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WikiTree profile: Pip Sheppard
closed with the note: Adieu! Until next weekend!
in The Tree House by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (2.4m points)
closed by Pip Sheppard
When you take a DNA test, the percentages are there.
Gotcha, I thought this was a WikiTree analytics thing.  Yes I got an updated analysis of mine which made more sense - lot more French and removed the Scottish of which we have NONE.  It hasn't told me more than I already knew, though, even though I was hoping for something interesting.
Way more Scotland than me, Doug. I’m jealous!
Peggy, the ancestor of my Arkansas Neals served in the Civil War from North Carolina. This family is a moving target, so for some of them I’m having a hard time finding sources. Big gaps in the census records! Most of these folks landed in a cluster of rural counties around New Edinburg.

Thank you for your very kind words. Made my day!
He DNA may be diluted,mChris, but I’m still getting you a kilt! You’d look great in one.
I take back the no Scotland - I have no Scotland documented, but Ancestry says I have some:

Germanic Europe  41% (my mother)

France.                   22% (my father both Acadian and Quebecois)

Eastern Europe & Russia  11%

England & NW Europe      10%

Scotland                            10%

Ireland                                3%

Norway                               3%
Cindy, does this match your paper trail?
I have no Scottish, Ireland or Norway known.   My fathers family is french back to 1620, mothers is all German, but the German records are spotty due to info lost during wars so some eastern Europe could be there.  Also looking at my fan chart, there are a few English people, a few from Belgium, one from Spain and a few natives.  So maybe these could explain those small percentages.  Out of thousands that are known back 12 generations, it's just a tiny number of people though.
Not sure why the Scottish is as high as it is although it is in the margin of error for this type of calculation. In the paper trail it is all on my Dad's side and that is where I also have documented Irish and Welsh. Maybe some from one brick wall line that a number of us have DNA matches to but no documentation (no birth or marriage record found in any of the likely parishes). Someday the kilts will come.

I did a comparison among Ancestry new percentages, FTDNA and 2 reports run out of GedMatch.

Different utilities measure admixture in different ways. Some focus more on ancient admixture (e.g., Eurogenes Hunter-Gatherer), some focus more on recent admixture. Additionally, some utilities are better than others for certain populations. ...

 The three biggest problems with all of these utilities are:

a.) the lack of representation of a lot of world populations,

b.) the under-representation of other populations, and

c.) some populations are so intermixed, that it can be difficult to differentiate between them with current technology.

(the above taken from an answer concerning the admixture tool on GedMatch)

My known paper genealogy is

25% Scottish (little to no English, any there is went to Scotland before 1600) almost all from Aberdeenshire area..

12.5% French Moselle area (which has Germanic importation once again before 1600) 

50% Germanic / Austrian All over the place...

12.5%  Swiss  


Ancestry's new version

41% Germanic Europe    

27% Scotland            

27% England & Northwestern Europe    

3 % Ireland  

2%  Wales                       


For fun I want to compare what I get out of the same DNA from other labs This next one is from FTDNA Note their British Isles overlaps to Northern France and Germany

99% European                                          

57% British Isles                                      

36% West and Central Europe                   

6% Iberia                                                    

Trace Results

<1% Finland                                                  


GedMatch Eurogenes:  Here is an explanation of how their admixture tools work  Finally! A Gedmatch Admixture Guide!  I ran the Eurogenes K-13 and K-36.

Eurogenes K13 Admixture Proportions

This utility uses the Eurogenes K13 model (rev 21 Nov 2013), created by Davidski (Polako). Questions and comments about this model should be directed to him at his Project Blog.

Software Version: Jul 22 2020 03:55:46


49.35 Pct  North_Atlantic     

21.04 Pct  Baltic           

14.57 Pct  West_Med                 

10.34 Pct  West_Asian                 

1.54 Pct  East_Med                        

Red_Sea              -  

0.89 Pct  South_Asian                   

East_Asian           -  

Siberian                -  

0.66 Pct  Amerindian                  

0.93 Pct  Oceanian                     

0.67 Pct  Northeast_African       

Sub-Saharan       - 

Eurogenes K36 Admixture Proportions


 This utility uses the Eurogenes K36 model, created by Davidski (Polako). Questions and comments about this model should be directed to him at his Eurogenes Genetic Ancestry Project blog.

Software Version: Jul 22 2020 03:55:46




Amerindian         -  

Arabian -  

Armenian             -  

3.29 Pct Basque                            

Central_African  -  

2.51 Pct Central_Euro 

East_African       -  

East_Asian          -  

2.51 Pct East_Balkan              

East_Central_Asian          -  

5.07 Pct East_Central_Euro 

East_Med            -  

1.49 Pct Eastern_Euro       

12.50 Pct Fennoscandian         

6.60 Pct French            

15.82 Pct Iberian   

Indo-Chinese      -  

6.81 Pct  Italian                      

Malayan              -  

Near_Eastern     -  

North_African    -  

16.85 Pct North_Atlantic            

5.30 Pct North_Caucasian          

19.53 Pct North_Sea                 

Northeast_African           -  

Oceanian             -  

Omotic  -  

Pygmy   -  

Siberian                -  

South_Asian        -  

0.64 Pct South_Central_Asian     

South_Chinese   -  

Volga-Ural          -  

West_African     -  

West_Caucasian               -  

1.08 Pct  West_Med         

48 Answers

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Great weather in Colorado!  Except for all the smoke!  we’ve been running in the 80's which feels great, just can’t see very far.  

The Census for our county is basically over now so it is time to get back to the usual retired life. Some counties are still running behind but it is good to see the total percentages are getting well up there now  

I made back to my cemetery project and photographed a bunch of missing headstones. I'll be working on that when the weather turns bad again. And maybe some this weekend.  

I also got new Ancestry dna results which are similar to yours Pip.  Except my English is higher and my Norwegian is lower.
by Gurney Thompson G2G6 Pilot (283k points)
You’re busy as a bee, as usual, Gurney. How much more work to do in the cemetery? As I recall, it was a pretty large one.
My number 1 goal was to get at least as many profiles in as Find A Grave. Right now I am at 96% and I refuse to enter any headstone that do t have birth or death dates or where the Find A Grave profile is for a person that appears to be living. This means that I have also entered in a couple dozen profiles for people that recently passed and no Find A Grave has been created yet. I have also elimated another two dozen profiles in Find A Grave that are duplicates with things like first and last name reversed and wives who remarried and had that name on the headstone when some one thought it was a maiden name.
I’ve had to evaluate FindAGrave in much the same way, especially when it comes to wives names. You’re nearly done. Good for you (and WikiTree!),
Thanks for working on the census! I agree about the weather and smoke, the latter was fine for a few days but is pretty bad at the moment.
Thanks for all your help in Colorado, Gurney!
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Today is....



