How do I add a stepchild to a married couple?

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in WikiTree Help by Sue Knight G2G1 (1.8k points)

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You can only add a child to a parent
by Marion Poole G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
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Use links in the biographies of the adoptee and the adopters.
by Ron Moore G2G6 Mach 2 (21.5k points)
Sue didn’t say adopted, just step-child
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Say, the child is a biological child of the father, so the mother is the stepmother: add the child to the father only.

Say, the child is a biological child of the mother, and the father is the stepfather: add the child to the mother only.
by Ros Haywood G2G Astronaut (1.5m points)
Doesn't that make the child look illegitimate?  It's too bad there isn't a way to make all the children they were raising appear together, under their children,  even though some of them are steps of one parent or the other.  I can explain in the bio, or notes, but even if it included "step" designation, it would just give a clearer picture without having to compare children lists on each parent.

Well, if wishes were horses, even beggars could ride, right?  Thanks for answering, though.

Doesn't that make the child look illegitimate?

 by Sue Knight


No.  There isn't even a hint of illegitimacy just because a child has a step-parent.  It just says that one parent is non-biological.  This is exactly the sort of thing that should be explained in the biography - for all three parties.

My grandmother had a step-mother.  She never lived in the same household growing up, but her younger sister did.  (Grandma married a couple of months before her father's second marriage.)

My grandfather also had three half-siblings and a step-mother, and would have grown up in the same household as he was just 11 when his mother died and his father married for the second time.

'Children lists' on each parents will say [half] so you can see which parent belongs to which child.
I don't want to impose; I'm brand new here, so if there is someone /somewhere else I should ask this question, just tell me where to go.

I added Anna Maddox Garland (maddox-2978) to her parents Reuben Maddox and Louisa Moore.  Louisa then married Joel Maddox (maddox-584).  Anna does not appear on his childlren list (unless I'm looking at the wrong thing?) and she is not listed as a " half."   

So what do I have to do to make her appear as a step?  

Step by step, please?  I don't think I'm following what you're saying.
Look at Anna's profile.  See where she is named as 'sister of' and all her siblings are marked as [half]?
Sue -- if what you want is to HAVE a link to the stepfather / stepchild, I would do it this way (using the uncle/stepfather's bio for the example) :

He married his brother Reuben's widow, Louisa B. (Moore) Maddox on 5 June 1845 in Jonesboro, Maine,(source) thereafter raising his niece [[Maddox-2978|Annie]] as one of his own children.

Then do similarly on her profile, but linking to his WT ID#.
Thanks. I do see that.  My hope was to get her as a stepdaughter in Joel's profile, but I guess that can't be done.

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