Should the Holocaust be a Project or an Interest Group or Neither?

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I recently "adopted" a huge gedcom that had been uploaded in 2011, never worked on, and promptly abandoned by a deleted (yes, that's what I said) member.  I discovered that several members of this family died in the Holocaust.  The combination of me just starting out to learn what genealogy is all about and the circumstances led me to think there would be no way to find out anything about these people.

Jillaine came to my rescue - she found an incredible document that is dedicated to sourcing the Holocaust victims specifically in this family - according to the document, 142 of them died in concentration camps.  I'm still working on this family and probably will be for the rest of my life unless some family member (which I am not) wants to take it over.

Anyhow, someone suggested that we should probably have a Holocaust project on WikiTree.  I looked at the help pages - also found that there are interest groups.  I am not a leader, so I can't start a project (see how fast I learn stuff here?) and I really don't want to start an interest group either, but I certainly would participate in either if it existed and I defnitely woud appreciate the support such a group would provide me.
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I do think this is another important group of individuals that need to be treated with care. I would love to see a Holocaust project, much more than an interest group.   If another leader is up for it, I'd be more than willing to co-lead this with them.
I see this was downvoted. As a newbie to Wikitree, I'm curious why this would be objectionable. I agree with Eowyn that this would seem to make a good project.

There must have been enough up votes to counter the down vote you saw, because I'm seeing +1 right now.

I can only guess, but there are a lot of members on WikiTree and everyone is welcome here.  I suppose it's possible that we have a few members who don't share the WikiTree spirit that I have found so overwhelmingly accepting and supportive here.  Perhaps that Iranian nutcase who claims the Holocaust never happened is a member ... or maybe a member of one of the several terrorist organizations that still think Jews have no place in this world.

Anyhow, I wouldn't be bothered by it ... I realize that there is a lot of hatred directed at all sorts of things ... it's not my thing, nor is it at all representative of EVERYONE - without exception - who I have encountered here.

This isn't even my family ...  I started by volunteering to help whittle down the list of unsourced profiles and picked the first one on the US list - his last name began with A.  It turned out that he had a wife, parents, siblings, and children who were all unsourced but not on the list, so I decided to deal with them all.  From there it snowballed and I discovered that there are about 500 of them all from the same gedcom and they are all completely devoid of anything meaningful, either in profiles or sources and there is no profile manager, so I "adopted" them all ... and that's where I got to this point!
Okay, that makes sense; thanks, Gaile. I naively thought that maybe there was some policy or categorization rule that I hadn't seen. But yeah, haters gonna hate. :)

This sounds like a great project. If I weren't so overwhelmed by the Donauschwaben I want to get on here, I would totally volunteer for it.
Thank you, Rose.  I have no clue what the Donauschwaben is, but please don't tell me - I'm running around on too many tangents here already and don't want to hear about anything else that I might feel compelled to do!!!!!  There certainly is plenty of "something for everyone" on WikiTree.

By the way, I'm also very new here - a little over a month - and I'm brand spanking new to the entire topic of genealogy, too.  Most newbies here at least understand what genealogy is all about!
Yes, it earns its status as Project in every way.

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project sounds great.  Having it only be an interest group sounds limited.  For me this is an important time in history and should have the research and respect for families that are relitives of this time.
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Projects replaced "interest groups" a few years ago.

UPDATE: Well, I thought they'd been replaced. 

In any case, what's being described in this thread is clearly a Project. 

Interest Groups have not been replaced; they are aimed at more informal gatherings of people who have something in common. We have one for all the descendents of a certain black smith, users of Mac computers in genealogy research, and for some genealogy societies.

I think this would make a nice project. We can put it on the projects page and hopefully one of our lovely Leaders will take it on.

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