National Cheeseburger Day on September 18th honors America’s favorite sandwich with a slice of cheese.

A few days ago, we celebrated National Double Cheeseburger Day. This food holiday is the lighter version. While only a single stack, this tasty burger still earns a celebration!

There are many theories to the beginning of the cheeseburger dating back to the 1920s. One story suggests that Lionel Sternberger invented the cheeseburger in 1926 while working at his father’s Pasadena, California sandwich shop, The Rite Spot. During an experiment, he dropped a slice of American cheese on a sizzling hamburger.

However, like numerous iconic foods, many people and restaurants claim the origin story. For example, a restaurant in Los Angeles called O’Dell’s placed the cheeseburger on their menu in 1928. It came smothered with chili – all for the price of a quarter. Kaelin’s Restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky claims they invented the cheeseburger in 1934. One record that gives the Humpty Dumpty Drive-In in Denver, CO bragging rights is the trademark they received in 1935 for the name “cheeseburger.” Another who applied for a trademark of that word was Gus Belt, the founder of Steak n’ Shake. Sometime in the 1930s he also applied for the trademark. 

Despite all these claims, a couple of things are for sure. The cheeseburger checks all the marks for satisfying a craving, and the cheeseburger isn’t going anywhere!

HOW TO OBSERVE National Cheeseburger Day:

Grill up or fry up your favorite cheeseburger. You don’t even have to cook. Visit your favorite burger joint and order up a delicious cheeseburger. With all the options available, you’re sure to find one that fits your taste. 

Enjoy one of these tasty recipes:

Perfect Bacon Cheeseburgers
Family Friendly Stuffed Cheeseburgers
Mushroom Cheeseburgers
Swiss Cheeseburger with Caramelized Onions on Toast

by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2.6m points)
My wife says to me after I announce this to her: “You wish!” (I hate my diet... aren’t cheeseburgers one of the essential food groups? I mean, they have protein, veggies, and grain, right?)
I can't wait to get back to the states and get a real cheeseburger. I've got about 100 more days and I will be headed back to Texas after spending another year away from home. There is nothing like a good cheeseburger from "Whataburger"... You Texan know exactly what I'm taking about, and of course you have to chase it down with a nice big glass of sweet tea. You can't miss the orange and white roof.
Hi Dorothy!

I haven't eaten read meat or pork for about 25 years by choice! I see a cheeseburger and my arteries slam shut. Plus, I found that this type of diet is better for someone with MS. Red meat and pork can contribute to inflammation, which leads to more MS flares. This is a reason why people with heart conditions are warned away from these types of foods. I know, easier said than done!

You take care, including those Ruby Red Combat Boots!
Hello Dean, growing up in New Orleans, the best cheeseburgers were at "Bud's Broiler", having worked all over the world ,pipe line barges usually were the best chance to get one. As a diver food in a sat chamber all tasted like gum rubber erasers so a "cheeseburger in paradise" was something to look forward to.

Luckily I paid attention to the masters, and to get a good one here in Wales I have to make it myself. They call American cheese here "plastic cheese", and if you want bacon, you have to look hard to find "streaky bacon".

I wouldn't even mention cheese sliders from White Castle. I'll give away my age, when I was a kid Royal Castle, and Crystal were the place to go for cheese sliders.

Enjoy when you get back.

Sorry Dean I think my reply got attached tothe one underyours.
Dean, I am sure there will be a nice big Whataburger cheeseburger and a big glass of sweet ice tea just waiting for your arrival!! I can't imagine a year away from Texas.
I hope so...
We had cheeseburgers and cheese curds for dinner tonight.
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Pip, you really gave us a scare with your unscheduled hospital visit! So glad you are okay and hope all the tests come out fine.

On our homefront, the "black cloud" that took out the oven which we replaced and two days later the outside ac unit and between got my cortizone injection for left thumb joint also got my husband a boot on his right foot and leg. Diagnosis: fractured heel. So, now he cannot drive so I am chauffeur for his already scheduled dentist yesterday and cardiologist today. Needless to say, it has cut into my WikiTreeing the past few days.

During the past couple of weeks I have finally adopted, put together and sourced the O'Neal family in Georgia that needed a lot of care. I am not directly related to them but found them on the last Thon and dived in. I am going to keep them on my watchlist for a while and work on their collateral lines as I have time.

On the family front: We are going to socially distance with our oldest daughter and family on their large patio Saturday. My birthday is mid-week so this is for that occasion. It will be good to see them for a real visit. Younger daughter will not be there as she is still doing Covid rotations and does not want to be around us. Good news for her - she has her clinicals all in place for her Nurse Practioner degree. First one begins end of this month in cardiology, then will do infectious disease - can't remember the third. We are so proud of her - hasn't been easy with work and family but she has persevered and is almost there!!

Our weather has improved with lower temps - highs in mid-80's, lows around 60!- much better.

Take care everyone and hope to "see" many of you on the Source-A-Thon next weekend!
by Virginia Fields G2G6 Pilot (974k points)

Ginny, I spent he whole day yesterday just lying around and occasionally WikiTreeing. Didn’t feel too good, but am better today. Still working my Arkansas Neals while you work your Georgia O’Neals. cheeky

Since I am my wife’s chauffeur, I don’t know what would happen if I couldn’t drive! 

Hi Ginny,

I  "socially distanced" at a family wedding  (it was all outside)  about a month ago and no one got sick.    And I'm sure your family will take enough precautions too   (especially with your daughter almost an NP!)

But you did make me look at my calendar.......  the Source A Thon isn't next weekend.    (I hope.)
Peggy - I, too, had another look at my calendar and realized I was a week ahead of myself!! Thank goodness as I have a few things to do before spending three days Thonning.
+20 votes
Hello again from Gwyddelwern, (one of the easier names to spell in Wales, good luck trying to say it).

Over the course of the last week, I have received several comments from questions I asked almost 2 years ago. It was very gratifying to see the topics were still pertinent.

