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When I place an image in the body of one of my profiles, I always delete it from the right side of my screen to avoid duplication (I go to People & Things in Image mode, click on "Remove from Image," and save).  It always works...I can then have images in the body of my narrative that that I do not want showing up on the right side of my screen.  However, I have run into a situation (Pym-5) where this same procedure deleted all my photos in the body of my biography, as well.  Is this a glitch in this profile, perhaps?  I will have to upload photos again and will be reluctant to do my usual deletion process and just live with the duplication.  Not sure, but thought I would put it out to G2G tech...  Thanks

in WikiTree Tech by Pamela Lohbeck G2G5 (5.8k points)

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When you upload an image, you do it to a page.  The page can be a profile page or a free space page.  You can then attach the image to other pages if you wish.

As long as the image is attached to at least one page, it remains on WikiTree and can be linked from within the body of the narrative.  If you remove all pages attached to the image, then the image will be deleted.  That would be why it no longer is displayed in the body where you linked it.

I share your feeling about wanting to place images at the position in the narrative where they are relevant and I don't like to see them marching down the right side in no logical order.  My solution is to create a space page that I use only to store images.  I do *NOT* attach other pages to any of the images, but I do link them from the body of whichever profile(s) are appropriate.
by Gaile Connolly G2G Astronaut (1.0m points)
Ah, thank you, this is very helpful!  I will create a FSP moving forward and my problem will be solved!
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If a photo is not attached to any profile, it will be deleted from WikiTree after 30 days (I believe).  The system thinks you are deleting the photo, but gives you 30 days to change your mind.  What you are doing actually will not work, as all of your photos will eventually be deleted from WikiTree.

I, like you, do not like the photos in the right hand column and generally just want to embed them in the biography where I want them.  The solution is to create one or more free space pages to hold your photos which you can then use on any other profile.  They won't be deleted since they are associated with the free space page.  For example, I have free space pages just for coats of arms I create, one for gravestones, one for backgrounds I like, one for family photos, and one for miscellaneous photos.

by Joe Cochoit G2G6 Pilot (233k points)
Very helpful and clearly problem is solved!  Thank you.

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