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I have entered several pre-1700 profiles from my Torne family, starting with Kuitu-5 and proceeding up his tree to Kippa-9. All on the Swedish side of the Torne.   

I am using: Kuoksu, Erik, Birkarlssläkter från Övre Tornedalen 1539-1800, Lulu Press, Angered, Sweden, 2008  for a reference.

Kuoksu uses primary sources. 

the IDs are Kuitu-5,_Heikkilä-197,_Kippa-6,_Kippa-7,_Kippa-8,_Kippa-9

Any comments or suggestions will be gratefully received. Thank uou in advance.

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You should include the parish names too. I did a search and found that Juoksengi is in Övertorneå. If this is correct, Övertorneå should be added to the profile places.
I think this should also be tagged Finland. Even if records for Övertorneå are in Sweden, the names and the naming practices are Finnish.

I added the Finland tag.

A summary of the book (in Swedish) can be found here:

He has been published in the Swedish genealogy magazine "Släkt och hävd" so it would seem that he is a good researcher and a well known genelogist for that area, there are many books written by him listed at Libris.

And I am terribly sorry to say it but you have his name spelled wrong on Kuitu-5, it is not Kuosku, it should be Kuoksu. I have edited the source on Kuitu-5 but you may want to check the other profiles using this source.


First of all, thank you for your reply, and for the added tag.

Now there is another problem. Over at the Finland Project, someone opined that married women in parts of Finland practiced different systems in different parts of the country. Since the Torne region in pre 1800 was essentially Finnic speaking (Meänkieli) but remote from central Finland, I wonder what the naming convention was?

That is a good question! I was referring to Sweden pre 1800s, not Finland. If they lived by Finnish laws, then they definitely need to clarify.
There are exceptions, but mostly the women did not use married names until the 20th century. Follow the sources. ;)
Married names, no. But did they use a new farm name if they moved to marry? The sources, like household examination records, list the farm name and then their first name and (maybe) where they moved from.
Juha, “follow the sources” does not always help. Birth records  do not always include last names, (mostly) only those of the parents. If the father had a family name, the children do not always use it.  Household Examinations do not always include last names. That is why people ask if there are particular “rules.”

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Hello John, 

I have never heard of that source. So I do not think I can help you. I use RiksArkivet (free website) and ArkivDigital (paid site). Does that source use images of actual parish records? Do you have links to the sources?

What kind of help are you looking for? You need more information and sources in your profiles. I can help you find them, but I would use the sources I noted.

Please let me know what kind of help you need.


by Missy Berryann G2G6 Pilot (226k points)
Thank you for your replies. I will change the farm names to AKAs and add the parish names. Erik Kuoksu is a specialist in Tornedalen genealogy with an emphasis on Birkarl lines. As I said, he uses primary sources in his research, and researches on site with access to non-digitized materials. The specific references are missing from the PDF version of his book that I purchased. He has reference numbers in the text so my guess is that he didn't include the references for cost sake.

The suggestions that you gave were exactly the sort of advice I was looking for. Thank you again.


Hello John,

I am happy that we were able to help you. If you have any other questions that we did not touch upon, then please feel free to ask.

Good luck! Researching pre-1700 Sweden is not easy. wink

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I did notice that you are using married names for the women. In Sweden pre-1800s, women did not take their husband’s last names. So they need to be changed back to their last names at birth.
by Missy Berryann G2G6 Pilot (226k points)
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Kuoksu is a good researcher, but secondary sources can always have errors. I added some sources to Henrik and his wife and was able to correct the death date for Brita.

Here is a great resource I use a lot when looking for the correct source repositories in the Torne Valley.
by Juha Soini G2G6 Pilot (122k points)
Thank you for your help. Of course, it is best to follow up secondary sources with original documents, where possible.

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