Due to the fact I am dealing with s long term family illness, I have to give up on participating in active things on here, and have lots of time to read, I find going back to some of the older questions and their comments and answers quite enlightening and informative, and I find myself answering and commenting even though they may not be noticed..

It's never to late to learn, be amused, or add something new.

There is so much back in the months and years ago to see.

by James Brooks G2G6 Pilot (955k points)
edited by James Brooks
M, did you type that name from memory?!?
M. Google map Corwen, Denbighshire, Wales postcode LL21 and you,'ll see it.

Wow, what a magnificent statue of Owain there!
Glad you like it, move around the area, rolling hills and the river Dee runs past it one of the best kept peaceful secrets I've found.
No, I confess I copied/pasted it from Eric's post. I did spend most childhood summer holidays in north Wales, my parents sent postcards saying having a lovely time, wish you were here, when in reality the temp might have been 60 F, and the water temp was probably about 45 F if we were lucky. I will find the picture of my siblings wearing what really were the English equivalent of snow suits on the beach.
M, as I have said before, I grew up in New Orleans, and worked in most of the hotter places in the world, and I love when they say here "HEATWAVE" IT'GOING TO BE 25 DEGREES  C today! They ask me why are you laughing this is serious. My reply is 25, welcome to winter in New Orleans.

The day it was to be 25 at 7:30 that morning it was 85 with 100% humidity to start in N. O.

I expect to see little puddles where people melted if it gets to 30 c.
James, you made me laugh, in June we had many days of 30 C and above, my special needs granddaughter said ' Granny why are those people wearing black jeans and hoodies, its too hot' My answer they are puddle people, they are going to melt into puddles on the sidewalk.
Yes, but I experienced the opposite when I got sent to the mountains of Utah and Wyoming in December one year, we were working in top of the boilers in a power plant. It was 40 below with a 60 mile an hour wind - 100 below, I had so much clothes on I looked like the Pilsbury  dough boy.

As a diver in the early 1970's we worked in Prudo bay in north Alaska, at least we had hot water suits. In both places the locals laughed at us southern boys.
Hi James

I live just down the coast from you in Llansainffraid Glan Conwy.  I have been someone who feels the cold but being fair skinned has avoided being in the sun too long.

We visited the local vineyard this week Gwinllan which is just down the road from us and benefits from the micro climate created by the mountains. We had a lovely day for it and met some friends who unbeknownst to us had booked on the same tour.

Enjoy the good weather whilst it lasts.
Good morning Hilary, congratulations on making  pilot.  When I lived and worked in Nigeria (for 11 years), we used to lay out on the heli-deck on the barge for an hour  each day, and were tanned to perfection. We got a kick out of the guys from here, (the U.K.) especially the Scots, who after 15 minutes looked like cooked lobsters.
+21 votes
Thanks for hosting Pip. My last week has been, well different I guess. Sunday my phone started acting up so I ordered a new one, Monday was the usual running around with the grandson but Diane started having problems with her phone so we spent a lot of time trying to get that working, Tuesday I made several trips taking 3 grandsons to work and school plus my new phone came in so it was several hours setting that one up and preparing the old one to send back. Wednesday was my short day with only taking one grandson to school and back but I did not feel like doing much plus Diane came back from her doctors wearing a heart monitor so that day was shot. Thursday we got the news that the 3 oldest granddaughters are pregnant, we knew about the oldest and the third oldest but the middle one was a shock plus Diane's phone got much worse so we had to spend hours talking with tech support and then the insurance, end result she is getting a newer phone as well. Today is a school day so running one grandson to school soon.

The weather is cool and gray, the smoke for the west coast is not helping so not much outside work being done.

Genealogy I did reduce my watchlist a bit but not much else again this week.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.6m points)
Dale, we’ve not gotten any of the smoke here, as far as I can tell. I was expecting to.

Sounds like you are as busy as ever. I was surprised the emergency room doc didn’t put a heart monitor on me. I’m hoping all goes well with Diane.

I see Dale’s Taxi Service is not lacking for business.
Pip, The smoke is staying to the north at this time because of the jet stream. Ohio is about a far south as it goes at this time but that could change without notice.
Pip I am thinking about getting a part time job. I could use the rest. Sitting and watching a computer controlled machine is less work than what I do now.
Ain’t that the truth!
The one grandson scheduled his driving test for a week from tomorrow. If he passes then no more running him to school and work, just the other two grandson's.
+21 votes
Hails and horns, Wikipeeps!

Hope everyone is doing okay. On the genealogy front, I posted a blog about finding family in more than just one town: https://allroadhaverhill.blogspot.com/2020/09/52-ancestors-week-38-on-map.html

Check that out! I basically explained what "courting distance" was. Basically if you have a couple in the 1600s where one was living in NYC (Or New Amsterdam.) and another was living in Mass, the odds of them dating was pretty low. She'd better be worth it.

Like Pip, my DNA was updated over on Ancestry. I have a split between north and south Italy. It's fine because it still adds up to about 46%. Plus, ya know....Romans.

Elsewhere on g2g there was a thread about actors playing detectives. I noticed Batman was missing. So, I posted about how Batman is a detective. He's more a detective than a superhero..,..especially nowadays. I was then inspired to create this page:


Scott Fulkerson has been helpful in adding the people who played DC characters. I'll be adding Marvel ones soon. Right now all I can think of are Chadwick Boseman and Stan Lee. Oh and the '40s Serial Captain America. Since he included voice actors, I can probably put in several voice actors who played prominent roles in various animated series.

That page is gonna be LOOOOONG!

Team Italy is ready for the upcoming thon. If you want to join, please let me know!

On the non genealogy front, I went to the orthodontist to see about some pain I had in my jaw. It turns out I had dislocated it at some point. I'm not sure how. I think it happened last year when I was in a car accident. The doctor is going to get me a splint for it so I should be okay. =D

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (572k points)

A well written blog, Chris! I’ve done he same as you,musing Google Maps just to visit places around the world. Makes for interesting discoveries with street view. 

Does a splint mean you family will get some relief for a while? cheeky

I knew that was coming. LOL.

Perhaps. I just have to wear it at night, I think.
No fun, I’m sure.
Nope. Not at all!
Just took a peek at the list... Margot Kidder could be added to the DC folks.
Definitely. It's not complete by any stretch. We haven't even gotten to the Marvel characters. We do have a bit of an overlap since Cliff Robertson was also Uncle Ben in the Sam Raimi movies.

