How do I remove the background photo on my Hunter Name Study?

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I feel I should remove the background photo because it does not show the full photo.
in Photos by Carol Sullivan G2G6 Mach 2 (29.4k points)
Replace  it with another image that tiles seamlessly.  (I've seen before on g2g that space pages work differently from profiles.)

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Great question Carol.  It isn't as easy as removing a background image from a profile.  In a profile you just go to edit mode and uncheck the background image box.  With a space page, the background image is set via the image.  If you know where the image is, go to it and on the bottom right, look for the section "Set as background image" and deselect your space page.

If you can't find the photo, just go to any open photo, add your space page to that photo and set the 'new' photo as the space page background image.  This will replace the old image with the new.  Then, simply deselect the new image and then remove the space page from that image and your space page will not have a background image.
by SJ Baty G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
selected by Carol Sullivan

Deselecting the page from the image simply removes the page from the image, not the image from the page.   This is how we have background images that do not show on the side bar. 

This image is on at least two space pages as background, but only one of the pages is on the image (because if you remove all pages/profiles, the image is removed aka deleted.). 

For a space page, you need to select a new image. If no image is wanted, then you need an image that is white.

If Carol wishes, I could add a new image to the space page to replace the one that does not display properly as a background.

If you deselect the image in "Set as Background Image," and then hit the "Set Background" button, the background image most assuredly disappears and you are left with a white background.

No white image upload necessary.

Melanie wrote:

Deselecting the page from the image simply removes the page from the image, not the image from the page.   This is how we have background images that do not show on the side bar. 

This is true for "Set as Primary Photo."  You can deselect the image and it will not appear in the right bar but still be a background image.  But if you deselect it as a background image, it will go away and no background image will remain.

Would you like to demonstrate where that can be done on a space page?

Space page (with map of NY background image):

I add the space page to my source a thon bib image:

I set the bib image as the space page background:

Now I go back to the image and remove it as the background image for the space:

And now the space page has no background image:

So, essentially, you are exchanging the background image for a different background image, but not removing the space page from the second image as was done for the first image.

Not so different from my "white image" suggestion.  I just didn't follow through to where you do not remove the page from the second image, allowing the image to be removed from the page .. yes?
No, you simply deselect the image as the background image and it goes away.  You only need to exchange pics if you can't find the image because it has been saved to a different profile or space than the name it carries.

What I wrote in my original answer is correct: by deselecting the image as the background photo on any space page it will go away and leave a white background.

Consider the last three images.  The space page had a bib photo.  By simply deselecting the bib photo the space page now has a white background.  There is never a need to upload a white photo.
I have deselected the image as background on my space page, and the image remains as the background.  The only way I can remove an existing background image that has previously been deselected is to replace it with a new image (replacing it by adding back the same image didn't work) and then follow the steps already stated.

Space pages need the image in edit mode the way profiles do.  It'd make removing an image much easier - and much easier to explain to those like Carol who run into this problem.
So sorry you're having trouble ☹️

Do you have a link to that space page so we can help you out with it?

If you deselect the background image it will go away. You probably deselected the primary image by mistake not the background image.
Thanks for the star Carol!  Sorry if the message got buried in the commentary.
Not I having trouble. Have simply been experimenting trying to find a solution to the problem with regard to space pages and background images that have been deselected.

My space pages have backgrounds that I want there, but I don't want  the image showing on the right.  Any problem comes after that, if you ever want to remove the image.

Tried it with one, by adding back the image that was there, but had been deselected.  Attempting to remove it did not work, until I exchanged the image with a new one.
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About a year ago, I asked a similar question:  How can I remove a background image from a free-space profile?

In the course of that discussion, some information was provided that is not repeated here, so I am providing the link for anyone who has further interest in the subject.

by Living Kelts G2G6 Pilot (514k points)

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