Background code changes; noticing any problems?

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Hi WikiTreers,

A few minutes ago we released significant changes to our most essential code: the programs for adding and editing profiles. These programs touch almost every aspect of WikiTree.

There aren't new features or many noticeable new improvements. We have been working on these changes for months but they're all about making our background code simpler and more efficient. After 12 years of making additions and changes it had become much more complex than it needed to be.

These changes will give us a solid foundation on which we can continue to build and improve for years to come.

Are you noticing any problems? Anything different now that doesn't seem like it should be? Please report it here. Thank you!

Onward and upward,


P.S. Update: We have released a number of fixes today. The most serious reported bug is a session login problem. If you experience this now, please report it here.

in The Tree House by Chris Whitten G2G Astronaut (1.5m points)
edited by Chris Whitten
When I tried to save the changes I'd made in a profile, everything reverted to the previous version, and all my edits were lost.  This is a profile that I've been editing for quite some time, without saving my changes. I decided to see what would happen if I started the editing process over from scratch, and this time my changes were saved just fine.
For Gary and others who are interested in navigating these forms with the tab button:

Is it at all possible this issue here : 2 marriages 2 children  is related to this update?


No, that's just an issue with a user accidently creating a second profile for themselves.
Good!  (Well, not, but you know what I mean.  I did ask if there were two profiles. . .)

In edit mode now it says at the top: Edit data, biographical text and sources for [First name] [WikiTree ID] below. Can you make this first name plus Last Name at Birth. (again?)

The WikiTree ID is the Last Name at Birth.
Not exactly the same. That's why I asked.
Ed, the Wikitree ID is generated based on the Last Name at Birth field, so it should be the same unless you have a profile that doesn't have it correct.
I completely understand you. But I find it hard just to see for example "Donald" and a not clickable ID. I would like to see a complete name like "Donald Trump" to click on to return from the edit mode. I think it used to be like this.

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Error received when I tried to add a new father to a profile.   Error indicated that I needed to be on the trusted list of the father.   Both profiles are OPEN privacy, not PPP, and represent people over 200 years old.
by Robin Lee G2G6 Pilot (888k points)
Thanks, Robin. This appears to be happening when you try to replace a parent, rather than adding or removing a parent. We are working on a fix.
I got that message when I was trying to add a mother to a profile that did not have a mother.
Robin and Ellen, could you try to make these changes again?
It worked this time!   Thanks
I managed to connect mother and son, and also to connect the mother to her husband.
I had this problem earlier today as well. I had to add them as an independent profile and then manually add them as father. This was through WikiTree X.
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I was adding details of an inquest to one of my own profiles and I got a message that my action was "limited to supervisors only" when I tried to save and all of my careful wording was lost. I was extremely peeved and had to compose it again. Now I get this orange "just a moment" box every time I save, which I find extremely distracting and unwanted/unnecessary. Please make it go away, I liked it how it was before and don't need or want  a courtesy message every time I save.

by Gillian Causier G2G6 Pilot (301k points)
Yes please. Make it go away. I have not had any problems saving, but find the orange box very annoying. It looks like a warning that something has gone wrong.
Agreed, Eva.
Agree, just a moment popup box is very annoying.
I agree with what Eva says about it looking like a warning that something has gone wrong.
Maybe with color adjustment, it would appear more like a progress dialog.
People are expressing concern about the box in another G2G post:

Like Ales, I think a different color would be advisable so that it does not look like an error message. Maybe a green background?
and maybe if it was made tiny and shaped like a clock dial I may not notice the difference between it and the normal windows loading dial. As it is I am jumping every time I see this huge orange box.
We have released some changes to the appearance of the status message.
Thank you!  The little green box is much less menacing -   Good job!
The change from orange to grees, and smaller is better.  The saves are so fast though, it doesn't seem a box is necessary at all.  Even with the improvement, it still feels like a problem is popping up.
Thank you Chris, that's a huge improvement.
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After you save your changes, the "explain your changes" is remaining filled in with what you filled in it for the last changes which makes you feel like your changes did not save.
by Nelda Spires G2G6 Pilot (589k points)
I just tried that out and am getting the same issue.
Hi Nelda. We implemented a fix. The changes field should now be cleared after you save. Thanks!
Thanks, Chris!