Hi Chris,   Courting distance, I found interesting, as I had been observing when looking up locations in Ireland.  Also noted paternal ancestors in Cheltenham and then found maternal ancestors in small towns outside Cheltenham, although it would take many years for both sides to come together on another side of the world.

Sometimes things work in mysterious ways. Of course now courting distance is a moot point. =D Just gotta make those long distance relationships work.
+23 votes
Hi everyone!  I hope everyone is well and safe during these times.

HOME: The Covid-19 cases are still quite a few here.

My grandma has been doing stuff a little different and that's due to the Alzheimer's. She gets very confused with her mind at times but at other times, her mind is good on certain things.

My uncle had his heart stopped and restarted a few days ago, successfully.

My boyfriend is having surgery today on his kidney stone as it is lodged in one of his tubes. I'm waiting to hear news.

GENEALOGY: I have messaged others that match my DNA on other websites but haven't gotten a reply from any of them. I have messaged quite a few people. I'm still trying to figure out info to help me solve my brick wall of my maternal 5th great grandmother. My mtDNA Haplogroup is: U4c1 and not U4c1a, thanks to a fellow WikiTreer.

WIKITREE: I've been getting back to being active on WikiTree. I was quite busy with my grandma after her fall but she's using her walker and is able to dress and undress herself. This means I'm back to working on WikiTree.
by Greta Moody G2G6 Pilot (183k points)
Wow. =( The hits just keep coming, huh? Hang in there, Greta!
When it rains, it pours. Sorry to hear about all the health related issues, Greta. Hang in there. You know your Greeter family will be there for you if you need us.
Thanks Chris.
Thanks Pip. I heard from my boyfriend. He's out of surgery and heading home.
Good news! Hope he’ll take it easy for a bit.
I hope so
A couple of years ago my son called me about 8 in the morning asking for a ride to the e.r. Every bump sent him almost off the car seat.  I chewed him out for not calling me earlier.  Long story short, same diagnosis and resulting operation.  He drinks gallons of cranberry juice hoping it helps prevent a repeat performance.
Sorry to hear about your grandmother, uncle and boyfriend. I can sympathize with your boyfriend. I've had two stones removed over the years and passed three more.
Hi Beulah! :) He's been drinking bottled water only, no cranberry juice. Cranberry juice would be good for him.
Hi Doug! :) Thanks. One of my uncle's had kidney stones several months ago but didn't need an operation. It sounds like you have had a lot of kidney stones. Did you ever have to have surgery on them?
I've had them removed surgically twice. No fun at all. Also had lithotripsy done once which wasn't fun, either and it didn't work. Drinking lots of water and keeping the bladder empty helps the most. Cranberry juice used to be used but studies show it doesn't work most of the time. They also used to eliminate certain foods and that turns out not to help. Lots of fluids helps the most.
I know from my father that he had 5 operations on kidney stones. Back in the 1970s. And he was often on a cure. Once I remember visiting him with my mother. The water he had to drink from a spring tasted awful.
Didn't know cranberry juice doesn't work
Wow, that's a lot of operations, Lothar.
Yes. It was 2 times left and 3 times right. It dragged on for several years. In the end he had to take a lot of medication.
+21 votes
I got my flu shot a couple of days ago and just remembered to take off the band aid.  It reminded me of the national news report of a family that held a huge birthday party held with a family that did not believe in wearing protective masks.   Upshot:  175 traced corona cases and 7 resulted in deaths from it.  Family must now be regretting it, in my opinion.
We got a request to turn in some charity quilts for distribution.  Usually we have a show and tell part of our meetings where we get to admire every one's projects.
Since no meetings are scheduled, due to the church's restrictions where we meet, I decided to donate my five children size quilts.  That will take my stack down a little.  I
know they need the teenager size worse but I need to do a little more quilting on some of them.  It is hard to do it on a regular size machine but I'm too old to invest in an expensive long arm machine at this stage of my life and the limited amount it would be used.
My daughter is having a hard time adjusting to the new school requirements for teachers planning.  She has French and Spanish classes so now she has to make plans for two groups meeting on Mon .and Tues.=4 plans.  Everyone on line on Wed.=10 plans. Two groups on Thurs. and Fri.=4 plans. And individual lessons for one child each
taking virtual lessons in French and Spanish, that means they take lessons on the computer from their own school teacher daily=2 daily plans.  Her three daughters do school classes from 9-12 at home on Mon. and Tues. and go to school buildings on Thurs. and Fri.  Everyone does Wed. on computer.  In her own school the classes are 30 minutes long, lockers are not open so children have to stand in the hall like a herd of cattle for five minutes between classes as she is required to spray each desktop and chair in between
classes and then it has to dry for five minutes.  Some are still wet when they get into the class.  Where are coats, boots, mittens, etc. going to be stored during class in the winter?  Back packs will be overstuffed.  Can't wait for a vaccine that lets us get back to normal.
I hope rest is all Pip needs to get back in the saddle.  Take care of yourself our friend.
Stay safe everyone.
by Beulah Cramer G2G6 Pilot (400k points)
edited by Beulah Cramer
Beulah, I can’t imagine what teachers are going through, but your comments on your daughter’s work load makes me worry for all our teachers.

Only one of nursing homes have been hit here. 57 cases among the residents with four deaths and 24 employees. Scary.

No decision about Florida?
Pip, not yet.  Still have a month to decide.
I think teachers have one of the worst problems to deal with. How to help those those that need a lot of in-person teaching.

