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Can someone help finish the translation for this marriage record ?

 Marriage record on left side of page on 24Nov1717.

Johan Georg Müller  -?-  -?-  mit Anna Barbara, Ulrich Frölich burger ....... ?

I know Georg was a Schulmeister (possibly the first -?-)  The 2nd -?- is probably his father's name but I can't make out what it is.  The 1st letter is inconsistent with the numerous Js on the page.  Maybe a lazy "G" but I've never seen a Gofa.. for the beginning of a first name.  Any help is apprectiated
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Working on it
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O.k., this one is really difficult.

I have convinced myself that the first ? is "Schul:" (the first three squiggles are the same as the Sch used at the beginning of Scheyer, name of the groom who married 31 Jan 1723). Note also that there is an "H." before "Johann Georg Müller"; this stands for "Herr" and is an honorific, indicating that he was already a person of respect in the community.

The second ? is impossible for me to untangle.

The second noun after Ulrich Fröhlichen looks like "anwalt" (i.e., attorney) to me.
I just started as well, but I stopped to transcribe as I saw that you started working on it.
I read also Bürger und Anwalt. Schul. is right I think.
I got Schul as well.  I have seen Schulmeister on several of his children's baptismal records.  Also Schulm.  so I am confident with that.  "Herr" would make sense if he was the schoolmaster !

  The next work is usually a father's name or location, but I can't make it out either.  I haven't found any other records that give his parents names......yet !

I can't make out anything past burger for Ulrich.
What I read past Ulrich (and I believe Dieter would concur) is "Fröhlichen Bürger und anwalt alhier ehl: tochter" (i.e., legitimate daughter of Ulrich Fröhlich, burgher and attorney).

As for the second, so far unresolved word - it looks like it is the same as the last word in the first line of the previous marriage record. That whole record is "Zacharias Eckerd Jos. ? Eckerd Bürger ? / ? nachgelaßener ehl. Sohn . . . " - so the unreadable portion is something different than "ehl. Sohn" (i.e., legitimate son).
C.-H. I read the same: "Ulerich Fröhlichen Bürger und anwalt alhier ehl: tochter".

With the unreadable word I saw the same like you in the first row of the page. It is definitely not the name of the father. Maybe it is a location.
The beginning of both words look the same, but the words themselves look different to me.  The 2nd letter (in the first record) doesn't look like an "o" to me, so now I'm even further from deciphering it !    

First thing I do when I invent my time machine is to go back and teach the priests to print legibly !
The ?? mean: Schul. zu Eberstadt (the word was corrected)
Bingo - you got it, Dieter! And makes sense, as Eberstadt is the village just to the north of Grantschen.
Thank You !   That gives me something to go on.   Great teamwork everyone !!!

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