Edit: Yes, back to normal.
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Wikitree Plus and AGC extensions are not loading for me now
by Christina Mckeithan G2G6 Mach 1 (14.6k points)
Hi Christina. You're talking about Google Chrome extensions? (I apologize for my ignorance, but what's AGC?) Can you explain the problems you're experiencing in more detail? Thank you!


Neither of them are loading now. I forget what AGC stands for, automatic gedcom cleanup? 

Anyhow its throwing this error when trying to load -DevTools failed to load SourceMap: Could not load content for chrome-extension://jpdapbcmfllbpojmkefcikllfeoahglb/content_start/ HTTP error: status code 404, net::ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME

In case of WikiTree+ it doesn't work due to URL change. I will update the extension and republish it. It may take a few days for Google to publish it.

Workaround is to manually add &action=edit to the URL then it will show up.

Thanks Ales!
For those eager to use WikiTree+ Extension, I made it possible to use the Beta version. To use it, follow instructions here
I have put up a fix for the WikiTree AGC extension to work with the new URL format (version 0.1.15). The beta version is available now and it has been submitted to the Chrome store where it should be published in 24 hours or so.
Thank you, Rob!
Awesome! Thanks Rob!
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I just tried to connect a mother to an Open profile on which I am profile manager, but I am getting a message that I cannot add the mother (also an Open profile) because I am not on the Trusted List for her profile.
by Ellen Smith G2G Astronaut (1.6m points)
We weren't able to reproduce this, but I expect it should be fixed along with the problem reported by Robin. Can you test it, Ellen? Thanks.
OK now.
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I have been in the habit of always creating new profiles with a first source as an inline reference - <ref> </ref> - since I mostly use ArkivDigital, and there is this nifty tool by Maria Lundholm for producing proper Wiki-code from the citations AD gives me, that is what I use most.

Now the whole inline reference is stripped upon save. The first time I thought I had forgot, but now I have tried it with the Notes box once and the Source box once and the whole <ref> </ref> bit does vanish. It does seem that the system recognizes that I'm adding a source, since I don't get the tick boxes for the no-source-yet options.

In fact, any text I put in the Notes box is ignored and replaced with an automatic text generated from the name and birth date fields.

Text in the Source box is kept, but the inline reference is stripped.
by Eva Ekeblad G2G6 Pilot (591k points)
I also had this issue when I created a new profile a few minutes ago.  I usually type in the <ref></ref> tags and enter in-line citations when I create profiles.  When I tried to doing this a few minutes ago, the citation simply disappeared.  As in your case, my profile was not counted as unsourced.
Thanks for reporting this, Eva and Greg. We implemented a fix. Can you test again and let us know if it's working now?
Works for the Notes box now. Thank you Chris!
I just created another profile using an in-line citation and it seems that the issue has been fixed.
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Two issue discovered so far.

  1. When using the Wikitree X extension I am getting the following message whenever i try to add a relationship for a new person to an existing profile. Unknown relationship type Deerson-5. Adding a new, unrelated profile instead.
  2. Am getting unneeded change messages when adding a second parent to a child. Example is Woodrow-447 where it has the following two messages with the 02:51 message unneeded

 02:51: You added Catharine Taylor (1834-) as spouse for Matthew Woodrow (1833-1896)(Marked Catharine Taylor and Matthew Woodrow as spouses while adding Catharine Taylor as mother to Susan Woodrow)

21:48: You added Catharine Taylor (1834-) as spouse for Matthew Woodrow (1833-1896).

by Darren Kellett G2G6 Pilot (482k points)
Thanks for reporting these, Darren.

The first one should be fixed, I think, though other issues related to Chrome extensions will still appear.

The second one ... very subtle. We may never have caught this. We will investigate. Thank you!
Darren, just to clarify for #2 -- you created Matthew Woodrow, you created Catharine Taylor by adding a spouse to Matthew, and then created Susan Woodrow by adding a new child to Matthew, while the "Uncheck this if Catherine is not the other parent." box was checked?

I have replicated the problem. When using the Option A (Existing profile) when adding a parent it creates the second (Marked Mother and Father as spouses while adding Mother as mother to Child) type message. On the bottom of the add page the correct husband box is checked. Created profiles are Saum-142 for child and Pearson-11685 for Mother

Thank you Chris the first issue is fixed.
Are you using WikiTree X to add these profiles?

Saum-142 was created as an unrelated person Wikitree X then connected to his parents via the add father/add mother options from the profile page using option A (existing profile). When adding the second parent to the profile that is when the marked Mother and Father as Spouse additional message. Have not seen that message (or something similar) when I had done similar style  edits before today. 