Thank you for donating quilts. I know that they will be much appreciated. Volunteer efforts are always needed but more so recently.
Oh that teacher situation sounds so complex!  This is my daughters first year of teaching (career change).  The has 4 classes of 6th grade science at an all girls school (public).  All online.  Two classes meet Mon and Wed for 1/2 hour, two other classes meet T/Thurs for half hour, I think none on Friday.  All her other time is 1:1 with students who want help.   All her students really want to be back in the classroom and so does she.
And a big hello, of the week, to Beulah......remember me?......I'm the "flag" person.
I do remember you, not as the "flag" person until you mentioned it, but as some one with a very dry sense of humor that I enjoy reading.  What are you doing up so late? 2 am?
I'm up because we are having water pump problems and it kicked on and woke me up so I had to turn on the well and I'm waiting for it to fill up.
Beulah.....Not so late here on the west coast......still time to get into mischief......I mean, I think somebody left the door to the fort open again......my wife and I  are hoping for the best with the water pump......we're also on a well.
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Good morning from Gold Country in California!   We had a definate shift in the weather, that gave us a light rain shower.   That is great for clearing the air of smoke, but, could be devastating for the wine grapes.   Moisture=mildrew=rot

I have decided to focus some attention on the early families of our region....I had originally started working on some of them and got distracted.   It made me laugh as all the roads that I travel bear the names of those early settlers.   Lawrence, Ostrom, Tyler, Hollis, Bell, Di Agostini....    There were 3 types of settlers in our area.   Gold Miners, they dug the gold out of the earth: ranchers/merchants, the took the gold from the miners in exchange for food and supplies; and winemakers, they made it all worthwhile!
by Robin Lee G2G6 Pilot (752k points)
Robin, that’s a division of labor I could go for.

I heard y’all might be getting some rain. Hope it clears the air and dampens the fires. Y’all have really been through it this year, and fire season isn’t even over.

You certainly add to the intrigue of Gold County in California.  As a fan of wine,  I'm always happy for a successful grape season.  

It's funny you mentioned the Road names of early settlers in the area.     Today my husband and I were going to estate sales and one was on Laferry Drive.......   We just moved to the area 18 months ago so I'm not familiar with the streets.   But I did know that my 3 great grandfather  George Washington Laferry was the progenitor of the Laferrys in this county.  

Thanks for the memories of history.
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Back to summer/fall weather ... 70's and 80's and lots of sun if you can spot it through the smoke and haze.  Could use some more rain for the fire fighters and the drought.

In preparation for some more hard times, I started a new batch of Limoncello yesterday ... bottle it up next weekend.  As a side light to that, I got some more lemon juice for cooking and made a bit of lemonade.  For those unfamiliar with limoncello, you just use the lemon zest to make it ...

Continue to work on adding Jewett profiles.  Latest family is from Westport, Maine.  I found that name a bit odd as Maine is on the East Coast.  I grew up in Washington and we also have a Westport on the ocean.  Maine also has an Eastport which is NE of Westport ... that works.  Anyway, Westport is pretty interesting ... it's a town and an island ... just east of Portland.  One odd thing is the cemeteries.  Seems like every family has there own area and they're fairly small and named after a family or two ... like Jewett-Smith Cemetery.  Can hardly see them, if at all, on Google Earth as most are in the middle of a dense forest ... I need to put that area on places I need to visit.

Take care all.
by Bob Jewett G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
Bob, I do the same thing, looking for cemeteries in Google Maps. Some are definitely hard to find!

You still working in the Jewett book?
Love the Maine coastal/island communities. You really do need to be on the ground to find anything, especially in the smaller places.
Pip, yep still working on that Jewett book.  As with most genealogy books, everyone gets a number ... so, being a math major, I can do the math and I'm at person 10215 and the last one is 10678 ... so, only 463 to go ... YIKES!  I do like 20 or 30 a month ... yikes, division ... so 463/30, 15- months and I'm done.
Ha! You’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, Bob!
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Buenos dias from the Old Pueblo mis amigos y amigas. It's 82F (27.8C) right now with an expected high of 100F (38C) today. We're finally cooling off! We've had some smoke drift from the California. I send positive intention daily for our firefighters, first responders and people who have been hit by the latest hurricane all on top of the pandemic.

PIP, I am very sorry to hear of your health issues this week and will include you in my daily intentions. Our Healing Touch group has a zoom meditation tomorrow and I'll include you. This weekly collective meditation is very helpful with mental and physical health issues.

As for genealogy, this week one of my genetic genealogy instructors is also a member of the Cape Cod Genealogical Society and he invited me to attend their zoom presentation on resources available from the NEHGS presented by one of the NEHGS staff. It was terrific and very useful! I am still plugging away and revising, updating, and resourcing the Walton, Beekman and Santvoort families that lead to Franklin Delano Roosevelt. I descend from a Lawrence as does FDR and some of these early Lawrence kin have been in desperate need of updating as has this Walton line to Roosevelt. This week Robin Lee has been outstanding in support and help with doing this work. I've had my share of 'wikifrustrations' this week; however, the work on this line is nearly done and a contribution to our family tree. I was up until 1:30am today connecting two children to this family, one of whom was married to a VP of the US. Connecting these kids was a great feeling. My fatigue right now is not so great, though. I had a bad night's sleep and feel and MS flare comingon.

I'm hoping everyone has a healthy, happy and productive weekend. PIP, please take care and stay healthy. Yup! I'll be working on a paper with some nurse colleagues...tips on healthy sleep for nurses who work night and long shifts. Ha Ha! Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black!
by Carol Baldwin G2G6 Pilot (707k points)

A paper! What else? cheeky Well, at least it’s one my paramedic daughter can identify with. BTW: she was exposed for the fourth time, and this time she just might have gotten it. In bed, fever, no taste, classic symptoms. Please include her in your intentions.

Up ‘til 1:30 a.m.? Welcome to the world of WikiTree! laugh

Hi Pip,

First, I will be sure to include her in my daily healing intentions and add her to our healing circle on our zoom meditation tomorrow! Oh my!...they do sound like classic symptoms, particularly the absence of taste.

Up til 1:30 is not new for me. I am a night owl. Generally, though, I am working on papers, not Wikidata. Last night (or early this morning) was an exception. I Have to thank Robin Lee for her quick feedback, help and support.

You take care and let your daughter know that a large group of holistic nurses will be focusing healing intention toward her! Hugs, cmb

Jen sends you “a big thank you!

Is your daughter's name Jennifer? My daughter's name is Jennifer (but she teaches 8th grade language arts). We're almost twins!
Hi Pip,

We just completed our Holistic Nurse's Healing Touch Saturday morning healing meditation. We put Jen in the healing circle along with other member kith and kin and did a very deep and strong healing meditation. Please let her know I will continue to send positive healing energy.
Jen sez she REALLY appreciates this. Told us today that her test came back negative. However, they want a retest as she has those vey symptoms.
Yes, because there are false negatives. We will continue healing intention.
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Weather has been pleasant the past week but I can do without the smoke. I can only see the mountains because I know where they are. The garden is slowing down but we did put up another 7 pints of tomato sauce and a little over a 1/2 gallon (about 2 liters) of dried tomatoes this week.

