52 Photos Week 38: Birthdays

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in The Tree House by Eowyn Walker G2G Astronaut (2.0m points)

I love the mischievous expression on my brother's face!


This is an awesome photo!

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This is a 1938 photo of my mother Clarice Marvin, and on September 30th we will be celebrating her 100th birthday. We will also be celebrating Reba Stokesberry’s 100th birthday that evening. Reba is the mother of my husband’s friend, and the mother-in-law on my best friend, that I lost four years ago Cathi Burdan. We have a party planed at a large Mexican restaurant, so we can all be together even with social distancing. We will celebrate their lives even though they are deceased. Reba and Clarice both grew up in western Oklahoma, had red hair, went to the same small college their first year, and they had the same exact birthdays.This would be a photo of Clarice about the time they likely knew each other.

by Alexis Nelson G2G6 Pilot (632k points)
selected by Susan Laursen
Your mother sweet Alexia are adorable imagine she would have been 100 this year

Thank you for sharing this wonderful photo
Thank you for your lovely comment Susan. It is amazing to think about the age our parents and other ancestors would be.
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Grandpa was born at the stroke of midnight on 31 December 1910.  Doc asked his parents if they wanted 1910 or 1911?  They chose 1911 because it would always be easy to remember 1 1 11.  And every year thereafter, Grandpa celebrated his birthday on January first.

by SJ Baty G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
Thank you cousin for sharing your granddads birthday I find it  sweet that your grandfather celebrates his birthday in January
SJ—date of birth 1-1-11, what a great birthday to remember! Thank you for sharing this about time in the past when your grandpa’s parents were not looking for tax deductions.
Thanks for the star Mary. I have always felt that all answers in the 52 weeks challenges are best. So while I appreciate your star, I deselected it from my answer.
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I love this picture.  "Lynn" was my mother's cousin.  It must be about her tenth birthday and she's ready to blow out those candles, but it's her sister, Leslie, who is feeling the anticipation.

by Jennifer Gonnuscio G2G6 Mach 3 (30.6k points)
Thank you Jennifer for sharing your wonderful photo of Lynn’s birthday. Leslie is so dear being so excited about her sister’s birthday.
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My gal's mom, Vittoria on her 90th birthday. We spent the whole day at the CNE in Toronto which was an event we did each year on her birthday.

by Ron Raymer G2G6 Mach 4 (49.3k points)
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When my great-grandmother Melanie celebrated her 91st birthday, I was most impressed with the birthday cake that looked like a doll. But no one cut it when I was there (maybe because they did not have a Youtube video showing how to cut a doll cake.) The newspaper reported that "20 out-of-town relatives and friends will join others from this county" at the celebration. And now don't I wish I know who those out-of-towners were!

by Joyce Vander Bogart G2G6 Pilot (182k points)
Joyce thank you for sharing such a wonderful birthday photo. Your great grandmother Melanie is precious. Glad you were able to know her and attend her party.
Thank you for the kind words, Alexis. I have a memoir she wrote when she was 89. I am watching for a chance to share it.
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My mother always made sure to make our birthdays magical.  My brothers and I always got to select the flavor of our cake and we would sit for our birthday photo wearing the birthday hat.  That old hat was used for over fifteen years.  I'm not sure what ever happened to that old hat, but seeing me wearing it for my eighth birthday brought back a bunch of pleasant memories.

Tom Pratt 8th Birthday

by Tom Pratt G2G1 (1.1k points)
edited by Tom Pratt
Is there a picture?
I’m not sure how to get it posted. I thought I followed the instructions, but obviously not.
You have already managed to get your picture from a private page to a public one, which I think is the hard part. Now:

Go to your picture. Put your mouse on the picture. Right click "copy image location."

Come back here to your story. Click "edit."

Click on the picture icon, which looks (with some imagination) like a sun and 2 mountains. This will open a dialog box. In the space for the URL, paste the picture location. Click "save." Good luck.
Thank you!!!
Good job, Tom! I like your hat.
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Simple birthdays were a custom in my family. This is my mom’s 3rd birthday party with her close cousin and her baby brother. I only know her age, because my uncle was a baby. It is the only birthday party photo I could find right now. 

by Missy Berryann G2G6 Pilot (177k points)
Missy thank you for sharing such an adorable photo of your mother’s birthday.
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When I read "Birthdays" I first think of the birthday of the  maternal grandfather of my wife,

Hans Poggensee, born 1 Jan 1900

by Dieter Lewerenz G2G Astronaut (2.3m points)
Oh, no! Not another missing picture!
Problem should be solved now. Sorry, it was a privacy problem.
You will be happy to know that your invisible picture got 2 votes!
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My Aunt Winnie on her 70th Birthday in 1987

by Christine Frost G2G6 Pilot (130k points)
Christine thank you for sharing your happy birthday photo of your aunt Winnie. Her great smile as she cuts her cake is wonderful.
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My great-great grandmother Nancy Alice (Misplay) Lee on her 90th birthday on 1966-12-12 in her home in Chaffee, MO, US.