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This may be related to the other "parent" issues others are experiencing. I just created a new profile as a child of her father (clicked on "add children" from her father's bio to start the process) and when the auto-generated bio came up after her profile creation, there was no sentence which included the name of her father. I had to add it manually. Not a big deal to add the sentence manually unless this is an indication that all (new) connections between parents are affected.

Edit: I just checked out the Relationship Finder, which worked fine, so the old parent-child relationships do not appear to be affected.

by Nelda Spires G2G6 Pilot (589k points)
Thank you, Nelda. We'll get this fixed.
The problem with the automatically-generated bio should now be resolved.
the automatically generated bio?  Do you mean the sentence that says 'so-and-so was born in x, he died in Y''.?

 We can do without that entirely, it is really not worth generating and adds bits and bytes and need to change/delete when actually putting in a bio on profiles.
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Biography section is not saving for me when I initially create profiles since this orange/yellow box pops up and says just a minute.  After I create the profile, it lets me provide the bio, but not during initial creation.  Might just be me, not sure though.
by Anonymous Nagel G2G6 Mach 3 (38.1k points)
No. Won't be just you. But maybe the fix for my problem (above) fixed yours as well?
Update - this issue appears to be fixed now.  Bio's are working correctly now.
Thank you, Anonymous and Eva. We appreciate your help.
I have been editing biographies all morning.  When I save changes, the yellow box that says "just a minute" appears. About 20% of the time, the save is not made and instead the page remains in editing mode and tells me to open a new browser window, login to Wikitree via that, and copy-and-paste my non-saved changes into the profile opened in the new browser window.  The first couple of times this happened, I did not realize this bug, and I lost a considerable amount of work.
Hi Michael,

What you're reporting here sounds like the login session ID problem reported by a few others. It's very troublesome and we're still investigating.

Do you mind telling me, what browser are you using?

I'm using Safari on the current Mac OS.  I would note that Safari did a relatively big update earlier this week and that has caused me other problems since the update.  For example, Newspaper Archive is flagging session ID issues after a certain number of logins and I need to restart the browser to again be able to login.  Also, the newest Safari is interfering with a third-party window-switching program I have installed.
Thanks, Michael. I see that you also posted on
I appreciate that. I will copy your extra notes from here over there. They may be helpful.

We have not solved this problem, but we implemented a change that should prevent it from happening tonight. If you experience it again, please post on again. Thank you!
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The things that seem problematic to me are:

  • When editing, the URL bar in the browser no longer has the profile id in it, just saying "Special:EditPerson". I used to use the id to update other profiles being edited at the same time to facilitate making links in the biography
  • The page title is no longer set when editing a profile, so it is difficult to tell which tab is which when I have multiple tabs being edited.
I too found the colour (particularly) of the popup annoying.
by Paul Betteridge G2G6 (9.1k points)
The page edited can be defined by any of the following parameters. u=userID or p=pageID or w=wikitreeID

So you can use this URL to edit your page

Hi Paul,

Can you explain this more about your process here? "I used to use the id to update other profiles being edited at the same time to facilitate making links in the biography."

Perhaps we could find another way to facilitate what you're doing.

Regarding the page title, we'll get that fixed. Thanks for reporting it!


P.S. We'll probably make adjustments to the appearance of the progress message. Maybe you have recommendations based on what you're accustomed to seeing elsewhere?
I'm sure, but my workflow used to be: find a profile, start editing it, while editing it use the text in the URL bar to modify other profiles I have open at the same time.

While I know my own ID, I don't have a convenient source while editing the profile for the profile's own ID, something I use quite often.

Chris, it is true, that if one needed wikitreeID for a link or something, it was in URL. Now it is almost nowhere to be found on the edit page. If the URL stays with UserID, Copy wikitreeID to clipboard button will be a necessity.

One thing I do quite often is, when entering a marriage, I will be editing both profiles at the same time, in different tabs. I copy and paste the text from one profile to another, and then I want to add a link to the other party in the text of the biography. To do that, I add the person's ID to their name in the text, add square brackets, and I'm done. (Seems a little ridiculous to be explaining this to you :-) ).

It's not impossible to find the text elsewhere, for example in the little popups that appear over person links, but that is actually quite tricky to work with, especially on a tablet, which is my usual editing environment. The URL bar on the other hand is quite an easy target for selecting and copying text - and the ID I wanted used to be at (or sometimes close to) the end of the URL; and it's free of stray punctuation etc.

