I suspect someone was having a bit of fun at WikiTrees expense

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The profiles of Wizaerd Mainkao and his daughter, Edimame Soy Hustings (Hustings-3) are too clever.  Brother Crayon Parsnip. Profiles created in 2016 by Living McLeod, all unsourced. No action since then.

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WikiTree profile: John Huntly
in The Tree House by Jo Gill G2G6 Pilot (135k points)
retagged by Sarah Mason

https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Hustings-3 May once have been a real person - if you check the change log for merges.

No merges. Initial search for Hustings-3 unsuccessful.

But really - Edimame? Crayon?  Maybe the parents were hippies.  

The only one that could be a person is the mother Paxton-474.  But she died on Proxima Centauri B, which is kinda far out. Two people, Joe Cochoit and Terry McClintock, deleted the more outrageous info in 2016.

18 Nov 2016

for Edimame Hustings (1901-abt.1968). (Merged Huntly-33 into Hustings-3: Bafley)


First Name
- Edyth
Current Last Name
- Huntly
Melanie, The merge makes no sense at all - at least to me.  How can this be resolved?
Jo, we (collectively -- maybe the Scotland Project?) probably need to follow Paul's trail and unearth the original couple.

I don't have access to ancestry, but I do know how to look stuff up on Scotland's People (if I have a starting point, at least) - and there's always family search.
It sounds like someone intentionally damaged the profiles, but I don't want to cast accusations out without proof. But to do something like that to a profile takes time and effort, so it just feels like their goal was to erase work they did - possibly as they exited from WikiTree. Either way, it's sad to tear up good profiles like that.
I'd say you are right on.  When someone replaces profile text with "poo", it's not good; and Yes, Living McLeod's account was closed.  We can Undo, Undo, Undo.  But the merge is a problem.  

I'm hoping the Big Dogs handle it. I scared.
I've changed the 3 last names at birth back to Huntly - and added birth registrations for Edyth and James/Jack.

Goodbye Edamame and Crayon.  wink

I'm not finding a marriage record for Jane/Jean Paxton to a Huntly.  (There is a marriage between a Marion Huntly and a Robert Paxton, in Dunbar.  It wouldn't be the first time brother and sister married sister and brother.)
I hope nobody minds, but I removed the Parsnip tag so I could add the Scotland tag to this.
@ Sarah - I think "hustings" can go, too, and maybe unknown (because they aren't unknown).

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Looking at the change history of the profiles before somebody tried to disguise them by merging and changing names, they originally represented a husband John Huntly born about 1900 and his wife Jean Paxton who died in about 1965 in Dunbar, Scotland, plus their 2 children.

On Ancestry there is a tree for John Huntly born 1884 in Dunbar, Scotland who married Jane Paxton in 1927 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Jane died in 1966 in Dunbar, Scotland. Their children are Edyth Huntly (1927-2015) and Agnes Nancy McLeod (1932-2013). Since the profiles were created by "Living McLeod" I suspect this might be who the profiles originally represented. However I don't have access to Scottish records to check the accuracy of any of the facts.

by Paul Masini G2G6 Pilot (288k points)
Thanks, Paul.  I kind of fell into a different couple of rabbit holes.
Oy Vey! What a mess.  Fixing this is beyond my ken.  Does it help if the merge is undone.  I understand Admin can do that.
I have access to ancestry, so I can look there.  Also, we could restore data back to the original entry re: Paul Huntly.
Well, I've adopted the profiles.  Just let me know if anyone wants on the Trusted Lists -- and tell me what we are to be fixing.
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Someone clearly regretted posting information about his recent family. Perhaps it would be better just to erase the profiles.
by C. Mackinnon G2G6 Pilot (301k points)

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