Nancy Alice (Misplay) Lee on her 90th birthday on 1966-12-12 in her home in Chaffee, MO, US.

by Steve Morman G2G Crew (460 points)
Steve thank you for sharing the lovely birthday photo of your great great grandmother. She certainly looks young for 90, and the the cake and all the presents are beautiful.
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My third birthday, April 1955 (as noted by my mother on the photo). That's me, looking sort of stunned on the right. Sure looks like the '50s!
by Willie Bolick G2G1 (1.2k points)
no picture
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Alice Frances Sheppard's birth is documented on a postcard sent by Allan Sheppard to his wife, Lizzie. The postcard pictures a stork carrying a baby and includes blanks for a birth announcement. Allan wrote:

"Dearest Liz - Gee haint this a cute card. I am going to leave the blanks for you to fill out. So bye - bye Sweetheart."

Lizzie must have later completed the birth information:

Arrived July 7, 1911 Name Alice Shep. Weight 8 Lbs


[https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Sheppard-1276 Allan Lionel Sheppard]

by Living D G2G6 Mach 1 (19.0k points)
edited by Living D
What a wonderful profile for Allen! You've done so much work and it is so interesting! Thank you!
Joyce, thank you for reading the profile.  It is always gratifying after working on a profile, to have someone actually read it.  Thank you!  Pa Sheppard (Allan) died when I was three, and so, I have no memory of him.  But my aunties have vivid recollections of him, and my grandmother provided many stories before she died.  I'm so glad we (Pa's descendants) have the stories.  The history is rich!  Thank you again for reading Pa's profile.
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My grandmother, Oma M Allison-Rammel (1895-1995) and my mother Ruth Ann Rammel-Sims (1918-2006) were both born a day about a week apart ...  there, of course, were many years difference.

GdMa Oma was born 19 June ... Mom was born on the 12th of June ... So, for many years (at least after I was born) they would celebrate their birthdays together.

Below is a photo taken on one of their birthday celebrations ... it is believed to have been about 1985.

Hope I have their genes???? but I have made it to 79 ... so living on borrowed time ... as the song says??

by Bill Sims G2G6 Pilot (119k points)
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I hope it is ok  to add this little bit of important info here now.

I just realized that I told the whole story of this amazing photo of my mom, somehow managing not to mention her name! So, here is me, fixing this accidental injustice:

Stojanka Grozdanov (later married Davidović) ,my beloved Mom, was a renown author, starting her writing career in Yugoslavia, with her first published book of poetry, when she was only 17. I am not sure if she was finishing the Gymnasium or was she already a student of Serbian Language and World literature at the Belgrade University, Faculty of Philology. 

She kept writing and publishing essays, prose and poetry all her life, leaving behind a great body of work, for all the future generations to enjoy. Writing was clearly what she was born to do. It wasn't a profession for her, it was a deep need that she felt, a powerful force within her. I do, and I always will, feel immense pride and awe, just thinking about her life, her amazing talent and all the brilliant books she wrote. 

I lost my beloved mom and my baby's most favorite Grandma, and the world lost one of the most special, one of a kind, best writers for children, on Big Friday, the saddest Christian Holy Day, in 2010.

She is in our thoughts and hearts every single day.


This is my Mom, on her 2nd Birthday. It was the summer of 1942 in small town of Zrenjanin, northern Yugoslavia and the 2nd World War was raging. Zrenjanin was occupied by German Nazi troops, poverty was extreme, killings were happening daily. A 100 locals would be executed for 1 killed German soldier. 50 executed for 1 wounded German soldier. My mom's family was struggling very much, with her mother Mica being a homemaker and mom's dad Milanko working as a saddler - making and repairing any and all gear for horses, from saddles to reins, stirrups, harnesses etc. They struggled for food often but when my mom was turning 2 years old, they decided to take her to a photographer so they have at least one picture of her. Probably because children are dying from all sorts of war-induced diseases all around them. So, this was a very, very special thing, taking the photograph, and since they didn't have nor could afford to buy any nice outfits for her, my grandma Mica and her sisters went to work: they took off some curtains and bleached and washed them, then cut out bits of some table cloths, then one aunt had a piece of lace from her pre-war wedding... and they literally made this absolutely gorgeous princess-like outfit for my mom, out of nothing. I love this photo, not only because mom looks like the cutest little cupcake doll I have ever seen (check out the pose!), like any royal baby I have ever seen... but I love it especially because I know how poor they all were and how much effort, thought and love went into creating this amazing look (with the head bow from aunt's old wedding lace piece) during those horrific times... Evil was all around them but they managed to, all together as a family, create this absolutely gorgeous little ray of sunshine. This will always be one of my most favorite photographs ever. I lost my mom in 2010. This photo is framed on our wall and every time I look at it - it truly warms my heart up.


by Ana Davidović Wijnberg G2G1 (1.5k points)
edited by Ana Davidović Wijnberg
This is an incredible story and a beautiful picture. Thank you so much for sharing!
Thank you very much Joyce. I am glad you too appreciate the amazing story behind the photo and the little princess on it.

I forgot to add in the original post a lovely detail I noticed: around  her left wrist there is a piece of red thread tied as a bracelet. That is an ancient custom - the red thread is "for joy" and as a protection from any evil forces. Especially during those horrible war times when many children didn't survive their first year, tying this red thread also meant to protect a healthy baby from any illness and even nasty looks a.k.a. a stink eye, someone might give the baby :)

Thank you again for your comment!
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It's me laugh my first birthday, 5 April 1981.

by Isabelle Huth G2G6 Mach 1 (12.7k points)
Two cakes!

Yes, a lot of guests winksmiley

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