Please provide help with pre-1500 profiles Geste-9,10,11,12 and Hawkes 1108, 1110

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Need help with estimating birth and death of pre-1500 profiles listed in above question
in Genealogy Help by Barbara Guess G2G Crew (310 points)
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add Pre-1500 as a tag, as well as tags with each surname
Geste-9 has estimates in the biography, perhaps the other profiles do too?

It looks like you found this information on Page 489 of vol. 1 1836 of Burke's book. This is a space page with online links for all the volumes of Burke's Genealogical and Heraldic History

Burke's source has mixed reactions as to reliability for sourcing information. 

Burke's is not accepted as a reliable source for pre-1500 profiles.  See this page for some alternatives:
Thanks, Ros, I thought it wasn't but there are multiple Peerage sources.

Barbara, It is not advisable to purposely be creating profiles, that are Pre-1500 when you are not Pre-1500 Certified.  Some of these profiles are clearly Pre-1500 based on the information in the profiles.
I created these profiles over a year ago but suddenly there is a problem. I have been careful with the documentation of these ancestors as far as I was able to ascertain mostly from Burke.  Burke is not perhaps the best source but he is not considered to be a fraud.  I don't believe what I have located in Burke is fraudulent information, and it is corroborated by other sources.  What is recorded by Burke fits in with my subsequent ancestry.  I asked for help with these profiles, not a tongue lashing about what I should or should not have done.  If I cannot use before or after 1500 as birth dates or estimates, what can be entered on the profiles?

If I cannot use before or after 1500 as birth dates or estimates, what can be entered on the profiles?

If you are not pre-1500 certified the answer would be "nothing."  Only members who are certified for pre-1500 profiles can edit or create them.

Please review the help pages regarding pre-1500 profiles:

I would recommend that you focus on post-1500 profiles and for those that are between 1500 and 1700, develop some very well and then apply for the pre-1500 badge.

If you have other sources for those profiles, it should be added as a comment on the profiles.  There are stricter guidelines on creating Pre-1500 Profiles, which is why we can no longer create or import a profile with a Pre-1500 date, unless you are certified as such.

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I've added tags for medieval and England.  Thanks to SJ for adding estimated DOBs.  Barbara, it would be good if you would locate reliable sources for these profiles that you have created.  Since you aren't pre-1500 certified, you can't do anything with the profiles.  As such, it would be best if you would orphan them and have a pre-1500 certified person as the PM.  You will remain on the trusted list and be notifed of any change or discussions on the profiles.  As it stands at present, no one is going to know (and therefore respond) to any notes or comments on the profiles.  You would need to post on G2G, with a link to the profile, with any reliable sources and information from them to request a pre-1500 certified member to add/change information on the profile.

As Ros mentioned, Burke's is not considered a reliable source for pre-1500 profiles.  No one said that it is fraudulent, we just agree that it is not reliable.  We have higher standards for pre-1500 profiles and thus provide lists of what are considered reliable sources.  While you can reference Burke's, it is not an acceptable source unto itself for these profiles.

Your efforts and work are appreciated, and you are welcome to participate with pre-1500 profiles through posting here on G2G or posting comments to pre-1500 profiles where the PM and those on the trusted list will see your comment(s) and can respond.  It's always best to be sure to tag your G2G post with medieval, pre-1500, and the country where the person lived in order to bring your post to the attention of a maximum amount of project members.

Darlene - Leader, Medieval Project and European Aristocrats Project

by Darlene Athey-Hill G2G6 Pilot (476k points)
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Barbara, this may be of interest to your research

"Pyddoke Family of Handsworth"

and this regarding pre-1500 research
by Steve Hunt G2G6 Mach 2 (24.6k points)

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