Can a checkbox for "Never Married" be added?

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I wish there was a box to check, while creating a new profile, that says “Never Married.” If you simply leave the spouse blank, it looks like information is missing. This probably results in a lot of people searching, trying to find spouses that don’t exist.

in WikiTree Tech by Thomas Odell G2G1 (1.8k points)
Funny, I was coming to G2G today to address this very issue! I ask the question differently, so will continue on, but it's spooky seeing such a similar question asked ...

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You can add this information in the next step.

Go to edit, spouses, add/edit and scroll all the way down, to last button is 'has no spouse'. Click that and the question to add a spouse disappears.
by Michel Vorenhout G2G6 Pilot (255k points)
selected by Richard Devlin
When set, it will show up as the word “Unmarried” under the Spouse section when in edit mode for a profile.

When you are positive/certain enough that 'unmarried' is appropriate, it is great to take that extra step and signify that on the profile---it is also great to go ahead and check the "No Children" box when appropriate. 

Steps like those have ripple effects. For instance, when you look at a person's descendants and see a family group with 7 children--but only 6 of them have children of their the 7th child incomplete???? or if you see something like this

  1. Maddalena Andreola ancestors (12 Nov 1877 - 20 Sep 1889) [unmarried] [no children]

 you will have Much more clarity!

This is good information, I just wish the unmarried choice was easier to find. I thought it would be best if it was available on the profile creation page.
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I'm not sure I see the benefit. If someone has never been married, that assertion and the evidence supporting it should be discussed in the narrative bio. If it is, then others reading the profile will be aware of it and, if they find the evidence convincing, not bother searching for a spouse. If the evidence is not discussed in the narrative bio or the evidence is not convincing, then it makes sense for others to research the issue, regardless of whether a "never married" checkbox is checked. The key is the discussion/evidence in the narrative bio, not a checkbox.
by Chase Ashley G2G6 Pilot (254k points)
Actually, that box already exists, though it is hidden. When you click on "Add Spouse", on the next screen you have the option of either entering information for a spouse or to click a box near the very bottom that says "XXX has no spouse". Once you do this, "unmarried" appears on the edit page next to "add spouse", and in the public view the line for a spouse disappears.
As C-H and others have pointed out, "never married" already exists on WT. Its primary use in my experience is to get rid of the annoying "spouse?" link on babies who died.
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There already is. Go to edit spouse and you have a choice; I Add Spouse II Unmarried. Click on unmarried and it jumps to the bottom where you can click on “ has no spouse”
by Joe Farler G2G6 Pilot (133k points)

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