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I am looking for an explanation of the three words before Per Perss Qvists name.  He is in other records a Torp (my understanding a farmer)  Here there are three words that I need help with, two words just above and one in front of his name.  https://sok.riksarkivet.se/bildvisning/C0032532_00047

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Torpare is rather a crofter. He paid the rent for his farmland by working a certain number of days for tha manor.


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Sock. Skrädder = parish (local) taylor. I don't know if the term gives meaning in English.

The next word looks like "Fördelstag.(are)" I have no idea what it means. Probably Eva will step in here soon.
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The parish tailor was approved as such, by the local board of parishioners, I think. In the towns there were the guilds.

John answered the "fördelstagare" below.
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May be related to this from Family Search

fördelsman person receiving support after giving his estate to another
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That's right.

"fördel" is an advantage or benefit. "man" is self-evidently a man; "tagare" is one who takes or receives.

FamilySearch gives one of the uses, but a quick check in Anbytarforum tells me that there are other situations where the term may be used for recipients of extra benefits.

There was a similar system in Norway, called "Føderaad". As an old farmer and/or his woman handed over the estate to eg. one of their children, one of the contract items was usually that they were entitled to support from the farm for the rest of their life. It's an important point that the contractual support followed the farm, not the next owner.

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