Why is Richard Goorich (goodrich-120) of Guilford, CT shown as a descendant of many nobles and royalty?

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I descend from Richard Goodrich of Guilford; however on his Wiki profile page I see no proof that he is descended from Richard Goodricke and Muriel Eure.  Though when I check my relationship to other Wikitreers through the Relationship Finder, I invariably come up with noble and royal lines.

Guess I'm picky because I want all connections to be proven with primary documentation.

His daughter Mary Goodrich married John Bailey of Guilford, New Haven Colony.

Also, have the same problem with my ancestor the Scottish soldier William Munroe (Munroe-10) who was transported to North America (Massachusett Colony) about 1657ish after the Battle of Worcester during the English Civil War.  Shipping of several hundred if not thousands of POW's was undertaken on Cromwell's orders which for Munroe began several years as an indentured servant.

Munroe's father has uncertain status.  Even the 'uncertain' status for his parents, still links William Munroe to Scottish nobility.  Which, from what I read on his profile page, is a bit iffy.

Would love for it to be so but .... again it's the primary documentation for his father that needs to be found.

I do find William Munroe fascinating - gets plopped down amidst people who to some extent had been in the MA Bay Colony for at least 25 plus years and Englishmen and women to boot!

William Munroe was recently highlighted in the DAR magazine _The American Spirit_ because he was a Scottish POW and at least 15 of the men at Lexington in April of 1775  had the surname 'Munroe'.  

Soldier Munroe had about 13 children with 2 wives and at least 11 of those lived to marry and have children.

My line is Elizabeth Munroe who married Thomas Rugg and their dau. Elizabeth married at Lancaster, MA, William Johnson who was from Lexington, MA.

William Johnson, I and Elizabeth's son William II m. Dorcas Chamberlain.  William II or Jr. commanded a militia unit out of Willington, CT at the Lexington Alarm.  However, by the time they made their way to MA, the British were on the run.

William Johnson, II can be used for membership in the DAR and the SAR.


Linda Alcott Maples (alcott-171)
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Great that you want better documentation. Unfortunately on Wikitree even connections marked as "uncertain" still get used in the Relationship and Connection finders. And there are still many completely unsourced profiles from the old GEDCOM import days on the tree that are also leading to wrong connections. This means that, for me, the Relationship and Connection finders are not really very useful other than possibly as "hint generators".

I would tend to agree that there is no evidence that Goodrich-120 is the son of Goodricke-1. The 1889 publication cited in support on the profile of Goodrich-120 merely states that he "may" be the Richard who accompanied a John Goodrich, son of Richard Goodrich and Muriel Evans (not Eure), to Virginia in 1635. The source for John Goodrich is a family genealogy prepared in 1819 and thus of doubtful validity. It seems peculiar to me that someone who went to Virginia in 1635 should settle in Connecticut in 1639, though perhaps not impossible.
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Hi Anonymous Geschwind,

Thanks for your answer.  I believe the misinformation may have come out of the _Goodrich Family of America_ (author's name eludes me).  This book is not very well sourced and some have stated that it has a lot of misinformation.

Guess I'd better do my own research or ask a certified genie to do a few lookups on Richard Goodrich of Guilford, CT.


Linda Alcott Maples (alcott-171)

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