Can someone please edit two of Jacobus Quick's children for me that has New Netherland Settlers Project access?

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Zammuel Quick-740 and Marpory Quick-736  need to be added to their father Jacobus  Quick-93,  Thanks.  I requested to be added to the group a month ago but have not heard back.  Thanks
WikiTree profile: Jacobus Quick
in The Tree House by Jason Quick G2G Crew (950 points)

Any member could edit these Open profiles (except that pre-1700 certification is needed for the parents born before 1700) to correct the information, add sources, etc. The New Netherland badge (sorry, I am way behind in granting them) serves to identify people as project members, but it does give you any extra editing privileges.

Project-protected profiles like Jacobus Quick-93 are protected for a variety of reasons, including conflation/confusion of identities (a serious problem in his case). The PPP status does limit who can connect or disconnect family members, but changes to relationships can be made much faster if you do the research to show credible evidence for the relationship before making your request.

Thank you for clarifying this. Ellen, are YOU solely responsible for the entire NNS project? That's an awful lot for one person to manage, and I am finding many more project worthy candidates every time I look! Your determination is exemplary. Thank you for all of your efforts and having the patience to tolerate those of us who are still learning. I hope to one day meet your expectations!

heart Laurie, a project is not just its Project Leader. All of the members of the NNS project are responsible for the project content.

The research resources and other content that have been assembled on the Project page and at pages like Baptism and Marriage Records of the Dutch Reformed Church of New Netherland and Beyond and New Netherland Settlers Project Reliable Sources (among other resources) are there to help members do their own research, learn about New Netherland, and add information and advice for the benefit of others.

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Looks like Ellen Smith has added Zammuel, after changing LNAB due to Baptism information, and has proposed a merge for Marpory and Mesery.
by Linda Peterson G2G6 Pilot (609k points)
Yes, and Marpory and Mesery have been merged now.

Because the profiles for Zamuel and Marpory cited no valid sources, I had to do some research before making those changes. and I had to edit the profiles to show what I had found. Anyone could have done that work, as all of the records I looked up are online for free in printed format that makes them easy to read (no need to decipher handwriting).

Thanks Ellen.  I suppose I could have updated them but its opposite of how my logic works, ie updating before adding to parent.  Im new to Wiki tree and some of the logic. 

I was going to publish a book on this side of the Quick Family but I found it easier to put stuff online and now I am skowly transferring over to wikitree since people are starting to copy my info and  Thanks. This is my Jacobus info online. 

I know Mesory/Margory, was named Margery in Jacobus Quick's will. Record of wills recorded at Albany, New York, 1629-1802 Wills, AQ - AS 112 1629-1802 Film 5114178 slides 9-11 Folder AQ2

I have dual Quick and Consalus, (Gonsalus) connections and yes they are a bit of a mess to unscramble.

Thanks, Jason. You have done some beautiful work on

Thousands of erroneous relationship connections have been created in WikiTree without valid evidence. They are gradually being corrected, but finding sources for somebody else's unsourced genealogy and unraveling their errors is no picnic. Accordingly, for early ancestors, especially those with controversial genealogies, we are now rather persnickety about seeking decent evidence before creating any more family connections (or disconnecting the ones that exist).

Thanks especially for that link to the image of the will. The Quick Genealogy by Arthur Quick that was cited in some of the family profiles says Mesery was called Majers in the will; that is wrong. I have corrected the info in her profile, but I have not yet corrected it in the profile of Jacobus Quick.

The Quick and Gonsalus families are hardly the only New Netherland families that are challenging, due in no small part to their names. My investigations of Mesery Kwik led to the discovery of some very confused genealogy in WikiTree for the van Sickelen family that she is supposed to have married into. So many rabbit holes and so little time to dig into them!

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I am continually frustrated by this myself. It seems to negate the whole premise of WikiTree when one cannot connect the profiles, after meticulous research and with citations of reliable sources. Being added to the group will not allow you to connect them either.

Many of the project protected profiles are not even improved from their original gedcom importation! Perhaps I am missing something from the larger picture, but the process seems flawed when a genealogist as dedicated as you, Jason Quick, cannot connect these profiles and is not receiving any response.
by L A Banta G2G6 Mach 1 (16.2k points)

I wish this were a case of meticulous research not being honored. Sadly, it is not.

The profiles for Zamuel and Marpory were created in 2013, sourced only to an unidentifiable and inherently unreliable Ancestry Tree and the equally unreliable OneWorldTree, and were barely touched since then. The Zamuel profile was created with two different birth dates, 12 years apart, in different birthplaces. I found no evidence that Marpory ever existed; the name seems to be a misrendering of the equally unusual name Mesery. I cannot tell from the change histories whether the profiles were connected to parents when created, but it is likely that they were once corrected to the wrong father (there has been a history of confusing and conflating different men named Jacobus Quick, including adjusting birth dates to make the wrong man fit into the biography of another man).

Anyone could have researched these profiles and edited them to document baptism and marriage dates, places, etc. The profiles are Open and most of the information needed is readily available in free online sources, particularly the baptism and marriage records of the Kingston, New York, Dutch church.

The profiles for the parents have been project-protected due to the history of confusion over identities as well as the complexity of the LNABs, so there are limitations on who can connect parents, spouses and children, but the rest of the research that I did before making the various corrections to these profiles created 7 years ago could have been done by any member.

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