Regarding the progress message, my comments would be: 

  • the exclamation mark is generally associated with errors or warnings; saving an edit is not an error
  • the colour makes the message very visible; but it seems to me relatively unimportant, so its prominence could be very low - for example, by making it the same colour as the page background. 

I'm not really sure why the progress message is there - I understand that for merges, it really may take some time to carry out the operation. But do more ordinary saves take more than a second ever? Are people worried that their changes have been lost? Actually, if there is a part of Wikitree where I tend to press the Save button more than once, it is that "Add comment" button in g2g just below this form ;-)

Edited to add: I have seen it suggested in another question that the intention is to stop people saving (attempting to save) more than once. That at least seems a valid, if surprising (to me), reason. In that case, some prominence is desirable, and perhaps the yellow colour that was fashionable in the Yellow Fade Technique would work.

I would say the same thing about the progress message: why is it necessary? Ordinary saves are normally so fast.

For merges I think there has always been something saying itmay take some time - because it usually does.

It would be nice to have the WikiTree ID of the profile I am editing show up somewhere on the page while editing.  Or the button: "Copy wikitreeID to clipboard".

Either way would be helpful, as I also use the ID to create links to other profiles!

If you look top right at the dropdown menus, the second one in is the profile's Wiki-ID.

Ros: yes, it is true. But copying text from a menu item (and copying is what I want to do) is hard, as it copying text from the magic pop-up windows on links to profiles, or copying the from the Return to <profile>-nnnn link. I want the profile ID in an easy to copy place, which the URL bar happens to be. It could be done by placing the text on the page in an area free of controls, or by having a special copy ID to clipboard button, as Aleš suggested.
I agree with Paul that not having the Wikitree ID visible is definitely a loss!!  Yes, we can see it in the Menu, but that is 'small' and if we have multiple windows open, we may have the right side of a page overlapped.  I use it to make sure I know 'which' profile I am editing, especially if I could have multiple profiles open with the same 'name', ie merging, father/ son, or reviewing profiles with the same names.
I agree with Paul and Linda. When opening multiple windows it gets a bit confusing and it is difficult to keep track of things.
I too miss the WikiTreeID in the edit screen title bar. I need the wtid when I generate the biography in a terminal window, and it's a hassle to have to scroll up in the browser window to look it up at the top of the screen, rather than just glance at the title bar.
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Reading about the Orange Box problem, I tried to save the sources I had added.  Got 404 error - Page Not Found.

And of course all my changes were lost.
by Lois Tilton G2G6 Pilot (177k points)
Hi Lois. I'm sorry that you lost changes. This is the first time we've heard of the bug and we haven't been able to reproduce it yet. Has it happened again? Any information you can give us to help narrow down the problem would be appreciated. Thanks.
I've received the same notice. Not every time, but at least twice so far, after I've apparently saved successfully and then hit Public Profile.

Tried to save again, got Orange Box: Something went wrong with your session token. Please Sign In using a new window and copy your edits from here to there.

But I was still signed in.

Thanks for reporting the session timeout problem, Lois. We are investigating. (For our reference, this was reported by Jim below.)

Stu, thanks for confirming the error 404 problem. I wish we could reproduce this. Lois, have you seen it again? Did it happen when you clicked a "Public Profile" link?

No the 404 error hasn't happened again, but I did get the Orange Bos
Just FYI , I experienced this exact same issue as Lois but it was abt. 2 hours ago. I left that profile and went to something else.
We're still trying to figure out the error 404 problem. Unless it was related to windows that were open at the time the change went live, we have no idea what is happening. If anyone experiences it now please report it and include exactly what you were doing. Thanks!
I went again to the same profile, opened Edit page, added a source, hit Save.

Got Orange Just A Minute box but it went away quickly and the save was made. Went to Profile view, new source was still there.

I've only had the 404 error that one time.
Chris, I'm editing the profile of Thomas Willis-1935.  When I saved, I got the "Something went wrong with your session token, Please Sign In using a new window and copy your edits from here to there."

edit:  I just clicked the "save changes" again and lost it all...

Cheryl, I sincerely apologize for the trouble. We have not nailed down the session login problem, but we made a change that should prevent it from happening again tonight. If you do experience it again, will you post on this separate thread? Thank you, and again, my apologies.

