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Today, I find a new "suggestion" to attend to - one of my profiles sports the top level category - "American Revolution"

As there are over 13500 profiles with this category; are we seriously suggesting that every single one of those profiles must be re-examined to identify the individual actions or situation in which each individual was involved? I don't see where this particular John Ross, an important financier would fit into the existing subcategories anyway; nor would the flag making Betsy Ross who is also connected with this family.

While I do understand the present activities of the Categorization Project to layer their category levels, may I suggest that, in this instance, the category be left as it is, and perhaps another "Battles fought in the American War of Independence" top level category could be created and linked to better serve the very interesting process of identifying just who fought where. Tracing the movement of men through the struggle for independence is very useful in the development of profiles; and leaving the present category  "American Revolution'' untouched provides a brilliant portrait of the whole campaign itself.
WikiTree profile: John Ross
in Policy and Style by Valerie Willis G2G6 Pilot (119k points)

This suggestion hit a bunch of us this week. I was one and had that suggestion, too. I'll share with you the link which was shared with me to the fairly new 1776 page which might help you rework your sticker so your suggestion is corrected. 

Thanks, I'll wait and see what else surfaces, I have many profiles involved in this period on both sides.

It was his  "participated in the 1776 American Revolution" sticker that triggered the suggestion to decamp from a top level category. A random survey of those listed on the American Revolution category pages reveals that they all display one or other of the varieties of 1776 stickers listed, rather than a category link. "Participated in" no longer features as a suggested alternative so I'll explore other categories on offer.
Just a note, this was an action directed by the 1776 Project and not something undertaken by the Categorization Project.
Steve, it confuses me that projects and categorization are not coordinated. As I mentioned on the other recent thread about the 1776 suggestions, the hardest part of using a template (particularly the military templates) is getting the category right so it would make sense, to me, that they would work together.
Nelda, please don't confuse my statement as an indication of no collaboration taking place. My post was directed at Valerie's comment that indicated that this was an activity undertaken by the Categorization Project in order to layer the category levels (which it was not).

In this case, the 1776 Project is working to correct years worth of template errors and SJ (Leader of 1776) and I have been routinely collaborating on how I (as a co-Leader of Categorization and Template Projects) can assist him with these tasks.

The first step was to correct the sticker (previously Template:1776, now Template:1776 Sticker) that was causing many of the category errors. In short, the original Template:1776 placed profiles into the high-level American Revolution category that was never really intended to hold profiles on a permanent basis. These profiles were intended to be investigated and moved into further subcategories as needed, but when that never happened, the category flooded and now contains over 13,000 profiles.

In the new Template:1776 Sticker, the category addition to profiles is heavily monitored and provides error-checking to prevent these types of issues.

So now that the root cause has been addressed, the task is underway to clear out the American Revolution category by fixing the stickers on each profile. To help with this, American Revolution was added to the Top Level category list in order to identify suggestions on profiles that changes are needed.

Gotcha! Good to read you are working together.

Assume it is when you see this many changes, folks! We'd appreciate it. And do not forget that people outside the project make changes as well (and some of those could possibly be incorrect.)
OK - thanks all; caught up with the whole 1776 sticker thing; John Ross (as above) has now got a 1776 Civil Service sticker.

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edited--should have been comment rather than answer.
by Nelda Spires G2G6 Pilot (589k points)

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