Wikitree-wise haven't done much on research but have been spending a lot of time looking at categories. I do have one profile I've been working on in France but slow going with the other things going on.

Hope all are staying safe and well.
by Doug McCallum G2G6 Pilot (448k points)
Doug, how many more weeks are left in the garden. I know you kinda got a late start due to snow last spring. My mom was big on canning tomato sauces, especially ones she would save for soups through the winter.
Probably two to three weeks left. Could be a bit longer for some things if the weather holds. Next up on canning are the soup bases. When the weather gets cold then digging up root vegetables (carrots, rutabagas, beets). Potatoes probably this week since they have died back. Beans are being harvested as they dry but all need to be in before the next snow.
Doug, you are making me nostalgic for the days I could have a large garden and do all the canning, etc.  Enjoy!
I’m with you, Cindy!
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WEATHERING -- actually saw some patches of blue sky for about 20 minutes around 9 AM local time ... back to "it LOOKS like it might rain" clouds, although the five or so different weather sites online all say less than 20% chance it will ... it has that damp cold feeling to it out there ... 

HOWEVER this might well be the first day of no smoke over us in the Central Valley in I don't know how long it's been ... 

The discovery of more folk who could not or would not evacuate in a timely manner has begun as the ashes and other debris (classed as bio-hazards) cool enough for teams to enter an area to check ... long list of missing people ... Gurney and his Census duties had to chase down folk in the "middle of nowhere" and these teams have to search the devastation for human remains ...  

I DID NOT HAVE A LOT of activity over at G2G, most of what has been happening this week over there is above my pay level, not in my field of "expertise", or "I am not going to touch that one ..." along with some "Ye gods, they'll never get THAT figured out ..." 

The Imposition of the New Standards of Conduct at G2G has narrowed -- is that the right word? -- narrowed the focus of responses from various people who step in to assist ... and gone "forever" is the comradery > "a feeling of friendliness, goodwill, and familiarity among the people in a group"

WATCH LIST is now 2,741 profiles and counting .... on the other hand have only 230 or so profiles left from 2019 to examine etc, Oct-Nov-Dec 2019 

laughI DECIDED NOT to sweat the Magic Number of 3,000 profiles, and decided NOT to sweat UNTIL I reach 10,000.  meaning of course I won't be sweating it ... heehehehe ... I can't even imagine what it would take for me to log in that many blood relatives and their spouses & kids ... 

Hasta que nos encontremos de nuevo

by Susan Smith G2G6 Pilot (587k points)
Susan!   Woke up today, after some overnight showers, and can see.......up, down, and sideways.

laugh Oh, John ... On a clear day / Rise and look around you / And you see who you are / On a clear day / You'll feel part of  /  Every mountain, sea, and shore ...

Susan,  Is that a song?......sounds familiar.....tried, but can't quite place it.
Yes, John, a song "On a Clear Day (You Can See Forever)"
Yup, from the Barbra Streisand movie 1970, now dating myself; it was the first movie I saw with a boy who became my husband
Susan and M Ross,  Thankyou......I tried looking up "Cool Change" from The Little River Band.
Oh, I’d love to hear that story!
Pip, You will have to wait for the right time for that story, 50 years later!

Maybe there needs to be a heading " High school sweethearts reunited'


I’ll look for it! heart

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On this day:

1851: The New York Times is founded

1961: The General Secretary of the United Nations Dag Hammarskjöld is killed in a plane crash

1990: Liechtenstein becomes a member of the United Nations

by Jelena Eckstädt G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)

1990: i wonder why so late! Nothing in the article that I could find. But there sure were a lot of interesting links, as usual. yes

I think I want to move there!
In the German article there is also nothing about why Liechtenstein got a member of UN only so late.
Was it because it was a constitutional monarchy? If they admit Arabic nations which are monarchies ... hmm maybe it is a question of population density? or GDP? Form of govt like or similar to the USA, of having a senate and a house and executive branch and having a supreme court  -- or like britain with parliment ... house of lords and the commons and the PM actually in charge, not the monarch ??

What do all 193 (currently) nations have in common? GDP is one item, last I heard, have to be able to pay back any loans made to them
I just read a bit about the procedure. A state has to apply to the Security Council, and then the Security Council has to approve the state to be allowed to be member.

 Seems to me the UN has to "vet" the applicant nation / state / country -- seems to me it makes sense the applicant would have to have x% GDP and since the UN is known to field troops and equipment, the applicant would need to have x number of troops and equipment; and the applicant's trade balance (import / export) would have to be relatively in balance; and the applicant's debt load has to be "in balance" with their expected ability to pay on that debt ... 

But that's merely my opinion and speculative 

Maybe, it's simply because of its small size. Wikipedia says that its application to join the League of Nations was rejected on those grounds in 1920. Other small European countries were also late entrants; San Marino 1992, Andorra 1993. The Vatican City is not a member but is a 'Permanent Observer' as is Palestine. Then there are also a number of states that aren't members because only some countries  regard them as independant states.  https://www.thoughtco.com/non-members-of-the-united-nations-1435429

Switzerland was even later, they entered UN only in 2002. Djibouti entered in 1977. The general procedure is that countries obviously can't decide by themselves "we are now members of the UN". An applicant has to get a member to apply on their behalf. Then the Security Council has to approve the application. And only then you are a member of the United Nations.

So we have an Old Boys Network posing as the Wisdom for Nations?

No one has defined what is a nation, and what are the criteria for membership, spelled it out -- unless it's buried in the minutiae in the Charter papers and is disregarded ?

Do they have bunkers and a year's supply of food and space for say 3,000 people to house the 193 members and their entourages and nuclear family? Hmm? They might need it. 

Have you ever heard of the General Assembly of the United Nations? This is when all the members meet and discuss and decided stuff in the big audience. In fact just this inpracticability shows why there are dozens of Organizations needed that all live under the umbrella of the UN, but have their own specified program they observe and work on. 

Jelena, what I actually know about the UN & its functions, limits and regulations is limited -- if this were a US corporation and if this was a discussion of its balance sheet I would in general have a better understanding.  

So far as I can recall, the media has described the UN as making a lot of noise with very little in the way of effective results and indicates that the troops dispatched by the various nations are likely to become part of the problem of the area they're sent to ... 