I had this same error message yesterday when editing a profile.  Luckily I had only added a source . But I was logged in and had been all day.  I simply logged in again went back and readded. Had never gotten that message before.
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Moving this issue from Comments to initial posting to an Answer so it will be picked up more easily.

There seems to be a bug that will not let the creator/editor post a sticker to a profile and then, after save, see the sticker displaying correctly. The template does not pick up the name of the individual. I found this problem on two profiles I edited today. Went to a profile edited a couple of days ago. The sticker displayed correctly, with name, when I first viewed it. Made a slight edit and saved, no name in sticker.
by Shirley Dalton G2G6 Pilot (540k points)
We have already localiyed the problem. It is with {{#profile:...}} templates. Don't worry about the dots. When we will resolve the problem, name should appear instead of dots.
Thanks, Aleš.
Shirley, this problem should now be fixed. Please report if not. Thank you!
It is fixed. Thanks, everyone.
+20 votes
When adding a child, the default biography no longer includes the parents' names and WikiTree IDs.
by Stuart Bloom G2G6 Pilot (108k points)

Thanks, Stu. We will get this fixed. (For our reference, this is the same issue as reported by Nelda above.)

This problem should now be fixed.
+18 votes

I created a new profile,, as child of 2 parents) with 1 source. No issues.  Moved that 1 source to an inline reference, added a second inline reference and saved.  No issues.

I then add numerous sources as entries in the sources section.  When I tried to save I got this message in a yellow box at the top of the profile.

Something went wrong with your session token. Please Sign In using a new window and copy your edits from here to there.

I followed those directions and it worked out ok.

by Jim Angelo G2G6 Mach 6 (66.5k points)

Thanks for reporting this, Jim. We are investigating.

(For our reference: Lois also mentioned this timeout problem.)

Hi Jim. If you don't mind me asking, what browser are you using?

Google Chrome Version 85.0.4183.102 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I sincerely apologize for the trouble. We have not nailed down the session login problem, but we made a change that should prevent it from happening again tonight. If you do experience it, will you post on this separate thread? Thanks again, Jim.

+20 votes

I wondered what had changed.  This is what I see in the tab on Chrome when I look at a profile:

This is what I see in the tab when I edit (on Chrome):

and this is what I see when I complete an edit in Chrome on the tab:

This is probably annoying me more than it should but I use the tabs (because I keep a lot open when data doctoring) to help me navigate between open tabs.  When all of them look the same when I'm editing several profiles that I have open, it really slows me down.  

The tab used to show when an edit was in process or completed.  
by Kathy Zipperer G2G6 Pilot (489k points)

Hi Kathy. I think you're describing the title tag problem reported by Paul above. We'll get it fixed. Thanks!

Yes, I only saw his reply after I posted.  Thanks!
I see the exact same thing, and when there are multiple pages open on my browser, this is highly annoying.  Finding the appropriate page to get back to becomes more time consuming.

Also find this pop-up message to ''wait a moment'' aggravating and not worth the computer time and mechanism to send it, this mania with pop-up boxes is one of my pet peeves I must say, everybody does them, and they are useless most of the time.  Cancel them please.
+16 votes

When a spouse's profile is created from GEDCompare it used to populate the marriage date and place fields automatically, but now they are left blank (see for example

by Paul Masini G2G6 Pilot (417k points)
Thanks for reporting this, Paul. We'll get it fixed.
+28 votes

Bug or feature? When creating a woman's profile using "add spouse", the Current/Married Last Name is automatically filled with the husband's name. At least in France, marriage does not (or should not) change a woman's name, even if women are not always aware of this being just the law (vs. tradition). Of course you can strike it manually, but it should not be the default behavior. It was OK before.smiley

If it ain't broken, don't fix it.

My wife is also frowning at this, to say the least.angry

[edited] It also happens when creating a husband, actually.

