what is this orange "just a moment" box, please make it go away [closed]

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What is this orange "just a moment" box that appears today each time I save? It's very distracting, please make it go away.
closed with the note: Box has now been changed to no longer be alarming - smaller, green and says "saving"
in WikiTree Tech by Gillian Causier G2G6 Pilot (263k points)
closed by Gillian Causier


Don't panic, Ros, "it" will catch up to you
All the box does is prevent people from interrupting the save process by clicking on the save button more than once or trying to navigate away from the page if the save is taking a long time.

We will consider changing the appearance so it won't be so startling, but it's not a bug, it's supposed to be there.

Right, it is for reassurance that the requested computer action is occurring ... that whirling arrow is a dead giveaway in modern computing just about every one uses it to indicate something is happening first time I saw it was in 1997 with AOL 

I think the alarming thing is the exclamation mark and the fact it is a big orange box and not just the usual discreet whirling gizmo. I've been using computers since the ZX81 so if I say I don't like a thing, it's not because I don't know what I'm seeing.

As others have mentioned - the ! is usually reserved for a problem  alert, not a routine happening.

Perhaps something a little less dire in appearance. (Maybe an interrobang ) And not orange.  It's too close to the usual problem alerts. Perhaps green, or grey, or blue.

Someone suggested more clock-like.  That'd be good.

laugh Beats opening up an email what looks like it came from or through WT only to discover it is porn related ... 

enlightenedAt any rate, I think it is likely to remain a feature, in some form even if the color is changed or the whirl-a-gig is removed  -- improvements seldom disappear ....can't recall any that have, although I think a few were modified a bit 

MAYBE Ales will fix it so the user can option out of it, but I actually doubt that will happen ... this is a system-related function rather than an embellishment or app 

laugh Won't change the outcome, Gillian, which is this boxed notice about patience (loose translation, that) is unlikely to be removed from the system 

smiley As long as none of the difficulties in saving information  entered can be traced to the coding of the notice itself, it will remain in situ  

But the colors, size, wording, and other such cosmetic changes may occur


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It probably has to do with some changes that were going in about the same time you were editing: https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/1110112/background-code-changes-noticing-any-problems

If you see any issues, please let Chris know on that thread. Thanks!! :-)
by Julie Ricketts G2G6 Pilot (430k points)
Thanks, I have posted my issue on that thread.
Looks like the orange box is a new feature of the saving process, introduced with today's changes. Like the others, I find it distracting.

The box probably does not have anything to do with the failed saves reported by a couple of members. It just happened to happen at the same time.
I didn't get an orange box, I got a Page Not Found

The source information I had added was of course lost.
Lois, did you start the edit before the code update was made? That's the reason why the other people in this thread had issues when trying to save.
Yes, the first time I did.  Then I tried another edit, to test it.
After you got the 404 page, did you press back to get back to the edit page, or did you start over completely?
When I got the "this action is reserved for administrators" page, I pressed the "go back" and it still lost everything.
I pressed "Back" to the edit page, but my changes had then disappeared.

I then made another change to see what would happen, then tried to save, got the Orange Box.
Just a thought, but it might have been better implemented at a different time of day when less people were working and not 4pm BST.
I'm fairly certain pressing back would have sent you to the old edit page, so when you tried to save an edit again it was trying to use processing code that no longer existed.

I do need to try to figure out how to recreate the bug, so if it happens again it would be helpful to list as much detail as you can remember about what you were doing before you received the error.
Maybe. I can't say for sure. it threw me right off.

For information purposes, using the "back" button has never retained my edits.  I have always lost what I was in the process of editing in.  I use 3 browsers - Edge, IE (yes, yes, I'm a dinosaur, but some things just look better), and Opera.  Now I keep my text in a word document (after numerous incidents where I lost up to hours of work and had to redo it all), so it is replaceable, but the annoyance factor remains. 

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