variation of name Flükiger Flickinger Fluekiger Flueckiger Fleckinger

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I have found so many variations on the Swiss name Flükiger and many are not even trying to link them together. The unlaut ü and ue do NOT sort together so if this is your name. Flükiger
Fleckinger  You get the idea.... almost any variation .... but they aren't sorting together like Bauman & Baumann  or Schmidt ... names without umlauts. So DO SEARCH for many different spellings.  I see several names that probably SHOULD attach somehow.  I wouldn't have any idea if it's even possible to change the search program....

I think the WIKI name given at birth & name at end is a good idea.... Everyone born in Switzerland will have the ü....  He may be born Johanne Müller but when he lands in the USA he's probably Johnny Miller

I would guess all the i's or e's are English. The F word with an U ooo isn't close to a naughty word in German. taking out the L, the naughty word is spelled with an I (ick) in German, with an U in English. E would be safe in either language!
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Definitely something I have not given thought to not having many immigrants among the familial lines but there is an ü included in the Special Characters -- that thing there shaped like a horseshoe ....  

I'm not sure how they do it when creating a profile

 I suppose one could open a G2G post note like this one and open then the horseshoe thing and at the same time on the other window or tab you could copy and paste the "foreign letters" over into the new profile ...

 this WT site handles chinese ideograms? and arabic swirls  and a number of other alphabets like greek and such that  I have noted so a modest umlat should not bother  the computer 

You should add those variations in the Other Last Names field, so they will show in a Search.
It's only thanks to a great Swiss WIKItreer Sam Zschokke that I know I HAVE an ancestor with a Flügiker name.... but then checking DNA cousins at Ancestry, MyH, 23&me etc I discover relatives with so many different ways to spell this. With my line I have NO one with this last name to put up.... Just noticed that on a WIKI search each of these strange variations has a different clump to names.  One can't expect German language WIKItreers to guess every possible way English language folks will have changed the original name. I guess I'm just saying I you don't know exact dates of birth (where WIKI will find other similar names) Americans should experiment with the names they're looking for.  c before k, n before gs probably added to the original. Umlauts taken out, i & e might have been u's etc.

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