[edited] @Chris : Given the number of positive votes and unanimous comments below, this has definitely to be considered as a BUG. Has it been listed as such? 

by Bernard Vatant G2G6 Pilot (179k points)
edited by Bernard Vatant

Folks, we are on the verge of sarcasm. That's bad.laugh

Yes, Auto fill of spouse's last name is still happening,
Also in Belgium and the Netherlands women always keep their own surname.  It is now October 16 and this bug has not been corrected yet.
This and 5 other related bug fixes are all going to be fixed in a batch update -- the last bug (with PPPs) is taking a bit longer than we thought.
Thanks for the update Jamie.
Jamie, as long as you're at it, could you eliminate the autofill when creating children as well?  If you doing it from the mother's profile it fills in with her current last name, and if done from the father and he has a ''dit name'', that gets included as well, which is contrary to guidellines.  Just replace it with one of those banner warnings to fill in the LNAB so we don't get a bunch of unknowns.
Spouses should no longer have the names autofilled.
thanks Jamie.
Thanks Jamie and the team.
Thx for that, Jamie.
+14 votes
Another thing (can't see this has been reported):

Modified a child to have a new father (replacing the old one), intending to later update the mother to the new father's spouse.

But I find the the child's original (incorrect) mother has (wrongly) been made the spouse of the new father. The result is certainly not what I intended, and I think it is unwise to modify spousal relationships when modifying parent-child ones. (Although I appreciate it when adding a spouse that they _can_ be made a parent conveniently.)

Edited to add: I notice in the change log "Marked Mary Seary and James Kempson as spouses while adding Mary Seary as mother to Mary Kempson" and I wonder whether the incorrect spousal link was made at this stage, in fact?
by Paul Betteridge G2G6 (9.1k points)
Did you leave the spouse checkbox at the bottom checked?
I just (for both father and mother) provided a new WikiTree ID, so I didn't look that far down the page.

Now I have gone back to look at the page again, I see there is a checkbox. Has that functionality always been there/applied, when using an existing profile? If it has, then I must have broken quite a few profiles by accident.

If I use Option A, then I expect only the form fields in Option A to apply. Having two form fields so widely separated that work together is not a great design, IMHO.
Yes, it's been there for as long as I can remember. It's been on the to-do list to either duplicate it for part A of the form, or move it so it's easier to see, but we needed to do the behind-the-scenes changes first before we made updates to the UI.
Ah, then my apologies. I'm worried now that I might have created a number of unintended spousal links :-(
Jamie: I'm still uncertain as to whether there is a change in behaviour. Looking at my personal log: there is, at 19:40 yesterday, "Marked Mary Seary and James Kempson as spouses while adding Mary Seary as mother to Mary Kempson"; a 'change' that is, at least, a redundant repetition of 18:13 "You added Mary Seary (1810-) as spouse for James Kempson (1797-1860)".

And I do think that had entries like 19:39 ”Marked James Kempson and Mary Culverhouse as spouses while adding James Kempson as father to Mary Kempson" (which was the problematic one) appeared in my change log before, I would have noticed.

But perhaps I really haven't made that kind of change before - in which case, once again, I apologise.
That may be a change in wording in changes log, but it is helpful when identifying when the problem could have occurred.  Many people don't scroll to the bottom and the spouses are added because of that, so at least if this is in changes log, you can see how it happened, which we haven't had in the past.
+14 votes

When I try to save my changes I get this orange boxed message:

"Something went wrong with your session token. Please Sign In using a new window and copy your edits from here to there.

This has happened each time I've tried to save today, so I've had to reopen, copy, paste.

by Cheryl Skordahl G2G6 Pilot (296k points)
Hi Cheryl,

I am sorry you experienced this problem. We are struggling to resolve it.

You don't need to report it again, but if you're able to offer more details please post at

Thank you,

Thank you for your response, Chris.  I appreciate and understand that you and the team are trying to fix a very complicated issue.
+11 votes
I had a browser tab hang indefinitely - the pop-up appeared after I clicked to save my edit, and it just got stuck there.  I waited several minutes to be sure it wasn't just being slow, and also made and saved an edit to another profile in another tab while waiting.  Hitting page back got me out of being stuck, but I'm not sure if my edit had saved or not.  I have had edits take a while to save before, but it's always worked in the past, even if the internet blipped it would save once connection was restored.  I sure wish whoever is making these changes would have put their time into making improvements to the Suggested Matches instead - I find the pop-up irritating and pointless.
by Corinne Morris G2G6 Mach 2 (27.5k points)
Corinne, the popup is just a tiny fraction of the changes that were made -- all the code for editing and adding profiles was re-written so fixing bugs and making updates (like suggested matches) would be easier to do in the future.
Thank you for the explanation Jamie :)
Re. the hanging glitch I reported - it is still with us; I had this happen again today, I clicked to save my edits and I was away from the computer over an hour, came back and was surprised to see the green "Saving..." pop-up still there.  This time I was able to check, and my changes had definitely not been saved.

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