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Can someone help with the death record attached to this profile.

Johan Georg Müller, HayMüller, legitimate son of Joh. Michel Müller, Magl (Magdalena) Müller in -?- of -?- wife Justina, Joh Leonhard Schmid, -?- of  -?..........?- legitmate daughter.

Questions....1] what are the words I'm missing   2] The index says he was 69 when he died.  I do not see it referenced in this record -is it ?  3] Justina died in 1752 and it appears he remarried in 1754 (see profile) but I see no connection that this is the same Joh. Georg.  I don't see him listed as a widower in the marriage record and Maria Magdalena is not mentioned in this record (unless the Magdalena is his wife & not his mother).   The only potential baptismal record for a Joh Georg Müller in Forchtenberg that I have found is 03Sep1696, but it is very difficult to read and I have not found it to be helpful.   (right page, 4th from bottom)

Thank you for your help !!
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Working on it.
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Incidentally, this is not the ancestry record you have linked (which is a baptism), but rather a record at

I added the image because most people don't have memberships to archion.  The link is a baptism that I mentioned just above the link.  I could not find the burial record on ancestry so I put attached the image.
In translation it reads: "Johann Georg Müller, Bachmüller [that is, operator of the Bachmühle or Creek Mill], son of Joh. Michael Müller, grindmiller in Untersuhlbach [??], husband of Justina, daughter of Joh. Leonhard Schmidt, burgher and innkeeper at "The Sun" [name of his inn] here, after her death husband of Maria Magdalena, daughter of the late Joh: Philipp Pfeffer, salt administrator in Gaal [?] Weißbach. Father in his first marriage of 4 children, namely 3 sons and a daughter, and in his second marriage of a son and two daughters (of which one daughter has already died). A widower for about a year [?], died of head sickness, buried 30 October, age 69 years less 2 weeks.
That is fantastic !!!   Thank you for your help.

This will also help me add words to my list of words I need to learn.   Again, THANKS !
Ah, I now see about your referencing.

Incidentally, in his second marriage record to Maria Magdalena he is referred to as a widower (Wittwer, last word in first line of the record)
And as for Johann Georg Müller's birth record - it certainly is not the 1696 one from Forchtenberg. Both his death record and his first marriage record state that his father Johann Michael had been miller at a place that I can partially decipher as Unter. . . ach (either Unter . . . bach or Unter . . . hach), with four letters in the middle. Looking at a map of the area around Forchtenberg I have not found any obvious candidates, but perhaps someone more versed in the local geography of the area around Heilbronn, Baden-Württemberg, may be able to figure it out.
After pulling up other Müllers in Forchtenberg I don't even think that record is actually a Müller.  At the time it was the only record that was a potential match.  Now that I have a location to look for and an approximate birth date, I can discount that record.  I have no idea how to post an appreciation but I can't thank you enough for you help on both this and my other Johan Georg Müller that you helped me with a couple days ago.   THANK YOU !!!!
This appears to be Georg's brother's (Johan Michael) death record.   The location is a little more clear but I still can't make it out.  (right page 3rd from bottom)
By comparing the letter after "Unter" (sort of a vertical bar with a long right hook at the top) to Johann Michael Müller's occupation in the first line (which is Mühlknecht, or mill laborer), that can be identified as a "k". I believe the most reasonable reading for the whole word is then Unterkessach, which is a village about 11 km northwest of Forchtenberg. From 1652 Unterkessach apparently belonged to the parish of Widdern. Right now appears to have one of its periodic outages, so I can't check whether the Widdern books are actually on archion.
Archion does have them - I use them a LOT !   I have over 20 families from this area and even have 5th cousin that lives in Widdern.

I think I just found Georg & Michael's father's marriage record.  The record is very clear and I believe you may be right !!   Here's the record.

Thank you for not giving up !

P.S.  I can't read ANY of his brother's death record !
Yay! Yup, that looks like him - right time period, too.

As for the brother's death record, what I can make out is, in translation: "Johann Michael Müller, mill laborer, son of the deceased Johann Michael Müller, burgher and miller in Unterkessach, was raised as an orphan by his [can't read this word - perhaps Vetter, which would be cousin], the late Kope [i.e., Jacob?] Müller, and taught the milling trade, but for a number of years had a swollen and sick body, until he finally died 11 March, age 34 years and 5 weeks, and was buried the 13th."
You're GREAT !!!!    

I just switched over to Widdern and found Hans Georg Muller, s/o Michael & Anna Barbara.  There's a + by his name... doesn't that mean died ??  image 71 bottom record on right page.

This will give me another week or so of research.  Wish I could read these records as well as you (of course, I don't even speak the language)

THANK YOU Again !!!
Yup - had just located that record, too.

Incidentally, if you want to have a more direct reference for archion images (rather than having to say "Image 71, bottom record on right"), click on the "Permalink" button (two buttons to the right of the "Download" button right under the string that gives the reference for the parish book) and proceed from there - it then provides a link that leads you directly to the selected area of the image.

Enjoy your research!
Thanks for the heads up... never would have found that !!!


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