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Breaking news on Viking DNA: from Roberta Estes' blog:

442 Ancient Viking Skeletons Hold DNA Surprises – Does Your Y or Mitochondrial DNA Match? Daily Updates Here!

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Darin, Roberta appears to be posting the sample's terminal SNPs as they become available. These are either preliminary analysis, as upstream SNPs can be determined quickly, or as far downstream as they are able to be matched with the currently tested kits.
Awesome! Thank you!
It appears that these are showing up at as well. I think it is a little easier to see there.
Darin, are you sure? yfull typically updates their tree only once per month.


Yes, I did not see these the other day when I was looking.  Check out the I-P109 page. Up until recently there were only two ancient DNA samples


Thanks for pointing those out!
Well that was cool – I have a mtDNA: T2b24 match with Sample: VK332 / Oland_1088 Location: Oland, Sweden.

Mapping tool to look at the 442 Viking Samples:

 You tube comment from one of the authors

I'm a G Haplogroup at the 111 marker --predicted 


FamilyTreeDNA Discover - Y-DNA Haplogroup G-Z39674

I thought it was interesting that the K36 Oracle at YourDNAPortal noted me to two Viking skeletons in Sigtuna - Sweeden which was a Viking Town and York Britain which was a Viking Town. The Lombards originated in Northern Germany/Denmark zone including modern-day Denmark. Viking Territory and it fits in with my YDNA. I doubt if I'll match up to any YDNA samples but if anyone sees anything interesting in the samples, please let me know. There were only two G Haplogroup Viking Skeletons found that I know of.












Admix 2 Oracle







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While not typically discussed, Vikings were slave traders as well as prominent sea men, raiders and warriors.

Dublin, Ireland in particular was the largest Viking Slave port in Western Europe.  The existence of Celtic DNA in Viking territory, does not mean those people were necessarily Vikings as commonly understood, but rather part of the larger population of thralls.
by Andrew Ross G2G6 Mach 3 (37.6k points)

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