It may have been started as an effort of goodwill and prudent regulation and effective actions but I gather it has failed of all that 

Fact is: Not every organization in the world is an US led organization, and especially the UN is no organization that is about "balanced sheet". If it were about balanced sheet, then the UN would even louder than they do tell the USA to finally pay their debts. But now this discussion turns too much into a political one, which is why this is my last post about that. 

laugh Eh, I know more about the US than any other nation, only because I grew up here and had some instruction in school and paid some attention to some of the general elections since some 55 yrs ago .. 

But my education is economics and business management so ... if a company was as ill managed as the UN sounds like it is it would have to file for bankruptcy 

laughPerhaps I should do some reading and see if the actions of the UN could affect a resident of the State of California (or Oregon or Texas or South Carolina or Iowa or wherever) 

Susan, the UN has many outlets and concerns from peacekeeping to  the environment,  to the rights of the child,  to the accessibility of any Covid 19 vaccination to all. I'm sure that there are many of their concerns that have  importance to people living in California  and many other places elsewhere on this planet. ( In your research google 'successful un interventions',  for an interesting blog from the World Bank written by a woman from California)

There is another 'day' tomorrow,  International Peace Day.

 'Meeting jaw to jaw is better than war.' (Winston Churchill)

Maybe an opportune moment to tune   into https://www.un.org/en/observances/international-day-peace/events tomorrow  

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Good evening

I decided to write my posting before the football match I wanna watch starts, so here I am. Mum is still in rehab, but counting the days until she returns home (next Wednesday). As far as I can judge it she is doing progress over there and using the hints she gets of her therapists. Tomorrow I will go again to have lunch with her.

Germany's corona numbers are getting higher again, in the last seven days we had on average around 1500 new cases per day. I know you folks in the US are dreaming of such low numbers, but for us it's quite high. On Wednesday we had the highest number of infections since end of April.

During the week I was contacted by a woman about one of the noble profiles on my Watchlist. Whether I have a picture of the noble woman? No I don't, if you have one I can upload it, no problem. No she doesn't. But she collects old letters and found on ebay 100 letters of the noble woman and found it very interesting to read them. Obviously she googled something about her and found the WikiTree-profile.

Also this week, I was finally able to delete one of my browser windows. I rearranged my tabs and could that way - at last - kick out one of my windows. The two remaining windows are now quite full, but there is still room to add a few more tabs in case they are needed. Yay, the project "killing tabs" is progressing but actually it seems to me also my big project is progressing finally, slowly but surely.

Wherever you are, stay safe, away from the virus, don't breathe too much ash, try not to drown in the water of the hurricanes coming your way,

and PIP, please TAKE CARE!
by Jelena Eckstädt G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
Jelena, so you save tabs to remember to work on them in the future?  I found an app called OneTAb on Firefox that saves open tabs and is very handy so you don't have to keep each window open in order to go back to it.  I have quite a few WikiTree research topics in there, each family or whatever gets their own window/tabs saved.
I use OneTab, otherwise I would be completely lost. But still I had for some time so many tabs open that I had to open three windows to keep them somehow organized.
Jelena, I have only 10 tabs open in my laptop, and about the same in my desktop. These are ones that are always open. Then, while I’m in my Greeters’ shift, it’s another seven. Only six when I’m in my Rangers’ shift.

Will your mom still continue therapy at home? I mean, personal therapy exercises, not at the therapist.
She got a prescription of the doctor to get the machine which moves her arm to further extend her movements. I was at the shop that has or can organize all those medical instruments for rent or permanently, and they will organize such a machine. So yes she will be able to exercise herself once the health care says: "Ok, we will pay that." That is sometimes the part where you have to fight for your right to  - no, not to party, but to move the arm.
Congratulations of health care paying and warm regards from Black Forest
We still don't have the confirmation they will pay it, but we have experience to fight for our right to get those help instruments.
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Hi from Southern Ontario;

What is happening here? We have a frost warning for tonight, down to 3 C, now I really need to cover the tomato bed. And bring in other plants that cannot tolerate frost. The good news is that we go back to above seasonal night times temps for the next 10 days.

No rain forecast for at least 10 days so I'm watering the garden. Atlantic Canada looks like it could be hit with hurricane Teddy, and right now the remnants of Sally will bring up to a metre of rain to parts of Newfoundland and it seems we now have a new storm Wilfred to think about.

For three days this week we had smoke from the west coast fires making the sky look really milky, and clouds very undefined, today the sky is completely clear and bright blue.

I haven't done much WikiTreeing this week, we had our friends from Saskatchewan here for most of the week. I keep asking our friend to get as much family history as possible from his mother and aunt who are in a senior's residence close to us. These ladies are living history, one will be 103 in October and the other 105 in November, they survived the Spanish flu.

I have added several pictures and done some editing but not much else. As soon as I have time, I will be adding the next generations back from the earliest I have entered so far.

This is always a very busy time of year for me, lots of horticultural society related activities. For the rest of the weekend I will be doing a design plan for the renovation of one of flower beds at the log house where my group maintains the heritage gardens.

In case anyone is planning to buy fall planted, spring flowering bulbs there is a significant shortage of bulbs this fall. The shortage has several causes primarily exceptionally dry spring and early summer weather in Holland which meant the bulbs didn't get the moisture they needed to grow properly. Apparently, predictions made earlier this year estimated as much as 40% shortfall in the overall harvest of bulb varieties, affecting early flowering bulbs the most, especially daffodils and tulips. Bulb wholesalers across Canada are sold out of almost everything and I assume the same in the U.S.

Retailers have less variety and little stock, so if you plan to buy bulbs, do it soon.

We have far too many new Covid cases, here in Ontario, mostly due to younger people getting together in big groups and not staying far enough apart and/or not wearing masks. Or large family groups who have ignored the rules. We are now back to a maximum of 10 people with masks allowed to meet indoors and 25 outdoors.

Take care everyone

by M Ross G2G6 Pilot (399k points)
edited by M Ross

Wow, two ladies at 103 and 105? That is living history. I would that some of my older family members were still alive.

I noticed that the prices in our bulb catalogues were higher. Now I know why. Stuff is still available here, but it’s getting a little too steep for us. 

M, I hope your tomatoes survive the frost. 

