New tool to create copy-paste references for (Dutch) WieWasWie documents

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WieWasWie is a great free source for Dutch primary sources such as civil registrations of birth, marriage and death. Search is available in Dutch and English. Using WieWasWie as a source for WikiTree profiles requires some boring typing in of the essential data into the profile sources section, or copying a full result page and editing that text to include links to the archives.

Now, a simple free tool is available to create pre-formatted references you can simply copy-paste as an inline source.

You can find the tool at If you want to learn more, please visit the Free Space page.

The website will be extended in the near future with some smarter tools. One focuses on getting suggestions for linked WikiTree profiles and/or documents for the people in a WieWasWie document. Follow the instructions to become a beta tester for that tool.

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Many of the members of the Netherlands only follow the former tag dutch_roots, so I think you might add that tag to this thread. If adding is not possible due to limited number of tags you could remove the templates tag as your (much appreciated!) tool has no relation to WT templates.

Yeah, I ended up with about 10 tags ;). Thanks for your help, as always appreciated.
Great tool, Michel. Will definitely be very useful.

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Great tool, Michel!

Can't wait to see extended functions. like being able to store settings (like preferred data formatting) and word processing templates (substituting parameters by values in the wiewasiwe data) on your server.
ago by Jan Terink G2G6 Pilot (201k points)


Your generated bio

Neeltje Johanna Seisener was born on 1859-04-13 in Utrecht as the child of Hendrik Daniel Seisener and Johanna Geertruida van Casteel.

<ref name="BSGe86110">Burgerlijke Stand Geboorte 1859, Utrecht, Utrecht, Nederland. Akte 576 (1859-04-14), [ Het Utrechts Archief] accessed via [ WieWasWie Permalink]</ref>

Neeltje Johanna Seisener passed away on 1902-08-19 in Utrecht.
<ref name="BSOv29469">Burgerlijke Stand Overlijden 1902, Utrecht, Utrecht, Nederland. Akte 1271 (1902-08-20), [ Het Utrechts Archief] accessed via [ WieWasWie Permalink]</ref>

<references />

Reformatted (changes in blue):
Neeltje Johanna Seisener was born on April 13, 1859 in Utrecht, with parents Hendrik Daniel Seisener and Johanna Geertruida van Casteel.

<ref name='''Birth''' - "BSGe86110">Burgerlijke Stand Geboorte 1859, Utrecht, Utrecht, Nederland. Akte 576 (1859-04-14), [ Het Utrechts Archief] accessed via [ WieWasWie Permalink]</ref>

Neeltje Johanna Seisener died on August 19, 1902 in Utrecht.
<ref name="BSOv29469">'''Death''' - Burgerlijke Stand Overlijden 1902, Utrecht, Utrecht, Nederland. Akte 1271 (1902-08-20), [ Het Utrechts Archief] accessed via [ WieWasWie Permalink]</ref>

<references />

Thanks for the suggestion. You are one step further than most are I reckon.

Getting more options for the formatting is high on the list indeed.
Supplemented with Jan's suggestions, it would be perfect.  You can then immediately see which source it is.

The type of document is inside the name. BS: Burgerlijke Stand. Ge: Geboorte. I can extend it, making it longer though.

Adding a descriptor to the generated text for the inline reference is for sure possible. My first question would be which format is most preferred though. I have seen many types of reference styles used and got feedback that some do prefer to copy the full entry instead. It might be nice to have multiple options, so one can choose... that is one the list (but not too high).

If you want to work on testing the rest of the text that Jan is showing: become a beta tester wink

The format I use in the text (in the link) is: Type of document, Name(s) place and date.  For example: Geboorteakte Jan Jansen, Amsterdam 01-02-1903 or Ondertrouw inschrijving Piet Pietersz en Jannetje Jansse, Rotterdam 01-01-1686. Behind the link I mention where it comes from.  For WieWasWie this is more laborious than for example for  So this tool is very welcome.
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Werkt prima Michel, bedankt!
ago by Joop van Belzen G2G6 Mach 9 (94.9k points)
Dank je
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Nice job! I'll give it a try. I normally use the Auto Text Expander extension in Chrome to make a inline references, but must jump back and forth to get the details.

The ref names look complex to me, would it be possible to set them to "Birth" and "Death" only? With marriages a key with the year and/or record number can be needed to allow for multiple marriages.
ago by B. W. J. Molier G2G6 Mach 4 (49.4k points)
The generator for the name needs something to start with. Just 'marriage' will collide as sometimes you have multiple of those in one profile. So I just added a part of the document ID to it.(It is not meant to be readable, it should be unique in my view).

I simply copy the identifier tag, add a / to it and use that for as a repeat inline reference in one profile.

Changing the name-id to another identifier is possible, but it needs to be something that is present in all documents. WieWasWie is not consistent at all unfortunately, as all archives use different templates in VeleHanden and besides the Burgerlijke Stand records there are many many others as well (census, DTB, passenger lists)... If you know if something that all records have that you prefer, please let me know.

Agreed on the marriages, but there is only one Birth (and/or Baptism) viz Death (Burial). This is a profile I created with your formatter, with a few tweaks: Oosthof-16

It works great! I was wondering if the bottom part of the screen could present the names in the record, so I could copy them in one click. I'm very lazy laugh

Can you be a bit more explicit on "present the names in the record"?

When all works fine you should see a table with the names and data taken from the wiewaswie page (used as a check).

You expect/would like something else?

Yes, all works fine! I would like to copy the names only. So for instance, the URL results in a table:

Name Gender Role Profession Birth Date Birth Place Age Individual
Fenne Vrouw Kind None None None None
Karssijn Kornelius None Vader None None None None
Fenne Siewerts None Moeder None None None None


This is great, but I'm lazy (I admit) and copy this table to the profile, where I start to delete all the text from the other columns, so I end up with the names of the people involved and build my bio from there.
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Nice tool, it works perfectly
ago by Enoch Stuivenberg G2G6 Mach 4 (43.1k points)

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