for me to not have any spaces at all but seems to work fine with one space on either side of the word.
by Cathy Fahey G2G3 (3.1k points)

Spaces don't work.  the equal signs are stripped and replaced by apostrophes -- so == Research Notes == becomes ''' Research Notes ''' instead.  Before I posted it, then edited it was typed in as == Research Notes == (with a space between the == and the words.

I see!  Sorry about that, I misunderstood.

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