Duplicates of Hatfield & McCoy families, need help merging

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I started to send a few merger requests for the families of the Hatfields and McCoys but there are quite a few out there and I need help merging the duplicates together. I've noticed so far more on the Hatfield side but I'm sure it might be the case on the McCoy side as well.

At the bottom of this page has the family trees to help out but I don't think I can do this by myself.


Thank you to whomever helps! :)
in Requests for Project Volunteers by Charlotte Shockey G2G6 Pilot (944k points)
Could you tell you what you need us to do to help? I would like to help since this is my family name but I do not know what you need.


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Sorry, don't see that I can assist you on this, but the Hatfield/McCoy feud is also famous in rare disease field, they are known to have Von Hippel Lindau (VHL), which is genetic disorder that creates multiple types of tumours, and since some of those are in the brain, and some on adrenals, you get the uncontrollable rages these people were famous for.  There's a fair bit about this aspect available if you google it.
by Danielle Liard G2G6 Pilot (367k points)
That is... really bizarre! I did not know this!
Interesting - and good to know. As I am a first cousin (5x removed) to Devil Anse (William Anderson) Hatfield.
Then would not the same "disease" have to be in the Hatfields, not just the McCoy's since the Hatfields were the first to kill a man returning home from the war,. Then proceeded to burn their home, shoot the small children when they ran out of the burning house, and beat Mrs. Coy and broke several ribs and cracked her skull? Seems odd to pick on side and apply that to them. You have two families involved in this. I know both McCoy's and Hatfields's and have both in my family and have never seen this in any of them. I think we need to stick to researching and not labeling one group or another and giving medical advice and trying to apply that to one side or the other. It was really a lawless time back in the mountains and feelings running high about the war, and a pig would feed a starving family for almost a year.
Nancy - I don't think anyone is/was trying a assign all fault and blame to the McCoy's. But I believe that the disease has been widely observed in the McCoy's and not seen in the Hatfield's. This doesn't mean that the Hatfield's are more innocent than the McCoy's. In fact, some might view it the other way around. The McCoy's may be a little less guilty - if there were medical conditions contributing to short temper, violence and outbursts.


VHL is known to run in descendants of the McCoys.  This is not to say that it was the primary or only cause of the feud, but may have been a contributing factor.

For anybody with McCoy ancestry, it is something to keep in mind, medically speaking.  VHL and pheochromocytoma in particular are among rare diseases, often not recognized early enough by the medical profession due to their very rarity.  VHL is genetic mutation, which may or may not be transmitted to children.

I am not implying that you are blaming one more than the other. I know all about the feud. Just think we should not label since we are not doctors.

But, will give you a little of my own history up close to McCoys and Hatfields. I got along wonderfully with the Hatfields in my family. My mother was a McCoy and she had 8 children and my father worked in the coal mines. My mother had something wrong with her mentally and emotionally that I have never been able to understand, neglected everyone but herself, as one doctor told me they did not think she was ever capable of loving and caring for anyone. Sad thing.

 Eight children alone except for a father trying to do everything. I was the one who was removed from the home to live with my dad's sister because I was ill. I stayed there and he would come to visit me all the time.

 My mother's uncle. a McCoy, started a fight with my father's cousin so my father stepped in to stop the fight which was a fatal mistake. The cousin was shot in the arm and my father was murdered.

I grew up never knowing about my McCoy family but very curious about them and especially my mother. I tried to get to know her but she was lost somewhere in her mind. So, yes I would welcome to know there was a reason for the things my mother did and could not do and what her uncle did by ripping my father from me. I never saw or heard of anything else from my McCoys like that again. But they also never tried to help or visit my McCoy mother or siblings.

 Now, maybe you can understand my passion for this project. However, I have asked how I could help the lady who requested help to documents so many of the McCoys. I never heard a response.

I do not share this story with very many people. Now, here I have put it on a site for all to see. However, I am looking for answers on so many levels. I would welcome the diseased part over evil, but I guess I need proof.

 I also had one brother who was very violent and hurt people. I was the lucky child who after my father's death I was adopted by his sister and was not subjected to any more of the disfunction.

I am not sure if all this is related to a coincidence, heredity, or evil. But, it is an area that is VERY important to me and I do want to work on this project but I need to be given instructions on what to do and how to do it.

 Guess I shared too much but it is a fact and maybe it will help who can say. I just need answers that I may never get. Sorry for taking up so much of your time.
My heart goes out to you Nancy, I know people who have the VHL mutation, and it does make for very volatile temperaments sometimes.  If you are so inclined, I would suggest that all your siblings be medically tested for the gene.  May be difficult to achieve, many people don't want to know about this stuff.
There were 8 of us now only two brothers and myself left. They would never do it. I have had a stroke and fight with problems concerning it every day. I don't think It would really give me answers to all the questions and the whys. Thank you for listening and sorry for the over-sharing. once again I am willing to help the lady who needed help. I swear I am not a lunatic. lol
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I would be glad to help. But you will need to tell me what I need to do.


Nancy Lowe Sitzlar
by Nancy Sitzlar G2G6 (7.7k points)
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Also glad to help if you can give a little direction. I do actively look at Hatfield family members as they relate to my family tree, but not sure if you have some specific course of action for identifying duplicates?
by Paul Helmuth G2G Rookie (200 points)

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