The old ladies are French speaking from New Brunswick, about 4 ft 10, even after 70 years of living in Ontario, they don't speak English well, they fight constantly and remind me of the little old peasant couple in the Princess Bride

I'm not worried about the tomatoes  if there is the possibility of frost in early fall, I cover the tomato bed with a cheap plastic painting drop cloth, it keeps the heat in; last year I was still harvesting tomatoes after Hallowe'en. Tomatoes are more interested in heat at this time of year than sun, they just need enough heat to ripen.
It's all genetics Pip, they are the 3rd and 5th sisters of 5 daughters, there were no brothers. All the sisters lived to over 100, the earliest death was I believe the 4th sister who died at 102. The oldest died at I think 106.

My mother always told me 'people' should pick their parents more carefully, when I was young I had no idea what she meant, nor did I realise that it was a joke.
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Hello from north Georgia!

Pip, yes, rage, rage against "old age"! Hope all your tests have good results! Thank you for hosting the Weekend Chat!

Today is gorgeous! The temp is in the upper 70's Fahrenheit, a breeze is blowing, the sun is shining. But, earlier this week, was not so nice--humidity and rain as we got the remnants of Sally--which probably contributed to a headache I developed and suffered a couple of days. (It's better today.)

Speaking of Hurricane Sally...all my Gulf Coast relatives are physically safe, but some had structural damage to their homes and some are still without power. My sister will need a new roof. But, it could have been so much worse, and was for many others, so she is expressing thanks for having been spared.

We have ANOTHER new grandson. He came into the world on Thursday. Two in two weeks...we are indeed blessed.

Genealogy work was a little slow this week. I couldn't concentrate much due to the headache and anxiety about the hurricane. So, what little I did didn't have a "focus"--it was mostly random odds and ends. I will need to get my act together if I'm going to earn a 1000 contribution badge this month.

Hope you all have a delightful weekend!
by Nelda Spires G2G6 Pilot (458k points)
My brain wasn't working too well yesterday either not enough focus; I posted a question on G2G and I hadn't paid enough attention to what I already should have noticed. I probably seemed a little out to lunch!
Congratulations on the second new grandbaby in two weeks.  It's great to hear good news and that life can continue in spite of hardships of weather, smoke, covid.  Thank you for the uplifting moment today.

Howdy, neighbor! We are getting the same glorious weather. It’s dried out and the temps are down. Perfect for working outside,  yet I’m not up to it yet.

So very glad to hear your relatives survived Sally. What a mess! And, congratulations on your new grand baby! How exciting! Are you ready for the spoiling to begin? cheeky

Nelda, will the boys grow up close enough to each other to be playmates with each other?  What fun that might be.
Beulah, nice thought but the boys are half-second cousins and live in different cities.

Pip, yes, I would love to start spoiling the boys. I wish we lived closer or that my husband was fit to travel. We will have to enjoy and spoil from a distance, for now, but maybe they will visit us someday soon.
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Hello from the Palatinate.

Our weather is on summer course again. It was a pleasant 26°C today. And the weekend should be the same. The best weather to prepare the pool for winter.

I have written to some registry offices and archives in Saxony and hope for a breakthrough of my brick wall. Unfortunately my great-grandfather's marriage certificate had no information about his parents. Time to sort the documents. Have I missed something?
by Lothar Wolf G2G6 Pilot (103k points)
Best of luck with your request for records. I know the waiting can be hard, especially if one is hoping for a breakthrough. Keep us posted!
Unfortunately,   most of my brick walls have no registry office to locate records.   Court house fires in the U.S. were very common,  even after the Civil War.  But misspelling of surnames in a true enemy of the descendants.  (My McReynolds surname brick wall was solved because their 1850 Census record was found using McKunnels.)

More and more information is posted on the internet,  so perhaps more brick walls will crumble.

Enjoy the Hunt.
In the Palatinate, official records date back to 1792, we were under French occupation. Unfortunately this does not apply to Saxony. And it is impossible to search in church registers without a clue.

But the hunt continues.
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Good morning from Tucson!

This is the first time, Pip, that it's actually felt like Friday and not Wednesday when you've posted.   I'm sorry to hear about the chest pains and glad it's nothing immediate.  Can we all say DENIAL?  At least I am!  It really hit home a couple of years ago when I didn't want the flu shot and the dr. says well you must get it when you are elderly.  I said when is that (thinking 80 would be about right for elderly) and she says, that's 65! So  I got it last year.

I spent the last two days in the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona.  What an interesting place for all the petrified wood just lying around everywhere, and the fascinating geology and layers of earth you can see in so many places.  I bought some petrified wood and other rocks at the rock yard (they have permits to harvest it), enough to keep me busy for another six months on rock cutting, polishing and jewelry making.

This means I didn't do much on genealogy this past week beyond my regular duties on the Acadian project.  Now after travel I am going to hunker down and isolate to see if I get sick.  More genealogy to do!
by Cindy Cooper G2G6 Pilot (223k points)

Cindy, I see my GP on Tuesday, so I’m getting a flu shot then, too. I got the flu last February and was miserable for days. I won’t miss the chance this year to get one. And, yes, I’m in denial! devil

I can’t wait to visit my brother after he gets moved in. I’d love to finally see something I learned about in elementary school,  the Petrified Forest. I’d be a kid again!

Pip, just after he gets moved in the weather will be perfect for a visit.  I hope to meet you.  And yes, I was fascinated by Petrified wood when I was a kid and it's really amazing to see it in person.

Cindy, you can Ben sure we’ll have a WikiTree get-together when I get there! smiley

+21 votes
Happy weekend, everyone!  Pip, do take care of yourself.  

Crisp fall weather here, so we've had the windows open a bit.  I should probably do some yardwork and reorganize the attic while it's not too hot and not too cold.  But I've been busy with teaching, grant writing, and overseeing remote learning for my kid.   Plus the cat... I think we're even closer to getting him to an effective insulin dose but I'm up at all hours testing his blood glucose, then up early to give him his morning insulin.

Not much genealogy this week. I did some mop-up of my husband's grandmother's ancestors and I'm ready to move on to other things.  (Still plenty to do there- siblings and cousins and such to be added to WikiTree.  I may save them for when I need those last few contributions to make it to my 100 for the month!)  Not sure what I'll be working on next.
by Lisa Hazard G2G6 Pilot (222k points)
Grant writing. Boy oh boy, did I hate writing grants. But there were times when the grant was absolutely necessary, so grant writing I did!

I need to reorganize my attic, too, especially since the weather is so much better. Thanks for the reminder.

Really, it's an excuse to get up there and get the Halloween decorations down.  wink

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